How to solve problems.

It is a Spiritual truth that you cannot solve a problem on the same level that created it.

The problems of your life can be solved. In an Infinite Uni-verse that gives us proof of thriving all around us, problems can be easily solved, but not by low level thinking and action.

Problems of ego, pride, hatred, jealousy and the like are not solved with those same energies. No, they are solved with higher choices.

Ego solutions are found in the heart.

Hate solutions are found with love.

Solutions to scarcity are found in having an abundance mind set.

Many health problems improve when forgiveness is chosen over holding grudges.

Whatever problem you have, consider that you have participated, on some level, in the creation of it through your thoughts, intentions and choices.

With Ego thinking, only low level results occur.

By embodying LOVE, anything can happen.

From a higher point of view, problems do not need to be “solved”, but rather YOUR choices need to improve to higher choices.

Instead of blame, take responsibility for your actions.

Instead of winning an argument, choose kindness.

Instead of needing the last word, do not respond out of hate, but withhold and remain silent until Love speaks through you.

All matters in your life will improve day by day from choosing higher thoughts, intentions and actions over lower.

Through confident humility, through determined faith and with love, problems are solved through Grace and miracles and synchronicity abound!

Need no longer to be right. Need no longer to control.

Seek the Light of Love and your problems will dissolve. You will grow to be a stronger and more loving person, who will attract healthier and more loving circumstances and people.

Do not do this to change others, but to change yourself.

Don’t worry about being right – just seek the Light.



  • “Need no longer to be right. Need no longer to control.”
    Thats my fave out of the article.

  • Li

    This is definitely something I needed to *hear.* Walking around holding onto anger is heavy baggage I can do without. Excellent post.


  • Ronald

    This blog was perfect for me today! I wasted so much time trying to fight the fire with fire!!

  • Laetitia

    Dear Mastin,
    I have an important question to ask you:
    How would you explain on the one hand the law of attraction where the believe is that we are responsible for all things happening to us good or bad because we have attracted them with our own thinking and on the other hand sayings such as: “When things don’t go the way you planned, Celebrate, a Higher Power’s will is at hand” or “Accept things not going the way you wanted as God has better things for you in store”.
    I feel that those 2 things do not completely go together and it gets me confused as I am a believer in God but I also believe in the law of attraction.
    I was wondering how you see this, I would really appreciate your input.
    Thank you so much.
    Lots of Love, Laetitia (from The Netherlands)

  • Bruno

    Giving in. It’s not such a bad thing.

  • flor

    Thanks for this thoughts! I agree that anger is very heavy.
    We need to read more about it.

  • aoki

    indeed. the need to be right and the need to be in control most of the time is the cause of all stress and unhappiness. thanks for the enlightenment!