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How To Stop Self-Sabotage!

Self sabotage. A lot of us do it all the time.

We meet the man or woman of our dreams, fall madly and deeply, and then run the other way.

Sometimes we get the perfect job and blow it for no good reason.

We go on various different diet and exercise programs and fall off each one just when we start making some progress.

Opportunities fall into ours laps and we find all kinds of reasons why they wouldn’t work out or why we are too busy for them.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. But why do we do this? Why do we give up and blow it right before we are about to get everything we want?


Yes, fear again.

If we actually end up with the love of our dreams, we risk losing them. So we walk away from them before they walk away from us or create some kind of conflict to make them leave. At least we won’t be caught off guard that way.

If we get the perfect job, we actually have to prove we are worthy of it.

If we lose the weight, we might have to deal with deeper issues rather than hiding them under the extra weight we are carrying around.

When we take the opportunities that come our way, we actually have to step up to the plate. And that’s scary sometimes.

I know what this is like. A few months ago a big shot friend of mine at a major publishing company told me he wanted to help me publish a book and other people at the company including the CEO were following my blogs. So what did I do? I told Mastin I needed a couple of weeks off from writing and felt like writing was stressing me out. Writing wasn’t stressing me out. Fear was stressing me out.

The other side of the self-sabotage coin is resistance to change. When our lives’ become greater, it also means our lives change and our brains are actually hard wired to resist change, sometimes even change for the better. In some ways we are wired to stay in our comfort zones and a lot a self-sabotage is actually not even conscious.

Are there ways you might be sabotaging yourself in your life? If so, can you see beyond the fear and the resistance, get over the hump of change and take a step closer to love and the life of your dreams?

In love and in health,

Sandra Olic, NMD

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