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How Often Do You Celebrate Your Life?

LeoraFor years I could not find the good in my life. I believed that you had to hit some major pivotal point in life to feel “deserving enough” to celebrate. I was engulfed in what others thought of me and was SO far disconnected from my own truth that some days I could barely get out of my bed to run a simple errand. All while this was happening I kept myself isolated, worrying, that someone may see that I wasn’t this “perfect” person that I portrayed myself to be.

I knew that a shift had to come, however, I had no idea what that would be. It happened 11 ½ years ago with a weekend seminar. Lets say waking up everyday now feels like an adventure and some days I wake up floating in gratitude for knowing where life could have went. To be in that place of bliss no matter what is happening; First, I had to go deep within to find out what was making me feel so heavy. It began with making peace with myself around the guilt and shame that I had around my past, the second key was forgiveness- letting go of a deep anger I had towards my father which unbeknownst to me I was projecting onto everyone an everything in my life.

The major “’change” came when I stopped taking myself away from others and started liking who I was as a person. I created a safe community where other women gathered weekly. This became a soul cleansing, each week I allowed myself to open up just a little more. What I loved most about this group is we began to “celebrate life!”

How often do you take time to acknowledge how great your life is?

When we can begin to look at each moment as precious and joy can return to your life. (Click to tweet) The joke on me was that I was trained to think it was all about the major moments that were going to turn my unhappiness upside down, when its really loving and accepting everything that happens along the way. This doesn’t mean living a glittery sparkly life all the time but it sure feels that way a large part of the time. Celebration helps us in moments when we are in “HOLY GUACAMOLE” and there seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Knowing that there is a party called life that is waiting for you to return and grab it by the hand.

Would you like to experience some of that?

The more I began to celebrate the more natural this became a part of life . I didn’t have to arrive anywhere, I got present to that time was something you never get back. I knew this is the way I wanted to spend my life dancing, letting the crocodile tears come down, learning new ways to look at my life, traveling the world, being an explorer/seeker, and giving back./being of service.

How can you create a daily celebration and share that with others?

One of my favorite practices is communicating with my small goddess group on a weekly email all the things we want to celebrate in our week. Being in nature, spending time with my 3 year old niece, cuddle time, running the Goddess On The Go Event, being of service to the girls at gems, girl-goddess time, daily dance parties and spending time in communities that lift up my soul and spirit are part of the ongoing fiesta in my life.

You get to design your own life’s celebration, what ways can you rock that out in your life this week?




Leora Edut is the creator of Goddess On The Go, a one-day workshop featuring acclaimed experts in the fields of health, movement, beauty and holistic healing. Her lifelong passion is bringing women together in the name of sisterhood. Connect with Leora via her websiteFacebook and Twitter.