If things aren’t going the way you want them to – CELEBRATE!

mk_treesThe theme in a lot of my mentoring calls and incoming emails this week has been about frustration coming from things not happening as quickly as folks want them to or the way folks want them to.

Here’s the thing: we are on a spiritual path, connecting with the SOURCE OF ALL LIFE, and we think we should be telling IT how and when to make things happen in our lives.

In this age of tweeting, texting, instagramming, facebooking, googling, pinning, pining, longing and emailing, we’ve gotten lost in the outer technology. We’ve forgotten our inner technology. We’ve somehow began to think that The Uni-verse should be working on OUR SCHEDULE, instead of taking the humble Path and allowing the Wisdom of the Ages that fuels the Sun, beats your heart and breathes life into you in every moment, the chance to chime in.

Spiritual growth doesn’t happen on your schedule. That’s WHY it’s spiritual growth. It’s not about The Uni-verse giving you what you want; it’s about The Uni-verse training you to be who you really are, tapped into Source, being a vessel of Grace and knowing the only thing you really need is the connection to your Source, and all physical manifestations that are in your best interest will follow.

Sometimes, all the things you have put your faith in will be taken away, not as punishment, but as a way of teaching you that trusting The Uni-verse is all you really need to do. And then you think you have many problems, but the only real problem you have is that you are disconnected from your Source.

It’s like the drop of water that wants to surf a huge wave – it has to connect back with the ocean in order to do big things. It can try and try on its own, and it won’t be able to move a damn thing. But when it’s connected to its Source, it can be a TIDAL WAVE and it’s PUSHED, instead of needing to PUSH.

So if things aren’t happening how and when you want them to – CELEBRATE. The Master’s Hand is at work trying to show you a better way. Even if your mind doesn’t think so right away, there is a better way coming towards you. Stay open, stay available, stay in humble patience that the answer will be revealed and most likely in a way that you haven’t yet considered.

Live the mystery of life with gratitude instead of an entitled attitude. This is the Path of Grace. The Uni-verse will bring us to our knees, not as punishment, but to show us a better way.

A delay is not a denial – remember that and live the mystery!

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  • Dixie

    Thank, I need to hear this today:)

  • birgittaronn

    beautiful! can’t put it more succinctly than that… Thanks x

  • Cindy

    OK, so I’ve been receiving The Daily Love emails for several months now. I have had lots of ah-ha moments, but not felt moved to write until today. Today was huge for me… the idea of that which you put faith in, sometimes being taken away… and I get that… it’s taken 8 years for my husband and I to come out of the darkness of “that which we put our faith into” failing (through sickness and major financial loss), but we have stuck together through the hardship, as hard as it was to do that, and we have humbled ourselves, and come out of it richer, smarter, kinder, more connected, so I can whole heartedly agree with this post. Stay connected with source, and all shall prevail… Nice work. Cindy

  • Sheela

    I read this article and re-read. I am currently going through some tough times and personal difficulties. This journey is more like a wake up call and I am now ready to take the Path of Grace!
    Thanks TDL… Love is precious!

  • amarie

    Mastin, you have done it again. This is hard pill to swallow but it is the truth. It is a part of the journey. It is preparation, sometimes difficult to get through. It is teaching me that I am a life long student-teacher that have to learn what it is i am led to teach. Peace, Love and Blessings. amarie

  • Just discussing stagnation last night with a friend. Here’s the message I needed! Thank you Mastin for a timely post.

  • Lori

    I read a wonderful quote this morning by one of my favorite people–the incredible Maya Angelou:

    “This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before.”

    I use to think something was wrong if I felt I wasn’t mentally on-track with my “life’s plan” or felt any kind of anxiety about my future. Mastin has taught me, through his amazing posts, that NOTHING could be further from the truth. The problem was that my life’s plan happened mostly in my head…for YEARS because I was seeking perfection which made me anxious and mentally immobilized! I have learned, from Mastin, that anxiety means I am closer to moving beyond the limiting walls of my comfort zone that I truly cannot bear to leave some days. I now embrace being confused or anxious because things are really starting to happen when I am not demanding perfection from myself. So when I read Maya’s quote this morning, it hit home. I have never this day before and I have never felt the way I do today and I am really ok with that and it’s really good for me because that means I am allowing change to take place.

    I use to berate myself for not having had accomplished what I wanted when I wanted to or more accurately, when I thought I should have. I am learning it is NOT on my schedule, but it will happen when it is suppose to. I am spiritually growing!

    Thank you, Mastin and Maya Angelou!

    • I love that Maya quote! It made me smile when I read it. Thanks for sharing it, Lori!
      I’m with you… I also feel like I “should” be so much “further” than I am now, at my age (35). Ah… another opportunity to practice letting go and trusting the Universe! 🙂


      • Lori

        Hi Sarah–crazy that we always feel that we need to do things by a certain age or else we are old. I am 47 and now know that I have only really become ready to share my gifts because I now know they are worth sharing. I didn’t know that even one year ago–it really all happens exactly when it is suppose to. The more limits we put on ourself, the further away we are from acceptance and I really feel self-acceptance is love is they key! 35 is young, but even if you were 75 or 85–you still have something to offer. Look at Maya!!!! Can you imagine if she stopped giving and guiding because she felt she was too old–the whole world would be missing out because of a crazy, self-limiting lie! Let’s not do that to ourselves! 😉

  • Mark Deman

    Awesome Mastin,
    I have tried to practice listening to the universe more and have had positive results. My future is now evolving, not staying stuck in darkness.

  • So true, indeed. And, what a relief it is to know that the Universe has our back. I can see so clearly now why I had to go through all my “STUFF,” to get to where I am today. Patience is key.

    Speaking about today; I just did something that I NEVER thought I would do….FOR YOU.

    Not only did I expose a BIG secret of mine…my husband video taped me for my “More Than Friday” Blog. Sometimes our heart’s whisper guides us to do something out of our normal routine. So instead of my typical daily entry…I am giving YOU (and me) an… Oracle Card Reading.

    For years, I told myself that I NEEDED the cards, to get me through my day. I now know, It was what I CREATED while reading and looking at the beautiful pictures. The power is not in the cards…the power is in ME. The power is in YOU! So, where is SOURCE going to take me next? I have NO IDEA, but it sure is a lot of FUN! And NOT being attached to the outcome…makes the ride that much sweeter!

    The Daily Commenter,

  • Amy

    I love your message today! I think I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after spending nearly four years traveling along an intense spiritual path. At the outset of this journey, I felt unworthy and unsure of myself. I have asked countless times “what am I doing?” It has been beautiful and painful all at the same time. Some faith that I am part of the Whole and in divine timing would have saved me a great deal of anguish, but that must have been a lesson I needed to learn the long way. Today I let the wave push me instead of trying to push the wave.
    Thanks for a great post!

  • Chasity

    You hit a home run on this one, It reminds me of scripture that says, “when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.” -James 1:2-4 NLT
    Rather we like it or not, it never about our timing….

  • Two days ago I thought that I had finally been brought to my knees and that the only way from there was up. Not so. Today I was totally and completely brought to my knees. Now maybe the way really is finally upwards.
    Keeping an open heart and celebrating in full faith.
    Thank you Mastin.
    With much love, light and brightest blessings.

    • Keep believing! It’s tough when we’re thrown to the ground, but it is truly ALL for our own good. I know you know this, just reminding you. 🙂
      Love and peace with you!

  • Damascus Girl

    I have really struggled with this concept over the past few years. There was a time in my life where I REALLY believed in it, and thought someday soon I will have the clarity , or the miracle, or the ah-ha moment. But I’m now in my 40s and tbh its a definite struggle to believe that I am on a journey to something wonderful. There has been abundance in my life, but a lot of “lack”. The Universe may have my back theoretically, but I don’t feel it. Perhaps, that is the problem – because there is no one in my life who has my back — and its been that way for most of my adult life, although when I was in my 30s I was probably stronger and could deal with it — I am finding it hard to accept that the Universe has my back. When there is no one who has your back in “real life”, you are truly alone in the world. No love. No one who cares for you. I’ve never had a relationship or even sex. So despite financial stability, I feel the lack.
    Where does the practical come into play when we think about the spiritual?
    Morning thoughts.

    • Damascus Girl,

      Wow…thanks for the comment and sharing your story so openly! I agree that it can be more challenging to let go and trust the Universe as we get older. But that’s why we just need to work harder at it. I think as we get older we start to see the end of our life coming closer and financially speaking, we want to make sure we’ll be ok. I’m right there with you. I’m 35 and CURRENTLY have a very small income, from doing work for my grandma. I just quit my part-time job to get “my” time back and pursue my calling. I’m excited, but also scared… if I let myself be. But I don’t, generally speaking. I KNOW the Universe provides for us. I’ve seen it happen, quite literally, in my own life again and again. In fact, I just wrote a blog about it today, about a small example that happened to me just yesterday. But I TRULY believe that if you’re in tune with your Source and living your calling, then you WILL be provided for. How? I have no idea. As I’ve found out, it’s often not in ways we think. For example, I had decided to quit my full-time, well-paying job almost 2 years ago now to be a writer full-time. I had *some* savings, but not a ton. But I knew I had to make the leap. I resigned and walked away from the job and steady paycheck with nice benefits. And get this… a couple months later I find out I’m getting an inheritance from my grandfather. He had passed away, which is sad, but the weird part is I had NO contact with that part of my family (my biological father’s family) for about 20 years! None. I only got back in contact with them after my father died, and I kept in touch with my grandparents after that… though they lived several states away and I only visited them about once a year, for about 5 or 6 years until they both passed away. SO… I was NOT AT ALL expecting any inheritance of any kind. It’s not like I got millions, but it was enough for MY living circumstances, and to pay my bills as they were, for at least a couple of years, even if I made NO other money. It bought me time, basically. Peace of mind. It was the pat on the back from the Universe that I needed to pursue my dream. I WAS provided for, in a way I did NOT see coming. And I trust that I will be provided for again. In some way. Just when I need it. And I believe the same for you. The key is to take the leap! If you’re living in fear, you’ll create fear. I’m learning this too (and write about it frequently on my blog as I figure stuff out). I realized recently that my being SO frugal with money was actually blocking me from greater abundance.

      Man, I could write forever on this… but just know that you ARE being provided for. You just gotta learn to drop the fear. Live in love. Check out my blog, I think you might be able to relate to it. And email me if you’d like… I love to talk about this with other like-minded people! 🙂

      All the best to you!!!

      • Damascus Girl

        Hi Sarah, thanks for the reply to my comment. I was not talking about financial abundance – I feel that I have been blessed in that regard. But money is not what we live for in life. When I say I feel like no one has my back, I wasn’t talking about the financial aspect of things.

        • Oh, ok. Thanks for clarifying. 🙂 If you’re talking about friends/family/loved ones, I can relate to that too. I’ve had a life-long challenge to trust the people I “should” be able to trust the most (my parents), and after an experience when I was just 6 years old, I’ve had issues believing people really like me and want to be my friend. I’m finally seeing stuff for what it truly is, and learning and growing more. I think when our heart is open and we’re living in love, love will surround us. This I’m needing to learn myself.

  • Kevin

    Wonderful message!

  • Heather K. Jones, RD

    I LOVE this post! Thank you Mastin for sharing your love and wisdom. XXX

  • Ah, yes… letting go of MY schedule in lieu of the Universe’s all-knowing, all-love schedule. THAT is my challenge, but I choose to accept it! It’s something I’m working on every day, and have for some time. Thankfully, I can say I AM getting better at it… at letting go of control and trusting the Universe and that everything will work out perfectly and in my best interest. My biggest challenge is the TIME aspect of it. I like to *think* I’m a patient person, and I am in some situations… but when it comes to something I know I want, I want it now. I don’t like to wait for something I believe will be great. If I see something I want, I tend to go for it. Jump in. This, too, I’m working on. On slowing down and going at the pace of the Universe, instead of MY pace.

    “It’s not about the Universe giving you what you want, it’s about the Universe training you to be who you really are.” LOVE that!! Seriously, THAT I need to write down somewhere and refer to it when I feel that I want to jump or rush into something.

    Connect to Source and you will be PUSHED, instead of having to do the pushing. Another gem! Love it! So enlightening and inspiring! 🙂

    Thank you!

  • melani lavington

    thankyou for sharing this was exactly what I was looking for I love these lessons

  • tedge

    Just want I needed to hear. Thank you Universe & Mastin!!!

  • Mastin, your words “Sometimes, all the things you have
    put your faith in will be taken away…” particularly resonated with
    me. You see, in 1999 at the age of 35 I
    had a disabling bicycle accident. I went
    through feeling lost and suicidal to feeling that I had to strengthen my faith
    and believe that God knew what He/She was doing with me. It has been a crazy ride. Recently I finished writing something about
    God and how and why we exist that I titled “Unity in Diversity – a new
    perspective” that has everything to do with love. I would love to share it with you and with
    the people who subscribe to your website to spread the love. Please contact me at my e-mail address ( [email protected] ) if you would
    like me to share it with you in whole or in parts (it is only 33 pages
    long). And this invitation is open to
    anybody who reads this message. My name
    is Rodolfo Leon but I go by David.

  • Jamaica

    I really needed to read this and I believe that it was “divine timing” that this post came to my email when I needed it the most. There is one area of my life where I really want to see a particular outcome, but over the past few months I felt as though the Uni-verse was trying to remind me to be patient because what I want is on it’s way, but it was not going to come on my timeline. It also hurts to see some people in my life getting the things I want so badly now or even recently while I am still waiting. I am trying to realize, though, that maybe if other people are getting the things I want then it is only a matter of time until I get these things as well. Plus, I am trying to remain open to what the Uni-verse has to offer and actually just yesterday I told the Uni-verse that I surrender the need to control the outcome. It is such a confirmation to see that one of the affirmations was the statement I said aloud. Thanks Mastin for a wonderful post and I hope everyone here has a great day!

    • Jamaica,

      I have the same dillima right now, but my problem is, what I am trying to understand( seems like I go around circles these days wake up every morning with the same sadness that I had resolved in my mind yesterday) ..If the divine timing is at hand and it wasn’t the right time for me to make my plans happen right now and move to NYC, why did it give me those job offers in the first place, why did it make me to meet this sweet guy in nyc only to show all of these to me and take it away just as I was reaching to grab them? I have always believed in divine timing, that is why I have always tried to look at signs and see if the universe is pushing me to do something, so this time I am having such a hard time to understand; What was the reason for this to happen, and so far the only thing I have come up with is, it’s not always the divine plan but maybe our thoughts and doubts, ruins the plane and delays our intentions to come alive… And if this is a reality, it’s very hurtful because I see that I threw everything away with my own hands and scattered brain..So divine timing is not always stronger than our own power of intention maybe? Hope I would understand this soon..

  • David

    I almost hate to say it, becomes it seems others have said it too, and it seems almost cliche. But indeed maybe it is perfect timing for me too!!

    Would I have found a similar message tonight in my meanderings online? I am sure many other nights online I did not find meaningful sites etc.

    Well not to over analyze 🙂

    My first time here, and your message gives me hope.

  • Nathan

    The Universe isn’t up to anything—but God is 🙂 I’ve tried to find meaning in life outside of Him, but we were created to be loved by Him. Read Ephesians 1:1-6. . . We were created to be His children. The Universe can’t hold a candle to that 🙂

  • Jenna

    So the universe told me the exact opposite of what you’re saying. . . It’s out to make us suffer.

  • Love what you said Mastin, As I have mentioned my story in other posts last week, I’m going through a rough time, since my plans and my life crashed in front of me and I got a strong slap in the face… But I started to read the power of intention by wayne dyer and started to help me see a bit better, and that horoble feeling of everything has gone wrong is slowly going away.. My intention was delayed because of my own fears and doubts and not trusting myself and the universe.. My energy has to be in the same level of my intention, and until that time, until the universe decides it is the time for me, this is what i am suppose to do, to go the next level. It is hard I have to say, I have come so close every time, by being connected to the source, and it has always happened SO easy when I did, but the key point that I am figuring out now is; stay connected.. you can delay your intention by doubting it, by letting your ego and your thoughts disconnect you which the result comes as; “it was not the right time” The right time, is then you stick to it, and keep your connection, once you lose it, universe loses you, and waits for you to come back to it and grab the rope.. Grab the rope and fly high… I am trying to stay connected and not let my ego and anger of not hearing from my sweet guy make me disconnect from the love.. I am not hearing it because I am not ready yet.. Thanks everyone,
    I’m trying to experiment this power of intention as of this week religiously and see what happens, I already feel the difference, I’ll update you guys (if you’d like to read ) in my experiment 🙂