How to Live Your Purpose Even When it Seems Crazy!

Do you ever feel like your dreams are crazy? Are you afraid of others judging you, or not supporting what you want to do and who you want to be in the world?

Many of us struggle with finding and living our purpose. I did for years and it was one of the most frustrating and painful times of my life.

In this video, listen in as I talk with Mastin Kipp, founder of this amazing site, The Daily Love.

Learn how Mastin went from living in an ex-girlfriend’s mother’s pool house wondering how he was going to make ends meet, to building an extraordinary daily email business that allows him to live his purpose, connect with over 100k readers around the world and even meet Oprah!

Listen for the story about the conversation between Mastin and his mom. It’s one of the most challenging and beautiful takeaways from this interview!

In the comments below the video, tell me three actionable insights you’re taking away from this episode.

Challenge yourself to be as specific as possible in your comment. Specificity not only helps you take action, but it will also strengthen your ability to communicate clearly and effectively – a great skill for us all.



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Marie Forleo is bestselling author and creator of the award-winning show, which reaches women in 188 countries around the world. She has been featured on, Oprah Radio and The New York Times among others.  You can also hook up with Marie at  and

  • Brittni

    My Dream: To travel all over the world, meet amazing people, create amazing life experiences and memories, write about it and share it with others and to also empower others who sometimes feel “powerless” through love and encouragement.

    My Fears:
    1. That it isn’t possible.
    2. That it’s too late. (I’m 23)
    3. That my parents won’t support my dream.
    4. That I don’t deserve to live the life that I really want and will make me incredibly happy.
    5. The comfort that comes along with being near everyone I know.
    6. That no one will take me seriously.

    The beautiful thing about writing this comment is that as I typed out my fears I realized how ridiculous they all are. If I’m completely honest sometimes I get scared by the prospect of getting to the place of my dreams being manifested because I know it’s possible.

    In fact, the most exhausting and draining part of my life is that I haven’t been showing up everyday for my dreams. My dreams are weighing me down because they’ve been divinely placed within me and I’m not doing my part. This has to change. 

    The fear that I feel is actually a good thing because it means that I’m tapping into my true purpose. Fear is simply an illusion, but can be a legitimate deterrent  if I allow it to be. I must embrace my fear and use it as a catapult. The Uni-verse will always show up, I just have to be willing to do the same, no matter how scared or uncomfortable I feel.

    Thank you both for this video!


    • Hi Brittni, I honor you for being open and honest AND for hearing your own self in your words “how ridiculous they all are.” The 20’s are an interesting decade especially for women – we’re finally an adult yet you still cling to that emotional attachment of our parents (I’m 33 – now but I recall my 20s being very challenging emotionally). You said it best – it’s not that you have fear it’s that you lack courage to trust your intuition that tells you that “it will be ok”

      23 is the perfect age to live your life, traveling the world, meeting new people and developing your emotional muscle so when you’re 30+ you are ready to make solid foundational decisions about your life. NOW is the time to spend letting go of GUNK from childhood and society without the heavy responsibility of caring for children a mortgage, etc. You have the world at your fingertips now and I encourage you to love on yourself as much as you can during this time. There is NO FEAR – you are right it’s an illusion.

      I challenge you though to not just let this be rhetoric in your life. You must find the space within you to take action, even small. Start with writing your dreams again and in a list, smallest or easiest to to to the one that will take a bit more preparation. Then start doing it. Each act of Liberation leads to another. Your dreams need breathing room, start taking small bitesized chunks out of your dreams to make room for the bigger dream. The more you build up your courage, the more your trust it.

      Much Love Brittni!

      • Kristin

        Ahhhh… Feeling like a fire has been lit under me.  Katrina.. Thanks for shedding light on the 20’s.. I’m in them and had a turbulent year, feeling like I wanted to go home to my parents at times but then feeling like it wasn’t quite home anymore.  That feeling brought me to tears many times.  


        I was 24 when I travelled to Thailand by myself.  I was terrified but it all faded as soon as I arrived.  I met so MANY awesome people but really I just learned so much about who I am when I took the pressure off about trying to make my family proud.  I really fell in love with me or moreso the little girl I thought I’d lost.  I hope you take that leap 🙂

        Ok… So I’ve travelled and I’ve floated around and I’m 26 now.  And in spite of everyone and everything.. the biggest one being my mom who said “You can NOT support yourself teaching yoga,”  I still teach yoga.  And thank you Mastin so much for sharing your story about your conversation with your mom.  It was nice to hear from someone who’s been through it.  What do I want to do?  It’s multifaceted.  Overall, I want to teach women’s retreats in places along the coasts .. and one in Greece too. 🙂  I want to help women who feel like they need to rediscover themselves.  I want to make special journals with quotes for inspiration, create a tea line for hormonal health and create a space where women can learn about who they are when noone else is around.  I always thought it would be awesome to have a yurt and invite women to come out and sit outside near a firepit in the forest and relate with one another.  I’ve always wanted to help remind a woman about how awesome she is. What holds me back?  

        1. ME. LOL
        2.  I need to focus my attention more and break things down into practical baby steps.
        3.  Honestly, sometimes I distract myself from my own dreams by trying to help people with theirs… I think I need to be more responsibly selfish and buckle down and get to work.
        4.  Let go of the idea of instant gratification! haha
        5.  So you can see there are lots of ideas… I guess I circle through them all… is it better to just stick with one thing and aim for that?

        phew… nice to get it all out.  

        Thanks again Mastin and Marie- AWESOME Interview.

        – K

  • Brooke

    OMG! I have always loved Mastin, his insight and tdl ( which I avidly read and now have my sister and mom in love with)! Tears streamed down as I listened. I’ve had many dreams but have pushed them all aside to live safely, securely with my 3 kids as a stay at home mom. Living exactly between my parents and husbands. Your words spoke directly to me about parents dreams for their children! Thank you!!
    My dream would be to be a public speaker to schools, as well as an advocate for sexual health and women’s rights in third world countries. I always thought how absurb to have such an out there dream.

    • kristin

      AMAZING DREAM :).  Not absurd in the least bit- INSPIRING 🙂

    • Go for it girl!!

    • CoachDave

      Brooke, thanks for sharing your story. I agree with you; I love this site, too and I’m honored to be both a featured writer and call Mastin a friend. 

      I also love your story about speaking in schools and see nothing absurd about it whatsoever. In fact, I honor you for even considering how to follow the words of Ghandi and “be” the change you wish to see. 

      In fact, I’ll go a step further…and even risk alienating you a little bit because it’s possible I believe in the importance of your dream even more than you do currently. What if I said to you that having the will and the vision to do it…and then doing nothing with that impulse…is actually kind of selfish? The truth is there is a world of women out there who need the information YOU have – and if you don’t share it – they may never get it. For them, your information could literally mean a WORLD of different choices, options…even all new, life-changing possibilities.

      When you look at it that way…I really hope you’ll reconsider and instead ask a much more empowering question: “Exactly how CAN I do this and simply give it my best?” The truth is…if this site resonates you…there is greatness inside of you. So why not just share it? (And I’m not just talking to you, Brooke. If anyone else on here is reading this note to you…I’m talking to you also. There is so much to do – and we NEED ALL OF YOU!)

      Please feel free to let me know if I can help you get started…

  • anon

    I am so inspired by this interview! Thank you! I especially liked the bit when Mastin said about getting onto the frequency of your desired outcome! I’ve had my ups and downs recently and have a lot of dreams and ideas but am stuck living back with my parents as a 31 year old. My best friend recently passed away which has made me want to get out there and live my life more than ever, but I also get feelings of hopelessness sometimes, especially about my desire to start a family of my own even though I am single and living in an isolated place. Hearing about how Mastin overcame a similar set of circumstances and succeeded has made me feel stronger and like I can do it. I also liked hearing about loving your ego, because I had sort of dissolved mine. Now that I have begun to reconnect to my ego and not make it wrong, but use it to guide me towards happiness, I feel like my ego is the key to my personal energy. I have discovered that without the ego, you can be happy because you have no desires, or you can certainly survive without achieving your desires… but since I realized that we are given an ego for a reason, I have started to look into the treasures it holds. I guess there are different types of happiness to be had as a human. One is to not want anything. Another is to go from a lack to an abundance in an area of your life. My ego is responsible for telling me what way I can express myself and that is not a bad thing. As long as my ego is in balance with my soul and heart then it is a blessing. Anyway, thank you for telling your story and for giving me a renewed vitality. I’m gonna take it one day at a time, but right now I am focusing on meditating on certain feelings- the feelings of being in the frequency of my dreams. I am spending time feeling what it would feel like to be a mother in a loving relationship. That is all I am going to ‘do’ towards that dream… well, that, and go out there and meet people. Thank you.

  • Wanja

    Wow Mastin. You’re the new love of my You’ve spoken to the core of me. Thank you for the reminder of having faith, the reminder that we HAVE to be whatever it is that we want to attract, and that the universe is always on our side. Thank you sir!

  • Lori

    I have always believed that everything in my life would someday add up to something that made sense, even though there has been so many battles. I’ve always felt that certain types of battle are a sign of going the right way. Recently the battles have intensified- something powerful has been happening, but for the first time I felt indecisive, foggy and, not just different, but alone. Basically, I have felt like a spiritual orphan of sorts – trying hard to find my tribe, but never knowing where to look on this earth. Yet I have always believed  BIG. I saw your video and I had that “life will never be the same after this” moment. Actionable insights?
    Faith, surrender and love.


  • Caramel_sundae_29

    I absolutely love this! My issue is I just turned 34 and am STILL trying to discover my purpose. Im passionate about singing and I am also passionate about helping others. I’m a stay at home mom and for the past 2 years have been consciously on the spiritual path. I’ve prayed and talked to God/Universe. And awaiting my answer. Anyone with advice please feel free to reply 🙂

  • Samantha Murphy

    Singing & playing guitar. I love them both and am finally now giving myself the opportunity to learn more through lessons and immerse myself in music. I have held back from this for years and still let something hold me back in thinking of the future of a career working as a singer/songwriter/musician. The music business can be tricky and nothing is guaranteed, but it still is something I want to try and go for. If I had nothing to lose I would put my all into it, but right now I am only putting half in so I can keep a job and apply to grad school. Since I am still learning I don’t feel confident enough yet to put my all in, but once I get moving more & perform & learn I can see myself making that step.

  • Klein3351f

    You guys are a little crazy. If I lived my dream right now it would involve
    Quitting my day job and I would run out of money within 3 months tops!

    Dangerous is what you are. And seriously, what dreams did you give up to do this? No 8 yr old dreams of being a life coach or the next motivational speaker. You are business people plain and simple and you’ve even convinced yourselves that your snake oil works.

    • Protest Too Much?

      Hey Klein, I’m kind of curious. If you’ve convinced yourself that this “snake oil” doesn’t work, why are you even here wasting your time reading this nonsense from crazy people? It seems you’ve invested a lot of your valuable time reading, watching and now commenting on this blog. Is it possible that it’s just easy to throw stones at the people who have the courage to believe in “snake oil” – and really hard to admit that deep down, you’re just afraid that you’re 3 months away from broke and settling for a boring “safe job” that you don’t like? 

      Maybe it feels “dangerous” to you but I get to do what I LOVE every single day…and I’m not pissed off by people who live their dreams. I’m inspired by them. If that sounds appealing to you, I have one last question. Wanna buy some snake oil?

      • Klein3351f

        If living your dream aligns with earning an income, even a small one, you are set.  If it does not, it is dangerous advice to tell those people to chuck it all and live their dream.  The basic needs of food, shelter and clothing must be satisfied prior to the rest.  Granted, we could probably all afford to downsize significantly, and we all need really very little to subsist, but the vast majority of people who would follow this advice would end up subsisting until they’re dead.  Get back to me when you’re 70 and wish you had maybe put some effort into generating a retirement income so you don’t have to eat cat food.

        The universe does not give you what you ask.  Your human brain was designed to see patterns and make connections!  You also have a very strong psychological desire to create some form of deity in your life, be that a conscious God, or a vast Universe with no apparent consciousness, so that you are not all alone. 

        I think setting up goals for yourself, staying optimistic and working hard to achieve those goals is what creates your opportunities.  If it help you to believe there is some magic involved in the process, then use it, but there is not.  For every story out there of one who followed the path and reaped the rewards, there are 10 of those who didn’t reap said rewards.  I realize the answer to that would be that there was something flawed in that persons “ask” or their ego was too much in play, or some other nonsensical verbiage that justified why one failed, but it’s all fluff. 

        Oh, and spending time reading views that are opposite of yours is actually quite an interesting pursuit.  You should try it instead of remaining in your closed bubble of belief that is never challenged.

  • My dream is to choose love and not feed into the challenges of fear moment to moment.  My dream is to be of service. My dream is for Oprah to meet with my spiritual mentor and FREE servant of LOVE, Cinnamon Lofton-Author of “Here, Now.”  For I know she could help Oprah in her life which could then help the world (NOONE would need to know about the union in SLO county…This IS NOT about “The shiny penny” syndrome). My dream is to be a spiritual motivational speaker and write a book with other people who attend Cinnamon’s, Living Love, class. I  have already bought the domain name…The Spiritual Breakfast  THEN there will be a movie and Kate Hudson will play my part in about 10-15 years. How’s that for specific?  LOL.  Until then, I will keep writing in my blog,  and remind myself that I am enough whether my dreams become my reality. I know I am aligned with my soul’s purpose and I am over the top grateful. Someone stopped me today in Trader Joes and thanked me for my blogs. I knew the Universe was helping her through me.  It was AWESOME! God whispered for me to comment on Mastin’s blog daily. The very day I asked the Universe to give me someone I could reach out to in the BLOG world, I was told about Mastin’s site.  I have to say, there are days I do not want to.  I know I am following God’s will on this one even though there are times I feel like a crazy stalker.  I have never been she who comments or is on the internet. I will continue commenting until my whisper tells me otherwise.  Thank you Marie! I really enjoyed your interview and the reminder to be patient. From my heart to yours, Kathleen 

  • Anne

    I’ve had an idea for a few years, and it has been simmering
    quietly on the back burner while I pursued ‘my dream’ of making it as a
    novelist/screenwriter.  But in the past
    few months ‘the dream’ seems to be crashing in flames, coupled with lack-of-money
    issues and a relationship coming to a dead halt, and some health issues (sound
    familiar?).  With things lying in ruins
    around me, somebody asked if I had any ideas for what next.  I was counseled by older relatives to get a ‘job’.  But this long-simmering idea, on which I’d
    been working ‘for fun’ as everything else was going nowhere, suddenly made me
    say “hmmmmm”.


    Although I’m a straight woman, my idea is of service to LGBTQ
    youth and young adults.  I’ve recently spoken
    with multiple local, provincial, and national organizations about this project,
    and have been met with interest and excitement. 
    Who knew?!?  Apparently I have,
    quite innocently, stumbled upon an idea for which there’s a genuine need and an


    So why, then, am I resisting so strongly, and experiencing a
    real push-pull?  I’ve gone ahead with
    laying the groundwork, buying supplies to do produce this project, made plans
    and a timeline, and even done some of the creation part of things (this is an
    internet-based project, to start).  At
    the same time, I can feel myself resisting, digging in my heels like a stubborn
    mule, and balking at getting down to serious and focused effort.


    I suspect part of the reason is resentment that THIS project
    is creating interest, whereas my beloved novels and scripts haven’t.  But also, possibly, I am terrified of how big
    this project could actually grow, and terrified that I don’t have the chops to
    be responsible to what will be required of me in order to do this well, for the LGBTQ


    Therefore, I particularly appreciate this interview.  Even though I still can’t see where this
    project might ultimately lead, and into what unknown and unforeseen territory,
    I realize – from listening to Mastin – that my only real responsibility is to
    do the work… and let the rest take care of itself.  This isn’t to diminish the responsibility of
    doing the work well and producing something of value which well help these youths
    to stand tall in their truth – but I guess it is the realization, based on
    Mastin’s experiences and journey, that it is okay to hand off the rest to the
    Universe’s organizational ability and timing.


    The last of my technical supplies were delivered this
    morning.  It is time to dive.  But first, I’ve just listened again to this
    interview, and have taken pages of philosophical notes to guide me.  Thanks so much for this, Mastin and
    Marie.  Wish me luck – I’m giving myself
    over to the unknown!


    • CoachDave

      Anne, thanks for sharing your story. Every bit of it is absolutely understandable – and I really admire what you’ve been called to do in order to serve others. Just because you pursue this mission doesn’t mean you won’t be able to one day return to your beloved novels and scripts. Plus at that point, you may be even more inspired, developed and well-connected.

      Good luck on your project and I wish you the very best!

      • Anne

        Thank-you for your reply and the spirit of your reply, Coach Dave.  It is balm to my terrified spirit to have somebody cheering me on as I attempt this new venture.  Onwards!

    • As an out woman who was once a suicidal lgbt youth who was told that god doesn’t love me because of something I could not change – I ask you not to give up if helping lgbt youth is what you really want to do! You are needed! 

      • Anne

        Kate, you have no idea how much your words were needed just now, for reasons I won’t get into, even a month after my original post.  I am terribly saddened that you are one of many LGBTQ youths who’ve been made to feel “less than”, but I am glad that you’ve told me this.  Your words and your experience have urged me on.  I’ve been working quietly and steadily at the project… just was wondering if funds will hold out until it’s ready to go online.  Somehow, a way will be found.  Blessings to you, Kate,  and I wish you the happiness in future of which you were robbed in your past.