How Fast Do You Want Your Dreams To Come True?

chrisassaadThis is a pep talk. If you’re reading this, chances are you could use a loving kick in the butt. So here it is.

Dreams come true. They do. All you need to do is look around and you’ll see it happening everywhere. Justin Bieber. Katy Perry. Barack Obama. Oprah Winfrey. Mastin Kipp. Pick your hero or success story of choice. The list is endless.

So what about you? What’s it going to take for you to be on that list? Why aren’t your dreams coming true?

The truth is they are coming true. Right now, as we speak. It’s all happening for you. The Uni-verse is conspiring in your favor and unseen forces are working around the clock to deliver you the very things that your soul desires most. It’s true.

There’s only one small problem: you keep getting in the way. Doubt. Getting in the way. Feelings of unworthiness. Getting in the way. Laziness. Yup, in the way.

Let’s talk basic physics for a second. Everything at its most basic level is made of up energy. Thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions are energy in motion. Consider that your deepest wishes and desires, your affirming beliefs, your hard work, along with all of the synchronistic forces at play to bring them to reality make up an energy force moving you and your life in the direction of your dreams.

The real science nerds among you (that included me once upon a time) will know that the technical term for a particular amount of energy moving in a particular direction is called a vector. Let’s call this one Vector D (for Dreams).


Now suppose that all your fears, doubts, disempowering beliefs, laziness, bad habits, etc. make up a force of energy that is moving in the opposite direction. We’ll call this one Vector R (for Resistance).


Now you don’t need to be a genius or a rocket scientist to figure out that if R is greater than D – meaning that if the sum of energy consisting of all those forces moving you away from your dreams is greater than the sum of energy of all those forces moving you towards your dreams – then you will never get there.

It also follows that the rate at which you get there will be directly proportional to the distance from you to your dream, divided by the magnitude or size of Vector D.

Huh? I’ll say that again in simple terms. Your dream will come true faster if you put all your energy – every thought, every belief, every action – towards the realization of that dream. And the bigger the dream, the more crucial it is that you get the heck out of the way and align yourself with the forces that are bringing it to reality by eliminating any of the Resistance that’s holding you back.

How do you do this? By being diligent. By being relentless. By being audacious and stubborn in your belief that it IS happening, that you ARE worthy, and that ANYTHING is possible.

And what does that look like? It looks like all your will, all your life force, all your creative energy being channeled and applied to bringing your dreams to life. Steven Pressfield calls it “turning pro”. Marie Forleo calls it “starting before you’re ready”.  Mastin calls it “showing up every day”. I call it getting out of the way. It comes down to playing full out and giving yourself the best chance possible at success.

Coming back to dream science for a second, the point is simple. Make D as big as you can and do your best to minimize or eliminate R. Practically speaking, that means cut out the doubting, the toiling back and forth, the second-guessing yourself, your abilities and your worthiness. Cut out the procrastinating, the self-medicating, and the perfectionism. That’s all you getting in the way and making R bigger than D.

As for making D bigger, that happens by magnifying your faith, your empowering beliefs, your deepest desires and working your ASS off to make your dreams come true! AND…

Got it? Good!

Pep talk over.

So….How fast do you want your dreams to come true?

Much love,



Chris Assaad is a singer/songwriter and inspirational artist from Toronto who left a promising career in law several years ago to pursue his dream of a career in music. Since then, Chris has been actively using his voice to enCOURAGE others to follow their dreams, express their creativity and live life to the fullest.

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  • Leslie1734

    Thank you Chris.  When concepts are put in a way that is so clear or understandable, it helps to push the clouds of resistance away and make way for the light to energize the soul.

    •  You’re welcome Leslie! That makes me happy to hear 🙂

  • Ok got it. Thanks 🙂
    Brightest blessings.

  • Laurie

     Chris, there are so many points that I wrote in my journal from this article. This really resonated with me. Thanks so much!

  • Healer

    From one science geek to another…..Thank you! Message received!
    Much love to you.

  • Liz

    Awesome!  Thank you ….

    •  You’re welcome Liz! Thanks for reading 🙂

  • d99

    Thanks Chris, does this mean quitting a job that gets in the way of your dreams and taking the scary leap into the unknown and possibly…financial brokedom?

    •  Hey D, i’m a big believer in “Leap and the net will appear”. Financial brokedom is not a necessary outcome but if you tell yourself that story then that might impact your willingness to take the leap. I would categorize that as R. What if you quit the job, moved in the direction of your dreams and could eventually have financial prosperity?

  • thelindseyoneill

    Love it, Chris. As always. So true how powerful the stories we tell
    ourselves are, as is our ability to shift those stories to more
    empowering, self-loving thoughts and actions when we sprinkle in a
    little self-awareness and allow ourselves to stop hiding our gifts and
    holding ourselves back. Hope the rest of your time in Australia was
    wonderful—I Loved that post too— how the in-between” spaces can feel
    awkward and scary as we move through our life work and fulfill our purpose, but how those very
    spaces are the ones that provide us with the opportunities to dream,
    think, and act big in order to co-create our future. Nama. <3

    •  Yes! Beautifully said Lindsey. You got it! And thank you, my time in Oz was ahhhhmazing! Much love 🙂

  • Imelda

    True that! I think I accomplished a mini version of that when I finally went to my Kundalini class. And it’s so true that when you do get closer to your dream, or whatever the thing is that you want, the doubt, fear, anxiety, the wanting to throw in the towel because you think all of it is a sign saying not to do it gets louder. Well, letting all that just be, feeling it and moving on helped.  Reminding myself that it’s just a feeling and a thought an accepting it was hard, but I did it. So I said a prayer after my mini meltdown and kept going and it was all worth it. The class was great and I’m so grateful I went.

    I’ve had more a-ha moments in the past 2 weeks that are examples of how I’ve been playing small so I’m practicing just being, and showing up more.

    •  Yes! As you’ve pointed out, the Resistance shows up in the little things and the bigger things. Every time we tune out the voice of doubt, fear, anxiety we are making R smaller and freeing up more energy for D. Going to yoga is a perfect example because it’s expansive and it brings you towards your potential in body, mind and spirit. Keep rocking it girl and the a-ha’s will keep rolling! Much love 🙂

    • DeeDee22

      Hi Imelda,

      Thanks so much for your insight!  God spoke to me through you and Chris today…I really needed to hear the things that both of you said.  I, too, am in the midst of what feels like crippling fear b/c I’m getting closer to my dream.  What resonated with me the most is when you said “…you think all of it is a sign saying not to do it…” and  THAT IS EXACTLY HOW I’VE BEEN FEELING!!!  Please share a little bit more with me about this…it helps so much…thank you!  

  • Thanks Chris, I really needed to read that today. Your blog reminds me one of my favorite quotes:
    “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~Rumi

    • Looove this Eveline! Thanks for contributing such a beautifully simple statement of the message to the discussion. Much love!

  • Lile 408

    Chris, I am always so excited when I see you’re a contributor !!
    The Uni-verse always sends me exactly what I need , at the time I need it. Your post was right on and timely for me!! Thank you for reminding me of that!!

    I Love your energy !! You are a true Light!!

    Love and light!

    •  Aww thanks Lile! Your comment just brought a smile to my face 🙂 Glad the post was timely and helpful. Fyi – my TDL blogs are published every Sunday. Hope you have a great week!

  • ozz1161

    Chris what a great Sunday morning pick me up and reminder:) I often find myself resisting the big dreams and convincing myself with a lot of “I can’t” or “I am not good at…”.  I read a great quote recently that says: “Whatever follows “I am” will come looking for you”.  I now am able to be aware with what thoughts I allow to filter in and stop them from becoming the road blocks to what I am meant to do.  That being said, I am at a crossroads and would like to ask you to help define how one truly knows their dreams and what their power is geared towards.  I am grateful for you and your teachings:)

    •  Hey! Thanks for sharing that quote, I love it! To answer your question, a good place to start is to ask yourself what brings you the most joy. What FEELS good? What lights you up? What do you get lost in when you’re doing? Start there and ask for guidance from the Uni-verse, God, your Higher Self (insert what resonates for you) and then be open and listen for the answer. It may begin as a whisper but if you’re tuned in, it will get louder and louder until it SMACKS you in the face! You’ll know.

  • Drew

    YOU— are SO amazing Chris.. Thank you! Awesome read and amazingly inspiring. I think that many times we forget that we are a basic level- “energy”. And what we put our attention on is what gets delivered to us or what we become. We need more of this,.. we need more of you! Keep the pep talks coming!
    All my love

    •  Thanks Drew! Will do! Keep putting out that good energy brother! Much love 🙂

  • Sahereh

     Thank u Chris I hope I can do my best and make my dreams come true , but how about a relationship ? Is this work for a relationship, too ? when  I know I’m in the right relationship and I wanna go to the next level and get closer to my boy friend 🙂 he wants that too . He loves me a lot ,but he’s in doubt for moving to my city ,so, if I be positive and strong enough ican make it happen ?

    •  Hey Sahereh. Yes, this applies to anything your heart desires in life, including an amazing relationship. If your belief that you are not worthy of it or that it will never happen for you or that all the good guys are taken (R) are greater than your pure intention and the energy you put towards creating that relationship of your dreams (D) then you know the outcome. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you can will a particular to relationship to go the distance but if you live from faith and trust that the Uni-verse will support you, all experiences will happen to get you there in Divine timing. Make sense?

  • Luz

    Awesome! just made me understand so easily something that has so much power over my life. Thank you!!!!

  • Melissa Neely

    WOW… This was so on time.  I always get what I need from TDL.   I am so glad that I am open to what is happening in my life as I co-create more today than yesterday.  Thanks Chris for being YOU.

    •  Thanks for the kind words Melissa! SO happy to hear that this blog found you in good time. Wishing you all the best on your path sister!

  • Ssphoto30

    Thank you so much Chris!  I was exactly what I needed!  I’m going to read it everyday until it really sinks in!  So very grateful for you and all of the TDL writers!  

  • I love this post and what you said, Chris! 
    We all have the life we believe we deserve.  If we’re not happy about something in our lives, it really is in our hands to do something about it. 


  • Thanks Chris for the much needed pep talk…  Keep the light and reality checks comming! 

  • Teenypooh


    Your post was very enlightening because I get in my way all of the time and I am trying to stop doing it. I have had great moments in my life where I have had success and was able to achieve my goals of obtaining my High School diploma, despite being a teenaged mom. I went on to get my Bachelors and Masters Degrees. I am currently working on my Doctorate and I have hit a brick wall! I am really getting in my own way and just not doing the work that it takes to complete my Dissertation. The biggest obstacle standing in my way is ME! I am in the final 9 months of the program and I am doing absolutely nothing. I feel like I am paralyzed. I don’t know what is wrong with me but positive words such as yours are helping me to turn this tide.

  • Oconnoerin

    I like that you include cutting out perfectionism along with laziness and resistance. Perfectionism will no longer hold me back.

  • Upstatenysunshine

    Right. on. time. You may have just saved my life. I am eternally grateful. I’d call this coincidence, but I know it’s truly divine order. Thank You, thank you, thank you.

  • ReNewed Mind

    Love this article!  Great job and YES, I am getting out of my own way!!!

  • Shanna88Keys

    Right on time Chris – needed to hear this yesterday and re-read today.  Thank you!!

  • Renee

    That was a very interesting way to put it. A big thank you, this is exactly what people like me needed to hear…those with many dreams but are either to afraid to get them or arent sure how. Thanks again for this pep talk…it is now time to move forward and obtain each and every dream. 🙂

  • Barbara

    ok I know all that but PLEASE keep reminding me, Mastin. Eternally grateful for TDL X

  • Barbara

    oops, sorry Chris, thanks go to you. Reminders still welcome 🙂

  • Ilseanel12

    A Million Thank you’s for this awesome pep talk! It was exactly what I needed as my mind was trying to talk me out of working out! I went with Vector D and my whole being was super grateful afterwards 🙂 I am always lit up by your inspiring and love filled shares 🙂 Thanks for following your Bliss! 

    Love y Luz, 

  • My practice is food mettaphor, and when I read this, I suddenly put it together that the Sanskrit word “tapas” means (essentially) purifying fire–they don’t feel like small plates, now do they? I have so much resistance on mine that I am ready to empty. As a laycook (and lay-everything else), I suffer a lot with the P-vector: PERFECTIONISM. I don’t even know if perfectionism has a vibration, it’s so low (or maybe only dogs can pick it up). I heard Jack Kornfield say, “Your job isn’t to be perfect, it’s only to love perfectly.” That helps, too. Thank you for the salt and pep talk, Chris. I really did need it. Sometimes, I spend so much time on the floor meditating, or up in my head, that it’s hard to bare my sit bones for the loving kick. Deep bows and thanks.

  • Jessica

    Thank-you Chris!  Releasing resistance!  Oh boy!  Finding where your resistance lies, priceless.   Looking at me, what am I resisting and why?  Doing the work!

  • beth

    thanks for this Chris :))

  • Lindsei

    Wow! That’s exactly what I needed to read before going to bed. I have dreamed of being an actress for the longest time. I feel like I was born with this talent that I can turn on like a light whenever I want to imitate a character from TV. I am very thankful for this article, it really made me think about where I am spending my focus on. P.S. Loved the scientific explanation 

  • India

    You ROCK dood !

  • Merely Sanchez

    I’m A Justin Bieber Belieber I Love Him With All My Life But i havent got the chance to meet him yet but i really want to meet him i had a dream about justin bieber that made me cry whwn i woke up because i love him a lot and i thought that my biggest dream will come true but it didnt and it was all just a stupid dream and i got really hurt by it becuz i love justin bieber and.i want to meet him but thats not possible :'( :'( You have a great talent justin bieber , since the first day. heard about you i said daym he has a big talent hes attracitive and cute and i will never stop believing in you. Justin bieber becuz ur my idol ur my everything and im only 12 years old but i have strong feelings for Jb i love him and i hop one day i get to meet him if god allows me one day . and i lost a lot of things in life that i’ve. been sad about . but once a belieber always a belieber #1belieber here. bye Merely sanchez <3 l

  • Dreamlover54

    Thank u this was very inspiring. So does thsi really come true!!! Hopefully yes I have a huge dream.