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If you think the path to least resistance is the way – THINK AGAIN!

mk_treesHere’s why the path of least resistance doesn’t work…

So last weekend was my first weekend of yoga teacher training at Yogaworks with Joan Hyman.

It’s been really cool to step inside the world of yoga and see it from the other side. I’m starting to see my life and my body in such a different way.

It’s funny how truths are truths, in life and in the body.

This past weekend we learned a lot about anatomy and the body. I was introduced to a concept called “The Law of Compensation” – which Seane Corn defines as “bending where you are soft, not where you are hard.”

The idea in yoga is that you want to counteract the Law of Compensation.

Without awareness, the body will take the path of least resistance to become flexible. If we are not SUPER careful, this means that our bodies will bend in ways that will actually hurt us, because most bodies are so stiff that the way they naturally bend puts the skeleton out of alignment.

So yoga, in many ways, is about activating resistance in your body, to counteract The Law of Compensation, which is what creates the stretch and space in the body.

Basically, left to its own devices – your body will hurt itself if it’s not given direction on how to counteract its tendency to take the easy path. In fact, if you DON’T do this, you WILL hurt yourself and create pain.

When I heard this I was kind of blown away because you can extrapolate this concept into life. I’m not saying that you have to do the hardest thing to be successful, but I am saying that success requires facing a MASSIVE amount of resistance in life.

If we take the path of least resistance, which I’ve heard in spiritual circles as the proper path, we aren’t really building our spiritual or emotional muscles. No one I know who is successful in the outer world or the inner world got there with total ease.

The myth of life needing to be filled with total ease keeps a lot of us stuck.

Here’s the deal. Life is hard. Problems are real.

But, as in yoga, with enough effort, awareness and proper alignment, we can begin to stretch and create a new body or life.

The key is to bring the awareness to create the energy in your body or life to be able to counteract The Law of Compensation, so that are bodies and our lives are in alignment.

A simple way to think of it is this: human beings tend to be lazy. We don’t want to do hard work. But, if we are to transform, hard work is a must.

But, you wouldn’t go into a yoga class with someone who doesn’t know about yoga. If you’re like me, you’d want to find the BEST yoga teacher and learn from them. Because they can see where you can improve. Perhaps not even in significant ways, but in tiny ways – which can make all the difference.

The same is true in life. We want to find people who are the BEST at what they do and then learn from them, because they can see where we need to make a small change that will result in significant benefit.

So, are you taking the path of least resistance in your life? How can you activate more energy, find people who know how to get to where you want to go and start creating a new life through hard work and applied effort with awareness?

Let me know!

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