Infinite Life Flows In And Through Each Of Us

Ryf-Van-Rij-199x300Science is catching up and even paralleling the discoveries of the subconscious mind and the inner world. It wasn’t always this way.

Infinite life flows in and through each one of us.

We just need to open the doors and allow the flow.

The source of all power originates from within. Most people engage in reverse thinking, believing that the way to deal with people, places and things is to react from an external point, when really the wisdom and strength to deal with these things comes from within.

We all originate from Infinite Source and Universal Mind. We are the expression into the material of Source mind so to react to external events from a place of Universal mind is to tap in to full potential and full possibilities.

The enlightened ones who went before us realized and took possession of this inheritance and they became agents of change and causation the likes of which the world has never encountered. They became directly connected to Omnipotence. They became aware that they possessed a powerful ability which had been long dormant and which they had previously been unconscious of. They shed forever the qualities of weakness, uncertainty, indecision and fear.

Each one of us has this birthright. It may be a lofty goal but it is still our inheritance.

Here’s the kicker:

We cannot receive it unless we give it.

Each one of us is a channel through which Uni-versal omnipotence can flow. But unless we give, the channel of flow will be obstructed and we will be cut off from flow and be unable to receive.

This is true in every dimension of life. To get more we need to give more.

If we are in a relationship to get love but not to give love, the relationship will not be sustainable.

A lawyer who fails to win cases for his clients will soon be sidelined.

An investment company that does not invest money in others and allow money to flow will soon be out of business.

It all reduces back to the world within and spiritual power.

Take away a man’s spirit and he is left with nothing.

So if it stands that if without spirit we are nothing then it must be that with spirit we are everything and all energy and all power whether physical, mental or spiritual originates from the world within.

If we look at the abundant Uni-verse around us and realize our interconnectedness to all there is then lack must be a result of our own limitations.

Trees are nourished, plants grow and there is ample air to breathe. Uni-versal substance is everywhere and it has no limit. So if there is limit in our lives it stands that it must be related to our own limited belief, faith and levels of consciousness.

It is the will of Source that we experience abundance in all areas of our lives.

So where in your life are you blocking the flow?

Would you be willing to give more so that you can receive more?

Would you like to honor your spiritual world more and live from within out?

Please leave a comment and lets connect.

Much Love & welcome Home,



Ryf Van Rij is a coach and creator of The Daily Way Home. Connect with Ryf via Facebook and Twitter.

  • Ginger Noble Sweeney

    “Trees are nourished, plants grow and there is ample air to breathe. Uni-versal substance is everywhere and it has no limit.” Isn’t it funny that we worry about money and other “problems” when we don’t worry about who is keeping our heart beating, and who wakes us up in the morning to live another day as our self? We are so trusting and willing to believe what’s outside of us – but we still have major hang-ups.

    So how can we identify what to give more of? If I’m experiencing frustration at the limitations on my life, how do I know what my next move should be?


      Hi Ginger,

      It is the will of Source that we get in alignment with our
      gifts and purpose so that we live our bliss. Each one of us
      was created to serve some unique function in life. Some of these purposes may
      have universal impact, and others may be as down to earth as volunteering at a
      homeless shelter or raising a child.

      The pursuit of life is to come into that clear understanding of
      your purpose. Finding your inner purpose should feel like the answer to the
      question of why you exist. Finding your purpose creates a great life, not just
      a great job!

      It’s ironic that to get clear on you vision and purpose of the
      future you may need to get in touch with the feelings of the past. We need to
      look back through the journey of our lives and become aware of the moments
      where we felt really free, and at peace. Recall the moments when you
      felt a firm sense of connection and where things were light and joyous.

      1. Find the common thread throughout your life of when you felt
      connected and light and happy. Just because you admire something doesn’t mean
      it’s your purpose. Something’s are meant to be a hobby.

      2. Create a purpose statement that encompasses you giving
      yourself these gifts as well as sharing them with others.

      3. Repeat step 2, making adjustments until the answer makes you
      want to cry!

      4. You have your life purpose!

      And yes this is a bit simplistic and this reply is way too
      limiting to really dig into it, but I hope this evokes some thought and gets
      your purpose juices flowing.

      Love & Respect,


    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for reading, Ginger 🙂 -TDL Team

  • David H. Breaux

    Hi Ryf and readers,

    Thank you for sharing your experience and the wisdom gained from it. Yes, the masters all share the same sentiments. I came across a notion once that no master reaches a state of inner peace and tells people it sucks. It is the holiest of holy and, once discovered, we give it away.

    Be connected to Source. Be that which you already and always are. Then, you will open up the recognition of Source in others so much that there is no “other.”

    With compassion,
    David H. Breaux

    • The Daily Way Home

      Thanks for the comment. It’s big stuff and yet it is also simple.

      It’s simplicity deludes.


    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for sharing, David! -TDL Team

  • Michelle Cabrera

    loved reading this and thank you! made my evening!


      Thanks for supporting my purpose.

      Peace be the journey.


    • The Daily Love

      And you made ours for saying this, Michelle! Thanks for reading 🙂 -TDL Team

  • susan huff

    So well said, I find not as easily done, not sure what is holding me back- but thank you for the amazing reminder


      Hi Susan,
      Its seems to be human condition to hold ourselves back. We need to strengthen our emotional and spiritual muscle much like we get our body in shape by multiple reps at a gym. It doesn’t happen overnight but is is a worthy goal post to aim for.

      I honor your journey.


    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for sharing, Susan! -TDL Team