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The best time to create is when you don’t want to. The best time to exercise is when you don’t want to. The best time to admit when you are wrong is when you don’t want to.

Resistance shows up ALL the time. And you and me, we are pretty smart people. Even as I write this blog I am experiencing resistance!

I even stopped for a few minutes to eat and web surf before typing this sentence.

The key is to be able to master resistance. This is another Art of War principle from Steven Pressfield.

He sees resistance as the enemy – a tricky villain who sneaks up on us and is SO convincing, keeping us back from our life work and living our dreams. Resistance is EVERYWHERE. It shows up on social networks, organizing and re-organizing, procrastination, busy work that doesn’t accomplish anything, and excuses. Resistance shows up everywhere.

Our job is to be AWARE of where it shows up and consciously DIVE INTO it and kick its butt.

One of the most important things I’ve been able to do with TDL is be consistent! I publish every day. That consistency is KEY. If I only published when I “wanted to” or “felt inspired,” I would probably publish only a few times a month when I really felt like it.

But when you call something “The Daily Love” – that is a BIG promise to live up to. And I do it every day. And that consistency, that busting through of resistance is what has helped me not only build an AMAZING community of daily lovers, it’s also helped me develop a writing practice and a practice that pushes over into every area of my life. I model my writing practice with workouts and my relationship.

I show up every day.

It’s an amazing teacher, and even though I still feel resistance, I push through and make it happen. And every day I win the battle with resistance, not because I don’t feel it, but because I know it’s coming and I know that right on the other side of facing resistance today, I will claim my daily creative freedom!

So – where is this pesky bugger showing up in your life? And how can you step into and beat resistance today? What action do you want to take? What THING have you been putting off? How can you set yourself up to win and beat the battle of resistance today? And then make it a practice for every day? As always the action happens in the comments below, so leave a comment and let us know!



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Mastin Kipp is the CEO and Founder of The Daily Love. Follow him on Twitter here.

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  • Guest

    I meet so much resistance on the path I’m on. This post was a great way to bring me to confront it. With some people I would say to be very gentle with themselves. When meeting resistance nothing should be forced out of you, I believe you can meet it and confront it with love & focus and slowly it dissolves. The feminine approach works best for me when facing resistance 🙂

  • Ruth

    Thanks Mastin, I had an aha moment or maybe my soul spoke… I was great thank you so much.

  • Sherice

    Mastin, this is great and so timely! Just last night, my husband and I were talking about you and Daily Love and he said, “I wonder how he does it?” and my answer was, “He just decides.”

    The answer felt clear as day when I thought about you, but Resistance tends to muddle my reasoning when I’m thinking about me. That’s because I’ve been “feeling” my way through writing, but that ends today. Thanks Mastin!

    • YES Sherice! Awesome! Love u to you and hubby!!

  • Bonnie

    Good Morning. Perfect timing Mastin. I was going to climb back into my nice, warm cozy bed instead of exercising this morning. Interesting that this is prevalent behavior in humans. Is there a genetic benefit to the species. Did our Neanderthal ancestors procrastinate? Maybe an extra hour of sleep helped them bring down that Wooly Mammoth. So, who am I to question the wisdom of evolution, I can exercise after work. No, better not or I will start to look like a Wooly Mammoth.
    Have a great day.

    • I see procrastination mostly as protection, but a false form of it!

  • It is sooo nice to know that even people who are achieving and reaching high and really DOING  even have their moments. Thank you for sharing that. Your truth in that if you just did this when you felt like it it would be a few times a month is nice to hear. And also motivating because you decide to do what you do despite resistance. So thank you for all that! I am on the path to figuring out what my next step is and what my true purpose in life is and it is hard to be patient (but one of your last posts helped re: be patient!). I am feeling that when you are on your true path, while there is resistance, it is not as painful to push through it as it would be if you were doing something just to do SOMETHING (as I have done before, gosh knows!). 

    •  you are SO welcome Adrienne! :o) What are you going to do to push through resistance today?

      • hey thanks for asking!! 🙂 for me these days, pushing through resistance means surrendering to my situation and what is. while big change and growth is on the horizon, i am a mom, home with little kids (which is great, it just happens to slow things down for me a bit and i fight that a lot internally. although as i write this, i am thinking maybe that is a good thing because patience is what i need to work on!! :). 

  • Resistance usually becomes more than apparent when I say to myself ‘I will do this later’ or even worse ‘I will feel like doing this tomorrow’. The guilt feelings of not starting the task are masked. It takes more energy to do this than the task itself!

    Lately this has been listening to my French audio lessons. I’ve mastered the resistance by recalling every moment I’ve felt helpless because I can’t express myself (I live in Paris) and use this as motivation to just listen to 5 minutes of the track. Before I know it, an hour has gone by and I have learned something new.

    It’s hard work!

    – Razwana

  • (I think it’s The War of Art by Pressfield — Art of War is a little different 😉 

  • Racheleik

    I feel a lot of resistance any time that I need to do something that I think is going to take a lot of time, or I don’t know how to do it. Especially now, in my last semester of college, I find that I procrastinate homework/assignments (form of resistance) and it just makes things worse. I am so frustrated, but I am having a lot of trouble changing it.

  • Jennifer

    THANK YOU! I needed to read this, especially today.

  • Laurel

    Thank You for showing up EVERY day!

  • SustainableShanti

    The quotation by Eileen Caddy in today’s Daily Love was the best thing I could have read today.  I was recently told I may have to change my company’s name and it feels very soul-crushing.  But your reminder to never give up, to follow those feelings of resistance resonate deeper than usual.  The Universe seems to have answered my call for needing some extra outside strength to persevere and rebuild.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Dirish Shaktidas

    Thanks for this.. its really easy to say ‘I’ll do it later’ I have learnt, if I say ‘I’ll do it later’ I set a reminder on my phone to make sure I do it, without a doubt! Thats how I cut through resistance…  

  • Carrie_B

    Thanks for this, Mastin! Love reading these!

  • Angelika Kerzakova

    Now my new resistence is eating healthy. Last week I have made my decision and I am now working with a food trainer. it is sometimes so hard to resist chocolate and all the sweet stuff, but when I think that I will have to explain to my trainer why I ate this or that, it get’s easier for me to fight the resistance.

  • LOL. I am resisting commenting today. I have a bowlful of pistachios in front of me and half the bowl is gone. I have made a commitment to keep commenting DAILY.  Today I am not sure why. I can THINK of a lot of reasons and many times, I FEEL it is a waste of my time. Time I could be using to write in my own blog or fold the pile of laundry upstairs waiting for me patiently as it grows. My heart says to comment, so I do. Not always easy. I honor you for your DAILY DEDICATION Mastin. Pretty darn cool. Your Daily Commenter, Kathleen butterflymaiden7.blogspot.com/

  • Jaz

    Thank you! I have been following your daily blog for a few months consistently and it has helped me tremendously. You have a great view of life and how to deal with it’s challenges to bring success. Thank you again for sharing with me because you have made my day a lot better.

  • Joanna

    This made me laugh today because of the wonder of synchronicity
    I had a small battle today with resistance and it gave me food for thought.. Once allowed to tell me what it was trying to say, all was back on track …

  • anana

    Taking actions after actions and pushing myself haven’t worked. If I am not aligned, taking actions lead me to nowhere. So I decided to to do some inner work before taking any actions and am very positive it will help. 

  • Jun

    thanks for the daily dose of love & consistency 🙂

  • The more resistence we have the more likely it is that we are on the right path!

  • Joanlibot0205

    Mastin, you have helped me see things in better perspective everyday.. I thank you so much.

  • Hana

    You are right about feeling resistence I feel every morning the resistence of getup from sleeping and relaxing and going to the work. I need to getup or I will be late this is repeating every day and only strong people who leave the resistence and compelet living and choose the happiness to live 🙂

  • Janai

    I sometimes tend to resist reading (even your blog). But the thing is, when I read your entries, there’s always something inside me that can relate to what you write about. I’m learning  a lot from you. So I intend to read (your blog) every day even when I feel like I’m not in the mood. 🙂 I am forever thankful to you, Mastin. With lots of love, Janai

  • Dear Mastin, your posts are really life changing, I cannot thank you enough for what you have taught me through your blog and the daily love which you are spreading to the world. There are lot of things which I was just aware of, but when I read your blogs I understand all of them. Resistance is something which I am trying to fight everyday and your posts just add strength into it. I request you to give us some more info about the book called, The War of Ar, so that we can know what keeps us on hold while the world goes on.

    Your Friend

  • I have been telling myself that I will start a blog for months. I have been meaning to write a few articles for a friend’s website for weeks. I have been saying I will do yoga since yesterday. And have been resisting…today is the day!

  • Marie

    Last night, with the help of an amazing friend, I realized that I have been living my life from a place of fear. I was repeating a self made story of victimhood through my head every day. ALL DAY. I thought had been living with some awareness only to discover I  have been resisting the change and freedom I truly want in my life because I have been afraid of losing the very things that are making me miserable. The Daily Love has held up a mirror for me on more than one occasion. It has helped me to see some beautiful and sometimes hard truths about myself. I have been resisting LIVING my life. Thank you for your insight, persistence, support and Love.

  • Becka117

    I brought home work with me tonight in order to “catch up” to make the work day tomorrow less stressful.  I began my work, needed a break, took the break, and now don’t want to go back to work.  This is my first time on this blog, lead from Gabby Berstein’s site, and randomly finding this post it’s definitely a sign to tell me to keep pushing.  Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Ahmedhamedfilms

    That is very true, it happens all the time and when I resist I do great things and have great time, thx for this . It’s really a life mark for me to know so , thx a lot 🙂

    Best regards,
    Ahmed Hamed

  • ptc

    “The War of Art” is what his book is called.