How to stay positive & live your dreams!

Hey dolls! I’m so happy to take some time to write some thoughts I have about success, love and positive thinking on!

In this business there’s a lot of hype, glam and superficiality that can really get the best of you. On top of that, in today’s world there is so much negativity that it can be really hard to stay positive and focused on your dream. But none of the surface stuff or negativity matters; the only thing that matters is believing in yourself – no matter what.

Here are some tips on how to be successful and stay positive!

Number 1  – Love your haters!

The more you shine, the more people will want to keep you down. Don’t let them! Celebrate that people are watching you, even if they aren’t loving what you’re doing. Haters are a part of success and help you believe in yourself ! If you believe the haters more than yourself, they’ve won. Don’t let the haters win; let them push you to believe in YOU even more!

Number 2 – Work hard!

Nothing is more important than hard work! Life doesn’t give you success; you have to go out there and make it happen. Your dreams are totally doable but hard work is how they come true!

Number 3 – Stay positive!

There’s enough hate and negativity out there to drive anyone crazy! But that doesn’t mean it has to drive you crazy! No matter what happens, keep a positive mindset! Positive thinking and working hard make those dreams come true, dolls! 

Number 4 – Build a great team!

There is no way I could do what I do without an amazing team. Don’t try to do everything yourself. It’s SOOO important to know what you’re good at and then be really good at it. Find people who are good at the stuff you’re not so good at and empower them to shine! It takes team work to make the dream work!

Number 5 – Know your worth!

There’s no way you’ll be able to live your dream if you don’t feel worthy. You are so special and when you know this you can really make some magic happen in your life.

I hope some of these tips inspire you to live your dreams! Believe in your dreams, dolls!

xoxo Kim


Kim Kardashian is a TV star, business woman, executive producer, fashion designer & perfumista.

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  • Nozie

    Wow wow wow, thanks Kim, Just what i needed today. Love your haters….wow a classic

  • Yadie

    I love Kim, she is very positive.. I wish I were able to meet her. She seems like such a humble person. And I do not believe none of the negative that the tabloids write about her

  • I love Kim! Her work ethic is great & she’s so beautiful!

    Loved the tips. 🙂

  • Cathy

    Thanks Kim, that’s such great advice. I love the philosophy “teamwork to make the dream work”…. it’s so logical. xo Cathy

  • Carolina

    It is true “the only thing that matters is believing in yourself” Love it! Thanks…

  • Kim,
    This concept of “loving your haters”…there is just so much good in that. And I’m letting it settle in a bit more for me today, as I let your words reach into my soul.

    Great stuff!!

    Keep shining!

  • Thanks Kim! This is such wonderful advice. It’s also the type of message I try to push to my readers. xoxo. Keep doing your thing, girl!


  • Wonderful advice! I love Kim, she is so beautiful and this article is very inspiring 🙂

  • Beautifully written! You are such an inspiration!

  • I really appreciate this. Thank you!

  • Beauti

    Kim! hello, and thanks for the great only dilemma is the team part…everybody is lazy and stuck in their comfort do you find a great team…=0/ Love ya girl!!

  • Such good advice. Staying positive is key, and making sure your around positive people is so important too.

  • Kim, Thanks for the great tips. It’s always nice to get inspiration from someone who is so successful as an entrepreneur. It’s what keeps me going as an entrepreneur. xoxo

  • What a great post! Kim, you are living proof that the law of attraction exists. You have accomplished more in the last couple years than most people do in their entire lives. I have very much enjoyed watching you make your millions. You totally deserve everything you have. You earned it, regardless of what haters have to say. And you’re SO right. LOVE YOUR HATERS! I used to freak out when people didn’t like me or criticized me. Now I revel in it. I desire it. The more people dislike me, the more I like myself.

    You and your sisters inspire me every day to get out there and go after what I want. Can’t thank you enough for that, doll!

    • Lily

      Jennifer I liked your reply. I feel the same way. Love your haters and prove them ALL wrong! The more BS or Gossip or hateful comments I hear from others against me, the better I feel about myself, the stronger I get. I don’t show off, but I feel proud of myself, with mre reasons to want to shine, stand out! DO BETTER! It’s like ammunition against them and it works PERFECTLY in my favor! 😉

  • merryl

    I think you’re great and I love watching all the Kardashians do their thing. Positivity and Beauty evokes everytime I catch you. You have my approval .
    love ya,

  • Betty

    I truely admire you, Kim Kardashian. You’re full of words of inspiration and truth, and I would really like to meet you someday.(:

  • NoRr^i^E

    L O V E it! Thank you for the words of inspiration Kim, will post and keep it clearly visible to recite & collaborate with my “daily” Prayers ….
    Thanx Love!
    ~ Norr^i^e ~

  • Jasmin Pivaral

    Great blog! Sometimes we can get caught up in the hype and superficiality that surrounds Kim & her family but this blog was really inspiring and sincere & I appreciate that.

    Thanks for the positivity!

  • It is inspiring people like Kim that the youth should look up to for inspiration.

  • I love this! I’ve viewed some of the negative comments Kim gets on her twitpics & blog, and it’s unreal what she deals with. She is one tough cookie, and I love her outlook on loving your haters. Inspiring! Anything is possible when you believe in your passion and put in the work. 🙂

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  • Thank you …

    … while persevering towards the Dream…

    … I stop to thank, whom have inspired me along the way…

    …Big Hugs

  • Rita

    Love this website & terrific blog!
    Way to Mastin & Kim.
    God bless!

  • Yeah, kim.
    I think kim is a smart business woman. It is sad how much people will take one little thing and try to bring you down. Bravo to kim for not letting other’s dictate her life.

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  • cgoofies

    Thanks for the extended Valentines, I replied to someone already. They said goto the love, and I said why don’t people go to where they are really loved and life flourishes, and beautiful things await. The people that love like that, usually cannot get to the one they love.


    I recently read that there was a line of Mr. Positive t-shirts
    does anyone know where I can find them


  • Lily

    Wonderful positive article. Great advice. My favorite is #1. And yes I LOVE my haters. The more they hate, the more I love ’em. Because you are completely right Kim. One has two options, let them bring you down while you wonder ‘but, why don’t they like me’ or say ‘fughed ’bout ’em!’ And use their ill willed feelings & bad intentions towards you to continue forging forward, growing and becoming successful. After all, in the big scheme of things, if they didn’t like you at all then why are they paying so much attention to you and… hating? Somebody’s hate (or disapproval of you) can sometimes can be a powerful tool to grow and to know what you don’t yourself want to become! One of them! Basically, if they don’t like you most likely you are doing something right in your life and their feelings are fueled by jeaously which is rooted in their insecurities.
    After all, as George Eliot once said: “What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?” If someone can’t do that… well yeah I don’t need them in my life. But I will convert their negative energy into more reason to succedd, fight harder and believe in MYSELF

  • Thanks, Kim for your wonderful pearls of wisdom. People forget that celebrities are humans with feelings and you’re brave for standing up to your critics. Keep shining so that it allows the rest of us to do the same.

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  • Pusitiboo

    This is quite nice and inspirational –  I did see she became bigger than what I thought she would be


  • CB

    Why ruin the perfect blog with her!!!!

  • russian barbie

    love kim inspiration quotes love yuh:)

  • Kjvanvle

    I love this advice…and you Kim <3