How to REALLY make things happen! - Daily Love with Mastin Kipp

How to REALLY make things happen!

It’s my bet that most of the folks reading this blog are either living in Western society or are highly influenced by Western society. Because of this, I am also going to make the assumption, that like me, you are an achiever. That is, you love getting things done, coming in and taking charge, making things happen and setting yourself a part from “the pack” and that when you REALLY put your mind to things, those things get done.

But I bet, if you’re like me, that there is also probably a lot of confusion about how to be an “achiever” and still be on The Path. Here are two tips I figured out:

1. You’ll never get it all done.

2. It’s not your job to work yourself to the bone from a place of lack, but to represent the fullness that is already within you.

Now, this isn’t a prescription for laziness. No. But it is a prescription for happiness.

You see, as a child of The Uni-verse, you are provided for, you are loved and you are guided. When you work WITH The Uni-verse, you realize that you are only 50% of the equation. You are not the creator of your life, you are the “CO”-creator of your life. What’s that mean? It means that 49% of how your life turns out is up to you and 51% of how your life turns out is on The Uni-verse.

Think of it like this: work like it depends on you; pray like it depends on The Uni-verse.

Make your primary intent not to be a “human doing” and run yourself dry. No. Make your primary intent to enjoy your life, to thrive and to be fulfilled

daily. This means letting yourself off the hook for having a limited amount of energy. It also means that because you know that you have limited energy, it’s important focus on what’s most important for you.

It’s important to remember that in our achieving we leave room for love, for connection and for what matters most. It’s no fun to be the one with the biggest pile of gold, but no friends or lovers to share it with.

When you know you are always provided for, it takes the edge off. When you know you have limits, this knowledge puts perspective on where you should keep your focus.

And when you let go, you give The Uni-verse even MORE room to fill in the blanks of your life with things even GREATER than you can now imagine.

I can sum it up for you in a few words:

Ask. Believe. Act. Let go. Receive.

Whatever you receive from working in this way will be a perfect gift. Let go a little and give The Uni-verse room to give you this beautiful gift.