How to let go of toxic relationships! - Daily Love with Mastin Kipp

How to let go of toxic relationships!

One of the most common patterns I see with most of my clients who are in unhealthy relationships is the belief that this is the best it can get for them and that they are lucky to be getting 25% of the love they really want. AND if they ever did have the guts to break up with this person that it would be a life sentence to loneliness and singledom. They think so lowly of themselves that they actually BELIEVE that they don’t deserve or won’t be able to attract a truly loving partner.

My friend, NOTHING could be further from the truth. This is a literal Uni-verse. Whatever you think INTO it is what it will MIRROR back to you. So, from a certain point of view those who believe it to be impossible to find lasting love are right, not because it’s the truth, but because that is the belief they are thinking and acting upon. As a result, what manifests in their life is a lack of intimate love and an experience of just “getting by” on scraps of love.

See, it’s not that intimate love, success and all that rad stuff isn’t available to you; if you think this way, YOU literally are not available for IT.

I believe with all my heart that if you raise your standards you will rise along with them. When you do ask more of The Uni-verse, a mystic process begins to unfold. Once your intention and actions are in alignment, all the unhealthy fragments of your life begin to fall away.

It is so important to not cling to these unhealthy attachments. But, instead, sit back and let them go. When you stay in situations that you have outgrown mentally or spiritually, because you are afraid that there will be nothing for you on the other side, you stunt your growth and hold yourself back.

If you were still trying to wear the same shoes you wore when you were 4 years old and believed that those were the only shoes you could ever wear because no shoes will ever fit you again, you would be in a mess of trouble.

Look at these unhealthy and dramatic relationships and situations the same way. You’ve out grown the shoes and your feet are in pain because you won’t take them off. Except in life it’s not your feet, but your Spirit and Heart that are in pain. If you hold on too long you will begin to get dis-ease in the body.

So let it go with joy! Know there are plenty of shoes out there that are your size and, if for some reasons there aren’t, then know you have all the resources within you to construct your own customized pair of shoes! 🙂

Don’t settle for 25%; let go and let The Uni-verse bring you 125%. Keep your standard high; that’s how you fly, my friend.