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If you want to free yourself, READ THIS!

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The best time to create is when you don’t want to. The best time to exercise is when you don’t want to. The best time to admit when you are wrong is when you don’t want to.

Resistance shows up ALL the time. And you and me, we are pretty smart people. Even as I write this blog I am experiencing resistance!

I even stopped for a few minutes to eat and web surf before typing this sentence.

The key is to be able to master resistance. This is another Art of War principle from Steven Pressfield.

He sees resistance as the enemy – a tricky villain who sneaks up on us and is SO convincing, keeping us back from our life work and living our dreams. Resistance is EVERYWHERE. It shows up on social networks, organizing and re-organizing, procrastination, busy work that doesn’t accomplish anything, and excuses. Resistance shows up everywhere.

Our job is to be AWARE of where it shows up and consciously DIVE INTO it and kick its butt.

One of the most important things I’ve been able to do with TDL is be consistent! I publish every day. That consistency is KEY. If I only published when I “wanted to” or “felt inspired,” I would probably publish only a few times a month when I really felt like it.

But when you call something “The Daily Love” – that is a BIG promise to live up to. And I do it every day. And that consistency, that busting through of resistance is what has helped me not only build an AMAZING community of daily lovers, it’s also helped me develop a writing practice and a practice that pushes over into every area of my life. I model my writing practice with workouts and my relationship.

I show up every day.

It’s an amazing teacher, and even though I still feel resistance, I push through and make it happen. And every day I win the battle with resistance, not because I don’t feel it, but because I know it’s coming and I know that right on the other side of facing resistance today, I will claim my daily creative freedom!

So – where is this pesky bugger showing up in your life? And how can you step into and beat resistance today? What action do you want to take? What THING have you been putting off? How can you set yourself up to win and beat the battle of resistance today? And then make it a practice for every day? As always the action happens in the comments below, so leave a comment and let us know!



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