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Here’s the GREAT news about rejection!

mk_treesRejection is never fun. In fact, of all the human experiences, rejection ranks towards the bottom in my book. It’s not as bad as starvation or torture, but sometimes it can feel that way, depending on who “rejected you”.

Of course, I’m kidding, but rejection is one of those things that we all must go through, but it’s never fun or enjoyable.

And, back in the days when I was single, no matter what my friends would tell me “rejection is protection” or “rejection is redirection” – in the moment, it just plain sucked.

But, what I’ve learned – because I’ve been rejected A LOT – especially in the romantic realm, are a few things.

Here they are.

You can’t be rejected if you don’t reject yourself. Huh? What does that mean? Many times when we face rejection, we personalize it. We make the circumstance of rejection far more than just a circumstance; it becomes a part of our identity. Not only are we not “worthy” for the other person, deep down we aren’t worthy to ourselves.

One of the practices that I got A LOT of experience with was reminding myself to come back to the knowing that I have awesome intrinsic value and just because a single person or string of people don’t want to be with me, doesn’t mean I’m not Lovable, worthy of Love or desirable. Ultimately what it means is that I’ve not found the right person yet.

Another thing I’ve learned is…

All rejection is leading you towards your ideal outcome. It’s REALLY hard to feel this in the moment, but it’s true. Part of success in any endeavor is tenacity – doesn’t matter if it’s a job, a business you want to start, your health or a relationship. Your constant effort is like a flowing river that eventually wears down the rock that is passes over. The goal is to not let the temporary pain of rejection make you stop flowing. Keep going. I’ve learned this in my own life, both in my relationship with the love of my life, Jenna, and with The Daily Love. I’ve failed at plenty of dates, been rejected by countless women and yet finally ended up with my person.  And I’m SO grateful for her!

The same thing is true in business. I started two companies that totally failed before The Daily Love(TDL). It was learning from these failures that gave me the insight I needed to eventually make TDL a success.

The Divine dwells within each rejection. Many times, we chase people or things that, quite frankly aren’t meant for us. If we had the skill of really tuning into our intuition, we would feel this almost immediately. Our intuition is never wrong.

But, we chase things out of a compulsive need to try to fill up some kind of unhappiness. So many times when we are “rejected,” the pain we feel is our work to do, so that eventually we can come into and develop a healthy relationship with The Divine, which sustains us better than any stuff and ultimately sets us up for the most fulfilling and happy life.

We learn through pain far greater than we learn through pleasure.

So, if the pain of rejection was sent from The Divine, you could never be rejected if you don’t reject yourself and all rejection is leading to your ideal outcome, how would you see your life today?

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