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If you’re having setbacks, it means you’re on an adventure!

Jenna and I did a lot of travelling in 2012 – and have much to come in 2013! So much so that her parents got us brand new suitcases for Christmas because ours are falling apart.

Part of travel and part of living life full out – is that things aren’t always going to go the way that you want them to. In fact, if you are REALLY on an adventure – setbacks and trials are a part of the model and built into the journey.

I remember Tony Robbins saying, “Your only problem is to think that you shouldn’t have problems.”

Marianne Williamson has said, “In A Course in Miracles it says we think we have many different problems, but we really only have one and that’s separation from God. No matter what the problem area is in our lives, at the causal level that problem has to do with our own consciousness. Whatever our brokenness is, it’s reflected in a particular problem. That’s the area of our lives where we need to take a closer walk with God.”

Now – if you don’t like the word God, you can use any word that works for YOU. Don’t get caught up in the semantics. The word could be life or The Uni-verse, or The Divine, or Source or Jesus, Buddha, etc.

But the basic idea is that problems are a sign of life, a sign of being on an adventure, and you only really see problems when you are disconnected from your Source – otherwise they are always gifts bearing fruit.

Now – back to our traveling adventures. When I was in the music business and an artist manager, we had all kinds of people flying over the world at different times. And I’ve become used to travel delays. I even get to the airport about 2-3 hours early for domestic flights and 3-4 hours early for international flights.

This is part of a living meditation in my life, to keep stress down and to flow with life.

Well – when Jenna and I were coming home from Charlotte to L.A., we got up around 5am. I checked the flight status (we were on different flights). My flight was fine, but Jenna’s wasn’t. I called up the airline and was on hold and talking with the rep for about an hour (happy that I was up so early to deal with the snafu).

It ended up that we paid for Jenna’s flight, but the ticket never actually got confirmed in the system. So it looked like I was going home and Jenna wasn’t. This was not acceptable. So I got on the internet and literally found the last ticket from Charlotte to L.A. The only thing was, she was supposed to take off around the same time as me at 9:30am – this new flight didn’t take off until 6:30pm EST and we were supposed to be in Ojai by then.

I surrendered and accepted that this was The Uni-verse working on our behalf. Then, I bought the ticket. And what’s cool is that a few minutes later I got a refund for Jenna’s first ticket and it was the exact same amount.

So I was off early and Jenna was off late. She ended up getting into L.A. around midnight and our plans to go to Ojai that day had to be scrapped. So we went home and left the next day.

And all the while – thinking – no problem, we are being guided.

We got to Ojai to the house we rented so that I could finish my Hay House book, and it was freezing. There were a few space heaters in the house. And the only thing that Jenna really can’t stand is the cold  because she is so sensitive to it.

So we went back and forth for a few hours trying to decide the best thing to do. Do we go back to L.A.? Do we stay in Ojai? Well… there were no other spaces available on Airbnb.com – so we went back to the house. And decided to make it work.

Jenna could have easily gone back to L.A. and stayed at our apartment, but we didn’t want to be apart for the next two weeks while I finish my book.

We got the space heaters to work – but they had to be placed in the house just right because too many in one area kept tripping the breakers and the power would go out.

And all the while, we are grateful for messed up flights, delayed travel, freezing cold houses in Ojai and tripping breakers. Why? Because we know that these are signs that we are on an adventure. And that we are so privileged to even have these kinds of bumps in the road, because it could be much worse.

If I had been in my old mindset of five or ten years ago, I would have been complaining and resisting the whole time. But, I’ve learned to accept, to let go and to see all setbacks and bumps in the road as Divine timing.

And now, I am writing this blog on the first morning at the beautiful house in Ojai. Sure, it’s a little cold in the kitchen where I write, but who cares? We have each other. We have this time. We have this space and it even gave me a blog to write about for you.

So it can’t be that bad.

How can you see problems as gifts today?

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