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I know you got hurt – but STAY OPEN!

mk_treesWhen bad things happen in the past, we can spend so much time dwelling on what happened and protecting ourselves from it never happening again that we actually kill the possibility of anything great happening again.

Being alive means we will experience all kinds of things, with joy, love, pain and loss – it’s all part of life. I believe it to be unwise to shut down just because we got hurt. When we shut down, we prevent the bad from coming in, but we also prevent the good.

Good and bad stuff happen. I believe it’s more important to develop a strong sense of self that lives life to the fullest (aka letting the bad and good stuff happen), knowing that life is about living it all. Not just preventing pain. But accepting that pain is a part of life. When we accept that pain is a part of life, we begin to free ourselves from the chains that bind us and thus step into a greater world.

This doesn’t mean that we can’t learn from the past. Of course we can, and we should. But we don’t want to be EXTREME about it.

Living our dreams, living our soul’s calling means taking risks, and part of taking risks is things not working out. The Divine is stronger than any failure, but consider that some failures are Divinely sent. It is often the trials we go through that make us the person we need to be in order to live our dreams. And yet we spend so much time avoiding the trials that we end up living an unrealized life. And this is a worse fate than death.

If you want the hard body, you gotta work out. No questions asked. If you want the degree, you gotta work for it. No questions asked. If you want to love, you have to be open. If you want to make your dreams come true, you have to risk. But no one gets it right the first time. And most times no one gets it right the 100th time.

For me, I just stopped counting how many times I tried, and just tried UNTIL it happened.

Life is not asking us to curl back because we are scared; it is asking us to step up even though we are scared and to welcome in new possibility by taking a risk.

If you aren’t living your dreams, consider that you have no idea what it really takes or feels like to do so. So how could you possibly know what it takes until you have arrived? The only real way to know this is by taking advice from people who have already achieved what you want to achieve. Everyone else is just guessing.

And if you are in your field innovating or the first person to attempt what you are doing, it’s even more important to rely on your intuition. The Divine guides us – but we have to listen and then ACT.

What are you being guided to do? What have you given up on? Can you open back up today?

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