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How I found True Love!

Okay, I am a little nervous, but at the same time, REALLY excited to begin this new adventure. Anyone who knows me, KNOWS that I love a challenge.

So, here I go! One may ask how did this all come about and why NOW? Well, one of my favorite tweeters, Mastin Kipp, creator of ‘The Daily Love’, approached me, without knowing that this was something I have been longing to do for years but have been too afraid and unknowledgeable to start, and asked me if I would like to blog for his website. I immediately saw this as a sign and responded, with an “Ummmm YEA!”, not knowing that once all the excitement died down, I would have no clue where to begin.

When all else fails, I always go with my present feelings and speak from the heart. So, ladies and gentlemen, that‘s where my blog will begin: with words from my heart! Oh, I like the way that sounds! I’ll call my blog: “Words from my heart to yours”. Hee-hee. Over the past months I have been planning a wedding. No, I’m not a wedding planner, but have hired an amazing one, MINDY WEISS. Yes, I just name dropped. HA! I have said “yes” to a wonderful man, Arthur Adam Housley. He’s going to kill me knowing that I just told the world his first name. He’s been called “Adam” since the day he was born. I am blessed to say this man loves me for me.

Without sounding sappy, I can honestly say that true love has found me. Notice I did not say: “I have found true love”. When Adam came into my life, I wasn’t looking I was FARRR from looking! I had had my share of horrible dates, broken hearts, etc. I can assure you I wanted nothing to do with a man. I even considered a nunnery. True story! I hate to be cliché, but it’s true. You always find something or someone when you’re not looking. Anyone who has been single for a long time knows it’s NOT easy. However, at the same time, singlehood can be a great time of self-reflection. During my looonggg time of being single, I learned one of the most valuable lessons of my LIFE! We must learn to LOVE OURSELVES before we can love or receive someone else’s love effectively. This is especially hard for women, since we can be so critical towards other women, and especially towards ourselves. Furthermore and paradoxically, these criticisms warp into lies, which then become our truths! I have this saying: “ALL women are princesses”.

You may be bigger, darker, smaller, etc., but God loves us just the way we are. And here’s more amazing news: there will be a person who comes along in your life that will love EVERY inch of you. So, why not start with YOU loving yourself this way! I wasn’t always this way; I HAD to LEARN to love myself. One of my insecurities as I was growing up was that I was the quirky, goofier twin! I had allowed myself to believe that I had not ONE sexy bone in my body. I was always the cute one – cute and goofy!

Little did I know, now looking back, that this was an awesome trait that set me apart from others! If only I had embraced it and had realized earlier that being cute and quirky is simply a different kind of SEXY! It is one of the traits that my fiancé absolutely LOVES about me. It was not until I learned to embrace my singleness, my flaws and finally love me for me that, coincidentally, my Adam showed up in my life. Life has a way of working itself out in divine order. Live, accept, love and let go. You’ll never know what’s around the corner. It’s never too late. TRY it and see what happens!


Tam Tam