Here’s Why You’re Not Getting What You Want!

Plain and simple, we get what we ask for.

Not just with our words, but also with our actions. In fact, our actions will show us what we are asking for far more than our words. We only take action on what we truly believe, so if we want to see what we are really asking for, let us look towards our actions.

If you say you want to lose weight, but your actions are to eat high calorie food and stay inactive, you aren’t really asking for health.

If you say you have faith but your actions are actions that are faithless, then you don’t really have faith.

If you say you love someone and your actions are unloving, then you don’t really love that person.

Let us be mindful of our actions.

The precursor to action is thought. Sometimes it can be VERY hard to be aware of what we are actually thinking, especially because many of our actions come from unconscious thoughts. If we want to tap into what’s really running us, but are having a hard time, let us see what actions we are taking.

We want love, but we run away when it shows up. There is a misalignment there of desire and thought.

We want weight loss and a healthy body, but we don’t get off our ass and exercise. There is a misalignment there, too.

In this literal Uni-verse, we can LITERALLY create (from the inside out) any type of experience we wish to choose. It is when our desires, our thoughts and our actions are in alignment that this kind of life begins to emerge.

The seed of a desire for something greater lives within all of us, but our lack of action prevents that kind of life from unfolding.

Imagine if a farmer had seeds and land to plant his seeds, but doubted that the seeds would grow if he planted them. So if this doubt were strong enough, the seeds would never get planted. Or, they get planted, but then the farmer can be too impatient and dig up the seeds the next day or the next week because the crop hasn’t come yet.

The farmer still has no harvest. Then a second farmer comes by at harvest time with a full crop of harvest, and the first farmer gets jealous and angry at the second farmer for having abundance. The first farmer may blame The Uni-verse or say, “People like me aren’t supposed to have this harvest”, but in reality, it is the farmers own doubt and impatience that prevents him from reaping his harvest.

We are many times like the first farmer. Our seeds are our desires. Our fields are our daily actions. We must plant our desires in actions and then be patient. If weeds of doubt creep in, we must clear them out. And in perfect time we will be able to harvest the fruit of our faith.

This is how life is. We need to nurture the fertile soil of our actions with faith and patience.

So, today, are you not getting what you want? Look at your desires. Look at your actions. Where is there a disconnect? How can you adjust your actions to sync up with your desires? And, if that feels weird, how can you change your MENTAL habits to allow yourself to take the proper action that is in alignment with your desires?

The answers to the lack you may be temporarily experiencing is all within you. Show up, let go and trust The Uni-verse one day at a time. Get your desires, thoughts and actions in alignment and then let your patience and faith shower down on the fertile soil of your actions.

Your harvest WILL come.

How can you make this change today? Let me know: [email protected]



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  • TC

    What u write about today, is what I need help with the most. When it comes to health and fitness, my thoughts are in alignment to my desires and I’m happy and only getting better and better. When it comes to love, I am definitely not in alignment. I read the Road Less Travelled by Scott M Peck and after some time shortly there after, I put myself through psychotherapy. I wanted to change the blueprint of my choices and understand why in the past I made the decisions that I did when I started to realise what I want is not what I’m getting. I look up to people whose past are similar to my own, and have gotten through it. Right now I’m working really hard to overcome these things and live my best life, just like Oprah says on her twitter. Putting myself through therapy was the hardest part, facing your demons so that u can get past them is the first and most difficult step, but the book mentioned above gave me the support and strength to do so as you read about a the lives of patients through the therapists perspective and this gave me the faith that I could do it and that you are not alone.

    Now, I spend ever day of my life committed to healing and making sense of everything that has happened in my past, I’m trying to find the meaning. I’m reading on Toltic wisdom, Kaballah (but not through the Kaballah Centre I might just add) I’m also studying yoga and have learnt that every small step you take towards helping yourself, even if it is just trying something different that isn’t you but helped you learn and grow, all has an accumulative effect and pays off so don’t delay.

    I hope that one day when I’m feeling more healed and have more support in my life, I will then go on to help others too. We are all so connected even though we may not understand that at times. Your website and all of it’s contributors be it the commenters of posts or the other spokes ppl are so cool and I really love what u have done and are doing for ppl. Totes awesome Mastin!!

    Don’t know how others feel but this website really puts you on the right path and gets you connected, plus it’s pretty darn cute too!


    • thank you TC – keep searching u will find the answer!

  • Cas

    Fantastic post!

  • Thanks for this wonderful gentle reminder. We are what we put our mind into – and lets make it a positive one! 🙂

    Love from Malaysia!

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