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How To Re-Create Yourself!

This blog once again was inspired when I was in a room full of sweaty peeps, pedaling to the beats of Pit Bull as my teacher; they call him Johnny Lama, spieled off his little ditties of inspiration for the day. I love being in spin class, because the electric energy of a bunch of people in one room, all with the same purpose is so magnetic, empowering and uplifting. It’s as if we feed off of one another’s energy to move forward, and it truly is a testament to collective consciousness and collective energy! I actually feel the excitement and energy of others in the class and it pushes me forward to want to do better and be better.

So that brings me to the word Recreation. Spin is one thing I do for recreation and I’m sure that most of you know this word and have your own recreational activities. We understand it as relating to hobbies we like, or things we do for fun outside of our work lives. One definition of recreation as described in the dictionary is: activity done for enjoyment when one is not working. This is the way most of us use this word and I myself love recreation. But as I was in spin class and John brought it forward and then so wisely offered another version of it, as Re-Creation, or as the dictionary defines it: the action or process of creating something again; it actually resonated so much more.

I love this definition of the word because it really brings recreation to a whole different light. The way we operate when we are involved in our hobbies and doing fun activities is, I hope, mostly from a place of joy, love, excitement, etc. So why can’t we bring that recreation, or re-creation, into all parts of our lives – even work?

When I think about re-creation, what comes forward for me is the question: how can I recreate myself each and every moment to have a different experience from before no matter what I am doing? The feelings of joy and wellbeing we get from our recreational activities can also be brought into our work world by re-creating ourselves and how we relate to what we are doing, the project we are writing or the pitch we are about to give. Whatever it is, there is always a way to re-create your experience and yourself.

So, how about approaching it from a different angle? Re-creating yourself in each moment so that you can have a more positive or different experience. Instead of doing what you always did and getting the same results, find ways to re-create yourself. If you find yourself in the routine of life and you feel bored and the only thing that keeps you sane is outside recreation, then find ways to bring that feeling into every part of your life.

Now I’m not saying this will be easy. It will take a lot of conscious effort on your part and re-training your brain while breaking patterns. But wouldn’t it be worth it to have a different feeling each and every day as you go through life, work, being with your kids, loved ones, whatever?

Here are some ideas of ways you can re-create yourself, but I want you to really think about it and play with it, so that you can come up with your own. Stop and notice what you are doing in the moment and then re-direct your energy. Take a breath, consciously say to yourself, “this is what I normally do,” and then check in and say, “I am going to make a different result, so what can I do in this moment to create that?” Then stop. Listen. There is that small voice inside that more often times than not gets drowned out by the larger ego voice, but if you really get quiet and tune in, you can hear it. That voice will never steer you wrong, but it takes a lot of practice to be able to hear it, listen to it and consciously shift your patterns. Your ego will do everything it can to keep you doing what you’ve always done!

Another way you could re-create yourself is to take a different route to work, buy a different brand of shampoo, when you are in the shower, wash your body in a different order (I know this sounds silly, but most of us are used to routine and most of us will do the same exact thing in the shower every single day), so make that conscious decision to do it differently today. If you normally wake up and have green tea, switch to herbal. If you rush through the morning to get ready for work and are running out the door in a hurry, set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier and give yourself extra time to do what you need to do without the stress of rushing. En-Joy what you are doing. Be present with yourself, as that is where the real re-creation begins.

These are just some simple ideas of how you can re-create yourself on a day-to-day basis and I guarantee you will start to notice positive shifts in other areas of your life.  Things will begin to flow more because you are bringing joy and conscious positive action into your life. How can you bring the happiness and comfort you feel from your recreational activities into every moment? How can you change your normal habits and create new and better ones? These are all things to think about as we re-create ourselves each and every moment to be better and more joy-full human beings.

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Melissa is personal chef , wellness coach and nutrition educator. Check out her website here.