How to get through and make the best of frustration!

There are SUPER frustrating times on The Path. Instead of fighting against frustrating times with more frustration, anger and resentment, take a higher road today.

Remember, a delay is not a denial. The Uni-verse’s timing is always perfect and if something isn’t quite manifesting yet, there is a reason. So, today, instead of choosing to be angry, hurt or just plain ole pissed off, take a BIIIIG DEEP BREATH and know that everything is happening in perfect time. It might piss you off to know that it’s not happening in YOUR time, but it is happening in the perfect time.

Do what you can do that’s within your power today and let go of the rest. There’s no use letting the things you can’t control dictate your level of happiness.

So, instead of choosing frustration because you think you won’t be provided for or taken care of, choose to see the circumstance through the eyes of faith, and then relax, let it go and enjoy the rest of your day doing what you can.

We are not all powerful beings, though sometimes our ego would like us to think we are. There is also a tremendous gift in not always getting what you want. There are gentle and compassionate Hands that are guiding your life.

So instead of fighting against what you cannot control today, let go and choose to see the delay as a miracle in disguise sent by One who loves you, who has your best interest in mind and Who is setting up an even greater outcome than you can now imagine.



  • Bruce

    I am a better person everyday for having found this site!

  • callie

    I’m convinced your god sent
    because you speak to my
    Soul everyday.

  • Jessica

    Beautiful message! Thank you!

  • Crystal

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today…thank you very much for a beautiful message!

  • Bilqees Hendricks

    This site is like food to my soul!

  • Quite a nice mid-afternoon break. This post was lovely. I will have to pass along.

    Thank you very much.

  • thanku… needed this so much, nice to know we as humans face these challenges not alone.x

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  • Secoya

    Thank you!!!!! 🙂

  • Eric

    This couldn’t have come at a better time

  • charlestz

    I am a better person everyday
    for having found this site!

  • Great post. Thank you.

  • sharon mills

    Finally, a prescription for my ailment….Thanks !

  • Made me cry- just what I needed as a cap to this day where I’ve been dragging myself down.

  • agustina

    espero que sea verdad, estoy mal realmente y no veo una salida que no me duela