Here’s why ALL your excuses are total BS! :o)

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Imagine what life would be like if you lived a day, a week or a month without believing or promoting ONE excuse. What would your life look like?

We have some pretty engrained excuses – many of them that seem real to us. There is a difference between an EXCUSE and a description of your current circumstance. We confused the two. Usually your current circumstances BECOME an excuse and it’s easy to hide behind it because no one can argue with your circumstance. But here at TDL we believe that you are MORE than your circumstance and that you can, through trial, effort and faith, transcend your circumstance. Why? Because you are NOT your circumstance. You are SO much more than that!

You are an Infinite Soul connected to the Infinity of The Divine and for a short while, you are in this body that you inhabit. When you identify with The Divine, with your Source and with your Soul (and not your circumstances) you take the first step in transcending your limitations.

Here are some circumstances that become ingrained excuses:

– I don’t have enough (time, money, connections, creativity, etc.)

– I’m too (old, fat, young, out of date, tired)

– I’m not (smart enough, tall enough, wise enough, brave enough, enough)

There are MANY more, but this is a short list. It might be true that this is your circumstance, but you are NOT your circumstance. And the more you affirm and identify with your circumstance, the more you will create it. Because what we focus on is what expands and becomes real in our lives.

So, what if you began to see your excuses, not as excuses – but as circumstances? And what if you believed that you are more and could transcend your circumstance? What would life be like a day, a week or a month from now? What if you suspended belief and took a risk?

What if you trusted the subtle whispering within you beckoning you out into the unknown realm of your dreams and potential? What if you decided to no longer make your excuses your identity, but instead your circumstance – and then get about the business of changing your circumstance?

Not through painstaking effort, but through prayer, meditation, service, solving other people’s problems, personal growth and making Love the bottom line. What if taking steps out in Faith became the new norm? What if you took total responsibility for your life, right now, as it is? You may not have been fully responsible for what happened to you, but you are now responsible for how you engage with and meet your life circumstances.

You are so much more than you are giving yourself credit to be and you have so much more help and assistance that is yearning to come to your aid, if you but allow it to. Be still. Listen. Identify with the Infinite, make this a new lifelong practice and then get out of your own way.

Can you? What would your life look like if you did?

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  • TDL reader

    Today’s blog refers to the issues I am currently working on, so that I will have no more excuses. My biggest excuse is my past, I seem to have believed that bcos I had an abusive upbringing, that I was unworthy. I wore my problems like a badge. The new me is believing that any body else could have gone through the same things as me, and embraced it and came out differently, but things effected me in a negative way as I continued to tell myself I was no good, and that these things happened bcos of me & not for me. The hardest thing for me to deal with is a distorted & low self image. This is my greatest challenge yet. My appearance has always been important to me. But this issue that I work on is my biggest excuse & fear I’m yet to overcome but am trying. The mirror exercise is a great place to start! Mastin do you have any guest bloggers that specialize in self image? There are sooo many I have met with bulimia, anorexia & this distorted image – it’s quite amazing. If the world could change in this way particularly, there’d be some major break throughs. Powerful post today!

  • Sherry

    Wow, like a smack on the forehead!  Thank you so much for this message!  All of your blogs are amazing but this one is spot-on!

  • Linda C

    There is one word to describe if I didn’t use any excuses. The word would be “unstoppable”.. Peace

  • chellyB

    You are awesome!
    Oh yeah, so am I!

  • vangie

    This blog came at the right time for me!  Thank you for all that you do.

  • MrsMike

    Worth saving and reading a few times a few times to ensure  saturation – thx

  • Meg

    I have worked hard to do just that over the last couple of years and the Uni-Verse has embraced me in amazing ways. I am now 120 lbs lighter, I took a couple of courses I’ve always wanted to take, I’ve been skydiving, have learned to ride a motorcycle, connected with many old friends, have met some AMAZING new ones, moved 2 states away, pursued my passion, and was just offered my dream job. We are givent this one chance right here right now at this beautiful life….no excuses!! Love it and live it!!! Am I a 20 something? Nope. I am a 46 year old woman (with a family) whose life began at 45.

    • Dee

      Meg your story has blown me away! Xxxxxxxxx

    • FoxyChic

       What an Ah-maazing story Meg! You gave me goosebumps 🙂 Love it & Live it!!!

    • Lsparhawk

       I can relate! I lost 190 lbs. and am still trying to get out of my own way! Congratulations!

  • PB

    Adore that you had a quote by Ester Hicks. How she has changed my life for the good! A gratitude journal + your blog!  A good idea for those of us who run amok-I do quite often.

  • sharbiz

    Love this blog!

  • The mind can be so clever. Making excuses AND pretending that it is NOT an excuse.  For months now, I have been attending a Living Love “Cal Poly “Class on Monday night. And, I am not a Cal Poly student. We have it at another woman’s house who, like me, is in advanced teacher training with Cinnamon. She is a professor of Anthropology at CP who also happens to be a lesbian. For as long as I know, she has created separation from me and energetically rolls her eyes when I am speaking.  So, I have robotically judged her judgement of me. I tell myself, I am one of those girls’ in High School…she despised. I know we have a cosmic contract…after all, we were in the the same 6th grade class. Because she triggers herself with me and a few others’, she did not want us to go to her home on Monday nights. Her excuse? She told herself that it is ONLY suppose to be for Cal Poly students. Cinnamon was guided for me NOT to go and give her what she THOUGHT she wanted. Since I am in class three days a week, it was a nice break. The professor learned a lot about herself in the interim. Recently, the ban had been lifted. I instinctively knew this. And still, since Cinnamon did not tell me with those exact words…I made the excuse- that I did not need to go. I walked my dog along Pismo Beach instead and breathed in the sea air. When I got into my car, there was a message on my phone…from Cinn. Reminding me what she knew…what I knew. I laughed. My mind wanted to make in excuse. It knew more growth was to be had and our EGO does not want growth. So, I broke through my fear and went last night. The professor and I had a “come to Jesus” moment. I cried. I laughed. I created oneness. With her. I see her innocence. I see mine. I saw that who we are BEING sometimes, IS NOT WHO WE REALLY ARE. She did too. “The best part?” I did not need her to. So Mastin, because I was willing to see my excuse, not judge myself for it, and go to class last night… my life this morning is lookin’ pretty darn GOOD!  Thanks again!  The Daily Commenter, Kathleen 

  • Micheleboyer16

    Hi Mastin, I did Gabby’s first course for Manifesting Your Desires in 2013 last night and I have never been to your page before and I’m just grateful.  Today’s message/ entry just solidified my way of being, going forward. So timely, so amazing. Thank you. 

  • Andi

    My circumstance is that he’s in love with another girl and I don’t really know what to do to make him notice me… and I’ve been in love with him for quite a while now . We’re about to finish our senior year and we’ll go our separate ways and I’m afraid that this could be my last chance to be with him. 

  • India Dunn

    Thank you!!! Life takes its twist and turns and I get distracted so easily!! You are such a gift, your message always speaks volumes to me! It’s crazy how quickly the “not enough ___” gets in the way, and blocks out all the abundance- and the ability to create health,wealth&happiness.. I’m such a grateful person – but I’m so mean to myself! “You can’t, you won’t, you.. You never”. BS!!! Blessings Mastin! Thank you!
    Ps- today I started my other daily ritual, The Dailey Method :))

  • dap

    there is no problem conflict challenge symptom twitch spasm ache or painnot even those you attribute to external causesthat cannot be spontaneously solved, relieved, or overcome by seeing what you have not yet allowed yourself to see……. that’s why you have them, after all…….. 

  • Deborah M Wall

    That’s a goodie – I love a good excuse… I don’t often believe them even when I’m passing them around. I’m going with you on this one. Thanks.

  • anon

    Seriously Mastin? Please get yourself out of my head sir! lol No seriously I decided last week that my circumstance no matter how tough (toddler with medical condition, numerous surgeries more to come, single mother, no help let alone a village) stop being an excuse for not getting my act together. Truth is there’s been a calling for at least 4-5 years for me to do this work, and there’s always an excuse, first I was ill, then the surgery, then the horrible pregnancy and now the current. I got my head out of my butt and am earnestly moving in the right direction. It’s amazing how much simply making up your mind can make a different in your spirit and mind. Keep up the good work.

  • Sharon

    Well. Apparently, this blog entry is a “book that fell off the shelf”.  OK, then.

  • Nicole_d_lewis

     you inspire me.

  • FoxyChic

     You know the beautiful feeling in your tummy when you know you just received a life message?
    Yeah, that’s what happened….I absolutely love your stuff Mastin, you are totally standing up and fighting for LOVE…Rock on!!!

  • Sofie Karlstrom

    This post touched me in my deep despair. A glimpse of hope and faith just lit up. Thank you. Love, Sofie.

  • Moeytalk

    Thanks for this post. I subscribe and get your e-mails. Lately I have been so tired lackluster and feeling down and low. I clicked on your e-mail read it and was instantly uplifted. It was as though everything I had been thinking about you addressed. All the negative B.S. running around in my head on auto play. It was a great wake up call. Thank you.

  • FAB

    Great advice! I certainly believe in this principle. I used to think my circumstances were what made up my life, but that’s because I never understood the difference between a circumstance and who I really am. Now it is different, I know it is up to me to materialize my desires by changing and putting aside circumstances that became part of a tunnel vision. Now I have a great new job, a great love relationship and a feel great about myself. Before I used to blame myself and others for my situations, now I take charge and focus on those changes every single day! Peace …FAB<<

  • I’m finding that that removing excuses has two analogies for me: peeling an onion and quitting smoking (though I’ve never been a smoker). As you start to recognize some obvious excuses, some other ones start to actually show themselves as excuses, too, once you’re working on removing them. For the smoking part, now that I’ve put excuses on notice I feel like I’m a recent non-smoker who still encounters plenty of “smokers” or excuse-makers. I’m hyper aware of it now and it’s tough to be around those still stuck with theirs as I prune mine out every time they show up now …