How My Meeting With The RICHEST Man In The World Changed My Life!

We all have one

No matter who you are.

A unique gift, that you were born to give.

Are you giving your gifts fully?

On my first trip to India, over a decade ago, I met the richest man in the world in the poorest state of the country, called Bihar.

It was an insane 118 degrees. Exhausted, I collapsed on a bench in front of the Bodhi Temple, the main temple in Bodhgaya. Before me were ten beggars in formation, as if on some kind of beggar’s row, bowls in hand. This is business as usual in India, I thought. Same old, same old. I’d become somewhat numb to this. I mean, how many beggars can you help in a day?  I’d cried a river, so I decided not to pay them any mind. Until, that is, my eyes fell upon the one beggar sitting on the floor in front of the temple.

Dressed in a blue cloth, and nothing else, a man was singing his heart out and drumming to his song. His hymns were to God, this much I knew from some of the words I’d studied. He sang with such devotion, purity, passion, and joy that it melted my numbness.

After a few minutes I realized that this man was blind! I thought, “Wow, he can’t actually see how much money he’s being given. And, he can’t see if anybody’s even listening to him.”

Clearly, this man wasn’t singing his song for wealth or fame.  As I witnessed the purity of his expression to God, I ached to have that kind of goodness of intention in my own life. Needless to say, I was deeply moved.

Then I looked closer and saw that the beggar had stumps instead of arms! It took a second to compute. Unbelievable. Blind and without hands! He showed such mastery with this drum that I’d failed to notice this enormously important point. And yet, with every ounce of his energy, he beat his drum and sang his heart out like any passionate musician I’d ever seen.


He can’t see!

He has no arms.

He has no hands!

I started to weep, head in hands, standing right there in plain view of the other beggars. Tears were streaming down my face. I felt humbled. We’re so spoiled in the West. If this guy wanted to moan and complain, I’d give it to him. I’d say, “You, Sir, can be the one person alive I’ll give a special victim voucher to for whining.”

The more I focused on him, the more the tears fell. I thought about how I’d eat if I had no hands. Or how I’d pee. Or how I’d maneuver around the world without sight. In an instant, I saw and felt how very little I’d been appreciating what I had, always thinking there must be something more, that there was never enough.

Just when I thought I’d been hit with the full effect of the lesson, I realized that the reason he was not running around hustling foreigners like the others wasn’t because he couldn’t see or use his hands, but because there was something else I’d missed entirely. Unbelievably, this man had no LEGS! When I saw that reality, I just lost it, dropping to the dirt and sobbing.

Unbeknownst to him, this man with nothing was teaching me one of the most powerful lessons of my life. With a heart full of gratitude, I approached him and humbly knelt alongside him on the dirt. I looked at him. He turned and seemed to look straight through me. With no eyes, he somehow looked into my soul. I could literally feel his gaze pierce through me.

“How do you do it?” I asked. “How do you come out here day in and day out, singing and giving and sharing like this?” I was expecting the scent of roses, the heavens to part, and some great wisdom to pass his lips. He looked at me simply and with one line said:

“Is there anything else to do?” His words slayed me – simple yet so profound. Then he looked away and resumed his singing.

After his song was through, he looked at me again and said: “Life might give you what you want. Life may never give you what you want. But you can always give life who you are.” He then turned back around and started singing again, like nothing had happened. That’s when I realized that this was not a blind man, but a man with extraordinary vision. He could see his own gifts and gave of them freely.

That’s when I knew how poor I was.

I had all these gifts inside of me, and yet I wasn’t giving them.

I was the poor man. I was the beggar.

If the man who has nothing dares to give no matter his situation, then we who have plenty have no excuses.

Whether you know it or not, you’re playing your song to life anyway—your love song, if you will—every moment of every day. Don’t think they can’t hear you. Don’t think they’re not paying attention. Your song is as unique as you are. It’s as loud as a college marching band. As obvious as a billboard. As beautiful as a flower.

Every time you share yourself and your gifts, you do make a difference. Sometimes you may not directly see the difference you make, but rest assured you are.

So, sing it loud!

Really…… Is there anything else to do?………



P.S.I would love to hear your comments below. Tell me what your unique gifts are?

  • I really am moved and I too shed a tear in My office.I have also been soo poor and I have now learnt that I dont have to have it inorder to give it.I am truly am humbled by this.

    • Kute

      yes!!! the real riches has nothing to do with money..! but the love in your heart!!!! and the gifts your share!!!! much love!!

  • Raemccrary

    It is a beautiful story. I can hardly type through my tears.
    Thank you. It is exactly what I needed today.

  • Beth

    A woman I used to care for gave me a little card one day and in it she wrote, Dont let your music die within you…..and I still carry it in my purse, long after she has passed.

  • Melissa Pruitt

    so very powerful…. thank you for sharing!

  • Sue


  • tkj25

    thank you for sharing your soul, for sharing your story:) tears flow from my eyes, & my heart too is broken open from your experience. what will the world look like, when we are all sharing our gifts freely, revealing  who we really are … i think we are in the midst of the creation of that world.

    • Kute

      sending you big love.. keep sharing your heart!!!

  • Pat

    How humbling. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Kat

    wow. thank you for sharing. 

  • You asked, “Tell me what your unique gifts are?” People are free to comment any way they choose and gratitude is always an appropriate reply of course, but you offered a simple question and so far no one is answering it. It got me thinking why not. I believe it comes from a pandemic lack of understanding of humility. How can I in humility tell you that I am unique and gifted? The answer is by speaking in truthfulness, with no self-aggrandizement and no agenda. So to answer your question:

    I am clarity. I see what is.

  • Caramel_sundae_29

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! Just beautiful!

  • Surya

    Beautiful story. I also encountered beings like Him in India. He spoke to you in English? I assume you don’t know any Indian languages? Most sadhus let alone beggars do not speak English. Just curious. Blessings…

    • Kute

      hi surya!.. he spoke Hindia.. and I asked someone to translate…. but Soul need know language you know what i mean..?

      • Surya

        Did you happen to get a pic of Him?  I’m sure it would be powerful!

  • Wellsjillllian

    Well, that made my morning.  Going for a walk to reflect and just be.  He really gave all of his gifts.  There is nothing else to do.  🙂  AMAZING.

  • Marlene

    This was so beautiful, thank you for sharing his story! I can’t imagine a more truthful and profound answer. If we’re not living with love and passion, aiming to be of service, what else would we do with this human experience? I’ve been gifted with strong academic skills but I also love to write and act and sing and make people laugh and expand their minds. I think my gift is to help bring light to the world which is really everyone’s gift but expressed in different forms.

    • Kute

      yes marlene!!!!!!!!!! keep bring light to the world! you are light!

  • Maria

    What a beautiful story! It touched my heart.

    To answer your question, well, you recently posted on Facebook: “As you transform yourself, not only will ur words and actions have tremendous power, u will end up inspiring those around u just by being U!”So, Kute, my unique gift is being the best me at all times! <3

  • Jennmarut

    Wow what an amazing and humbling article. Beautiful and brilliant. Thank you.

  • Beautiful message. Thank you for that!

  • Krissham23

    This is probably one of the best articles I’ve ever read, because there is so much wisdom in such a small space. Thank you so much for this. I will print it out as a reminder to express my gifts and enjoy the gifts of others.

    • Kute

      yes! So glad it touch you!!!!! keep living the love!

  • Tahirih Goffic

    Incredibly touching. It sure makes one re-evaluate their own struggles…thank you:)

  • What a beautiful article!  This really moved me.  Thank you so much!

  • Cassie May

    This is so beautiful, thank you! It moved me just as it moved you. I felt like I was there! My life is different from this moment forward… thank you <3

  • Hannah

    “Life might give you what you want. Life may never give you what you want. But you can always give life who you are.”   Perfect.Thanks for giving  who you are, Kute.

  • Regan

    From one writer to another, you are so talented and your ability to string together words so beautifully is a powerful present. I love this story!!

  • Nandu

    simply other words …simply amazing. thank you for sharing this! 

  • Maddy

    Simply beautiful. Thank you for this. You give me perspective and exactly what I needed. For weeks now, I’ve been saying and asking,  “What are my gifts? I have no talent.” I have come to accept though it may not be much that a unique gift of mine is… smiling. I continuously get complemented on my genuine yet constant smile. Just this morning at exercise, I received another complement about how I was smiling during plank. Smiles are contagious and with it I hope to lighten someone’s day. 
    Peace & Love. One Love.

  • Aweld1995

    Profound and amazing insight. Thank you for sharing!

  • angel

    my gifts: radiant smile, gentle hugs, kind words, compassionate heart, open mind, willingness to have life break me open and let love spill out.

  • AVSK

    Its really heartfelt to note your experience… People with good heart only can see and understand this …. Kindness, happiness, joy, faith, determination are some of the devine qualities… and there are many such good qualities in human beings.. and i believe I got atleast two or three of them…