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How I met my soul partner!

hillarypikephotoThis journey of my life began in January 2013 when I went to Auroville, India for one month. Auroville is one of the most healing places I have ever been to and I woke up every day to the sunrise, feeling a deep profound connection to the divine. One of the most heart opening experiences I had there was meeting a man named John Peter who has Polio and teaches yoga to 100’s of Orphaned children in Pondicherry, S India. I went with him to meet all of these bright eyed children and before I left made sure they all had soap, pens, laundry detergent and notebooks, which they desperately needed. I had known before but this experience reminded me how deeply I wanted to work with and help children.
Before leaving on this trip to Auroville, my whole life had fallen apart and I felt like I had lost everything that mattered to me and was forced to start back at square 1. When the month was over in Auroville, I knew I had nothing to come back home to, so I decided that I would keep traveling. I was invited to go visit one of my dear guy friends, Greg, in Seville, Spain. I did not have much money at all but I knew once the month was up in India that I was not going home. So I went to Spain, jumped and trusted that the Universe would be there. It ended up being the best choice I could have made. Seville is like walking through a fairy tale and I was staying with someone who felt like my older brother. I felt safe, loved and surrounded by beauty which was just want I needed.

My dear friend Greg is quite the adventurer as I am. He had always wanted to take a trip to Morocco, Egypt and Israel. Within a few days our tickets were booked and we decided to go. Seeing the Pyramids of Giza and being in Cairo during that dangerous time was something I will always remember. After Egypt we flew to Israel and saw the holy sites in Jerusalem, went to the Dead Sea, and hung out on the beach in Tel Aviv. While in Tel Aviv I posted a picture of the beautiful beach on Facebook. When I arrived back to Seville two days later I saw a comment from Michael Eisen on that same picture.

I had seen many of Michael Eisen’s blogs on The Daily Love and knew that he ran an organization called the Youth Wellness Network. I did not even realize that we were friends on Facebook. I knew the second I saw his comment that he was the person I needed to talk to about helping more children through Yoga in North America. I sent him a private message on Facebook telling him a little about myself and the kids I was working with in S. India. He replied right away and gave me his e-mail address. I wrote him more about my story and my desire to help youth. We found out through the first few e-mails that we had many things in common and were only a month and a half apart in age. We set up a time to Skype on a Wednesday and kept e-mailing each other up to that day. In one e-mail that he sent me I could tell that he was feeling that this could also be a romantic connection between us and when I went to sleep that night, I could feel his energy with me, as if he was watching over me and sending me love. I knew that we had a deep connection.

By the time we did Skype it was obvious that the Uni-verse had put us together for more than just a business partnership. Within two Skype calls Michael was thinking of coming to visit me in Spain and I was also thinking of going to see him in Toronto and although the desire to see each other was very strong, we both decided to be patient and waited to see each other. In past relationships we had both rushed things too much too soon and felt it was finally time to let go of that habit. I had already decided to go do an advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India; since my experience in South India was so magical I wanted to go explore North India. I had planned years before to do a trip to Rishikesh, but it did not come together then. I always knew in my heart that I wanted to do go to Rishikesh and do a yoga teacher training before I decided to settle down and create a life with someone.

Michael and I continued to Skype while I was in Rishikesh every day, even though the internet connection was sometimes not strong enough we cherished every moment we could spend together virtually. Unfortunately, my time there ended up not being what I had expected and instead turned out to be the most challenging experience of my life. I ended up in the emergency room twice and at one point did not know if I was going to leave the hospital alive. All I could do was go into the deepest surrender of my life, and it was Michael’s love and nourishment that really kept me going through the hardest of times.

After six weeks in India I finished the yoga teacher training and felt so relieved that I had made it through the struggle. Michael and I were so in love with each other even though we had not even met in person yet. We had been skyping for three months and had decided early on into my Rishikesh trip that I would come straight from Rishikesh to Toronto to meet him in person. Leaving India was so surreal and I was so ready and excited to meet Michael. When I arrived at the baggage claim in Toronto I was overcome with nerves. I wished there was an escape route but there was no way around it; I had to go out and meet this person that I felt knew and understood me more than anyone in the world. This person that I truly felt I was meant to spend my life with. I put on a guided love meditation on my iPod and just walked and breathed. And there he was as I walked through those sliding doors, standing there holding roses looking at me with such warmth and love. My nerves instantly eased and we hugged for a long time.

There were challenges along the way and it was not always easy, but five months after I arrived in Toronto, Michael proposed. 2013 was certainly quite the year for me! I was forced to let go of everything so I could end up arriving where I was really supposed to be. It took a lot of FAITH and A LOT of stepping outside of my comfort zone. But now I am with the person that I truly feel was chosen for me by the divine and he is more than I ever knew was possible.

There are many peaks and valleys in life, but trust me when I say – even if you are going through the worst of the valleys, as I was at the beginning of 2013 – if you trust your intuition, have faith and jump (even if you don’t know if you will be caught in your mind), the Uni-verse will always have miracles waiting for you!