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Here’s how to respect yourself.

mk_treesHappy Saturday, I’m in Phoenix, AZ for our first ever “Enter the Heart” event here. If you want to come, grab your ticket here. There’s a couple left.

I’ve done it. Gone all in. All my life I’ve wanted to be in amazing shape. To be healthy. And to feel healthy. It’s been one of the toughest spiritual, emotional and physical journey’s of my life.

I’ve gone up and down. Up and down. Tried so many different things. Some worked, some injured me, some totally didn’t work.

But, I’ve found a method that works. I even feel like I’ve found my new spiritual path. My new church.

What is it? It’s the gym. And Overeaters Anonymous.

It sounds simple, but the gym has become where I go to meditate, connect and go further within myself. I’ve avoided the gym. Pushed myself to go. Hated it. Tried to Love it.

But, something happened this week. I pushed myself to the point of total muscle failure and then willed myself to do one more pull up. And in that moment I release a cathartic scream and with it, it felt like I released a lifetime of pent up self-defeating emotions. After this rep. After the yell, I felt a wave of self-respect wash over me that I’ve never felt in my life. Something changed. And I’m not sure what it was. But it’s different.

Afterwards, I didn’t binge on sugar because I felt like I needed a reward. I just had my normal balanced meal. And after the meal was a peace that goes beyond any understanding. It lasted all night.

What was this peace? It felt like self respect. Self-love. Something I had earned. In that moment, I trusted myself. It was an experience I didn’t know I could have sober. And yet, there it was.

I know that this is temporary. And it will change. But it’s such a shift from last week, when I felt so stressed I wanted to eat a whole birthday cake (but didn’t).

I realized that self-esteem is earned by doing esteemable acts. (Tweet-worthy!) I’ve had a moment of awakening. My prayer is to be able to hold onto it and cultivate more of these moments in my life. Have you ever had a moment like that?

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