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How the Kitchen Can Change Your Life!

When it comes to cooking there tend to be two types of people:

–Those who enjoy cooking but need inspiration, help, meal plans, upgrades and fresh ideas.

–And those who feel like it’s too much of a production, too time consuming and too much of a hassle,  but deep down they know they should be eating better food.

We understand both of those people.  We were those people.  And that’s why we created {Healthy} Cooking Camp where we are all about making food that is easy fun and delicious.  Guaranteed.

We came to the kitchen from different directions, here are our stories:

Robyn here, I personally started to cook because that was the place I always felt at home.  My mom used to put me down for naps in a bassinet in the kitchen when she was making dinner and I think that homey feeling of love in the kitchen has never left me.

You ever notice that whenever you go over someone’s house everyone always ends up in the kitchen?  That’s because at it’s most primal, food is love.  And everyone in some way or another wants to be a part of that love.

So my real cooking journey began when I personally found love and met my now husband.  At the time I was living in Los Angeles and began exploring the farmer’s markets growing a deeper appreciation for food and what it meant to really be healthy.  I began infusing that sense of home and love into everything I made for myself and us as a couple, it was what I knew best.

And today that’s still how I take care of not only myself, but my relationship.

Hey guys, it’s Quinn. My journey with cooking started because I always had a really weird relationship with food.  I was a chubby kid who grew into a chubby adult.

I used food as comfort like so many people do.  Chocolate felt like a hug and I often turned there when I really just needed some affection.  As I got older I continued to binge whenever things went bad (or good! self-sabotage was a major pattern too)  which lead to years on a diet roller coaster.

I suffered from severe digestive issues, had terrible acne but deep down, I did not want to live that way.  That was not me.  So, I started researching and found that it wasn’t about the gimmicks or the potions, it was about going back to basics.  I cut out all the processed foods in my diet.  Then experimented some more and realized I had food allergies that were making me feel all bloated and blah– so I cut those out, too.

Soon I started to cook for myself and instantly fell in love with it.  It became my passion, my creative outlet and my platform for meditation.  Cooking changed my health, my relationship with food and my relationship with my body. Learning to cook changed everything.

It’s with these experiences of love, healing, and growth that we founded {Healthy} Cooking Camp to help others feel healthy, at home, and in love whenever they enter the kitchen.


Robyn and Quinn started Healthy Cooking Camp to share recipes that are easy, fun and delicious.  They both went to the world’s leading nutrition school, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition where they were certified as Health Coaches. Rock the Kitchen with their quick & delicious recipes via their website and Facebook