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How To Find Your Purpose In 30 Minutes Or Less


Do you know you what your purpose in life is?

Why you exist?  What your own, unique gift is – that has the power to ground, focus and light you up every day?  Knowing and then centering your life around your purpose is probably the single most important thing you can do.

Would you like a 30 minute exercise to help you uncover your purpose?

This is the quickest exercise to uncover your purpose that I have come across (thank you Steve Pavlina). It’s also intense, because it involves your emotions, but that’s exactly why it’s so powerful.

How To Find Your Purpose In 30 Minutes Or Less

  1. Grab a piece of paper or open a new blank document on your computer.
  2. Write at the top, “What is my true life purpose”?
  3. Now type anything that comes to mind. Use stream of consciousness writing, sentences, words, phrases. Anything that pops into your head. Keep asking, keep writing.
  4. Don’t stop until…
  5. You write a sentence that makes you cry.

That’s It.  That’s your purpose.

It will make you well up with emotion.

It will make your eyes sting and and your throat ache.

It will make your heart ache.

What makes you cry is always what is most true for you, and like your joy, is your unerring guidance system.

This exercise can take you 5-30 minutes and you’ll feel like quitting. Keep going past the resistance – the deepest, juiciest, “most true stuff” is always just past your edge.

Here’s my thought process when I first did this:

“This sounds like a great, easy exercise – I’ll do it on the weekend.”

“No, I should do it now, otherwise I’ll just get busy. This is important.”

“Macbook Air or handwritten? Mac. Easier.”

“Write, write, write… this is silly, I’m not going to find my purpose through such a simple exercise.”

“Write, write, write… it’s gotta to be harder than this.”

“Write, write, write… I don’t have time for this. YES you do, Carmen, this is important”

“Write, write, write… k… these words are good, but I still don’t feel like crying.”

“Write, write, write… mmm… that’s interesting… wow, that’s feeling like…”

Write, write, write…


I found my purpose through this simple exercise.

Passion changes everything

Now (and this is SO important to know), my sentence wasn’t refined or perfect, but it was a START. It made me remember what is most important to me, what the essence of my purpose is, and what makes me cry-ache.

This exercise will start the flow of passion and meaning for you. And passion changes everything.

And it’s simple.

And it’s emotional.

Let yourself feel it.

Notice your tears, pay attention to what makes you cry-ache and follow what inspires you.

They leave you all the clues you need.

Then, over time you, you can refine your words into 1-3 succinct sentences. Soulful words will “jump” out at you over the next few weeks.  A phrase here, a word there, as your subconscious searches to beautifully speak your purpose. Be relaxed and easy about it. Let the words come to you – they’ll find you 🙂

Next? The most important part – design your LIFE around your purpose.

What do you think?  How have you found at least the “rough gem” of your purpose?  How did this exercise work for you and what did you discover? Leave a comment below – I love to hear and your comments help others!

Be Happy… Be Vibrant…

Carmen xo


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