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I just found one of the most PROFOUND teachers EVER!

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Consider this – when you go to sleep tonight – between the moment that you go to sleep and the time that you wake up, your heart will beat between 20,000 and 30,000 times – FOR FREE!

I was thinking about this last night after my Kundalini Yoga class: the idea that we get this gift of LIFE for free. Our heart is constantly working on our behalf to keep us alive. It works all day, every day – no breaks, no vacations, no days off.

Upon realizing this, I was kind of blown away. If you live to be 90 years old, your heart will have beaten around 2.8 BILLION times! This doesn’t include exercise and such, but THINK about that.

To me, our hearts are an amazing example of how we can show up in life and THRIVE.

Every day, all day, no stopping.

But no stopping what?

Being of SERVICE, of course. That’s the other trick to our hearts. It doesn’t beat for itself alone. It beats for the whole body. It beats for something greater than itself – and as a result an entire LIFE is made possible by this never-ending unconditional pulse of life that we ALL carry within us.

Not only that, it actually is a humble servant. It speeds up when we need more blood and oxygen (i.e. when we are working out) and goes back to normal when resting.

The heart is a teacher for sure. Let’s be honest with ourselves – have we EVER acted this way towards our calling, or our purpose? Have we ever given this much of ourselves in service to a power and idea greater than ourselves? If we are honest, I would say that only very few of us have. My aim for the rest of my life is to be like my heart. Of service, steadfast, unconditional, humble enough to adjust to the circumstances that suits the whole and showing up every day in service to the whole.

Where in your life could you take a cue from the pulse of life within you and step up? Where have you been lagging? Where have you given up or given in? How can you show up and be of even MORE service to the whole than before? As always the action happens in the comments below, so feel free to leave a comment and let’s keep the conversation going!

Have a GREAT Sunday!



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