How to Visualize: Use This Subtle Tweak For 10x Better Results!

Do you ever visualize what’s possible in your business or life?

Of course you do!

Whether you call it visualization, creativity or simply making a plan and following through, whatever goal you’re working to achieve first showed up in your mind’s eye.

But here’s the problem.

Most of us visualize the wrong way. When we’re in the process of mental creation, many of us make a crucial mistake that creates a ton of unnecessary stress for ourselves and others.

That’s why I’m challenging you today to master your ability to visualize, so you can make the impact you’re meant to make.

In this video, watch as my friend Danielle LaPorte shows us the simple-yet-genius-shift in our thinking that creates ten times better results.

How will you use this strategy on something you’re creating now? This one will make a big difference in your life, so I’m pumped to hear your feedback.

Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams. Remember, the world needs that special gift only that YOU have!

With love,


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Marie Forleo is bestselling author and creator of the award-winning show, which reaches women in 188 countries around the world. She has been featured on, Oprah Radio and The New York Times among others.  You can also hook up with Marie at  and

  • Janalee

    with role models like this, us twenty/thirty-something year old females are bound to do nothing but succeed.

    thank you marie&danielle.

  • Lile408

    …..And us 50 something females as well!

  • Bvalencik

    Hey, I am 51 and love this too! Thanks Marie and Danielle 🙂

  • Randee

    I do this with parking all the time….never fails….always get a great spot!!

  • Wholesomewarrior

    I have done this so many times. I actually visualized myself in a home I wanted. The story is really crazy But I sold and bought a house in less than 4 hours on the same day. I had put a picture of this house on my refrig for one month and told my kids that it was our new house. They thought I was crazy!!! But I truely just felt it in every part of my being.  

  • Nukrisgo322

    Did anyone else notice that Marie is not wearing any pants or bottoms in the introduction to her video?! What’s going on Marie?

  • Landdhamilton

    I did this to stop smoking and I am living in the lake house I visualized for 2 years.I have used this many times over the years.

  • Luckyforme

    First, you talked about worksheets in the video and that they were below the video. Don’t see them. Second, I have visualized also and it has worked some of the time. The biggest visualization was selling my rental property (sitting empty) this past summer only to have the sale fall through. I went through the process, promised I would do the snoopy dance if I sold it, promised to stroke a check to my favorite charity for all proceeds and I even wrote the check out and it is still in my wallet. Then the rug was pulled out from under me. I did a constant visualization and how I would feel and how that extra money a month would help me and my son, everything. Now the buyer is trying another lender. I know there’s a gift in this disappointment but the last two months I have suffered tragedies beyond ones belief. Where did I go wrong?