How To Let A Man Know You Are Interested….(And A Special Letter To Men)!

How to Love a Woman: A Letter to Men


My Brothers,

Forget trying to figure her out. She is beyond your mind. She is a sweet mystery. Allow her to be that and she will shine more brightly.

She doesn’t need to be understood with your mind. Just love her. Feel her heart not just her body. You will find an infinite river of surprises and delights of endless wonder.

Tell her something sweet everyday. You will be amazed at what she gives you back in return.

You will never be able to out-give her. Her heart is vast like the ocean itself. So don’t be cheap with her. Give her all you’ve got.

She will give you more than you could ever imagine.

When she opens and lets you into her being, tread with care and tenderness. Her heart is a sacred Uni-verse and her body is a temple that you are blessed to worship inside.

She will reveal to you the magic of the moment.

Yes, appreciate her beauty but remember she is so much more. The real essence of woman is beyond physical.  She exists as a formless dance. Meet her there and she will show you the meaning of real love. She will show you the face of the Goddess.

She is a living smile.

Allow and embrace all her moods like the changing weather. Enjoy the rainbow taste of each flavor that she gives you. Let it tickle your heart and make you stronger.

When you think she is being difficult or giving you a hard time, this is not the time to run away and hide. This is the time to breathe, stand in the storm, feel her deeper, look into her eyes and reassure her of your love.

Don’t just listen to the words she says, as you may get confused, but feel her heart and really listen to her heart’s pure language.

Listen to the heartbeat of her soul.  It is a gift often way ahead of your mind. She knows things. Trust me, she just does.

Don’t try to control her. Create a safe space for her to be herself fully, and she will give you everything in herself like an unconditional river of devotion.

Woman is love.

She is life. She is grace. She is a great mystery.

Bottom line, just love her fully.

Just love her.

This is what she really wants.

Pretty simple.



# # #

Kute Blackson is a speaker and life coach. Check out his website here.


  • Olga

    Kute, your letter brought me to tears. It should be made into a song. Bless you and your lucky woman. Love. Olga

    • kute

      thank you Olga!!!! i will for sure consider the song idea!!!!!

  • Beautiful as always! I’m going to let my husband read this. I am so thankful for you Kute. Your version of how women should be treated and viewed is the truth I wish everyone knew. Men and women! I think the balance that could be given to the world if women were allowed to be true to themselves in every way, oh what a world it would be. Just surrendering to the natural order would be enough to change the planet. Keep up the good work! Sending you much love.

    • kute

      much love carie!!!! sending you love too!

      • I did let my husband read it. When I asked if he liked it he replies. I guess but…. idk. Either you get it or you don’t! 🙁

  • Melissa

    Awesome Kute! Perfect timing for me.

  • susan

    Kute, thank you for your inspired video. So perfectly said and easy to take to heart.

  • Fatalistic femme fatale

    Hey Kute,
    So different & refreshing to hear a guy express such a caring and nurturing approach to how men should ideally treat a woman. I hope men can relate to what you’ve said, take it on board and translate how to put these idealistic concepts into practice.
    Conversely, your video on how to let a man know you’re interested in him… OMG! No, no NO! Any women who attempted to “invite” a man to know her soul, the way you so charismatically implore us women to do, would be written off as a crazy, loony, super nutty fruitcake!! I get your ideas of not playing games or following formulas or strategic plans, but the rest of your advice Is just cliched, hyperbolic rubbish. If you really have something worthwhile to share (which given your letter to men on how to love a woman, gives me some inkling that you do possess a valuable understanding/appreciation for us) then please, lose the hyperbole and try explaining what you’re trying to say in more realistic, practical, sensible ways. Then we (women) will listen and possibly benefit from your insights.
    Thanks for trying & thanks for hearing my comments. Best of ‘luck’ with it all…
    From a fatalistic femme fatale, lol

    • Hey femme fatale,
      I don’t think he is trying to suggest in any way that you behave like a super nutty fruit cake. I think he is just saying that if you try to “get” a man by playing games, you were only going to attract a certain level of man. And to really attract someone worthy of your time, you need to be open and vulnerable and really allow your true self to shine through with him. Yeah, there’s not really any “advice” here other than be open, vulnerable, and yourself, but to find a truly fulfilling relationship, that’s the only advice there is.

      • Danubelle

        But unfortunately it’s the other way around, I have been all my life open and honest and put my heart out for every mad I met, and overtime I did, I got played by them, or heart broken, or they ended up just looking for a casual or a different kind of person. Unfortunately I’ve come to a conclusion that if you want to attract a certain type of guy or just look confident and be taken seriously you have to play games. I am saying this, but I am not that kind, It does not feel right for me to play games and I end up broken hearted overtime. But I do believe that you can hold a special part of your heart for yourself until you are totally sure the guy is the one and they have earned the right to see that part of your heart.

      • kute

        yes jessica… you got it…

    • What I got from what Kute said was that we should be authentic and share our real self with a man… then we will have a soul to soul relationship with them.

  • Truth is

    Lovely. Where are the men like you?! Your mom/parents did an excellen job!

  • Anna

    Ok, all well but it’s only women who read this and comment upon – probably because of the title suggesting it’s rather targeted at women … what a shame ;(

  • Danubelle

    Beautiful, somehow it made me feel validated..

    • kute

      You are just because you ARE!! And glad the post inspired more in you

  • Chalf

    Hey Kute. I would like to give you a special thank you. I’ve been working with a therapist/coach for quite sometime now and during those sessions, at times, I dig very deep within myself and experience the old conditioning and thinking that I’ve been living my life through. Wherever it came from: my dad’s view on women or my friends’ view on sex, I experience the falseness of all this conditioning and beliefs. It’s a very painful and terrifying experience to relive the roots of that old thinking but at the end I do feel lighter, but, a bit lost on how I should be thinking or observing myself in my life. I watch your videos and read your articles and I feel a re-educating process taking place. And in the end I feel far more wise than I did before. Thank you Kute!

    • kute

      it makes me really happy to hear that!!! keep on!!!!!

  • Ruthie

    WOW!!! This is absolutely powerful!
    Thank you so much for articulating such wise truths. You are a gift, Kute!!

    • kute

      sending you love Ruthie!!!

  • Love your energy as always!

  • Durian

    Seems to me your intended audience for this letter is not men, but women, so they can appreciate how awesome you are. I think it’s working:)

    • kute

      ah Durian… i hear you. my intention is for both men and women to receive something….

  • Hadeel

    Said in such detailed, and uttermost loving way. *Applaus*

  • Janice

    ok, but practically speaking, how do we actually let e man know we’re interested? Inviting him to meet us in the depths our our goddess souls sounds great and all, but let’s be real honest, for the majority of the male population Kute is completely over their heads and this whole video would turn many of them off. I love his words, but back to the headline, what should we as women actually DO to let a man know we’re interested? Approach them first/make a move? Always respond back to texts? An example like that would be practically helpful. Thanks.

    • kute

      janice… i hear you.. but know it is not what you DO. it is who you BE. this is what will attract the quality of man with heart and soul to you that will feel who you are BEING……. just look at a flower..

  • Danubelle

    I wish we could have advice sections here as well, I ask my friends for advice but they are not as spiritual and they don’t think like me, so their advice in details don’t really apply to me. I feel like most of us think in the same way here and our hearts are in the same direction, so if we could have a forum or we could have a section for it it would be great. I really need some support and advice from my fellow readers and I don’t want to keep interrupting others comments about a blog 🙂

  • Angela

    Beautiful Kute thank you. I’m going to share this with my boyfriend for him to read

    • kute

      awesome!!!! i would love to know how it impacts him!

  • Britt

    This is super amazing, thank you so much!!!

    • kute

      Glad you were inspired Britt!

  • champagne

    thank you kute 🙂

  • Marketa

    Thank you very much for both the letter and the video! I’m really amazed how passionately you were able to express the ideas about relationships I have been looking for and discovering by trial and error for quite some time 🙂 And in fact I’ve reached the same sort of understanding as you present here. In the past, I was very much influenced by the expectations I had placed on myself, by trying to do what I “should” do, what was considered correct/standarad/attractive etc. by the general opinions of people that surrounded me. Luckily, I’ve had the opportunity to experience a relationship where none of these self-imposed rules were applicable and I was really forced to go deep inside myself, to discover who I really am and present it with an open heart. Amazingly, when I started communicating from the depths of who I really am, giving all the unconditional love I feel for this person, I not only began to feel wonderful and fulfilled (no matter in which way the affection was returned to me) but I also began healing physically and simply started to blossom. Moreover, the questions we all sometimes worry about, such as if it’s OK to call somebody, whether to tell them this or that etc., what to wear etc. simply faded away because when you decide to be really yourself and commint to giving all that you have to give in a specific relationship (and that in my opinion applies to non-romantic relationships too, with friends, co-workers, clients..), you basically stop worrying about things like that since everything that you do, you do from place of love, it all becomes a gift to the other person, to the world and – most amazingly – to yourself, and you just always do what feels right at a specific moment.

  • rebeckaeggers

    “Step into the ocean of your infinity…” How beautiful! Thank you for sharing this. I am going to share this with my teenage daughter.

  • eman8

    you see.. i am a 22 year old man who loves women…. i know that i have a lot of love and devotion to give… but sometimes men, such as myself, dont know how to begin… maybe they’re afraid… i mean, i understand that we are supposedly perfect for someone out there in the world, but what if the rest of the world is beyond your reach… and you’re confined into the life that you’ve built to sustain yourself because as we all know, life is no picnic… i want to keep believing so much that there is someone out there just for me… who will love and cherish me as i would her. who would believe in anything and everything that i wanted to accomplish in life… who sees my scars and flaws and loves them because it’s simply a part of me… i see lovely women who i’d just love to know and see if we could possibly have a connection and common attraction…. but what if they dont see me? how do i help myself shine without coming off like i’m full of myself?

  • Ellise Peake

    Fabulous! Amen, Amen, AMEN! Perfectly said! Nice work!