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If things aren’t going the way you want them to – CELEBRATE!

mk_treesThe theme in a lot of my mentoring calls and incoming emails this week has been about frustration coming from things not happening as quickly as folks want them to or the way folks want them to.

Here’s the thing: we are on a spiritual path, connecting with the SOURCE OF ALL LIFE, and we think we should be telling IT how and when to make things happen in our lives.

In this age of tweeting, texting, instagramming, facebooking, googling, pinning, pining, longing and emailing, we’ve gotten lost in the outer technology. We’ve forgotten our inner technology. We’ve somehow began to think that The Uni-verse should be working on OUR SCHEDULE, instead of taking the humble Path and allowing the Wisdom of the Ages that fuels the Sun, beats your heart and breathes life into you in every moment, the chance to chime in.

Spiritual growth doesn’t happen on your schedule. That’s WHY it’s spiritual growth. It’s not about The Uni-verse giving you what you want; it’s about The Uni-verse training you to be who you really are, tapped into Source, being a vessel of Grace and knowing the only thing you really need is the connection to your Source, and all physical manifestations that are in your best interest will follow.

Sometimes, all the things you have put your faith in will be taken away, not as punishment, but as a way of teaching you that trusting The Uni-verse is all you really need to do. And then you think you have many problems, but the only real problem you have is that you are disconnected from your Source.

It’s like the drop of water that wants to surf a huge wave – it has to connect back with the ocean in order to do big things. It can try and try on its own, and it won’t be able to move a damn thing. But when it’s connected to its Source, it can be a TIDAL WAVE and it’s PUSHED, instead of needing to PUSH.

So if things aren’t happening how and when you want them to – CELEBRATE. The Master’s Hand is at work trying to show you a better way. Even if your mind doesn’t think so right away, there is a better way coming towards you. Stay open, stay available, stay in humble patience that the answer will be revealed and most likely in a way that you haven’t yet considered.

Live the mystery of life with gratitude instead of an entitled attitude. This is the Path of Grace. The Uni-verse will bring us to our knees, not as punishment, but to show us a better way.

A delay is not a denial – remember that and live the mystery!

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