Here’s why you should start before you are ready!

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One of the fun things about the TDL journey for me is that I’ve never quite gotten it perfectly right. There’s always a mistake, a typo, an email gets sent out late, a part of the new website isn’t working, we have a technical snafu with our online courses and of course I don’t live what I share 100% of the time.

There are all kinds of imperfections in what I do. And yet, it still gets out every day, it still inspires and adds values to the lives of others and it sustains me so that I can live a relatively creatively free life. And living in my purpose is also what brought my Love Jenna into my life.

And why I say all this is because there is a pattern I’m seeing with a lot of folks, which is this idea that either THEY or their plans have to be PERFECT before they can start. And what’s so funny is that moment will NEVER come. Why? Because we are all perfectly imperfect human beings. We mess things up. It’s never quite right. Mistakes happen. And none of us live in 100% integrity of what we preach all the time.

You see, we are ALL works in progress. And I didn’t know it at the time, but my acceptance of my own “work in progress-ness” is one of the main reasons why TDL is where it is today. With that acceptance + crazy tenacity, I’ve been able to create an amazing life, living in my purpose that inspired me AND others. And I and the project are still imperfect – works in progress.

There is no arrival point of perfection. It’s impossible. Perfection is a myth. Human beings by our very nature don’t get life perfectly right. There is SO much we still don’t know about even our own bodies, let alone The Uni-verse. And yet we are here, a lot of us living our dreams because we are simply doing the best that we can.

My friend Marie Forleo has a GREAT maxim for starting any kind of project. She says, “Start before you are ready!” It’s GREAT advice and pretty much sums up what I’m trying to say in this blog. Because the reality is, when massive change comes we almost always NEVER feel ready for it. And yet, when we are met with challenges – it is in our nature to RISE to meet them. We become MORE as we face challenges that we do not feel ready to face.

This is how we grow – this is how we thrive – this is how we start to live a kick-butt life!

So! In your own life, where can you start before you are ready? Where are you holding back? Where can you accept yourself as a work in progress and get about the business of making your DREAMS come true in the most amazing imperfect fashion? As always TDL comes ALIVE in the comment section below. Leave a comment and let me know + the TDL Community LOVES to support you, so open it up to them, too!

Until tomorrow, I’m sending you LOTS of love,


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Take what resonates with you in this blog and leave the rest.

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  • Giovanna Brillembourg

    This could not have come at a better time Mastin. You are so right! I have discovered that the most empowering thing I can do everyday to reach my dreams is to take action!
    Every step I take I feel brings me closer to my dream. I am currently working with getting over the stage fright and start vlogging! 🙂 I am a natural in front of the camera I am just scared of putting myself out there… at least I have started blogging with many more projects on the pipe, but taking it one step at a time. 🙂

    • just do it! you are going to be scared but WHO CARES! keep it up! the world needs you to give us your gift!

  • Mon

    I am literally sitting here standing on the edge of the precipice of launching a dream that is morphing into reality. Linking wellness, food and yoga on a ‘lifestyle’ website and other projects including public speaking…..I’m not a writer, nor a speaker, and my techno skills are very limited, yet Ive just spent the whole day telling myself “just jump!” ….I have been working on  the theme  “Potential NOT Perfection” in my classes of late. What an amazing shift when you tell yourself something over and over again….it sneakily gets into that subconscious and Wham! you embrace it!! I don’t know what it is that makes me think it will be ok…but I know it will be….what a great blog from the daily love, resonating so well…thank you!

  • Elizma

    Feeling very imotional whilst reading this today. I think it has come at the right time for me as I am going through my own growing struggles to start my dreams. I need to accept that I am never going to be perfect and never going to do things perfectly. All I can do is try my very best and give my all. People shouldn’t loose hope when something doesn’t go perfectly, in life and in relationships. It just means you need to choose a diferent route or try another option, but NEVER give up on your dreams.

    • YES Elizma! Why are you feeling emotional? and is there a new route YOU can take? 🙂 sending you big hugs!

  • Dee

    There is someone I’ve been interested in for a short while now. I know we are mutual and yet I keep telling myself ‘when I’ve done this I will be ready, when I do that I will be ready’. It’s just an excuse we make isn’t it?? To procrastinate and avoid doing what we really want to do. I guess there is a time & a place for everything. It’s about accepting who and where you are right now. It’s good to have high standards in life – career etc, but when it comes to dating it’s so scary! No wonder ppl go down the road of superficial, it’s much easier to be fake than it is to be vulnerable, but there are definitely more rewards for taking the plunge. It’s like we are rewarded for the level of healthy risk we are willing to take. And then, you know what? Once we have grown through it we are quick to forget what it was like at the beginning. It’s just the initial first step…!!!!!!

    • yes! and taking the first step is SO damn important!

  • Totally on point here, Mastin. Recently I rediscovered a dream that I had given up on years ago thinking “I’m too old, and it’s too silly, too crazy, too big to follow.” But those were excuses I made to hide my vulnerabilities and imperfections. I needed to embrace those vulnerabilities and imperfections – and my strengths and dreams. In short, I needed to start loving myself enough to take myself seriously. Now, I’m a few months into living my dream and everything is starting to fall into place. It’s not all comfortable (I’m not going to lie about it), but it’s the best decision I ever made. Everyone else out there: love yourself. Start now.

    • Awesome Kristen! This is SO exciting! Give us some details about what’s happening so others can see I’m no b/s-ing!

      • Well, I’m going to make myself totally vulnerable here: my dream is to someday compete in the Olympics.

        @page { margin: 0.79in }
        P { margin-bottom: 0.08in }If I were 12 and had already been
        involved in a sport for 8 years, this would be a reasonable dream.
        (As if there are such things as reasonable dreams.) But I'm 31 and I
        have CFIDS. For a long time I thought I was too sick to live the best life I could imagine. This past summer I hit rock-bottom in terms of self-worth.

        I decided that if I was ever going to
        be happy again, I had to do things that made me happy. (Simple,
        right?) So, I started doing little things – even though I didn’t
        feel like I was worthy. When I finally came out of it (therapy, folks), I remembered this long-forgotten dream and said to myself, “F*** it. I don’t
        care if I am too old or too sick or too crazy. What have I got to

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        P { margin-bottom: 0.08in }
        A:link { so-language: zxx }

        I've started training for a 5k. I heard
        about the therapeutic effects of horseback riding, so now I take
        riding lessons. I re-devoted myself to karate, something I started
        over a year ago to learn self-defense. After only a few months, I'm the healthiest I've
        ever been. I'm for sure the happiest I've ever been. I started taking
        a course toward personal trainer certification so I can help myself
        and others who want to get healthy, especially people who have
        chronic illness. Getting into that course was all serendipity (found
        it by reading something I don't normally read, got a bonus in my
        paycheck I wasn't expecting, met on the perfect night, was the last
        person to get into the course). I've started blogging about my
        journey (,
        if you want to come along for the ride) and opened a Twitter account,
        and I'm finding great sites (like this one. I love it, Mastin! Thank
        you!) and advice from people all over the world that seems to be
        giving me the information I need as I need it.

        But it's not all been sunshine and
        rainbows; a few weeks ago I got out of an 8 ½ year relationship. I
        know that the relationship as it was is not the best for me as I
        pursue this dream, so I know this is the Uni-verse helping me along.
        That ending is part of everything falling into place. I know all that
        in my head. My heart is having a little bit of trouble catching up to
        that part, though.

        I’m still in the early stages of
        realizing my dream. I still have no idea how I’m going to get there.
        For me, victory is still in the showing up. But even though I’m not
        anywhere close to qualifying for anything more than a local fun run,
        I’m still living my dream because I’m working for it, and because I’m
        loving myself. These things I do and the actions I take will prepare
        me for when the dream is realized. I’m not ready to compete today. I
        won’t be ready tomorrow. I certainly was not ready to start when I
        started. But if I hadn’t started, I wouldn’t be loving and honoring
        myself. And I certainly wouldn’t be on this amazing adventure. And it all started with me taking those few little steps when I thought I wasn’t ready.

        And, seriously: what’s crazier than a
        chronically ill 30-something aiming for the Olympics? Surely your
        dream isn’t as crazy as mine. You should go for it.

        •  Umm, if that seems disjointed, my reply got chopped up. My apologies. Message is still the same: GO FOR IT.

  • I love this. As the self-appointed queen of procrastination, I can find a million reasons why I am not ready to do something. I understand now that procrastination is a symptom or an outfit that fear wears. I also learned that the easiest way for me to avoid it is to throw myself into doing the very thing that I am afraid of. If I hear myself talking myself out of starting, I just start. I have  a bunch of things on my to-do list that I have just been changing the date on. Thanks to you and Marie Forleo (love her) I am going to just start. I already know that I will feel better. 

    • Awesome Dyanne! You are going to keep moving mountains with this outlook and action plan! goooo!

  • Cristal

    I´d keep saying to myself, ¨I´m not ready yet, but there will come the time¨… so I never did something big. I realize now that I´d never be ready if I don´t start!! So I´m letting the fear aside and starting to live my dream life now! 
    Thanks Mastin!! 

  • Ok…here is the dealeo as I am laughing writing this comment.  I so agree that when one starts talking and walking his or her spiritual path, one will most likely not choose love 100% of the time. I for one definitely throw away my peace and still choose fear.  I did not believe that existed as well, so I TOTALLY get you. I know now that IT DOES EXIST to choose it every moment because Cinnmon Lofton, my mentor and author of’ ‘HERE, NOW’ Does.  It is a seeing is believing kind of deal.  Our EGO tells us otherwise and gives us an out. She is the most disciplined and practiced person and chooses humility every moment as addiction brushes by her face to choose it. Enlightenment is a choice; it doesn’t fly out of the sky. We have all been Enlightened from time to time when we choose love and live in the present moment.  She is a humble servant of God and knows just what to say to every person to help them. NO COOKIE CUTTER STUFF. Gary Zukav writes, “Our life’s purpose is to align our personality with our souls and when this is achieved, You can not tell in such a person where the personality ends and where the soul begins.”  YEP, THIS IS CINNAMON. Telihard de Chardin writes, “We are spiritual beings having a physical human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience.”  Yep, this has been proved by Cinnamon Lofton. My dedication is to do the same without being addicted to it.  It takes practice choosing love every moment.  Just think about it…If we are willing to make a choice and not react- why can’t we do it 100% of the time?  We can if we are WILLING.  It is possible. 

  • this is so great! it reminds me of the “Ready. Fire. Aim” approach to entrepreneurism. Just refine as you go! 🙂

  • Nori

    I love life! This is EXACTLY what I needed today.  I’m always amazed at how God gives us the reassurance, the words, the inspiration at just the right moment.  

    Yesterday I was asked to take a temporary promotion and last night and this morning I have been working on pushing out the negative speak in my mind (the “I can’t do it”, “I’m not experienced enough”, “I’m not old enough” type of talk).  I truly believe that “Everything I need will come to me” and “everything I need to know will be revealed to me”.  Now I get to step forward and live it in another area of my life… Imperfectly!  🙂

  • Garyschindel

    your audio file does not work

    • hey Gary, it’s working for me! Did you download it on the top right side of the page on Drop Box?

  • Tessa-Marie Shillingford

    Thank you for all your great blogs, but this one means so much to me.  I was  blogging for awhile and then an aquaintance told me that I made so my grammartical mistakes in my blogs, those words cause me to stop blogging although what I blog about is what I do for a living.  I facilitate financial literacy workshops and I truly love helping an empowering people to better manage their finances. After reading your blogs I am going to start right now today and I will just have to try to make sure what I write is great, in a perfect world I would love to have someone check my words before I post it but they change the meaning and sometimes the context and with finance the facts should not be veiled. I have such passion to help others change their finances for what they really want that I now feel I am letting some people down because of me trying to live a perfect world.
    Thanks for your blogs.

    • shelly

      please post the address for your blog, I would love to read it.

      • Tessa-Marie Shillingford

        Hi Shelly
        Thanks for your interest. The blog is at WordPress the name is Tessa-Marie Shillingford
        The book I wrote is Controlling the Debt Monster. Please let me know what you think of the blogs.
        Thanks Tessa-Marie

  • Thrive for your truth and enjoy the journey!

  • Lizzie Vance

    So good! 🙂

    This is SO what I needed to hear! 

  • The biggest barrier my therapy clients have in recovery is this “waiting til I’m ready” God awful syndrome. Fear is often the only reason they are not ready. They have all the tools, resources, and networks in place to be successful out in the world but they won’t even give themselves the chance to succeed. Then of course, there is the fear of succeeding because maybe they’ve never experienced it before and the unfamiliar is scary as heck. Or perhaps the fear thought is “OMG, if I end up succeeding then I HAVE to be able to keep it up! I can’t have any setbacks!”. But of course we can have setbacks along the way because the road to success isn’t a linear process.

    I would add that if you know someone who you are certain is ready but is dragging their heels, give them a supportive kick in the pants because the first step might be too hard….they will appreciate you for it!…at some point in the future 🙂

    love and light,

  • IndigoBlue

    As someone who perpetually jumps head first into projects and adventures (cosmetology school, roller derby, knitting projects etc.), I know I wouldn’t be who I am without what I’ve learned from taking leaps of faith in the universe. I’ve become much better in trusting that I will always have what I need, nothing more or less. This blog post comes at a time when I am facing another adventure that I’m not sure I’m exactly ready for but know it’s the right move to make to ensure a healthy and happy future. It makes me smile to read that the behavior my very conservative mother believes is so reckless is actually encouraged. Taking risks is what keeps us growing, learning and moving forward. Thank you 😀

  • Melissa

    Love this so much! Such perfect advice !!he he! I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure lately. Wonderful opportunities are coming my way and I’m saying yes even though I don’t feel at all ready! And so many conversations I’m having with people are magnifying my feeling of unreadiness! And as I sit still afterwards in some turmoil I realize that I can either see these messages through the filter of my fear or I can hear what I’m meant to. To help me on my way. Wish that sometimes I didn’t have to do the fear/anxiety piece first though! 🙂 Thanks Mastin!

  • Bellajul

    I will often try to plan out how to do something and almost always find an excuse to not get it done. I usually tell myself I’m waiting for the best time or when I can get to the final outcome. In other words, I’m looking for that mommemt I would be able to do it perfectly. Meanwhile, I’m setting myself up for failer because perfect doesn’t exist!

  • Tess

    Wow!  Could be the kick in the butt I need.  I’m a 50 something working mom with too many commitments to every other thing & person daily.  I started a blog well over a year ago, but don’t make the time to tend it.  I dream about it being successful … but it won’t happen on it’s own!  Thanks for the inspiration Mastin, and your wonderful daily love!

  • Andrea

    A very good friend sent me your article Mastin, she knew it was the perfect inspiration to help me move from perfectionism to standing and living into my light.  

    Despite having many inspirations about what I would like to blog about, invariably I haven’t blogged.   So the desire and calling to write continues, but my perfectionistic ways keep getting putting up road blocks… Why – the subjects has been done before, I won’t be able to add anything of meaning or write well enough to inspire anyone,  I haven’t learned enough about blogging etc etc.  Enough already – life is about the journey and your words together with my friend Maria’s caring enough to send this article have moved me from playing small – on with the journey and my blogging.Thank you so much for your sage words…Andrea 

  • Zhigirl

    This just gave me confidence to finish a scary project