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How You Can Use Negative Emotions To Create Massive Positive Change!

We are heading straight into the New Year! 2012 is almost here. If you’re like me and a lot of folks, this time of year can bring up all different types of emotions. The space away from work and the normal routine may put you in touch with emotions you may not feel the rest of the year.

So, if those emotions are there – it’s up to YOU to choose what to do with them. You see, emotions are like fuel. They push us to act – or not act. Many times the emotions we feel influence us to do things, either consciously or unconsciously. Today is a great day to get in touch with the emotions you are feeling. Take a second, breathe, stop what you are doing, try to stop thinking and just feel. Notice what emotions you are feeling. What are you feeling right below the surface? Anxiety? Worry? Joy? Happiness? Fear? Worry? Doubt? Elation? Positive Expectation? Negative Expectation? Whatever it is, notice it.

Now, take a moment and write down what you are feeling. Then ask yourself, why am I feeling this way? If an answer doesn’t come right away, that’s ok. Just sit with the question for a moment.

Now comes the critical choice that up until now you may not have been making consciously. I know that until I discovered I could use the fuel of emotion for good or for bad, I wasn’t consciously deciding to use it for good.

When my last business fell apart I was heartbroken, depleted and frankly, really effing angry! At the time I was super angry with my partner, but through a lot of personal growth work, I began to realize that I was actually really angry with myself. But, that was at least a year and a half away from when we decided to no longer be partners. So what I did was, I used that anger to create something beautiful. That was my intention. I knew that I could channel my anger however I wanted – I could self-destruct, I could try to make my former partner fail in his new endeavors, or I could move on and create something beautiful. So that’s what I decided to do: create something beautiful.

The anger I felt, I felt intensely for about a year and then less the second year and this year it has dissolved into understanding and forgiveness. But it was that first year that changed everything. TDL was born out of a heartbreaking lesson. But that heartbreak made me stronger and TDL gave me the opportunity to be reborn and to actually LIVE all the things I was talking about, instead of just talking about them. I am far from perfect; I still have a ton of growth to do, but TDL would not be here today if I had chosen to use that anger in a destructive day.

So with that said, now that you are feeling your emotions and you have identified them. What are they? And how can you use your emotions for good? How can you use your emotions as positive fuel to create a new world for yourself and those you Love and the rest of us? Can you let go of any anger/resentment/sadness and instead of directing those emotions at someone else and blaming them, can you take your focus off of them and put it towards some foolish project?

There’s a great quote out there that says “Start some big foolish project, like Noah!” – TDL is my big foolish project; what is yours? And can you use your current emotions to help you get there? Leave a comment, let me know or send me an email [email protected]

Love and new beginnings,


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