How You Can Walk Your Talk?

Most things in life are easier said than done, including following our own advice. It’s so easy to offer advice to a friend or client, while being the outsider looking in. Our perspective is a bird’s eye view. It’s almost as if we’re holding the situation of said person in our hands – much like a snow globe. We can shake it up and see what’s hiding underneath all that fake snow and pretty glitter (glitter makes EVERYTHING better).

We offer suggestions and advice as to how they can make their situation better, whether it be about weight loss, a broken marriage or a dead-end job. We’re all jam-packed and full of wisdom (yep, every single one of us), but we sometimes like to pretend that we don’t know the answer to our own questions. We forget that we are Source of everything: the quality of our relationships, the level of our health, the inflow of abundance (or lack thereof), and everything else that collectively composes our own reality.

If something just isn’t going our way, we like to ask, “Why is this happening to me?” Then we proclaim, “I don’t know what to do!”

Ok, victim complex, just stop that right now! First, of all – NOTHING happens TO us. EVERYTHING happens FOR us. Can you think of a time when you thought you were going through the absolute “worst” time of your life? The reason you can remember that is because you didn’t die, you made it through on the other side of that wall, and you learned something about that whole experience. It added a brick of wisdom in the foundation of your being.

You have every single answer to every single question directly within you. Why? Because you’re powerful beyond measure. Why? Because The Uni-verse is within you. That’s kind of a big deal! When you find yourself in a situation where you feel stuck, weak, confused or lost – ask yourself, “What advice would I give to someone else if they were in this exact time and space as I am?”

To be in the head space of, “I don’t know what to do…” is an absolute cop out. According to, a “cop out” is: an excuse designed to shirk responsibility.



Your authentic, vulnerable and purest SELF is wise, just like Yoda. If you NEEDED to know an answer right now, you’d know it already. And if you don’t know it already, you get to trust that the answer will soon be revealed to you. Sometimes, the simplest way to see the road sign you think you need is to just check in with YOU. Look inward. Meditate. Pray.

What I know is that my life goes REALLY well when I practice what I preach. I don’t buy anyone else’s BS – so why should I buy my own? I know how to have everything that I want in my life, and that’s when I’m in alignment with my truest Self. When I get out of my own damn way – and take ownership of ALL that I manifest – everything is pretty much downstream for me. It’s truly that simple.

I’d love for you to acknowledge something that you “think” you don’t know that answer to, and put it in the comment section below. I’ll bet that after you share it with all of us Daily Lovers, the answer will come to you. Let’s get some powerful wisdom happening below! I want you all to exercise your ability to WALK YOUR TALK!

Love all that is you,

Jenna xox


Jenna Phillips is a Total Wellness Philosopher, Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer & the founder of her lifestyle brand I’m On A Mission. Follow her on Twitter and be inspired.

  • Devydevy1

    I don’t know how to stop my addiction to flour. I failed so many times. It’s seems impossible to keep my abistinent more than two days although I keep coming back to the meeting.

    • Natfijacko

      I’ve been battling all different types of addiction for so long.  Lately, it’s been sugar and the highs and lows of being on that substance is starting to intrude in my life.

      I realized that I need to stop, but I always seem to go back to it.  I know I’m bored and wanting more from my life, but there’s a part of me that just doesn’t believe in myself, or really know how to go after my dreams.  So I fill the void. 

      An addiction is an addiction but you have to get to the root of what is causing it and I know it will be easier.

      You’re in my thoughts, there is a way out.

      •  Make LOVING YOURSELF your new addiction. When we don’t fulfill our most basic fundamental need (Self Love), we look for other ways to fill the void: sex, drugs, attention, food, material things, etc. When we truly love ourselves, we eat foods that nourish our bodies, surround ourselves with positive people, and move our bodies everyday. Tell yourself you’re gonna do a 21 Day Sugar Detox and DO IT! You will be amazed at how much better you will feel! I’ve done it before. If I can do it – YOU can do it! 🙂

    •  It sounds like this is a story you frequently tell. Why not choose a different story? How about: “I have no desire to eat flour or gluten. It does not serve my body and it doesn’t make me feel good. I’m done with it and I only want to eat foods that I KNOW are good for me! It’s easy to let go of such a toxic food.”

      You don’t have to give it up forever. Why not choose to give it up for a week? See how that goes and then add another week. It takes 21 days to make or break a habit. I believe in you!

  • Kzharris33

    I don’t know how to be confident with just who I am, I blame myself for everything very hard on myself and I don’t know how to just let things be, specially when Ive prayed & wanted it for so long.

    • Loveable_Angel

      OMG, raw you in my head right now? This I relate to!

    • We’re all hard on ourselves. Every single one of us. The trickiest part is being able to pull yourself out of that downward spiral of negative thoughts. When you find yourself in that space, I’d like for you to try something you’ve probably never done before: sit down in a calm space and hand-write a love note to yourself. Sounds silly? It may feel that way at first. Write a letter to yourself in the way that you would like to receive it. Acknowledge your strengths and best qualities. Celebrate your gifts.

      That voice in your head telling you that you’re “not enough” is a LIAR. Tell it to shut up and leave you alone. You ARE enough. You ARE amazing. Step into your power and realize what’s possible for you. Nothing is off limits to you. The only thing stopping you is that stupid little voice in your noggin. Stop listening to it. Love all that is you!

  • dreambig

    I am in love with someone. We had some kind of thing going on and confessed to each other some unclear feelings…. Whick means something was there at some point. I became attached beyond limits when he told me that he was very attracted to me. He seemed and said that he was very happy. We didn’t put any definition to it, but that was there and it was amazing. I am so in love with that person. From his side, sometimes it looks like he is still interested in me evethough he tries to hide it. Some other times, i FEEL as though he is pulling away. It’s all in my head: he love me crazy, he doesn’t give a dam thaught about who i am.

    From all of this i have learned to take charge of my life and decide take care of myself, not count on anyone. I finally beleive that anything i don’t have, i can’t give and won’t know how to receive. I am in the process of working with my brain when i becomes my ennemy.  I sometimes get there very quickly following so many steps that i set aside for a rainy day. Sometimes, just like today, i just can’t seem to get hold of it. I tried to meditate, stop the thoughts,… nothing has worked so far.

    I still love this man, my intuition that is my second nature tells me not to give up as a day will come and my man would finally open up his heart to me. But my love for myself does complain sometimes and ask why i don’t let go. Although this only happens when i am in this state: negative, not hopeful, thoughts on autopilote… no much control on my life. That is when i let life happen to me. I am trying to get back to it happening for me. Every little thought start just like that, a thought. A hope and a wish are only different because hope screams faith, a wish not some much. So i hope i can, i think i can, i believe i can, i know i can. All of a sudden I DO. I CAN.  I was there a few days ago, it’s gone today, but there is no end, there are only beginnings. And my beginning always starts with a hope. I honestly think there is no such thing as limits, it is an abstract word that the mind creates to fight the unknown, when there is an easier way to fight the unknown: stay here, now and love myself the away i am. Expect to be the best i can be and give love to receive love. Many words that sometimes take too long to go back to the heart and take charge of life as they always do !

    I will certainly get there ! I just can’t stop believing in the univers and it spoke to me so many times.

    Small thoughts require small actions and get small results. Big thoughts require big actions and get big results, as do outrageous thoughts.

    If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough. My strenghts do scare me sometimes, but hey…. they always have !

    Never let go !

    • I love that you see how powerful you and your thoughts are! It’s so awesome!

  • Tiffany

    ” What advice would I give to someone else if they were in this exact time and space as I am?” Great question to ask yourself. I must admit it, if I was an actor-in the past I would have won the best role for playing the victim. However, I know that it doesn’t progres anything in your life…I am on a new road of acknoledgement…One that is able to see my own flaws, find strategies to fix them, and not blame others (It is not an easy task)…It is simply called taking responsibility…I am no longer a child, and sometimes the transition into the adult world can be daunting(at any age)…I truly appreciate this article on the importance of practicing what you preach…This morning as I start my day…with many things on my list and deadlines that have not been met…the advice I will give myself is, “Tiffany…you waste a lot of energy talking…let your actions speak for you in results…” Today I will be practicing the art of silence to redirect my energy towards things that need to get done…

    Thank You,

    •  That’s an awesome acknowledgement! It’s very easy to get excited about ideas and possibilities. The challenging part is the follow-through. I commend you for recognizing what you GET to take care of! 🙂

  • Anthony

    I am love with a woman who says she loves me but never writes, calls, or even texts, and uses every reason in the world to duck, avoid, and dodge any in-person involvement with me, yet has no problem giving me her school work and employment work to do while I suspect she is out with other people… this has gone on for three years, and my heart grieves… I have tried so many times to state my position and I have tried to be very firm and walk away, but when your heart is in love and when your mind, spirit and body are in great need for love, then we do indeed do stupid and crazy things, like stay in an abusive situation, as I read your note today Jenna, I was nodding the whole way, because to any one else, I would say just walk away.  But for me, for my heart in love it is really hard, well it has been impossible and she know how to play the right heart strings in this man…  It is hard, so hard, because I am very lonely and in need for love and affection…but, if it is not good, and it is not, then I suppose I should walk away…  I just held on and held on, you know what I mean, and I kept hoping and hoping…  there was magic, at least I thought there was, but I suspect she saw a way for a smart man to do her Ph.D studies, and I have done them all for her…  People think that only a woman is romantic and emotional, I am perhaps the exception as I, as a man, am deeply romantic and emotional for her…  I wish I was hard, I would have the strength to walk away and perhaps the Uni-verse would see my need, and allow me the right woman to be in my life, I can always hope.

    •  Anthony, anything in the Uni-verse that is chased will run. Walking away from this unhealthy situation will do your Self quite a few favors. It’ll uproot your forsaken dignity, show her that you have Self Love and Respect (which will also make her have more respect for you), and you will be telling the Uni-verse that you will NOT accept such treatment. She’s walking all over you and taking advantage of your kindness. There is NOTHING ok about that. Continuing this vicious cycle will allow other kinds of mediocrity in your life. Say NO to mediocrity so you can make room for EXCELLENCE. You talk so much about being in love with this woman – but what about falling in love with your SELF? If you truly loved yourself, would you allow her to treat you like this? NOPE! Would you want your son or daughter to be treated like this? NOPE! This has been going on for YEARS – not days or weeks. She will not change based on the mere fact that “you’re sticking with it”. End this madness ASAP. I promise you this: when you finally fall in love with yourself, you will finally find your soul mate.