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If You Plan It, It Will Come!

Are there certain things you would like to happen in your business, but they haven’t happened YET? You might be frustrated, impatient, and just wondering, WHY?

Very often, when things haven’t happened yet, it’s because we haven’t done everything we can do to make these things happen. Have you really done EVERYTHING you can to produce the results you want to see?

I definitely experience this at points. I’ll want something badly and wonder why oh why it has yet to come my way; I’ll think that I did what had to be done, and now, well, it should happen, I should get what I want. Should-ing your life away is not only disempowering, it’s not very productive either.

Of course, there can be an assortment of reasons why you’re not yet getting whatever it is you want. I’m going to suggest, however, that one of the reasons is that you haven’t done EVERYTHING that can be done.

So, instead of feeling helpless and confused, revisit the situation at hand, and ask yourself – Are there projects that have yet to be completed? Are there to-do’s that have been patiently waiting to be crossed off of your list?

If you answered yes, great! You now have a new plan of action. If you answered no, here are some exercises to help you along the way.

1. Write down the reasons you think you haven’t gotten what you wanted.

2. Now look over the list – are any of the reasons related to you? Anything you can do to change the situation?

3. Sometimes the answer is so simple, we can’t see that it’s been in front of us all along. Start thinking about simple and easy steps you can take.

4. Think outside the box – get creative and write down any and all ideas that come to mind.

The goal of these exercises is to return the power to YOU. It’s to help you make the shift from victim to victorious. Playing victim doesn’t serve you in any way whatsoever. It leaves you feeling awful. It doesn’t help you, it doesn’t help other people – it’s really something to avoid on all accounts.

You are extremely powerful. You CAN make things happen. You know that deep down, right? It sometimes feels easier to play victim though – you don’t have to be responsible or accountable for your actions, you can put the blame on other people, circumstances – whatever.

Choose to connect with that little voice that tells you that you are a superstar. Recognize that you are the farthest thing from a victim. You were born with superpowers – they’re there no matter what; the question is, are you going to use them?

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