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Here’s Why FEAR Is A COMPASS Showing You Where To Go!

There is appropriate fear and silly fear. Appropriate fear is being scared of a guy in a dark alley with a gun, or afraid of falling off a skyscraper, or being afraid of a young child hurting him/herself with a knife.

But, most of the time, it’s just silly fear.

You know what I’m talking about. The silly fear that no one will ever love you, or that if you follow your dreams you’ll fail or die or worse, or the silly fear that you’ll disappoint your parents by following your heart.

By silly fear, I really just mean bullshit. LOL. There’s no other way to put it, really.

Most people are afraid to REALLY live and at the same time afraid to die. But the thing is, in order for us to REALLY live, we must face our own death, the death of our reputation, of other people’s approval, of all sorts of things.

We get to live a self-approved life, with the perspective that we want to have NO REGRETS when we die. But most people think life is a dress rehearsal. Most people believe their silly fears and never take action; most people buy into what other people think about their life, instead of believing in their own greatness.

Most people, my friend, but not you.

You are a Daily Lover. You and I are on a journey into the depths of our souls to tempt our fears and call their bluff. We understand that having a silly fear is normal, natural and a part of the process. We now see our silly fears as a compass showing us where to go. We no longer need the approval of others. We have an internal compass, an internal voice, an internal knowing that is guiding us to love ourselves and to give that Love away to others with no expectations. We are not meant to live a selfish life. We are not meant to live a righteous life. We are meant to be of service, to share our gifts and to live amazing abundant lives “in the flow” with The Uni-verse.

But for most people, they’ll never get there. Because they are too busy believing their silly fears to realize that there is a force within them that is stronger, wiser and more powerful than any silly fear that’s out there.

But you realize this. And you harness that power by acting from Faith that all your needs are and will be met as you step out into the unknown. You harness that power by detaching from the ordinary and safe world of your comfort zone and step out into the scary unknown, but soon come to see the unknown as your friend and ally. You now realize that the unknown holds all your dreams, the unknown holds all your heart desires and the unknown holds all the challenges you have the privilege to face to realize your dreams. It’s all in there and it’s all GRACE.

Fear is your friend, showing you where to go. Comfort is the enemy that seduces your dreams away from you. Today, let us step out. Today I’m stepping out. Today you are stepping out, too, to face these silly fears and call their bluff, to thank them for being the compass showing you where to go.

Today, your Higher Self is in control and takes a risk. What’ll it be?

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