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Here’s why you should start before you are ready!

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One of the fun things about the TDL journey for me is that I’ve never quite gotten it perfectly right. There’s always a mistake, a typo, an email gets sent out late, a part of the new website isn’t working, we have a technical snafu with our online courses and of course I don’t live what I share 100% of the time.

There are all kinds of imperfections in what I do. And yet, it still gets out every day, it still inspires and adds values to the lives of others and it sustains me so that I can live a relatively creatively free life. And living in my purpose is also what brought my Love Jenna into my life.

And why I say all this is because there is a pattern I’m seeing with a lot of folks, which is this idea that either THEY or their plans have to be PERFECT before they can start. And what’s so funny is that moment will NEVER come. Why? Because we are all perfectly imperfect human beings. We mess things up. It’s never quite right. Mistakes happen. And none of us live in 100% integrity of what we preach all the time.

You see, we are ALL works in progress. And I didn’t know it at the time, but my acceptance of my own “work in progress-ness” is one of the main reasons why TDL is where it is today. With that acceptance + crazy tenacity, I’ve been able to create an amazing life, living in my purpose that inspired me AND others. And I and the project are still imperfect – works in progress.

There is no arrival point of perfection. It’s impossible. Perfection is a myth. Human beings by our very nature don’t get life perfectly right. There is SO much we still don’t know about even our own bodies, let alone The Uni-verse. And yet we are here, a lot of us living our dreams because we are simply doing the best that we can.

My friend Marie Forleo has a GREAT maxim for starting any kind of project. She says, “Start before you are ready!” It’s GREAT advice and pretty much sums up what I’m trying to say in this blog. Because the reality is, when massive change comes we almost always NEVER feel ready for it. And yet, when we are met with challenges – it is in our nature to RISE to meet them. We become MORE as we face challenges that we do not feel ready to face.

This is how we grow – this is how we thrive – this is how we start to live a kick-butt life!

So! In your own life, where can you start before you are ready? Where are you holding back? Where can you accept yourself as a work in progress and get about the business of making your DREAMS come true in the most amazing imperfect fashion? As always TDL comes ALIVE in the comment section below. Leave a comment and let me know + the TDL Community LOVES to support you, so open it up to them, too!

Until tomorrow, I’m sending you LOTS of love,


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