How to know what your intuition is telling you!

mk_trees“Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to require the most from you.” – Caroline Myss

I should begin and end my blog with this quote and leave it at that, because that is as simple as it is.

But, I do want to clarify one thing –  you want to be smart about this. You don’t want to make the choice to go down a dark alley where there is a man with a gun waiting for you – that doesn’t make sense.

Caroline is not talking about choices that put your mortal danger at risk. On the contrary, she is talking about choices in regular life that scare the crap out of you.

THOSE are the choices that you want to make. Why? Because the messages we get from our intuition, from our Soul, are calling us out into the unknown – and we are naturally scared of the unknown. It’s just the way it is.

So if you are scared to make a choice: to quit a job, to start a business, to leave the relationship – and you know you must make this choice or live an unfulfilled life – then THIS is the choice that will lead you to freedom.

It’s not that you aren’t intuitive – it’s that you are scared of your intuition.

I spend most of my time working with people to get them to make the choice that scares them the most. Getting to that decision point is the work. There are stories, on top of stories, on top of stories and beliefs that hold folks back from making that choice. But ultimately, nothing else will bring fulfillment and joy.

Creating The Daily Love was certainly the choice that scared me the most. So was writing a book and next a screenplay. I have learned to use fear as fuel and a compass showing me where to go – instead of a reason to stop.

Many folks use fear as a reason to stop, rather than a sign post showing them where to go.


Because without examination, we cannot tell the difference between being in mortal danger and simply facing the necessary uncertainty that living our purpose and our highest potential demand.

So, what choice are YOU afraid to make today?

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  • Anne (from the Netherlands)

    Hi Mastin, thanks for sharing! Today I feel fear about sharing a decision that I made. What will the responses be? How does my environment react? At the other side I feel a nice feeling inside, because of my decision. 

    I analysed the fear, that gave me so much information about my feelings, thoughts and old-pain. 

    Enjoy your fear! Anne


  • Queen

    Choices that I have to make and have not made because I know the fear of failure is there is making a decision to build my business the way I know that I should and just go after it!! I got this I can do.  It is clear in my mind.  I was letting outside influences affect me making a decision. I just have to go get it!

  • Charlotte DesRosiers

    I’m a new reader of The Daily Love and just wanted to let you know that today’s post is my favourite to date! Having just resigned from a bureaucratic job that was only good on paper, I say AMEN!

  • Patti L.

    Damn!  Intuition telling me to quit my job, break off my 12 year relationship, teach yoga and start a health coaching career…not sure I can walk through that much fear all at once…irony:  they are ALL connected. Yikes!  Why did you have to blog this post today????  I will go one more day to my soul sucking job and spend eight hours trying to smash down my fear and intuition…why must pain ALWAYS be my driver?  Thanks for the wake up and great post!

  • Wow, this post came at the right time.  My intuition told me the other day to leave a 7 year relationship.  Leaving him could actually save his life, but the fear  of the pain that he is going through right now held me to him for years.  Yes, fear and intuition like to battle each other daily.  Thanks:)

  • Steph

    There is loads of fear about shaving my head. But within every vision I have of my future, my hair is really short. I’m going to India in a week and then Argentina and South Africa. I have this fear that I won’t be loved. Mostly it’s a fear that I won’t love myself. I can feel the truth in my soul though. Mastin you have channeled my vibrations. So thankful for this! Time to shave my long curls for the trust in intuition! Xoxo Steph

  • Suninthemountains

    Oh my, first time to post on your blog. Love today’s message, I am afraid to buy my first home, so many what ifs. But my intuition says MOVE and I’m afraid to look diligently I’ve looked hap-hazardly. FEAR of unknown. Zillion negative messages go thru my head.

  • Shana

    Wow! You are my angel today Mastin. I have been feeling so “yucky” again. Ego and fear are brainwashing me to stay in a relationship that needs to change form. I was at peace with this decision several weeks ago, and now have been lured back in to staying. It is sucking the life right out of me. I must choose that which is scaring me the most – to leave with love.

  • Tal

    I think this is SOO important! I made a very scary choice about 8 months ago when I decided to quit my secure job. When faced with that decision, I had that feeling you describe above – it wasn’t a feeling of fearing for my life, but a fear that if I didn’t do this RIGHT NOW I would never be able to live the life I want.

    Now, I feel like I’m facing some of those fears again when I’m trying to figure out what to do next. I’m at a fork in the road – go back in the same industry and play it safe, or really dive out there and do something that better suits my interests and personality. I think deep down I know where to go, but my fear is keeping me back.

    I think I just need to print that quote out and stick it in front of my desk to always remember to just go for it!

  • Glitters

    Hi mastin,
    Well this is not what i like to read and at the same time it makes me feel relieved. I have a lot of social anxieties, which stop me from anything. now i started a very social study and its getting so hard for me. i know i don’t want to quit it. i am determined to hold on and go through everything for the next three years. but the last weeks its making me feel worthless, anxious, depressed, and like i would have the world if i didn’t have social anxiety. i think i can see your message here as a sign of the universe, to tell me i am still on the right path.

  • Drew

    Where have I heard this before?? 😉 Mastin tells me this ALL THE TIME! And it could not be anymore true… Its about seeing the fear and making the step anyway. Intuition tells us that a choice is put before us and that true Liberation is just on the other side. I battle this everyday, its tough. But my life is so fulfilled…..*ahh~* Thank you Mastin!
    All my Love

  • Jane

    Thank you ! I have recently met up with an ex who I was very much in love with but ended the relationship because he was going through a difficult time…sound cold and uncaring, I know ..but I was being drained of all life. I knew it was the right decision. He was angry and upset at my decision.
    Now he has come back into my life. There is such a strong energy between us and he says he has always known we would end up together. I am now fearful that I will be making the wrong choice to start the relationship again because of his anger when it ended before. I am so confused and now not sure if this fear is saying NO don’t go there again or if it would be good to start again!!

  • Louise

    This is a trigger post! I’m really good at trusting and following my intuition in my career goals–I quit an unfulfilling job to travel, go to graduate school, and write a novel. I’m not so good knowing when to take risks in relationships. With people coming together, it’s so tricky. I never know whether to live with uncertainty for a while and let things unfold naturally, or to face fears of saying something too early, facing committing myself to something I may not be ready for, or my partner might not be ready for, facing the fear of rejection, etc. In the case of “Always go with the choice that scares you more,” I’m really unsure what scares me more. Any tips?

    • Tanyachansy

      Did you figure out what to do? You remind me of me and I want to know if you got any feedback of what to do or what you did??? 🙂

  • Susan

    Hi Mastin;
    This was the perfect post for me today!  I was awake most of the night worried about a decision I made to leave a “good, well paying job” to start a brand new endeavor – my Encore career!   The fear was gripping me so I couldn’t relax.   So now I will face the fear and take one small step at a time and blast through that fear!

  • Hi Mastin! Thank you soo much for this post. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I am about to embark on a huge career jump. I have excepted a job at my local children’s hospital in the ED (at night!). For weeks, I have just been scared (like waking up in cold sweats!) of the possibility–but I am moving towards courage. Thank you for all of the encouraging content via The Daily Love. You have made a difference in my life!

  • I scare myself the most with continuing what I am doing (quoting, blogging, and speaking the truth of love) without looking like some crazy love freak. Today is my birthday and I am 43 years old. Yesterday, I wrote about being addicted to validation. After I wrote the comment, I let go. This is a continual process for me. I hold my fists tight and then loosen-one finger at a time. It takes constant practice and discipline for me. AND BREATHING! Yeah, I hold my breath quite often. Anyway, I woke up this morning so grateful to serve Love even if some people do not validate me. And guess what? I get on FB and it is blowing up with birthday messages and someone even called me a, “Five Cities Classic Beauty, Selfless Author, and Great Mother.” See what letting go does? LOL! Happy Birthday to me!
    The Daily Commenter,

    • Jessie

      Happy Birthday !!!  Focus on the positive valadation !!! The classic Beauty , the selfless author , the great mother , and thank you for taking time out of your day to share something so powerful !! Rome wasn’t built in a day !! enjoy the ride, smell the roses and take lots of pictures  XO

  • Explorer

    Dear Mastin: 
    I’m not a “hater” Mastin. I’m a professional life coach and mentor. This post is feedback as both our professional roles have significant impact on people’s lives.”I spend most of my time working with people to get them to make the choice that scares them the most. ”  This line from your post brought up a big red flag for me.  Spending most of your time manipulating a person’s choice to what fits in your belief system is not good mentoring. Do you know their life plan? Can you honestly say that making the scariest choice is the best direction for them? I’ve seen the negative result of this type of mentoring and it’s not a good outcome. Freewill is our divine birthright – and if in the end a person makes a choice within the realm of certainty, let them. It’s their choice and regardless, they will learn from it. Support a person in every choice, not only the choice that feel like jumping off a cliff. Everyone moves at a different pace from certainty to uncertainty.  Sometimes the fear of taking a big step into uncertainty is too much. I’ve seen this many times with my clients. Taking the step into the choice that scares them the most could break them. I always challenge a choice if I see the person acting small but I never, never “get them to make the choice that scares them the most.”

    • DailyLover

      I doubt that Mastin is going to force someone to do something out of their own free will – what kind of life coach are you to even interpret his words that way?

      Its obvious that if you do what scares you – that where you will learn the most and take the most out of yourself which equals GROWTH. Which is what we are here for anyway – you either grow or die. 

      Thats fine if you never let them do the thing that scares them the most – but that is then controlling of you as a coach because who are you to “let” them do anything and choose what you think is best for them?? How do you know?? Then you are doing the exact thing you have accused Mastin of “manipulating a person’s choice based on YOUR belief system” cos 100% of the time they needed to make the fear their friend which is one of the lessons taught when you do that “scary thing”. They come out liberated and feeling more like “themselves” than they ever have.

      I am a product of Mastin’s teachings so I speak from a place of truth and realness. His work has changed mine & the most closest around me for the absolute DIVINE better! And hell yeah it was scary – but good scary. I think you are just reflecting off the fact that you have something you do not wanna face and thus reflecting it at Mastin. Thats why its such a red flag for you. Just like wild creatures that do not belong in zoo’s and cages – Human Beings do not belong in a state of Fear thus the need to face it. Mastin is nothing short of Genius & I am an living example of his work. 

    • Bebeivette

      Man, if I could afford a life coach I’d hire you Explorer. At least your living on planet earth. Thx for YOUR post.

      • Explorer

        Thank you Bebeivette.  All professional coach training teaches the coach to leave their agenda at the door. I adhere to the ethical guidelines of the International Coach Federation. I hold all my clients naturally creative, resourceful and whole, capable of making the best decisions for themselves. 

    • truelife

      Dude..I don’t think Mastin  literally means “forcing” I’m pretty sure what you’re supposed to get from the article is that his mission is to help encourage  people to acknowledge a destructive or negative situation they may be dependant on and work towards making positive changes.which in most good hearted peoples opinion who care for the lively hood of and growth of others would say this is a great thing ..  anyone can call themselves a life coach and anyone can turn a positive message into negative if they choose to. Im not a life coach but i can say that you seem controlling and  confrontational and maybe life coaching ain’t your calling 

    • Dll

      Dear Explorer, 
      You have made a very valid point. WE have to take people where they are..and I think it is very true that sometimes though it may be the “right” move…to make the decision that scares you the most..but it is true that this could  very well break someone..I have seen this occur…sometimes the “truth” is..that people are doing the best they can and it might take many many small steps to get them to move forward…In a perfect world we would all be “drivers” and not passengers..blah blah blah…but it’s not perfect and this is why we need inspiration that is certainly found here..and in poetry, self-help books, coaches..our parents..our friends..religion and other things that I am very grateful all come down to HOPE and LOVE and it is all fine…Thanks for your perspective too! 

  • Otterspace2001

    For me the fear of the unknown is really a fear of failing, making a mistake, looking foolish and bottom line, feeling shame. The importance of what others think of me and my attachment and need to have others affirm my worth can paralyze me. The best mantra I have come up for this is “I will not abandon myself in order to keep you from abandoning me”.  Abandonment of self is my disconnect from spirit, higher power, God whatever you wanna call it. When I abandon me, I reject me and that is the rejection of God. More will always be revealed..

  • Kasey

    I am a new and dedicated follower. Everyone seems so further in the process than I…I am just deciding that I need to deal with some addictive behaviors in my life and can’t even think further than that…

  • Amanital

    afraid to quit my job, afraid of bills, no money and unemployment- it is stupid to leave a perfectly good job/career for some, mistake for me, for a bleak employment outlook. Yes i keep applying to positions I am interested in, no, I ,Like others do not get an interview, competition is fierce, sometimes i try to convince myself that i am in this job because ultimately it will be a good fit, but that is a lie i live and have been for the last 10 years…
    i know what it is like not to have enough $ to pay bills, buy gas, buy food, use public transpo, it is not fun

  • How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, Practice, Practice. The only way we’ll ever truly know how to listen is to observe, journal, and review. One of the best things you can do is learn to feel the YES in your body, and the NO as well. You have to be still enough to listen. Then bigger messages come through.
    I’ve been putting this to practice a lot more lately since I want to be in tune with my Highest Self at all time (well, as much as possible).
    Thanks for the honest post. I love the ‘human’ in you! xo

  • Binhng195

    Going to this yoga place. I’m getting my ass there today! Thanks for the encouragement. 

  • Holly B.

    Well, this post couldn’t be more timely in my life….  As my husband and I are coming to an end of our marriage of 23+ years, we met with a therapist for 2 hours yesterday to discuss how and when we go about breaking this news to our 3 children.  I left the meeting feeling dejected and depressed and wondered if it’s worth going through with all of this.  But at the end of the day, I KNOW that this is the right thing to do.  But to your point, Mastin, it’s the fear of not knowing what my life will look like 6 mons. from now and how are my kids going to cope with this that grips me.  Inertia comes way too easily.  I realize that I need to move into and through this fear to get the reward and satisfaction of what I can only trust will be a better life.  I suppose there’s a great deal to be said for trusting that intuition and having faith!  Thank you for bringing this back to my attention.

  • Tedge

    TRUTH!!!!!!!!  TRUTH!!!!!!!!  Lots of LOVE!!!!!!!!

  • Eli Twinks

    Hey mastin i love your articles by the way – so consistently good.  My intial response to this article was YES! I totally agree.   and then, i wondered.  Here’s why.     having spent the last 2 years going with the choices that scare me, for my own growth, I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue / Burnout – a culmination of perhaps a lifetime of making those choices.  To be clear, none were severe situations or experiences, but did challenge me, and fear activates the adrenals into a fight or flight response.  So i wonder – i really do, about this.  I know one has to be sensible – and I thought i was.  And yet, the body has it’s way of protecting itself – fear can be a healthy indicator to light the way, and it can also be an indicator to say that something is being threatened – even subtly.  So this article got my normal response of YES, followed by a more healthy caution to listen to the body – as much as i go with this article, i also believe it’s not always so cut and dry – and being gentle, tuning in, and sometimes not pushing through the fear, despite the growth potential is also a wise thing.  But as a blanket approach – well having lived and learned (and still learning) I’m not sure it’s a wise one to take.  In this there is no victim.  I am utterly grateful for having moved towards fear with love – and although it got me into this state – the gifts it is bringing are enormous.  The gifts of not pushing past myself….slowing down…..seeing what is revealed when the body is given that opportunity to rest, and the growth that is coming from that.   Anyway, really thinking out loud here – to what intuitively comes to mind (and body).  With love. Eli X


    This post was amazing for me because it came at a Divine time when I needed an answer on this same question regarding many aspects of my life that I just am too shit scared to face! After this blog and an amazing acupuncture session – I feel liberated and clear : all systems go!

  • Gregory

    Gregory [Netherlands]

    My big question is ‘when does my intuition speak to me?’. It is very difficult to discriminate between my ego and intuition. Therefore, making the right decision is even harder. At the moment I am really fed up with my job as an ICT Project Manager. I have a lot of reasons for that, but the main reason is I’d reather do something more creative. I’d like to create, rather than to manage. So, to satisfy my hunger for creative activities, I am busy composing/producing music. For the moment dance/house/trance, but in the near future also jazz and blues. Although I have created an environment to be creative, I am still not happy. Since January 2013, I hear this voice in my heart, urging me to quit my job. Who is this voice? Intuition or ego? I really do not know what to do. Ery morning is a real struggle to motivate myself to do the job.

  • Eva

    Mastin, my feelings (intuition or ego?) tell me to quit my current job, that I cannot perform effectively and someone esle can do a better job than me.

    How can this be, I am to believe in myself and push beyond my comfort zone. I had this feeling (intuition??) about 5 years ago and I quit a higher position for a lower one with less money, but I survived.

    Is this feeling or intuition that I quit altogether? I have bills to pay and no other employment plans………the dark unknown future!!

    any enlightenment??

    • Shelby

      Sounds like the voice you’re hearing is that of your ego, coming from a place of fear, since the reasoning for your quitting would be that you aren’t good enough. Our intuition comes from our higher self that speaks with love and guides is to make decisions based on what would best serve our selves and the universe. What is the belief you hold about yourself that is keeping you stuck and manifesting as the feeling that you are ineffective? Ask for a change in perception!

  • So true! Funny, I give this advice to my writing students often – except we’re talking about their *characters*. But as it is in good writing, so it is in good life, I say. Sometimes it feels absolutely terrifying to write a dramatic scene – your body can feel as though you’re putting it in real danger, when all you’re doing is writing something honest. But that fear is exactly how you recognize the energy in a scene – that’s how you recognize it as the place to GO. I’m so glad you’re writing a screenplay, Mastin! With your practice, your scenes (and life) will continue to crackle and catch fire. Love it.

  • So on point! I LOVE how God speaks through this blog.  He is so amazing. Thank you for posting Mastin!

  • Gabpa

    As soon as I read the blog I knew what it meant for me and the lights started flashing. I know I am so scared; I have never been more scared of anything in my life….maybe the dark alley would be easier.  If  I don’t change things then things will never change, I know, I know I am self-sacrificing and I deserve better.   How do you change things when things aren’t bad, but you know they just aren’t what you want any more and you know you could be happier.

  • Ceemcee06

    I rarely feel fear. I felt it for the last time around 2004. It was a tough time in my life. A long term relationship shattered by lies. Terrible lies! A child in the middle, to consider in the making of decisions. Because of these lies my life turned to a complete nuisance. In my opinion, I had not lived. I had existed. During recovery, I found I had lived opposing my inner voice, my purpose. Ten times out of ten, we find ourselves unhappy because we are slipping away from our path. And while we are on the wrong side of the road, we attract many encounters that both make us suffer and are in themselves a wake up call. We might succumb to suffering and remain there, or we might awaken to a new reality. A new format for living. Through “coincidences” that were God sends I awakened to a new life. Like I was just born. Learning to live on purpose is magical. It changes everything. I often tell friends and relatives, that there isn’t enough money in the world to pay me to go back to being the person I used to be. Scared. Unhappy. Judgmental. Arrogant. Vain. By the way it all boils down to fear. Being free from fear, is the ultimate high if you will. Nothing can compare. Nothing ever will. I am love. I am a divine being. I am eternal. I am connected to my Source. I am perfect, even though I don’t always know what that is, and that’s okay. I fear nothing.

  • margs

    Great stuff, I didnt realise that im often afraid of my intuition. Wow