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Inspiration from Within

What inspires me…. silence, nature, good food, laughter, a wag from my furriest friends and a smile from someone I adore. Still the depth of my inspiration comes from an attitude, a lifestyle and a belief in myself that transcends whether or not I am meeting someone else’s expectations of me. My inspiration comes from knowing that I am my own leader, teacher, guru, guide, trainer, whatever I need… that “perfect for me” master lies inside me.

This knowledge comes from following and believing that I was not the leader of my own life for years. I followed everyone… gurus, doctors, healers, diets, exercise plans, mantras, motivators and systems.  I followed them all and took something wonderful from them only to wake up and realize that I actually know what is best for me. If I were to give any advice ever I would say this… “guide yourself… when you guide yourself, you LOVE yourself.”

Inspiration is a seductive word… a sexy word and a deliciously sensuous feeling. To be inspired is to feel the bigness of you. When you have tuned into your inspiration, you feel amazing because you are feeling you.  It took me a while to realize this myself, but now I know we are far bigger and more expansive than we are conscious of. If you cannot see or feel this for yourself… simply believe it because it’s true. We have power within us so electric we could turn city lights on with our energy. We have merely bought into believing that we are weak and need to follow others in order to live happy lives. All of us have been lead to believe that society, family, parents, teachers, friends and media have the answers to what is right for us besides us. Guess what? No one knows what is right for you but you. So find your inspiration by self-inquiry. That is how I have done it.

Ask yourself questions about who you are, what you feel, where you come from, how you felt best as a child… be specific about who you are and who you would like to be…. who you would like to grow into, more than likely, is who you already are at a deep level. Your lifestyle choices will slowly and succinctly reveal the truth of you.

Here are a few examples of questions you could ask yourself…

What are your first thoughts of the day?

What do you eat?

How do you eat? Standing up? on the run? in front of the fridge?

Are you tired midday?

Are you grateful?

Are you drinking water?

Are you breathing?

Do you move your body?

After you answer these questions you begin the first important step towards real life change… Awareness… and that is healing… awareness leads you towards action.

For me that action is taken through the simple things.  Taking everyday tasks and making them rituals.  Making tea or coffee in the morning slowly, deliberately, even creatively, (buy a special tea pot, use a ball jar instead of coffee mug and buy an exotic tea or coffee flavor), taking time to be still and quiet, breathing… taking the trash out, watering your house plants. Simple tasks can transform your awareness and the more attention you pay to them. The more inspired you become to be you and the more you you are, the more inspiration you have. Create special ceremonies… small things that make you feel at ease.

I get up and I watch the sunrise… I sit with a parka on and my dogs, one on my lap and the other curled up at my feet, and I breathe deeply… I then look into the first sun of the day, (yes right into it… it is healing and safe the first hour of sunlight) smile and feel grateful for being alive. I remind myself why being here is such a gift no matter what the challenges of my life.

After I sit in stillness for a while, I get up I go make my tea… (a first flush jasmine pearl from china and I make it in a special red tea pot) and a green smoothie; I feed the dogs, make my bed and plan my day… I may then hike, walk, bike, climb or do yoga and I smile with each movement and breath, showing myself how thankful I am…. Thankful to be me and thankful to feel my inspiration.

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