I just found one of the most PROFOUND teachers EVER!

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Consider this – when you go to sleep tonight – between the moment that you go to sleep and the time that you wake up, your heart will beat between 20,000 and 30,000 times – FOR FREE!

I was thinking about this last night after my Kundalini Yoga class: the idea that we get this gift of LIFE for free. Our heart is constantly working on our behalf to keep us alive. It works all day, every day – no breaks, no vacations, no days off.

Upon realizing this, I was kind of blown away. If you live to be 90 years old, your heart will have beaten around 2.8 BILLION times! This doesn’t include exercise and such, but THINK about that.

To me, our hearts are an amazing example of how we can show up in life and THRIVE.

Every day, all day, no stopping.

But no stopping what?

Being of SERVICE, of course. That’s the other trick to our hearts. It doesn’t beat for itself alone. It beats for the whole body. It beats for something greater than itself – and as a result an entire LIFE is made possible by this never-ending unconditional pulse of life that we ALL carry within us.

Not only that, it actually is a humble servant. It speeds up when we need more blood and oxygen (i.e. when we are working out) and goes back to normal when resting.

The heart is a teacher for sure. Let’s be honest with ourselves – have we EVER acted this way towards our calling, or our purpose? Have we ever given this much of ourselves in service to a power and idea greater than ourselves? If we are honest, I would say that only very few of us have. My aim for the rest of my life is to be like my heart. Of service, steadfast, unconditional, humble enough to adjust to the circumstances that suits the whole and showing up every day in service to the whole.

Where in your life could you take a cue from the pulse of life within you and step up? Where have you been lagging? Where have you given up or given in? How can you show up and be of even MORE service to the whole than before? As always the action happens in the comments below, so feel free to leave a comment and let’s keep the conversation going!

Have a GREAT Sunday!



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  • What an awesome metaphor! I never thought of my heart that way, except noticing its beat matches the beat of drums when I dance African in trance. I think for me I need to reach out to have more support and to not quit on myself whenever I meet others objections, envy or other resistance. I have yet to find the company I need to thrive with.

  • India Dunn

    Happy Sunday- thank you for being “here” for us this morning with an awesome message! As it is with you most days, I am in need of the information you are bringing us, and I am so stoked you are of service to the whole! We need you!! I need you! Have a wonderful day! Blessings! India

  • Mastin!  Good morning to you and all your daily lovers (that term is so cute).   I adore this post for oh so many reasons!  One of my favorites…

    I love the metaphor of heart as teacher…I wish we could talk more and more about it, and delve into the entire miracle of our body as teacher, how every neuron has a purpose, an exquisite purpose. 

    I just want to mentione here (I’m a mind/body wellness nerd-sorry, Decartes!) that what you wrote is the EXACT reason why we all need to take care of ourselves, mind body soul…our heart is actually a MUSCLE, and we have to work on it, just like our arms, and (this one’s for you) our abs.   HEART HEALTH is not just keeping our bodies alove in a technical way-though of course without the heart the Brain would never get yum, clean, oxygenated blood (If I tell my patients ONE thing to do for cognitive health it is NOT crosswords, or Ginko, it is “Get your heart rate up” and bring blood to the brain)-it feeds our minds and souls. 

    That is perhaps why the term “Heart Break” resonates so deeply within all of us.  I definitely don’t want to plug here, because that is not my purpose in writing this, but if anyone wants to learn more about mind/body health cognitive health, and of course heart health in particular, PLEASE reach out. Let’s go from just surviving to THRIVING.  As Mastin said, our heart helps us to thrive…and that is pretty profound.  It doesn’t just keep us “alive”…it elicits our potential to thrive, ONE previous beat at a time…

    Great to be a part of this community :-),

  • Andy

    Good words, good “advice”, good thoughts for this beautiful fall, chilly morning! I am even going to go so far as to write it down for further reflection – gentle reminder of my purpose. Thank you for helping me tune into what I can do more of in my life.

  • This has been on of my favorites Mastin! You know by now that I have a HUMAN teacher, Cinnamon Lofton, who works like our hearts.  She is the most DISCIPLINED person I know, who like every human -goes through pain. She DOES NOT SUFFER. SHE THRIVES.  I have been working like my heart in writing you. It seems to not have been received. Please forgive me if there has been ANYTHING in which you have created separateness from. I come from service. I am surprising myself on how strong my whisper is to continue to write to you daily. I am a servant of my heart- no matter how it may be perceived.  Butterflymaiden7.blogspot.com/  

  • What an incredibly beautiful post.  It is indeed those very things that we take for granted (such as a beating heart), that we should look to for strength, guidance and those aha! moments such as yours.  

  • This is so PROFOUND, Mastin. We do take for granted that our heart and body will work the way it is supposed to, especially when we are young. Yet, our heart is working it’s hardest whether we are awake or asleep. It’s an amazing gift and amazing love how this body serves our soul for the mere purpose of having this human experience. Now, that is love. And, even despite how we treat it, it still keeps working to give us life. AMAZING love. Thank you for this perspective. 

  • Angela

    Best ever.

  • Ciel

    So here’s the thing Mastin…..and first let me say I love your Daily Love….and equally today’s blog…but you asked at the end of this “where in (our) life could (we) take a cue from the pulse of life within (us) and step up?”…and further “where have you given up or given in”  

    I would tell you that I am truly a 300% person when it comes to life and to something I believe in.  If I could work in my sleep on what I’m passionate about, you would find me typing away at it or filming another scene working with the goats, etc.  But let me tell you I have been doing just that…..working like my heart…with my heart and all my passion on a project for several years.  I believed, believed, believed …again with all my heart in this project.  When networks suggested “enlarge, enlarge”…I went right back to the boards and enlarged this to a global project and found in doing so an amazing way to help people all over the world.  However for all this passion and non-stop passionate believe and work….for all the heart beats that it took to produce this work…a work I felt a gift ….I’ve ended up facing the disaster of losing my family land…and still I have marched on…believing, believing, heart beating for it…ever passionate…ever steady….until the ax was about to fall.  I then put it down…..switched gears…opened a small private B&B on the land….and still I fight to keep it….while the global project sits panting ……the books sit waiting to be completed….and the clients keep walking into the B&B…and the bank still actively wants my land.  
    The heart is beating…..the passion is ever there…but the fight to save it all…the global project, the family land and now the B&B to help save the family land… grows ever more difficult.  And still I can’t even discuss ‘giving in.’

    I’ve taken the cue, walked the talk, stepped up, haven’t ever given in…heart keeps beating…the drums keep rolling…..
    and what is the outcome of all of this?  The gift for anyone who fights for something they passionately believe in is in their sheer will to try….to really LIVE their soul’s time on this earth.
    Can we accept the outcome……good or bad?  I can’t answer that.  I haven’t finished.

  • Info

    Great post Mastin, thank you!

    Thank you for such a great site!


  • Trish

    Dear Mastin……great and timely post as always. for a couple of days i was struggling to take control over me. i know i have a lot of situations in my life with which i have to deal with…… theproblem is, my mind understands it….but dont know why i cannot make myself act in that way. in fact i act in the reverse way. May be i am not determined enough to change myself to a grown up being. your post always reminds me that….yah i need to grow up for myself…..i need to live a better live for myself.Only then i can find the love that i am searching for. it is actually hidden inside me….and it will actually show up when i truly long for it…..search for it in the right way. thanks to u again. wish me best  of luck. i really want to transform myself. i really really really do.

  • Maralee04

    I just love THIS! Besides aspiring to be a pediatric cardiologist. Every single thing is so true! The  heart is a profound and beautiful teacher to us all. Thank you so much for this blog. I’m showing up for my higher calling and although lately I haven’t been showing up EVERYDAY… I’m going to quit the BS and study till I drop for these upcoming boards. Like I say It’s all for the greater good. I might not like being at home all day studying but at the end of the day that’s what I have to do in order to fulfill my dream. 
    Thank you again Mastin! Many blessings to you! <3