How to find your passion

Happy Wednesday! Daily Love TV is back this week with a BIG topic. The more I get out there and talk to people the more I realize how much this question gets asked, “How do I find my passion?”

The answer is simple, but not easy. Remember that your passion is linked to the emotions you want to feel. And so it can change. The key is to go deep in one area that lights you up.

In this week’s episode I break down how to find your passion.

In the comments below, let me know what you are going to go super deep on. And how you are going to give up the need to be important so that you can find you passion. This is a game changer.

Lots of LOVE,


P.S.Take what resonates and leave the rest.

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Hey this is Mastin Kipp Founder of The Daily and welcome to Daily Love TV.

So basic, basic question today. But a question I get asked all the time “How do I find my passion?” “How do I find my passion?” This is such a deep topic and I know this is something for people who are graduating are asking, people who are in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s are asking. This question gets asked by all walks of life, everyone who reads The Daily Love, you know, every age range asks this question. So here is what I can tell you, the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about how to find your passion is this: You got to give up the need to be important. You got to give up the need of significance.  In fact there is a maxim, the maxim is this “In order to become anything, I have to risk being nothing.” “In order to become anything, I have to risk being nothing.” So how do you find your passion? You dive deep into the things you love. You go super, super, super, super deep. You don’t worry about how important you’re going to become. You don’t worry about successful you’re going to become, because your passion is not about significances, it’s not about importance, it’s not about fame, it’s not about any of those types of things. Your passion is all about paying attention how you want to feel, what are things that let you up? I also guarantee you there is also a way to make money doing it. My friend Brendon Burchard gives this great example of this guy who makes 6 figures a year literally selling wedding speeches online. Literally selling wedding speeches online. If you could make 6 figures a year selling wedding speeches, there is no reason why you can’t be living your passion. So here are some questions for you; think back what are some times in your past that you can remember feeling “Fully Alive, Fully Engaged, Fully Present, where time just flew by?” You know, for me those are the times like right now when I’m speaking, when I’m writing, when I’m you know doing Daily Love stuff, when I’m leading retreats. Time just flies by, and why was it flying by? Well for me if flew by because I was sharing something of value, but because people were there and I was making a value beyond myself.

So think about it, in you past what was a time where you really felt connected? You really felt present? You really felt like this is what life is about? What were you doing? What did you believe about life at that time? Who was there? Why were you happy? But most importantly ask yourself this question: Back when I was happy, back in that memory, what did I believe about in life? What did I believe was possible? See what happens is we have this belief about life; I can contribute, I can serve, I can, I can matter, I can make a difference, I’m allowed to feel this way. And then “Life Interrupts Us.” You know, traumas happen, hard times happen, financial realities happen and what happens is that we make our circumstances more powerful than our own internal decisions. And you know there are all kinds of stories of successful entrepreneurs and people who have come from nothing and have made massive things with their life. When they focus on their passion when they dive all in. See finding your passion is not some guarantee of some New York Times best-selling book, it’s not some guarantee of some #1 at the box office, it doesn’t mean, you know, you’re going to be the most successful person in the world. But what it does mean is that you’re going to be happy. You’re going to be fulfilled. And here is the funny thing, happy fulfilled people tend to be more successful. And also happy fulfilled people tend to find better relationships. Happy fulfilled people tend to attract better employees, whatever it might be wherever your are in your life.

So if you could trade “Significance, Importance, needing to be number one, having the certainty that you know what, I have to pick the perfect path because if I don’t pick the perfect path I’m going to die and spontaneously combust and cease to exist in the universe. So if we could calm that part of our mind down for a second and reality realize, you know what in this reality is in this moment all my needs are met *deep breathe* I’m breathing, I have a roof over my head, you know, I’m watching Daily Love TV right now. I’m going to be alright. So if I could just focus on those things that make me happy, what did I believe about life before life interrupted me? Well I believe I could really make a difference. I believe that, you know, this is really possible. I believed anything was possible. Right? If we could just get back to that mindset, give up the need for significance and then go super deep in one area, right? For me I am “Multi-passionate” as my friend Marie Forleo says.

You know I like to write blogs, I like to teach, I like to do online courses, but I am also a storyteller, I’m a screenwriter. And there was a time in my life where I thought, you know, do I want to be a screenwriter or do I really want to contribute to do world and do what I do now? And I thought for be to make the biggest impact that The Daily Love was the best path because I love it, I write, I can contribute, and really go for it and I went super deep into The Daily Love. And now, you know, it’s been read by millions of people every year, and we have been around for 6 or 7 years now. And it’s a multi-million dollar company as far as income goes, you know, coming out all that stuff is happening and we have systems in place. And now that I have dived super deep, and by the way I’ve risked it all because it totally possible that in the past I tried to do Daily Love that it didn’t work out. There was no guarantee of success. And now that that’s sort of on auto-pilot, you know, I’m starting to tap into the other side of me that storytelling side of me, writing a screenplay. Hiring writers and doing all that type of stuff.

So you want to pick 1 area and you want to go deep in that area, because, you know, if you spread too thin or you try to hedge your bets and make sure well oh, I don’t want to go too deep over here because I might fail. So I’m going to do 5 things at once, but if you do 5 things half ass it’s not going to work. So really look into your life, what lights you up, what did you believe about life, and what can be the one thing you can go deep in and really fully commit into that?  I’m so, so curious. In the comments let me know.

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  • Brook Adams Visser

    Hey Mastin, yes I am multi-passionate, too. Right now I find joy in creating these manifest movies. When I do a custom one, I intuit colors, scenes, etc, from the client, however, I haven’t figured out how to make it a business, yet. Thanks for the tips <3. They are over here at

    • Hi Brook, I’ve seen your manifest movies and think they are GREAT!
      Just throwing an idea out there that came to me….
      Create (and sell) a longer one based on a particular theme (ie. love, money, relationships, finding your passion). Include a worksheet for people to use with it. Where they were when they started using the movie, what they want to get out of it, journal what has happened along the way…etc.

      • Brook Adams Visser

        Oh Beth, thanks. That is a wonderful idea! Thanks so much!

  • lee stanley

    Hi Mastin, thank you for your blog I am learning so much from it. I am passionate about making people happy especially my kids but in return they are never grateful for what I do for them

    • Lisa

      Hi lee i also thought my kids did not appreciate what i did for them, i discovered that what I needed to learn was patience. My kids are now 24, 22 and 20, only 12 months ago my now 20 year old thanked me for the great lunches i pack for school. When my oldest started school I can remember calculating that I would be packing lunches for the next 10 years of my life – that is a long time to be packing lunches. I put a lot of effort into providing them a health lunch and 15 years later I was rewarded with a thank you – they will appreciate you wait and see.

    • The Daily Love

      Looks like Lisa has offered some great words! Thanks for sharing this today Lee! <3 – Team TDL

  • Hi Mastin! Awesome advice..diving deep into our passion!!! Especially when the desire is to multi-task. Survival truly does rear its head and takes me off my path for a moment. I find that support from my husband settles the distractions of survival, wanting to be original and to be the best when it comes to serving others. Thanks so much and have an awesome day.

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks so much for sharing this and watching today Terumi! 🙂 – Team TDL

  • Ronalda Warito-Tome

    Thank you Mastin for this inspiring message. I live my life with passion and people around me always ask where do you get your energy and do all that you do for Native American children with disabilities. It’s my calling, it’s my love, but it also has lead me to help families find a voice, which leads to changing their communities and schools. Bringing back identity which is the connection to spirit. Blessings to you and your journey .

    • The Daily Love

      Beautiful Ronalda!! <3 – Team TDL

  • JoAnn

    Wow! That was the most profound thing I have heard in a long time! I need to give up being significant or important!!! Who would’ve thought that phrase would hit me right where I live? That has made all the difference in the world! Thank you Mastin! Gotta go! Time to dive into my passion!!!

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for sharing this JoAnn! <3 – Team TDL

  • nora1

    Hi Mastin! You know, Henri Juntilla at Wake Up Cloud has posted his ultimate guide to finding your passion, in just the last 24 hours. I wonder if you’ve seen it. It’s a great resource for anyone.
    best wishes.

    • Mastin

      hey there, never heard of Henri, but I’m happy his work is touching you!

  • Lacey Rupe

    Hi Mastin,

    I just discovered what my passion was less than a year ago when I was on a desperate search for a happier, more fulfilling life. As I posted in yesterday’s comments, it took me a few months to commit to my idea.

    When I was younger, I had a vision of myself speaking to and audience and inspiring them somehow. Then, I had no idea WHY I was having it. Over a decade later, I realized that what drives me is helping others.

    I want more people to know that a happier and more fulfilling life is possible. I hope to someday make my vision a reality.

    It is very tough to stay focused when you feel the need to be important. Like I said yesterday, it is still a work in progress for me, but I have come a VERY long way.

    • The Daily Love

      That is amazing Lacey! Thanks for sharing this and watching today 🙂 – Team TDL

  • Heather

    Mastin, I had to smile at this message, because this is what my father has sold me for years. “You can only do one thing at a time successfully. It always made sense but your spin on it makes more sense. “Dive deep”, I love it! I’m at a spot where I’m diving deep, but there are so many bright and shiny fish down here I’m struggling to stay focused. Your words reminded me to stay the course and dive deep in one direction and come up for air and head down again. Thank you for your insight, and many blessings to you.

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for sharing this Heather!! <3 – Team TDL

  • Irina

    I 100% needed to hear this. At the moment I am going into health/fitness business partnership and have been trying to be “jack of all trades.” This was the PERFECT reminder for me to stay focused on what I am really passionate about and everything else will workout 🙂 Thanks Mastin!

    • The Daily Love

      Perfect Irina! Thanks for watching!! <3 – Team TDL

  • debMyo

    Hi Mastin, I don’t usually have the urge to post feedback but want you to know how continually amazed and mystified I am at how some of your Daily Loves hit like love and wisdom bombs just exactly when I need them most. This one on finding (and following!) your passion is just so today! Authentic, brilliant, loving, true and profound! Thank you for being You! I feel like you’re my male cyber BFF, even though we have never met. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for again articulating exactly what I needed to hear today, in these very moments! Keep doing your magic! Love and peace right back at ya,

    • The Daily Love

      So glad you are enjoyed TDL debMyo! Thanks for sharing and being here 🙂 – Team TDL

  • Dillon

    just fantastic! thank you. so well put and so makes sense. i am also multi-passionate (didnt know how to describe it before! could call it confused but this sounds much better haha) which means i see inspiration everywhere and have had so many dreams of possibility i’ve lost count. my biggest issue is i have yet to dive deep into any one of my passions and instead i work a steady office job – lame!!! this has caused massive inner-conflicts and anxieties which instead of dealing with by diving deep i’ve learnt to manage, and manage quite well but there is a complete lack of resolution and my soul is so restless and bored!! this has reminded me to keep pushing for it thanks again!

    • The Daily Love

      Keep going Dillon! Thanks so much for sharing this and watching 🙂 – Team TDL

  • Alanna

    omgggg i actually don’t know what i would do without the daily love…….just loving everything so much lately!!!!!!!! Such a good question, ‘what did you believe about life at that time?’ …. diving deep into writing.

    • Mastin

      nice Alanna! let me know what you find out!

  • Renee

    Mastin, this was awesome!! I really needed to hear you talk about passion and diving deep into one thing that makes you rock…. I think it’s fear and uncertainty that makes some of us procrastinate as well as what you also said; that events and circumstances come up that side track us. It’s such a balancing act and I guess this is where boundaries also come in. I know that in my life I am pulled in many directions by many people who count on me. This sidetracks me because I am such a giver. You always speak of the things in our lives that will bring meaning and happiness—thank you so much for giving of yourself everyday!

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks so much for sharing this Renee! <3 – Team TDL

  • This was perfection and a perfect reminder about “Passion is not about Significance” This is such an important reminder even after you are in the process of pursuing your passions. GOOD. STUFF. 🙂

    • Mastin

      that’s right Jessica, its HUGE!

  • Janet

    Hi Mastin. I found one of my passions many years ago as a newlywed. My husband worked full time and went to law school at night. We hardly had time together. Then somehow I found hawk watching. OMG, it lit the fire in me! I joined NJ Audubon and the rest is history. My passion has since expanded to wildlife, be it going to Maine to moose watch, Yellowstone to see grizzly bears and wolves or whale watching in Mass. My heart jumps when I’m in the wilderness. It feeds my soul! Thanks for the work you do.

    • Mastin

      awesome Janet! you are so welcome!

  • Robyn

    Hi Mastin! Thank you so much for this video today!! I seriously needed this reminder. I have heard you give this message before but I needed a little shake and wake-up call again -especially right now. My family is not able to make ends meet at this point and have used up all our savings since I started my own business last October. We are barely surviving financially at this point. But in all honesty- I have never felt more fulfilled and excited about where my life is going. I was so scared to get to this point financially but now that I am here I realized that everything will be OK and we will find a way to make it work. Your words reminded me of this too. Thank you so much again for all you do and for reminding to keep pushing forward!

    • Mastin

      you are so welcome Robyn! It’s time to go all in. It’s a blessing to have it all on the line it will bring forward the powerful part of you! Cheering u on!

  • Bill

    Hi Mastin. I had my passion of speaking multiple languages and meeting diffferent people serve me well in college, when I left the US and studied in Mexico, then went into the Peace Corps, and then lucky with my job to set up a network in Mexico, Central America and South America. How many times did I climb off a plane, not knowing the country, only having a name……and it always worked out! My personality would come right out, showing my interest in the people, in the locale, not just “business”. BUT, I had to sacrifice the position for the benefit of my two children (both in High school at the time), and my wife, who also has had her career, when it was a demand that I relocate to continue to have my job. I have used my skills as an interpreter at a public health clinic for a couple of years, but have really lost that passion in my life. I’m still with the same company, having to play it safe for income, but I do not have the passion any longer.

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for sharing this Bill! <3 – Team TDL

  • Pam – Flying Skirt

    Valuable ! Made a difference ! You helped focus a life and passion today Mastin.

    • The Daily Love

      Beautiful Pam! Thanks for watching! <3 – Team TDL

  • bimini444

    So for me it’s acting. I love telling stories. I’ve always done so since I was a child. My poor babysitters they would have to listen to me all night with these stories I would make up. I recently went home for a visit and I saw one of my babysitters and she brought up my storytelling. I couldn’t believe it. She said you would come up with these crazy stories, every time we saw you, you had a story. It really made my day especially since I was going through such a rough spot with my acting career. Doing the Self Mastery workshop I found my purpose is to experience joy with myself and my hp and feel the excitement that brings and encourage others to do the same. So it looks like I’m on the path. Great video guys thank you for this!

    • The Daily Love

      Powerful Bimini444! Thanks for sharing this and watching today!! <3 – Team TDL

  • Danielle

    Hi Mastin! I have been following you off and on since I saw you on Super Soul Sunday. Here are some of the ways you have inspired me. I teach in an elementary school, 2nd grade. This year some of my former students completed 6th grade. In the card to one of my most cherished students, I wrote a quote from your website “Love is bigger, love is brighter….” From watching one of your most recent videos, it gave me courage to make the hard decision to work part-time even though financially it isn’t the best choice. I just can’t help this feeling that I have about discovering something more meaningful right now. Working full time is getting in the way of finding it. Going deep to find my passion is going to be my guiding light as I move forward to work on curriculum planning with my teammate this year. It’s going to be exciting. Thanks for feeding my soul.

    • The Daily Love

      That is amazing Danielle! So glad you are here and sharing this 🙂 – Team TDL

  • mmqc

    I love this! I began in earnest this year the process of delving into things that make me happy even if I can’t make sense of what I’ll do with them in the long run or what it may mean yet as far as of the bigger picture outcomes. I’m beginning to realize I spent years being worried about what specific outcome my projects would have and if they were immediately successful as a way to justify them to myself and anyone around me. This often led to paralysis and overthinking things because I wanted to get it right and expected a specific outcome. I’m closing in on 40 and I’m finally figuring out to do what makes me light up and not worry about justifying it to others or even understanding myself what it all means yet. I’m learning to trust that going towards these things I love will work itself out in ways I can’t yet foresee and the journey there is much more enjoyable. For me, this is songwriting, storytelling, art, and yoga. I figure if I just keep at them, how they all relate will eventually come to light since these things light me up when I do them. Thanks for the daily love and inspiration!

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for sharing this mmqc!! <3 – Team TDL

    • Thank you so much for sharing that! I need to keep reminding myself to do what you have been doing. Writing this down: “I’m learning to trust that going towards these things I love will work itself out in ways I can’t yet foresee and the journey there is much more enjoyable.”

  • Marie

    Thank you Mastin for this timely reminder. I am in the middle of a huge life transition and my passion will definitely play a more prominent role. I have worked for many years and although I enjoyed it was not fulfilled, I am finally moving on and ready to take on the world!

    Love your encouragement!

    • The Daily Love

      Beautiful Marie! Let us know how it goes!! <3 – Team TDL

  • Jodi Guancione

    Thanks Mastin!

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for watching and sharing Jodi! 🙂 – Team TDL

  • Sandy

    Dear Mastin, Thank you for this video! I am leaving my job 6/28 to pursue my dream, writing books & a blog & speaking, &… well you get the gist. And you are right, I began to incorporate all these other things I want to do instead of diving deep into 1 thing at a time, my writing & publishing a book. I am thankful for your video because it brought me back to my number 1 goal going overboard or adding all these other areas overwhelmed me. You are so right if I spread myself thin or want these things due to importance I will just crash & burn & probably get nothing done. I feel so much relief. One thing or step at a time. Phew THANK YOU!

    • The Daily Love

      That’s amazing Sandy! Let us know how it goes!! <3 – Team TDL

  • Patricia

    This….just blew my mind. Thank you so much for the reminder. What makes you happy. Do that. LOVE IT! And Robyn who posted below…awesome! So excited FOR yoU!

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for watching Patricia! <3 – Team TDL

  • Ehab

    Cheers Mastin… Thx for all the great inspirations… My passion is to introduce the middle east to the modern self growth industry and through that contributing to the peace there.

    • The Daily Love

      Wow that’s incredible Ehab! Let us know how it goes!! 🙂 – Team TDL

  • I can personally testify to the importance of diving deep. To picking one (maybe two, related things) and focusing on those… instead of hedging your bets, as you said.

    My initial dream was to be a writer. For me, that meant writing fiction novels. That’s what I dreamed for myself. So I got to work on my first novel, self-published it, and worked on the next one. I was living my dream. BUT, the money wasn’t flowing in as quickly or as much as I would have liked (or needed, to be honest), so I started looking into other ways to make a living, that still involved writing. I got into copywriting. I took courses (spending over a thousand dollars), and went to seminars (more thousands), and dove into THAT. Through learning about all the different avenues of copywriting, I found a few avenues that interested me, so I dove into THOSE.

    Now, looking back, I can totally see how I spread myself too thin, how I lost focus, and got myself off track. I thought I was being “smart” by being open to other ways to make a living and not being so focused on one thing. And in some ways, I think that can be a smart move… IF it doesn’t sidetrack you from your ultimate goal, or if the multiple things are so interrelated, they’re like one thing anyway.

    But for me, I can see now that when I left my initial passions, and started down the copywriting path, that things started going downhill. I blew through savings even quicker, and I still wasn’t getting the income I needed. AND now I no longer was doing the things I wanted to do either (write books).

    I completely burned myself out and took a break from writing altogether. I even went and got a new traditional job… but already know that’s not for me. I know I’m a writer and that’s still my dream. Only this time I have my focus back. I’m excited again. And I’m working my way BACK to being a full-time writer again.

    One more thing, I completely agree, if it’s your passion, the money, fame, notoriety, etc, won’t matter. That is, as long as you have enough money to pay the bills. But beyond that, it’s icing on the cake.

    May we all find and fulfill our passions!


    • The Daily Love

      Beautiful Sarah!! Thanks for sharing this 🙂 – Team TDL

  • I have been working on letting go of the 50-billion half-assed things I juggle at one time and whittling it down to one. There has been so much fear involved and each time I revisit finding my passion it gets a little easier. But then I keep flip-flopping…. I’m going to do this passion…nope, this other OK thing is more “sensible” – UGH!
    I’m working on letting go of being what I perceive to be sensible or safe.

    I am passionate about being out in nature. I feel alive when I am just wandering down a trail and taking pictures of things that catch my eye – flowers blooming, green leaves glowing in the sunlight, animal tracks, birds, a beautiful blue sky with puffy white clouds, sunsets…etc.

    I love sharing my enthusiasm for nature with others. I’m not an expert naturalist or master photographer – but what I can do is share the beauty of nature and how it makes me feel through photos and words.

    How I’m going to monetize it I’m not sure…. but I’m hoping to find my “tribe” and figure it out from there 🙂

    • The Daily Love

      Sounds like a good plan Beth!! <3 – Team TDL

  • Tracey Elaine Ford

    Hi Mastin! I always love reading your posts and I thought I would watch today’s video just for fun. I am a music teacher who has developed her passion to a high degree and am lucky to do what I love for a living. I thought to myself, “I’m so lucky that I already know what my passion is, but maybe this video will help me inspire my students better.” Well, Mastin, I am happy to say that not only did this video do that for me, but you also made me realize that there are even more things about my life that I can probe into deeply. There are more things that I am passionate about that I could continue to develop and explore instead of just being satisfied with where I am now. Thank you for the great and powerful reminder to remember those times when you were truly in the moment, alive and inspired. Those moments go by way too quickly and are overshadowed by the challenges of life-as you reminded us in the video. Keep up the great work! I love following The Daily Love!

  • Thanks for this reminder Mastin, about letting go of the ego and certainty, listening to our hearts and developing the courage to follow it. So hard and scary to do sometimes. But worth it!

  • Barbara

    Thank you and loved the video!!

  • Michael Foley

    Mastin, I have been rocking on the Mastery program and this video was the perfect next step to unfold into my life. After nailing my Purpose, I was still confused about my passion…or more precisely, afraid to pursue it! This was such a gift today, thank you!!!

  • Brenda

    Hi Martin, thank you so much for shaming this video. Two weeks ago I discovered my passion by realising that everytime I think about this, I get really excited. I also realised that if I had enough money to live the rest of my life, I would still do this. For me it is working in an international development organisation. So even if I wouldn’t have to work for money in my life ever again, I would love to spend my time in such an organisation. For people who are searching for their passion: ask yourself what you would do if you wouldn’t have to work for money. It really has helped for me and I realised that at the moment when I’m working in such an organisation, I actually will not get the idea that I am working. This video cofirmed my choise and I’m really thankful for that! Have a blessed sunday!!

  • Colleen

    So a little late in the discussion, but just watched the video today. My passion is reading. Not editorializing but reading. I get lost in it, love it, time flies when I’m doing it – I even have my own library in my house. I read anywhere from 50 to 100 books a year, now just to figure out what to do with that… Hmmm

    • lancemeow

      hi colleen., hmm.. how bout sharing what you’ve read?

  • jill

    Hi Mastin. What if your whole life you lived to be the best at something? What if I am unable to think of a time when I was truly happy? I completely understand your message and I love it. I just have a hard time thinking about a time in my past when I was truly happy about something and doing it just for myself. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Arti

    Hi everyone! I have a question…what if, up until this point in your life, you’ve not experienced that thing makes you fully alive and makes you want to dive deep? Or the thing that once made you feel fully alive, doesn’t really do it for you anymore? How do you embark on a voyage of discovery? All responses are most gratefully received! Lots of love! xxx

  • Jean Taylor

    I’ve come to the point that I have asked myself why do I exist. I’ve talked to many personal development coach just to know my life purpose. I have anxiety and paranoid. In the end, it’s all about yourself. Take some time to ask yourself questions in life which you alone can answer. Yes, others may help you, giving advices and listening to your problems but at the end of the day it is still you and yourself will dwell.