How Owning Your Fear Moves You Forward!

kateBig truth: everyone feels fear. It’s kind of a liberating “big truth,” isn’t it? There’s no one out there who has the recipe worked out for not ever feeling afraid. There are people, however, who make radically different choices in response to feeling afraid.

One of the biggest choices they make? Owning their fear.

Watch this video (it’s work safe!) to learn more about:

    • How being unwilling to own your fear actually keeps the fear in place, in your life.
    • Getting clear about the less obvious ways that fear shows up–it might not look the way you think it does.
    • How we become more supportive of each other when we embrace our fear.

With love,



Kate Swoboda, a.k.a. Kate Courageous, is a life coach, writer and speaker who teaches people how to practice courage in their lives and livelihood. Learn more about her and how you can practice courage in your own life and business on her website , or follow Kate on Twitter or Facebook.

  • itsswami

    I love the fact that people don’t claim that they have fear even though we are all fearful of something in life. Welcome to the Club. Or as Mastin says Fear is where you will find Love.



    • Kate Swoboda

      “Fear is where you will find love.” Beautiful ~ it is an entry point into seeing what we most desire and what our lives most want us to claim.

  • Cynthia

    Thank you Kate! I needed that. I am a chronic “procrastinator”, “dreamer”, etc. because of my fear of failure. I have faced some pretty big fears in my life, yet it is still a struggle everyday. You have phrased this in such a way that this is doable. Own it. Thank you!

    • Kate Swoboda

      Yes! And owning it is part of practicing courage, so you are already on your way. Thanks for being in the club, with me, of being real and honest about being a human being who experiences…fear. It’s no biggie. We’re all in this, together.

  • Kevin

    I have always procrastinated over my life time, for fear of failing or for the fear of others judging me. It is time that I owned my fears so that I can start moving forward.

  • Shawn

    Great video Kate… really insightful. Now I see why my EX FWB with such a… well, nevermind what she was. lol

    Just keep up the good work. :)))