Is it ok to share your success, too?

So there’s something I’ve been wanting to talk about.

In the last few months, I’ve been writing about what I’ve been going through. In fact, since the beginning of The Daily Love – that’s been my intention. To write about what I’ve been going through and share my internal thoughts and ideas with you.

Something that’s been interesting that’s been happening in the last few months is that there’s been a shift in some of the feedback we’ve gotten.

Here at TDL we get all kinds of comments. Most of them positive and grateful. But lately there’s been an uptick in criticism.

And I want to address it.

First, I want to say that whenever I get negative feedback, constrictive criticism or anything of the sort, I always try to ask myself if there’s truth in what’s being said. Many times, I’ve found that there is indeed some truth that I can learn from.

I find that I learn best from the criticism and I always do my best to not take it personally.

Recently I got an email from a Daily Lover that said the following:

“I have been a follower of the site for a few years now and it has been a great resource for a very painful period in my life, where I dealt with a painful break up with a girl I thought I was going to marry, coupled with tons of family drama and TDL was amazing, so thank you!

That being said, I know the brands popularity is growing but the daily emails which I used to wake up and rush to open and read is now something I am now very disappointed in.  I know Mastin has much to offer and looking for different ways to monetize his brand but the daily emails have become what feels like a daily blog of Mastin’s rise in popularity and less about adding value to those that supported his growth. “

This was in response to my blog “Freaking out in Hamburg” where I talked about my trip to Hamburg.

The first thing I’d like to say in response is that I’m so grateful and humbled that Daily Love was there for you in your time of need. That is why we do what we do. It’s the core reason why Daily Love exists.

Our core belief is that if we can all share about the struggles and inner truths that we all think and feel – but rarely talk about – then that helps us all grow and evolve.

The other thing I’ve done from the beginning is that I’ve shared about what I’ve been going through.

There’s been an arc in my life.

When I started TDL, I was couch surfing. I was single. I was trying to figure out how to do this online thing. I was 26 years old.

Fast-forward six years – things are different.

Each day I’ve brought the Daily Love community what’s true for me. And something I’ve found recently is that is seems to be not OK with some peeps that I’m sharing about success.

They call it “bragging”. Or they say it’s about my “rise to popularity”.  And many other ways of putting it.

My question to you is this, should I only share about my struggles? Is it not ok for me to talk about the good stuff, the success in my life as well?

Can’t it be true that if my commitment is to honestly share about my life, some days I’m sharing about the vacuum in my heart of being single (years ago) versus my first time flying business class? To Europe.

For me, both are true, both are things I’ve gone through in my life.

My hope is that you and I have developed a tight enough relationship where we can trust each other. And that it’s okay for me to share, not only about the struggles but also about the success.

Trust me, I know I will have more struggles in the future. I have sadness, mistakes, failure and all kinds of things in my future.

But I also have success, happiness and dreams coming true. My commitment to you, my Daily Lover, is to be able to share ALL of that with you.
I want the same for you, too. I’m here and Daily Lover is here for you in all phases of your life.

Also, I’ve written about this in the past and I’ll say it again – Daily Love is also a business. We have employees. We have overhead. We have bills to pay, servers to pay and food, shelter, etc just like you.

I believe it’s not only OK, but necessary for us to live in right livelihood. That is, being on our spiritual path, adding value to the world and getting paid for it.

I have no issue with this and let me tell you why. Our community needs to support each other. Help each other. Celebrate the successes of our friends and be there when they stumble and when they fall.

Also, as I share what I am going through with my struggles, it would be incomplete for me to not share my wins with you as well. I do this, because I believe that I owe it to you, my Daily Lover, to represent the full truth of what’s happening, rather than just the darkness. Don’t you agree?

Let’s get to a place where it’s okay for us to shine, to fall and to add value with products and services. Daily Love sends out tons of free emails every week. Free videos every week and tens of thousands of dollars of scholarships to all our programs.

Here at TDL we are here to give. And we are also here to build a thriving business.

And I’m also committed to sharing what I’m going through with you, no matter what it may be able – success, failure, heartbreak or dreams coming true.

Can we get on that same page together? I’ll be there for you. Will you be there for me?

In the comments below, let me know what you think about this crazy blog.

Sending LOVE,


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Take what resonates with this blog and leave the rest.

  • Sascha / Die Void

    Mastin, since I read about you lately in Rhonda Byrne’s book HERO I wanted to check your blog and what you do to live the dream. I am floored and inspired and I think it is even a duty to share the success with the world to encourage people, to motivate and inspire people. People like I am…so…thank you, thank you, thank you, may you have a joyful, healthy and successful week and be blessed with life’s greatest gifts further on.

  • Joybells

    I really enjoy reading your blog.

  • kaya

    Hi Mastin, Thanks again for your honesty…to me, that is what makes you and the daily love so special…i want to witness your growth along with your challenges…life is never just suffering or pain…we humans do have amazing moments that should
    also be shared…keep being yourself…keep growing…I feel privileged to watch you shift and continue to share for the greatest good….have a beautiful day!!!

  • 100% hear ya, and 100% with ya! Genuine human connection is about sharing what is real, highs and lows, not filtering ourselves. What I’ve always loved about what you do is the authenticity of sharing – all the rawness and inspiration coming out of both the challenges and the successes!

    • Mastin

      thank you Bernadette! means so much to me! 🙂

  • Frankie

    Yes, sharing from a place of vulnerability is often what connects us to others. However, in my own recent journey of being broken open by heart-break, I have had to face some truths. One of which is; I was (am?) more comfortable playing the role of victim.
    The deeper truth is that it is I who need to learn how to stand in my own innate power. The power of love, which is who I really am, who we really are. This means dropping an addiction to loneliness and lack. Learning to respect myself. To know what I feel, stand my ground and speak my truth.
    As such, I am finding support and inspiration from those who are able to do the same. So, thank-you for sharing how you shine, when you are in joy, when you succeed. When you know yourself in your true identity. Love.

  • suzanne

    Keep up the good work. I joined this site a couple months ago and can relate to a lot of what is shared – lives ups and downs. Both inspire me because I know I’m not alone in what I’m going through AND I get strength and hope in witnessing successes. It’s a community and I choose to participate. Thanks for sharing!

  • Stephanie

    I definitely agree, I think that people need to celebrate each other’s success way more. There are way too many times when we feed off of each other’s negativity rather than celebrating positivity. Keep doing what you are doing! 🙂

  • vicky

    You have to have to highs and lows good and bad were a planet of duality, it has to be that way how will you ever inspire people unless you share the highs, i dont want to hear all the lows I want to be inspired by the highs its your story and its well worth listening to. Sending you all a tonnes of love bombs xxxxxxxxxx from the UK

  • Andrew

    Mastin, we need your light to shine a way through our and your darknesses. In your stories, we can see our reflection. You share all of you at any given time and we can take from it what resonates. You provide a brilliant service, much of it free, and deserve to be rewarded. Keep on keeping on! Andrew

  • xandy

    Mastin, i appreciate, applaud and am in awe of your growing abilities to live in vulnerability, regardless the direction of the pendulum. like so many in this community, i too have had losses and heartbreaks — in the last three years i lost my home along with $192k into it, everything we had in 401 and savings to an unscrupulous financial planner ‘friend’ of eight years who fled the country with his wife and child with our life savings and the monies of five other people (he and wife both in prison now after trying to come back), a disastrous personal family circumstance with young troubled children and incredible acrimony, my father dying after debilitating neuro issues and brain surgeries, and the list goes on. truly.

    and, that’s not a story i’ve told twice in the last six months. because — at some point, i HAD to let the ‘story’ go. i had to stop talking about it so that i could create room in my life for new stories to happen. as long as i kept dragging out the old betrayals i was preventing myself from moving into any kind of new life. and that simply isn’t healthy. i DO believe that words and thoughts and behaviors are powerful, and so long as we remain stuck in the “doings” of our past, we delay being truly present in this moment, which of course delays new ways of future being.

    please, celebrate your successes, they are inspiring. remember in your body how awesome they feel and know that in this up and down carousel of life, you get to experience all of it. and share all of it! thank you for sharing yourself so vulnerably — you are one of my daily reminders to live life fully and wholeheartedly!

    • JPB

      Thank you for this line–it is exactly what I needed to hear “at some point I had to let go of the story so I could create a new story”.

      • xandy

        you’re more than welcome 🙂 new stories have the potential and possibility of more empowering outcomes. best to you, and abundance!

        • Samantha

          oh my gosh, xandy, thank you for your post. I feel so empowered!!!

          • xandy

            you are so welcome Samantha — i hope your day today has many successes that you get to share with honesty!

    • Mastin

      wow, you are an inspiration Xandy!!!!

      • xandy

        i believe we all are, and especially when we have the courage to be vulnerable when we share ourselves. 🙂

        • kristin

          Xandy, I really appreciate your share. I read Mastin’s initial post and felt similar to what you shared that some people may have a difficult time accepting when people want to release their “story” of being a victim and all the problems in their lives and take the risk to “die” to the old limited self, stuck in old beliefs and become “reborn” to their true identity that is limitless abundance and joy. It is often said that misery likes company and we can find comfort in others sharing their vulnerability. I can relate to this. I think that I have been threatened in the past when those people than move on and grow and find fulfillment. It brings up “what am I dong wrong” and “why cant I get that”? I appreciated your sharing your own willingness to let go of your “story” of challenges and move on to embrace your potential. I too have had a very challenging year with a serious neuromuscular disease of which there is no treatment or cure and has taken me from being a triathlete
          and professional health provider, to being almost to weak to walk or stand, and unable to work. I have felt lost and stuck in my grief of the loss of my identity that I have know. Mastin has been such an inspiration as he has at his young age. (I am 51) has been able to learn from his challenges and seek the strength from his inner self to find his purpose and then the courage and commitment to share the learning and growth with others. The 12 step program teaches us to share our experience, strength and hope with others and help one another as we “trudge the road to happy destiny”. I am grateful to all who have done this with me. lots of love to you and Mastin and all that have the courage to walk this journey. Take good care.

          • a4u

            Kristin, you hit the nail on the head. It’s all about taking personal responsibility and moving toward your goals until you realize them–even in the face of even tremendous loss or challenge. When you do the victory is deeper and sweeter and most appreciated. Good luck to you.

          • xandy

            kristin — i had to take in your story for a bit, and i am honored that you were able to share your story too. the loss of identity can be abrupt and cruel. even now when i live more frequently from my heart and try to come from love, it can be tough. i have begun to work on separating my ‘ego’ identity from who i know i am, which is that we are, each of us, love.

            i send you so much caring for your journey. strength, courage and the practice of hope are powerful allies in day to day life, and i send those to you as well this morning. take care with yourself.

          • kristin

            Xandy, thank you for your kind words. I feel so grateful that I can work with others to awaken to the truth about all of us that we are light and love and we can chose how we want to see ourselves, others, and the world. It is difficult to do this journey of life and awakening alone, so it is nice to have fellow travelers to walk with. Love to you and all.

          • Amber Higgins

            Xandy!!! You are a gem of wisdom!

            After years of venting aka complaining to my bestie about me and my husbands issues I realized, OMG…I’m creating my own misery on a consistent basis. I had to literally not say anything negative to anyone about my husband. If they asked, I’d give a short response, “It’s going good” or “Moving right along” no matter the circumstance. My girlfriend said, “You sure are tight-lipped about your husband these days.” 😛

            Things aren’t entirely different, they are getting better, but mainly, I AM NOT MISERABLE ANYMORE! Isn’t that where true, lasting, meaningful change always takes place anyway, inside!

            You got a problem in life and wanna nip it in the bud? You gotta ZIP IT TO NIP IT! 🙂

            Love to you and Mastin (I’m so grateful for your successes, it means the world is growing and getting better) and all the daily lovers!

  • OCEANbeauty

    Mastin…ur EPICALLY amazing. Keep doing ur thing bc HATERS will always hate. Winners will prevail..Living life authenticity, genuinely and w compassion will only make u shine, prosper and succeeded in all aspects of ur life.
    .keep on shining, serving, sharing & most of all ..LOVIN’

  • Maria @marvonhil

    Honest blog! Keep being true to yourself and sharing your thoughts, experiences with us. Balance is about hearing positive and negative. I’m delighted to have found The Daily Love.
    It takes courage, vulnerability and transparency to do what you do. When you seek to speak your truth conflict is obvious! (Jon Sobrino SJ) this quote helped me to realise in my life that
    some people will disagree and some will criticise. So what? That is their freedom! You have chosen a path of sharing love. It’s a good path, keep going!

  • JP

    Mastin, I have been following you for less than a year. Your daily communications are an inspiration. After some devastating, abrupt changes in my life, I was forced to take control. I did. I thank you for helping me with that. I find it funny that lately I am being criticized for being too happy, to optimistic, too “together”. I am with you, in hearing that others want to learn from my pain & suffering. I will sprinkle that lesson in my daily conversations. But, I know people will learn more from my positive than my negative. Continue what you are doing, and help me educate those about the Uni-verse!

    • Mastin

      awesome JP! that is incredible!! you should be very proud of yourself!

  • Jodi

    I believe the stories you share translate into something much bigger for each of us (even if it doesn’t match the exact state of our individiual life…meeting Oprah, speaking in front of 1000 people, couch surfing) when we apply it to our own life. It’s the overall message, the positive intention of sharing!! Your FULL experiences including the success and struggles makes you REAL and shows your GROWTH and it is exactly in line with the intention of your blog…To inspire, to teach, to love! As you often say….let us bond through the successes in our life not only the wounds! Keep growing/going Mastin!

  • Adirondack Woman

    I have never posted a comment here before, but today’is different. Thank you, Mastin, for sharing your struggles and your successes. I love that you can share your mistakes, failures, etc.; but I also love the triumphs. Life has it’s speed bumps and it’s nice to see the good too. If all you talked about were struggles and there were no wins, I would stop following you. Your triumphs show that you (and us) can go down, but you can also succeed. Rock on Mastin! You are fabulous!

  • Pam

    You wouldn’t be coming from a place of authenticity if both the good and challenging experiences weren’t shared. The hope would be, for those that have a hard time reading about someone else’s success, turn inward and ask “why”. What a great opportunity for personal growth! It’s pushing a button because it’s asking to be healed.

    • xandy

      yes– turning inward and seeing what i have inside — thank you. i also found that a few of the friends who could console me weren’t always the ones who could truly celebrate me…

  • Linda

    Hi Mastin,
    Your blogs have inspired me and helped me maintain my sanity through some of the most difficult times in my life. I applaud your growth, and I am extremely grateful that you have made yourself vulnerable in such a public way so that we can share in your pain, but more importantly, in your success, because it inspires us to grow and succeed as well.
    That being said, I also wrote in about the content of your blogs becoming less about lessons and growth, and more about your travels. I LOVE hearing about your success, and I recognize the need to keep the “business” aspects of your daily emails upfront. The blog itself, however, began sounding more like a continuation of the advertising that surrounds the blog, rather than an opening of your heart, as many of your blogs are.
    I hope this makes sense. I gratefully continue to follow your blogs, and I appreciate your openness.

    • Nadirah


      • Ife

        He’s just talking about his life. He uses his travels as examples to illuminate and share his struggles and successes. Perhaps if that bothers you then you may need to stay in the same place in your own life. Life is about change and growth and staying in the flow, which requires expansion. Use it as a guidepost to help you.

        • Mastin


          • jules

            It’s too bad that you can’t just accept the criticism and immediately jump to defensive mode. Part of loving yourself and growing is accepting your faults, correct? I think the original comment was referring to the overall tone of your blogs, not specifically blogs that have just been about travel. I have noticed a change in tone also.

            On a positive note, I applaud your success and I think it’s a great example of the work you’ve put into your personal growth and spirituality paying great dividends! It serves as a message of hope to those that are struggling that they too can achieve success (whatever their definition of that may be) with work on self.

            Wishing you continued success, love and light!

          • Ife

            He wasn’t jumping to defensiveness, he simply asked a question for clarity. YOU attached defensiveness to it. Check yourself.

          • Alissa

            I agree!!!! 🙂 I believe its just uncomfortable to hear about others success when you/I/we are maybe not there yet, or have insecurities that trigger a feeling of inadequacy…. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share. Its our own issue to deal with. I’ve been working on this especially this year. I was jealous of my husband’s succes as a chef because I have been at home raising our children and have put my passions on hold. I’ve always been super supportive of his academic and career goals, while ignoring my own inner longing to shine. Its caught up with me now, and its just a result of an underlying belief that I’m not worthy. I don’t believe that anymore, and I’m trying to undo years of treating myself this way. Others successes truly, ultimately give me such inspiration and hope that I can rise up. Pretty much any negativity to your posts Mastin are because its triggering thatfear/ sadness that we all have when we are really not in alignment with ourselves!

        • kak

          Remember Mastin is only human just like all of us.He shouldn’t have to appologize for or hide his successes, I’m sure they were a tough road to get to and you would want the same if it were you. Misery often loves company and is just another cop out and justification for their addiction to loss and staying stuck, rather than changing themselves they try to make others change and be miserable like them. Interesting.

    • Mastin

      hey Linda, in writing 365 blog a year or so, i’ve written 2 that are about just travel and what learned by the travel. i also write about where i am in the world, but aside from those two blogs, everything has been about the lesson. what other blogs are you reffering to?

  • shranna

    Hi Mastin.
    I think your blogs are great and whether you talk about your lows, highs, learnings, etc. I’m always eager to read them when I get a chance. So the sentiments shared by this particular person are not true of all. Also I think it is important for everyone to understand that after the lows there are high. People these days seem to find comfort in each other’s or other’s miseries or misfortunes. However, inspiration comes from learning of other’s successes. Keep it up! You’ve inspired me.

  • I agree. It’s great to be vulnerable and talk about how we struggle with the things we struggle with, but it’s also great to sing about the times we soar. Life is both. Painfully, joyfully both. It’s the honesty that matters and yes, running a business costs money. Fact. we all know that the best things in life are free, but a hell of a lot of them ain’t! Lovin’ you all.

    • Mastin

      thank you Melanie!

  • birdy

    Hi Mastin. I love your blog and its daily inspiration. Thank you for everything you bring to my life to help me fulfill my dreams.

  • Georgia Peach

    Absolutely share your success! Misery loves company and people who are miserable do not enjoy watching someones light shine as they rise to the top of their career. I am inspired by your success and your business. LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE MASTIN!

    • Simone

      well said Georgia 🙂

      • Mastin


    • Mastin

      i know what you are getting at, is there a way to talk about it with a little more compassion for what others are going thru?

      • butterchard

        I think that’s it! I am inspired by your success, by your determination to keep going and not give up. Maybe that’s the message you want to send. Love your blog!

  • Tara

    Today’s blog reminds me of a quote… “dimming my light doesn’t make yours shine any brighter” Some people have a hard time celebrating the successes of others when they are going through difficult times. I applaud you for sharing the good the bad and the ugly with us everyday and keep the faith that one day I will have my own success story to share and celebrate. Keep living your beautiful story and know that what is bothering people is a perception of their reality not yours 🙂

  • yasmin harrison


  • Anna Grace Taylor

    I totally agree! Life is about both and you have every right to be honest about your success as much as the times with you feel low. Somehow, some people like us to play small to make them feel safe but as you shine and allow your dreams to come true, you inspire many to do the same! Shine on, Mastin! You’re doing an amazing job! Much love, Anna xx

  • Dana Lee

    It’s inevitable that as you grow, your following will grow with you. Meaning- some will fall away, but others will get on board. It’s super inspiring for me to hear about you flying first class, for example, because that gives me hope and validates that it’s ok to treat myself well & that my day is coming too! I’ve seen several online professionals change their approach/their message recently & “come out” to their fans that what they were doing, they’ve outgrown. It’s time to move on with sharing the next message. Yes, they got some backlash, but to the people who understand growth, they got respect & props. Way to go Mastin. Keep sharing all of what you’re going through- including the good! It’s hopeful & it’s honest. AND it will attract EXACTLY the people you can help the most. 🙂

  • JPB

    I agree with you mastin! Your success is my success! I am a relatively new follower to TDL but what I am teaching myself is that it is ok and healthy for me to see myself as I am now and not as I was. Like you said in a past post (quiote?): you can’t help he sick by being sicker and you can’t help the poor by being poorer. It is so easy to commiserate by relating hardship or sadness, but it is also ok to commiserate by speaking of our joy and success! We are both our sadness and our joy and that is the wonderful part about beig human. Much love!

  • Monika

    Wow, that’s very honest and brave! I appreciate your blog post a lot, Mastin. The first thought that came to my mind was: it’s like a relationship – some are not meant to be for a life time. It’s purpose is to learn and grow, and sometimes it has to end if it no longer serves you.
    I found out about you just recently, and as I’m from Europe I love that you’re travelling the world and come to see us in Germany, UK, Spain etc. Thank you, Mastin!!!

  • Elizabeth Anne

    Mastin, you’re doing a great job! I will soon be 55 and this issue has reared it’s frustrating head many times over my life. I’ve had big ups and big downs over the years, and I’ve found many family members and friends from childhood much prefer me with problems. I’ve always tried not to linger too long in the problems, feeling there must be an improvement coming at some point (and then another down and up). It’s part of life and growth. I am happy, busy and healthy, living in a warm, beautiful climate enjoying life and my husband of 25 years, and 15 year old son. I can’t share too much with some/most family and friends because they feel I’m out of touch or gloating. Unless I have another problem (health, career, someone I know who dies)… Even though I celebrate their successes (which they share often, thanks to social media), communication often hits a snag or shuts down if things are “too good” on my end. I know I’m blessed, and so are they. I’ve never seen other’s successes as my shortcomings or loss. Everyone has something they’re dealing with in life, and if they can still reside in happiness and share that with others, that’s success.

    • Mastin

      you are so wise Elizabeth! and btw, I love that name, it’s my mom’s name!

      • Elizabeth Anne

        She raised a good man! Enjoy your life!

    • Lauren

      Hi Mastin, first of all I want to say I love everything you do and what you have give to the world through TDL. I hope you continue to go from strength to strength. My only feedback is some of the courses you do and the very high fees you charge for some of these. I earn the minimum wage at the moment while starting my business and I simply can’t afford them. The one I remember was the lady you were doing the business course with and all the free extras you were adding in, one you said was worth $10,000. This distanced me a little from you. It reminded me of Anthony Robbins who charges exorbitant prices which are unaffordable for the average man. How rich do you need to be?? I will continue to read your blogs everyday and I love what you do and stand for. I am on your side but please do think about the prices of what you do charge for and your readers, who might not have much but could really use your help. Thank you mastin. I am so pleased for your successes.

  • Rippled Purpose

    Our life is a continuous wave with ups and downs (experiences, emotions). Living an authentic life means owning your truths and expressing them.

    If you never had ups Mastin, I can’t imagine folks continuing to engage with you and The Daily Love. I suppose there are folks who desire that others vibrate at their negative level, but you owe it to the world to let your light shine!

    Looking forward to seeing you in Charlotte!
    #loveinaction #bethechange

  • Nora

    Dear Mastin!

    This is not a crazy blog, it’s a great blog, just like the rest of your blogs. I’ve been reading your daily blogs since the beginning of 2011, I found it when I needed guidance, and I love it ever since. I never felt that you ar bragging, not for a second, when you talk about your success. It’s inspiring and motivating, your path is a great example of what a people can do with their lives if they set their mind to it. Of course, not everyone feels the same way, but it’s okay, that doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong or that person does anything wrong. You just have different opinions. Maybe those who think that a successful person brags should strengthen their self-confidence so that they won’t feel it again. I saw an opposite example lately with another successful person followed by over a 100.000 people. She was always in a happy place, she smiled a lot and shared positivity, wisdom and love, but when she shared her feelings about a tragedy in her life openly, and shown her vulnerable side, many people unliked her page beacuse that’s not what they got used to, and couldn’t handle the fact that she’s a human being with all kinds of emotions. After that I liked and respected her even more. Long story short, you can’t give everyone what they want but those who value what you share will stand by you. I have never been to any of your events (you’ve never been to my country), I only got your e-mails and videos for free, and you helped me so much, I wouldn’t know where to begin if I wanted to tell you now. Maybe one day I’ll have the chance to do it person. 🙂 Until then I read your blogs and I’m grateful for what you and your team do.

    Much love,

    • Mastin

      thank you Nora, your words hit my heart like a big hug!

  • wendikelly

    Stay on the path! Remember the Spiral of Growth, it is only natural that as we spiral up and around, some will self-select to fall off when they choose not to grow any further. If that is where they are, then, that is where they are. The rest of us are right here with you climbing the spiral. Keep being Mastin!

  • Liz

    Ahhhh- the age-old monetized spirituality issue. Should those who are tasked with being “Teacher” seek monetary compensation? I suggest that perhaps the reader would not have commented on the blog of a guy trying to build a financial planning online presence. Something in our collective archetype tells us that spiritual teaching should be free and we have a strange (perhaps irreconcilable) conflict with those who are paid. I see a lot of power in recognizing that angst and addressing directly with the followers. I see tremendous give away at TDL and also a business that needs to thrive. I also agree this some of the blogs’ tones in recent months sounded like ads. But, I chalk it up to finding a balance that works and so I continue my support! However, I would not be quick to say folks can’t celebrate your success – I might consider looking at the deeper, underlying messaging we have around what should be “free” in this world. I wonder if the deeper teaching of our time will be found there?

    • Mastin

      very interesting question Liz!

  • Here is what I think:
    1. You need to be true and honest. I have felt that you have used my blog as a source for inspiration to yours many times, without any referrals even by name, which means that I see how you make money out of others’ content. That is not ok.
    2. I love to read about your success and your own personal experience, including creating a thriving business (and how would be nice to learn). The last blogposts have therefor been much better in my opinion. But categorize it more clearly, so that your promotion is separate from your teachings.

  • Smithy

    I look forward to these emails everyday. I have for years. Nothing has changed. You’re doing just fine and I think you’re perfect.

    • Mastin

      thank you Smithy!!! you rock my friend!

  • dalynfin

    Good Morning Mastin, I appreciate your honesty on ALL fronts. Your success, to me, is just more affirmation that when one door closes, another one opens………if you believe in something, you can achieve it………it gives me hope for my own future. I know from my own experience that when you are in a down tick, and that is what consumes you at the moment, it is sometimes difficult to see others being successful. That is the way it used to be for me, but I have grown a great deal over the last couple of years. I can see that there is truly a blessing in every moment, that my struggles all served a purpose, and I had to accept the fact that I TOO CAN rise above and achieve my dreams. I am not there yet, but certainly on my way. I realize that your success, or anyone’s, doesn’t take away from me. There is plenty to go around. I used to think it was wrong for me to be happy when those around me were struggling or suffering. I heard these words from Wayne Dyer and it changed my way of thinking on this matter, something like this…..”you cannot get sick enough to make one person well, you cannot be poor enough to make one person rich”…… I believe that a rising tide lifts all the ships. Rise on my friend and we will surely rise with you!

    • Mastin

      not only can you rise, you can do 10000% better than what I did. you have so much you can give to the world and I will be there celebrating that giving every step!

      • Samantha

        Mastin let me say I am grateful to you and the daily love. You have been an inspiration to me. I am from the caribbean and your blog empowered me to have my own tv show which i started over a year ago. I am glad to have met you on my journey. Keep doing what you are doing. You cant please everyone. People will talk anyway until the day we die and even after. Hey people only have 7 days to talk about me then something else will come up until they talk about something or someone else.
        Peace and blessings

  • jade10

    Thank you mastin for being honest and genuine and present with your readers as you address their concerns. I am a long time daily love reader and this blog was a great reminder that the human experience includes pain along with success and everything between. Glad to know that there is support here for wherever you currently are in your human experience.

  • Kate Harvie

    Mastin, for me, what makes the sharing of success more than a shallow, egotistical brag are the reasons for sharing. Those include to inspire others, encourage the taking of calculated risks, celebrate what could have been a struggle (which thus motivates & encourages those who are facing similar challenges) & the damn important expression of why one is in the business he/she is in.

    What keeps these shares from getting out of control is the frequency of their expression. This is to say that if a person’s tweets are exclusively or 99% “I’m so awesome & you need to hire/book/celebrate me!” I, personally, am going to turn a blind eye and deaf ear. I’ll learn whatever I can from the person/business & then bounce.

    This is not you. Please know that.

    And thanks for your candor & all you do via Daily Love & your own, personal work.

  • pj

    Ironic that your message today has been a reason I subscribed to two other inspirational blogs seeking further to add to my daily readings….you have done a splendid job sharing your messages that invite me to think further in my daily meditations…taking care of myself means that sometimes especially lately, I also find that I have to look beyond The Daily Love. I have thought lately (and I know assumptions are usually wrong) that when you have a “full plate” of other engagements, that the mssgs fall short….I have thought that “handing off” the Daily Love inspiration to someone else while you are off “doing business” may offer
    another the ability to spread their inspiring mssg. for today….having a “guest writer” as you have on your blog sub for you in your absence…offers fresh perspective..Let’s face it…we all need space to re-inspire …ourselves….understanding

  • Simone

    Hey Mastin great blog and I love your honesty and inspiration. The Daily Love has helped me re-think and re-focus when I’ve had down days, I’ve shared to inspire others and absolutely you should share your success that’s all part of the journey of inspiration for us too! Keep up the great work you do with such authenticity. Simone 🙂

  • Kylie

    Just a quick note to say that I’m truly grateful for everything I’ve learned from you and TDL. I agree wholeheartedly with your latest blog/daily email and sharing the successes. Success stories are different to promotion and making monetising. I just delete the emails regarding promotion ie. especially when it’s regarding a fellow spiritual guru. If I’m interested, I’ll read. We all have that choice. I have read TDL for a few yrs now and I have to say, I would be disappointed if you DIDN’T write about your success and the joys you are experiencing now. We don’t go through life to fall, we aim to succeed and grow and be happy. And seeing that arc in you over the last 2 years makes me realise what’s possible for me and everyone else. I actually preferred that Dublin blog because it was specific and personal, therefore meaningful…unlike other days when the lesson is more general and sometimes there is no personal connection of you to that story. Keep doing what you love doing :). And as you say, relationships are containers for growth.. So maybe some people grow away from you/ the blog and that’s ok too.

  • Shine your light!!! I want to hear how you are now thriving! And you nailed it; this is a amazing time in your life & there will be more challenges, I want to keep watching you rise up Mastin. It’s inspiring. Your honesty is beautiful. Keep rocking.

  • Jen

    Hi Mastin,
    Here are my thoughts on your blog and on the Daily Love itself. Of course you should share your success. Of course you should continue to grow and grow and grow and of course you should talk of it. However, what I have noticed and what I’ve heard from my own family members who have unsubscribed to the Daily Love is that the DL has become an advertisement first and a self help, community help blog second. I agree with this analysis wholeheartedly. It is not inspiring to have to scroll down the many speaking engagements and places you will be before finding the heart of the DL.
    I agree that your success elevates all of our success as I truly believe that one persons success is all of our success. However, again, you have yourself stated this is a blog for learning and growing. If that is true, then you also must understand that you are a spring board, a trampoline, so to say, to encourage all of us to reach our greatest heights. That is done not by being so high on the ladder that you must reach down to pull us up. It means that you continue to elevate us with your blogs from others as well as yourself to help us plant our seeds and allow our germination of dreams and hopes and success’ while shining you light and love as our cheerleader.
    Yes, share your stories, share your successes, share your love. Share it all, but do so in a way that allows elevation upwards, not pulling upwards.
    It is difficult for the seedlings to flourish when the tree is blocking the sun.
    I hope I have made some positive points and have given food for thought.

    • Cheryl

      I wholeheartedly agree, Jennifer!

    • Mastin

      Jennifer, I want nothing more than for you to live a life that excites you so much you can’t believe it’s real!

  • Jessica

    I believe if someone is coming from a genuine and truth place, they can talk about everything. It is up to the people who receive that message how to take it. Some of them feel motivated some get jealous, some feel encouraged…it’s up to them and it’s their perception of it.

    You show what is possible when you live your purpose and do what you love – happiness! And if that incorporates success, than you win 🙂


  • Annelies

    Hi Mastin, thanx for your inspiration. And I can only be short in answering your question. Please share you successes. You are not serving the world in playing small and life is about the ups and the downs. Ying Yang etc. Keep up the good work

  • Jacqueline

    It is only a reflection of their lives and not so much yours if people can not take the success stories as well. Please carry on to share your success stories as they are the ones that inspire me most.

  • Sally

    I enjoy your posts. I would review your mission and ask yourself your intention,
    daily as you share. Trust.

  • Bettina Buhl

    Thank you for sharing again! I think sharing your sucess is not only something you should continue to do, but that this is what does help your readers to grow themselves too! Your growth shows that it is possible and do-able to work through the “frustrations” and build something real on the long run!

    The other thing is: something that I feel isnt of value for me, might be the big live-changing message another needed to receive. So I make it a habit not to judge the value of something as a whole from the subjective perspective I have at that moment. And be sure, the time always comes when I receive something that gets me or gives me strength or a brilliant new idea….what if this wasnt shared because it didnt meet the needs of all?

  • Morgan

    Dear Mastin,
    From my perspective, the nature of your response and the fact that you felt a need to respond appears to suggest that you are taking the comments personally. The content and tone of your blogs has changed in a big…they seem to b a running dialog of your life, travels, and adventures with little content that your readers can grab onto for help or inspiration…almost as if you are writing to fulfill your obligation to your readers without much thought as to how your success, adventures, life experiences can help them…you seem to be simply reporting on your life. For me, that is the difference. In past blogs, a topic about enlightenment, truth, sorrow, grief, shame-whatever-was communicated from your perspective using example from your life to support the topic. The blogs did not read like “a day in the life”. I do not think anyone in the Daily Love community is unhappy about your success and I believe that most people have a great understanding of business concepts…but…the community is a community of seekers looking for something each day to inspire them or something that they can connect to so they can get through a tough day. The blogs have changed and the connection for many has been lost…that loss and the fear generated by the lack of connection is prompting criticism. If your schedule and the changes in your business do not allow for the same type of thoughtful writing that you have contributed in the past, perhaps Daily Love contributors become more involved in daily and a personal blog from you should become a weekly message. I think many probably feel that you do not care as much about the community as in the past because of the content change and that hurts. From my perspective, it is insulting to suggest that the community should believe that the content of your writing was intentional-that you intended it to be a lesson in learning to share success…if that was the case, you would have lead with something like this before beginning your travels. I think your blog written several weeks ago in which you requested feedback was more accurate-you do not have the time to do what you have always done…but many of our readers have not come into success as you have…they still struggle…and they are still looking for support…and new readers hear about the community and log on…they are looking for support…the blog should be about the community and what the community may need…not a peek inside your daily journal.

    • kim

      I agree. Before the content mentioned about what you were going through, but focused on some type of lesson or inspiration. Now the blog is about your life with one line of “inspiration”. But no offense, I don’t get inspiration from hearing you talk about yourself, it just gets my annoyed and makes me think less of you. People don’t like hearing other people only talk about themselves. Think about it in reality- do you like talking to friends who only talk about themselves? It gets annoying. It feels like you don’t care about what you are talking about at all and are just trying to put out something to read everyday. If this continues, I’m afraid you’ll lose a lot of followers.

      • kim

        and to add to that- i think we would prefer you recycle articles from your first years that are meaningful then hear about your travels or some other thing that adds no value to us and frankly is just a waste of time to read

        • Ife

          Kim, of course he’s talking about himself it’s his blog. His life is changing and so are his lessons and experiences. You may need to find a blog where you can feel more “uplifted” that vibrates to where you are in your own life. You’re clearly not ready for where this one is going and expanding to…

      • Mastin

        hey Kim, which blog are you reffering to? everything we write has a lesson in it, and of things people have called me, a one liner is not one of them. curious if you can show me links to the exactly blogs you are talking about here with one line of inspiration?

    • Laurie Purnell

      I agree whole heartedly with you Morgan. I responded with my own comment as well, like yours.

    • Mastin

      i know what you mean. when you give 365 days a year from your heart and soul, it’s hard not to take things personally. i am a love bug, afterall. thanks for that! means alot.

    • MissAdventure56

      Interesting to think about.

  • Nora Fitzgerald

    Your struggles AND successes are an inspiration. I started my own program almost 2 years ago helping young girls to build self esteem through dance. Every day is a challenge as I try to be an uplifting presence to help others but create means to survive. Your stories and journey towards where you are now keep me hopeful that with hard work and perseverance, I can get there too! Thank you for your ‘Daily Love’ by sharing your words and resources for free. Writing such a true, personal blog everyday takes a lot of energy and commitment. Much gratitude! Sending joy and energy to you as you continue your path……

  • Debbie

    Good morning,
    Thank you for sharing both your struggles and successes.

  • Cat Wilson

    Shine on!!!! Thank you for speaking on this topic. It just reminds me to love, even more, those that may be hurting or suffering in some way. I ask myself daily “How can I feel and enjoy even more, the love and connection with myself and all those in my world around me now?!”
    Love Cat from Wisconsin

  • Judy

    HI Mastin,
    I only became aware of the Daily love because of its popularity – Oprah SuperSoul show. So I love to hear about your success because it gives me hope that one day it may be me. The blog has to include some advertisement and promotion as it is your livelihood so I totally expected that and see nothing wrong with it. Also I love that you’re young and doing this type of work and sharing it with us. So thank you. I feel so many times people are uncomfortable with others successes, they would rather share struggles and pains instead of successes. I want to celebrate all of you so keep sharing. Let your light shine!

  • Peg

    The point of recovery is to regain our place in society. What would be the point of the deep honesty required to change, if the change did not lead to a better place? It’s like the old saying “god didn’t get me sober to starve me to death”. I think god has created an overflowing banquet of good, but it seems many people are to fearful to step up to the table. Step forward, enjoy the feast.

  • Kerrymcd

    I think it is awesome that you have turned a dream into a successful reality. I really miss the old format of the email and blog. I loved coming to the Daily Love each morning knowing that from the variety of contributors, I would take something away that I needed to hear. Some of the people I really enjoyed, I follow separately from the Daily Love now, but I miss having them in one spot.

  • Mona Hassan

    I’ve been a daily lover now for the past 4 years and I feel like Ive been on the journey with you watching you grow and succeed is such an inspiration to me as I feel I can too grow and succeed in my life by staying true to myself and working hard on it everyday. I thank you for being true to yourself no matter what. You’ve taught us that we will all have positive and negative feedback and we constantly need to evolve and change it up and I think it’s hard for others to change along with us as it’s nothing personal towards anyone and I think people seem to forget that. I admire you for putting it all out there much love to you and this wonderful community.

  • Yolanda G

    Each morning I look forward to reading the daily love. More often than not what you are writing about is exactly what I need to hear. Your words have so much meaning in them and speak truth that I can relate to. I’ve even closed my email and have not read through some posts because they are ao true for me I don’t want to face because of fear some of the points you make about life and healing I’m happy for your success because it gives me hope along with my relationship if we can be love and more loving in our own lives it makes our life so much better. I’ve used your affirmations to help me through some tough times internally. You see on the outside all you see is happy smiles and what seems to be a strong confident person but on the inside there is a storm, a doubter talking to me. I love how we can choose to be different even if inside you don’t feel it. Eventually those self doubts go away because of the change in my thoughts and choices we an make now. positivity is contagious…. Thanks for inspiring to me.

  • Lauri Shaw

    I love the TDL- and you are doing an amazing job helping people all over the world have a better life- thank you !! and also thanks for getting this off your chest and being so open with your readers.

  • Rach

    I am a free lance artist and your blog has inspired and encouraged me to keep going. I love reading about your successes. Your life reminds me that there is abundance in the world and that if we use the gifts God gave us and follow our passions, then we will succeed. Thank you for the daily dose of hope you give me each morning with my oatmeal. Your words help light the fire that keeps me moving toward my dreams. THANK YOU Mastin! :>)

  • Janet Ioli

    I am an executive coach who works with leaders to help them discover and uncover what it means to be a true leader and not just hide behind their title and authority. I believe tru leadership at its core requires your ability to be a guide and a role model– and lead yourself first. I came upon your blog a couple years ago and was struck by YOUR leadership– of yourself– and by the transparency in which you share your imner journey to find the leader inside yourself. Despite my crazy schedule, I have read your blog regularly and admired the way you used your exploits to guide yourself, and then serve as a model to help guide others. In my opinion– there are a few things happening for you now. You are experiencing the rewards of your hard work and also the strange jealousy that emerges from people when they can no longer relate to you. (Look what happened to Oprah when she lost weight– hate mail galore!). You are right to be taken aback. From my perspective– you are leading– and sometimes people keep up– and sometimes they don’t. But be careful to keep your ego in check– and remember the vulnerabity inside you is what connects to the light in all of us. You are awesome–keep leading and stay humble!

  • Kaylee

    Hi Mastin
    I have been following your blog for a almost a year now. And it was actually one of the first heart openers I experienced that began my spiritual journey. After suffering from an eating disorder for so many years always falling into the same traps that just pushed me deeper and deeper into my disease.
    It wasn’t until a donation only yoga class one random morning that everything began to shift. I couldn’t really define it at the time but something was beginning to bloom. Then a friend posted one of your blogs that to say spoke to me would be an understatement. Then not a few days later your episode on Super Soul Sunday aired and from there to now it has been a world wind of awakenings and just pure magic.
    The only reason I am writing all this because you have been such an inspiration to me and in my journey. You have showed me in those darkest moments is where the greatest awakening can happen if you’re willing to listen! And you were and it has brought you so much success and that too is awe inspiring, so I am grateful you are willing to share that because that is as inspiring as anything you write about,
    Please keep up the good, inspiring work and thank you for all you’ve done for me!

  • Holly

    I started following you about a year ago so came into this as your success has been rising. Personally, I think it us your journey from darkness to magnificent light that is is inspiring. Isn’t the point of sharing your popularity to show us all that we, too, can climb from our own abyss? I believe so. Look at Marianne Williamson whose quote you posted today, look at Gabby Bernstein….people who suffered deeply and then found themselves on journeys of hope, love and light. I applaud your success, Mastin! Good for you! As A Course in Miracles teaches (which I learned from Bernstein and Williamson) “inner guide help me see everyone as equal”. No one is better or less than anyone else. I hope that we all can support one another wherever our journey may take us–through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  • Susanna

    Stay in the light… stay positive and grow. That’s what we all want. Sometimes it’s hard for others that are in the same place to be loyal and understanding…
    peace, love and happines to ALL

  • MonicaAnn

    Just keep it up, the good, the bad and the ugly – all of it – that is what life is about ..

  • Lynn

    I think that you have changed and therefore what you write about is changing. However, this doesn’t mean that the platform you developed of followers has changed with you. Many people needed what you had to offer, and still do, but they are not on the same path as you or going at the same pace as you. They are still where you were when you started the postings – which is perfectly normal and OK. If a hospital chaplain is meeting with someone who has just lost a loved one unexpectedly – but the hospital chaplain has their own personal life that is going very well at the moment – the suffering person isn’t going to be interested in the successful life of the chaplain – to hear the good life the chaplain would be like rubbing salt in the wound of the suffering person. That doesn’t mean that the hospital chaplain can not celebrate and share their life successes with friends and family. The same thing holds true in the opposite situation. What if the hospital chaplain is ministering to a couple who has just given birth to a new baby and they are filled with joy, but the private life of the chaplain involves many recent painful losses. The chaplain needs to stay in the role of ministering to others, not burden them problems. Those problems need to be discussed privately. So, the question you need to ask yourself is who are you writing to? Know your audience.

    • Mastin

      if the hospital chaplain is sick and not able to make themselves healthy, they can’t really serve others, can they?

      • katie

        that’s not the point…at all. it means ‘serve self-lessly’ and leave your personal issues in a private place. that’s what all people who serve really do. I keep mine personal and go out and serve no matter if i am personally suffering or not. it’s not about me. so technically YES — I can serve others even though i am sick.

        • Mastin

          i hear you, TDL was founded on the opposite premise, to share what I’m going thru in an effort to help others not feel alone. so we just flippsed your idea on it’s head. many, many ways to communicate, Katie :o)

        • Mastin

          but for how long? it’s not sustainable, in my opinion.

  • Brenda

    If a person trips and falls would you not “pull them up” and help them find some relief from the pain or embarrassment they may feel?
    People are truly funny creatures – we resist change in ourselves and in others. To be there for someone’s failures is ego – it elevates us, IF we are unable to genuinely be there also for their successes. I believe one of our greatest lessons is to find compassion for those who are unable to celebrate another’s success, be it business or personal.
    A business, like an idea, without growth will eventually shrivel and fade away.
    I have been reading about your experiences Mastin only within the last 6 months and I celebrate your courage to be vulnerable so others can grow.
    Sharing and bringing so many wonderful thoughts to TDL has provided me food for thought and shifts in my own consciousness.
    I applaud your success and I thank you for bringing me along with you.

  • Cynthia

    Hi Mastin, I have been following the Daily Love now for just over a year and I love it, love it, love it. I feel that it is important for you to share your wisdom, heartbreak, strength, courage, success – all of it. Having said that I must admit that I much preferred the old format. It just seems harder to get to “the meat” of your blog and I’m sure I am missing out on a lot of good information. The previous format seemed to have a lot more at hand.
    Thank you for asking for input and keep up the good work.

    • Mastin

      hey Cynthia, thanks for this. I’m so confused by this. We actually changed the email so it’s easier to get to the meat?

      • Denise

        Posing your question this way is a passive way of saying Cynthia is wrong in her opinion. A few others have said the same thing about the format.

        • Mastin

          I disagree Denise. Asking a question doesn’t mean Cynthia is wrong, it means I want further clarity on what she said, in an effort to better understand from and learn from Cynthia. Many people say they love the new format, too. it’s all a personal preference and no matter what we do, we can’t make everyone happy.

          • Denise

            It’s not the act of asking the question, but the way the question is worded. Can you see the implication of your words? It invalidates Cynthia’s comment.

            But kudos to you for asking the question of the community, who are your source of abundance.

          • Onelove15

            Hi Mastin, Wow, this must be crazy for you. But in response to Cynthia’s comment, and if you read it closely..she never mentions the ’email’ format. I could be wrong…but I think She was referring to the ‘format’ of your blog. The ‘meat’ being harder to reach is the message in which she is trying to learn. That is why she has said she feels she may be ‘missing out on a lot of good information’ as it may be too difficult to interpret. I feel for you, and I know your heart is in the right place. Everything I have read of yours from over a year ago has helped me tremendously, and I know you will work this out. Your deep understanding of love, how God provides and the tools you will need right now: people to lean on for support for guidance will ultimately guide you in the right direction. My FAVORITE quote, I go back to when I need to regroup and go back to basics you provided for me: “ASK, BELIEVE, ACT, LET GO, RECEIVE!” onelove~colleen p.s.i also commented on my own if you read it.

  • Umm…yes! Of course it is! I think it depends where someone is in their life. For me, as an entrepreneur in my second year of business as a Self-Love Coach, I love to hear about how far you’ve come and how much success you’re relishing now. It’s inspirational! But I understand when someone is in a tough spot in their lives, they get comfort from knowing others are in a tough spot, too. It’s a shame that they don’t realize what they TRULY need is to surround themselves with people, stories, etc. that will inspire them into a better place, rather than wanting to hear about other people’s sadness, misery, etc. to help justify their own.

    Much love!

  • Anuschka

    Hi Mastin
    This is my first comment in your blog but the topic says I have to.
    I am on a similar point in my life as you are – I overcame a lot of issues or better said I learned to live with them and make the best out of it (main core: Asperger’s, depression, anxiety, low-selfesteem etc.).
    I started with joining selfhelping forums according to my 14 year long behavioural therapy – and I met a lot of jealous people after I made some steps toward the better.

    Many people only want complain and being jealous of others instead of working hard and reaching a point where they can see the light at the end of the tunnel – it was not easy to get there and I still have to make adjustments or reassure myself I am ok enough the person I am (my Dad told me for years I am worthless and will never have any success – well, I am not a boss in a company or something but I survived the abuse at home and am able to work – do I need more? I don’t think so). Those people also tend to put all the blame on others which may true (as with my abuse – for long time I complained about my Dad and his alcoholic antics) but one day I grew balls and was able to give this up – from the moment I started to feel “good enough” and worthy things went better and I had to quit the selfhelping forums cause the majority of people there don’t want to get better, they want to get pampered and show their jealousy towards anyone who succeeds. After some frustrating conversation and being accused of being bigheaded – I decided those people are not worth my (limited) energy.

    I think people like us who went through such low phases have every right to be proud of their achievements and to share them with others. Only narrow-minded people would act like those haters do. And I have to admit I haven’t always been the shining light I am now – before I started to feel good enough I was the same and when the thorn sticks back from time to time I have to tell myself I don’t have to step back into old patterns cause there is no need to be jealous plus also there is no need to be jealous about things impossible (children was an issue for some time cause would have never been able to have it with me and this would not be fair for the child) or wanted.

    I hope I could make some point. I am not a native English speaker but I love the language and I will never give up to be the best possible Anuschka ever (even with some backsteps cause I am a terribly lazy person but never feel guilty as I see it with others) – just be yourself no matter what!

  • Patti

    The writing has changed. Content is king. Inspirational blogging is what drew your audience. Things change. You are now coming from a different perspective. I absolutely think most everyone wishes to celebrate your success. However, remember what the original intent was of the blog. inspiration comes in different forms. Example: your deep writing from a painful perspective; Tony Robbins from a ra-ra pov; both excellent, each very effective and inspirational. I don’t advise sticking with what worked in the past unless it inspires YOU also…you may have to find a different way to make the blog work while directing your focus on the new inspirational you; it appears your speaking engagements are working as your retreats and online classes…this is the direction that you are moving into, so go with the flow. You have a staff-brainstorm with them and maybe find a way to work them both. Best of luck and keep up the good work.

  • asolheim

    Daily Love has taught me that you can learn from both the failures, and successes. And personally, I LOVE seeing people enjoy life, and having exciting expirences while living their dream! 🙂 <3

  • Sandra

    I believe there is room to discuss success and failure/struggles. That’s how life goes, as we all know.
    I enjoy reading the TDL. Truth be know I preferred the previous format but understand the need for change to the current format.
    Mastin, I don’t believe you are bragging or are trying to make others feel less about themselves. Based on what I’ve read that would never be your intention.
    So keep giving me inspiration through your success.
    I love the quotes and the daily affirmation.

  • Ryan

    The Daily Love is a business; it doesn’t have
    to be, but it is. Ultimately, there’s something inherently inauthentic about your
    business. There shouldn’t be, I mean, doctors get paid to help people without
    question, why shouldn’t you be able to help people finding themselves disenchanted
    with something in their life find peace and love? I guess it’s the idea of “buying
    salvation/love/peace/happiness” that turns people off. The value of the service
    you charge is very subjective and when the profits are used, in part, to travel
    all over the world, to some exotic locations even (which we here about all the
    time in TDL emails), it’s not unreasonable for people to question your motives.
    I’m not saying one way or the other whether there is any validity in any
    criticism applying to TDL, but I get why people are souring. You can do
    whatever you want, nobody is the boss of you (figuratively and literally, you are
    the CEO of TDL after all), but it’s ignorant to overlook the already suspicious
    nature of the industry you’ve chosen to operate. Perhaps be more cognizant and
    sensitive to your industry’s reputation, the activities of the TDL and how it
    may appear to the community. I dunno.

    On a more user level, the gems are getting
    harder to dig out in each email and not all of them are applicable to my life
    and what I’m going through. BUT It’s a free and if/when I ever reach a tipping
    point where TDL is not for me, I will simply unsubscribe. No harm no foul.

    Thank you for all the free content and
    community you’ve provided. I’ve found a lot of helpful skills I can use in my
    life and, on the whole, TDL is great and congrats on your success. – Ryan

    • Sarah


    • Mastin

      hey Ryan – when you say the gems are hard to dig out of each email, what do you mean? we actually changed the format of the email so that the gems are right up top and the other stuff is at the bottom. I’m confused?

      • GoofyBrit

        The structure makes the read more compartmentalised than before, whereby the key word, sentence, paragraph could’ve appear at any point in the mail. Now it reads a little as 1) word from your sponsor 2) some quotes 3) someone elses blog 4) some affirmations, whereby before it was structured, but never felt contrived through its segmentation. Sorry if that reads harsh. It is because we love it that we are trying to consult for you.

        • Mastin

          i hear you, what was better about the old format? many people like this one more.

          • GoofyBrit

            From a biz perspective, & in terms of crossing the chasm to scale beyond startup I guess it comes down to profiling of your audience. How long have they subscribed, what do they view, how connected are they to your personal growth vs broader content etc – you then target the message accordingly. Expensive, but manageable and scaleable in a single language.
            Those who have seen your growth (&drawn good from it) could see the new format as you honouring an obligation vs. your early posts that were your core competency. Now those who feel connected to you (via love university etc) want you to role model expansion through alternate revenue streams, however I do think a weekly (as was) mail from you is the way forward, with richer contributions from the audience in the daily mails (ie, guest bloggers. I’d oblige for free in the name of “contribution”…many others would). I’m Happy to expand offline, as I say, this is a really important topic for many “lovers”. Cheers.

          • Sage Draggon Elfe

            I miss the 2 – 3 daily contributor blogs. A good example of this is that today’s TDL didn’t have one at all. The new format does not have the picture thumbnail that was my key (as a visual person) to locate them, and now they appear buried between the quotes and whatever blog you’ve come up with for us. I love hearing of your adventures, but the biggest reason I love TDL is the feeling of Community. I feel that it’s been lost as the contributor section has greatly depleated.

          • jen

            also i don’t know if my email selectively sends some tdl’s to spam but i doubt this is occuring- but some days the daily email has no quotes (my fav part) or contributors or messages- just an advertisement for something you offer or like the one we recieved this past week about addiction. when that is our only emails, to me it feels like i did not get any tdl that day.

  • Amy B.

    Hi Mastin! (Hi to Jenna too!) I have been delighted to hear of your triumphs… Perhaps you would benefit from a more thorough study of the 12 Traditions? Specifically Tradition 6. Just a thought… Keep truckin’! Much love. Kindly, Amy B.

  • Ian

    Dear Mastin (and all TDL helpers) !!

    “Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing
    enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around
    you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest
    the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in
    everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people
    permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence
    automatically liberates others.”

    Please, continue to shine and help me liberate myself, darkness AND Light included !!

    All the best !

  • Terry Manz

    Mastin, The first thing I do in the morning is put the kettle on, say hello to anyone awake and read your daily words of inspiration, love, heartache, freedom, success, courage and wisdom. I have never commented on anyone’s blog but I wanted you (and your girlfriend and everyone who works with you) that I thank you for what you do and sharing what you know (whether it was B-school –WOW fantastic game changer as you would say or someone you have come into contact with). The Joseph Campbell, follow your bliss course was insightful and moved me along my path. As I see it we are all in it together and the sensitivity of those that are struggling with your success are just as worthy to voice their concerns. I like what Marie Foleo said on one of her videos, she has someone shield her from the more negative ones, perhaps the underlying thread can be shared with you as we need a balance of the super positive and super negative.
    Mastin, we are all part of your journey (and you let us in very vulnerably) as you are ours, keep walking and speaking. There is beauty and healing in your words whether you are inspiring us through struggles or successes. Love, Terry from West Vancouver, beautiful British Columbia.

  • Beth Orchard

    Here’s my 2 cents. I have been living with a poverty mindset my whole life. I grew up on welfare and listened to the negative voices of everyone around me only to see that they weren’t successful. I had no idea what success even looked like in marriage, interpersonal relationships, career or life. I grew up believing I wanted more but not really having people believe in me and want to keep me down with them. Here’s what I’ve learned now that I’m 34, married to a great guy, looking to start a family yet still struggling in my career even after 2 Master’s degrees, living abroad and seeking affirmation I can and will be successful.

    IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU, IT’S ABOUT THEM. People LOVE to keep you down at their level because it makes them feel better about not doing what they should do (and CAN DO) to be a success. People love the stories about an underdog but the minute you get a bit of success they turn around and bite you. I think we as a culture are all about supporting you while you’re down but the minute you get up you get kicked again. I’ve seen this in people who live in poverty, homelessness and with mental health issues. They come to identify themselves as what they lack (money, health, etc) and they are affirmed in this by the establishments set up to help them but they are going through a revolving door of treatment, medicine, but never get to recovery.

    At the end of the day, YOU know where you’ve been, where you’re going and who you want to take with you. The people who love the advice and support you will go on this journey with you, highs or lows. Those are the true supporters who will stay with you even when you’re flying high.

    I will say though that you have to be careful what you put out there and how you say it. Having said that, nobody has a right to tear anyone else down for being successful. Let’s learn from one another and learn to be successful TOGETHER in a SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY. I’m getting ready to start coach training to fulfill my dream and I look forward to traveling with you on this journey.

  • Alexis Rhino Willis

    Hey Mastin
    This is email really struck me. I have been dealing with a lot of negativity around my wins lately as well. I want to say it is sooo important that you share both struggles and wins! When you talk about your travels and your good relationships, it gives me great hope and inspiration. When you talk about your struggles I know we are a community of people working through it. I know that your life is working out well, taking advice from someone that can walk the way not just talk the way is so great. Thank you for that and everything you do! A NOTE : the comment about the first class plane has actually been on my mind since I have read it, it impacted me to realize my worth and it made me realize that you are a humble person. Do not take what they say personally and take your own advice! If I have your attention I would also like to say I have a very very hard time waking up in the morning because I have so much to do all day, while I launch my art business. The daily love is the ONLY thing that can wake me up. so thank you

  • Carlina

    I want the positive, it’s nice to hear you can get out of this dark hole. It’s nice to hear that if you set an intention, with patients, it will come true, sometimes it feels like it takes forever, and sometimes it does. And I will say, someone leaving negative feedback has not been learning and growing, they are still stuck, and that is their own fault. If you can’t read something positive about another person and your first thought be, wow, that’s very cool, I’m going to make my dreams come true, than you have still got some growing to do. I have found for myself, when I journal at night, I’m excited to record all the positive fun things about the day. And if something negative comes up, I think, it wasn’t near as awesome as …. That is what the daily love has given me, and I will always be grateful. We need to be building each up, not cutting each down because we need more.

  • Vic

    Something that has always guided me was Oprah saying that if a little black girl born in Mississippi in the 50s could achieve what she has achieved then anyone can. So I believe that if ready to hear it then listening to how others have made it is encouraging. Otherwise it would be like reading a parenting book from a single woman without children. I read your blog to be inspired not to commiserate. Thank you for taking the time daily. Love.

  • Diane

    Hi Mastin,
    I agree with you, if you share you must share the whole.
    I am not a psychologist, but I have struggled with success and others success. Humans tend to come together to aid others. Isn’t the saying “misery loves company”. But very few of us where ever taught how to share and celebrate success. I was raised old school, if you speak of the positive you were conceited and self centered. So it is very difficult to express and share successes. It is almost taboo to speak of getting a promotion, an upgrade to anyone outside your immediate circle.
    Mastin, I believe you and your Daily Lovers just helped me with a few issues of my own. This just proves we can even learn from success.
    Please continue to share as you do. We need the light in the darkness.

  • Susan

    I think you are missing her point. The feedback is related to The Daily LOve and the fact that the content is less inspiring. You no longer send the contributors in the email – we have to go to the website to find them. The Daily Love emails don’t show up some days and show up late other days. It used to be consistent. As someone too too looks forward to being inspired from TDL, I am super happy for your success but find TDL less thoughtful, conistent and inspiring. I would loke to old TDL back in conjuction with your success!

  • Sandy Hansen

    Yes, very interesting.
    I think sometimes people don’t like to see someone who they have come to know as a fellow “sufferer”, not suffering.

    It can make them feel less about themselves because THEY are still committed to suffering and it heightens their guilt of staying locked in that story.
    When one of us has success, that is proof that it is possible for ALL of us. Too often we see another’s success as an indication that there is less of it available for the rest of us. I’ve been guilty of being on that side of the fence. It’s when I’m not being my best self.

  • Susan

    Mastin, I too have struggled with the changes. I too always looked forward to my daily TDL email being in my inbox when I woke up and now days that isn’t always the case. I also miss the links to other bloggers I enjoy. It’s the inconsistencies that bug me. Some days no email at all, and some days just a plug for some one else’s event. Do I miss what was, of course. It fed me at a time in my life when I needed your wisdom to start my day.
    However I know change is inevitable and have to look at my resistance and learn from it. I too have to grow and become more comfortable with variability and change in all aspects of my life. I personally enjoy your blogs about your success and travels and am grateful more people are able to benefit from your wisdom.

    However, if you asked if I miss the “old” days, I’d have to say yes:). I also fear that you run the risk with too much change of loosing what drew people to you in the first place.

    Love and hugs

  • Lucinda

    Thanks Mastin for today’s blog post. Marianne’s quote is one of my favorites, because it reminds me that I have so much more to offer than I think I do. We all do. I love that you share your ups and downs. That’s life. Keep sharing it all, and making money doing it. That’s such a great encouragement to me.

  • Teresa

    I too struggle with sharing my success. It does feel like bragging. I am proud of you for talking about your successes. You deserve them. You worked hard for them. I hope that everyone who feels that your “tone” has changed on these daily emails can find a way to still get what they need from them. I have. I just today realized that because of you I can share my successes without feeling like I’m bragging. Thank you Mastin.

  • Priya

    Dear Mastin,

    I read your blogs daily
    (it’s one of the few if any that I do) and I very much enjoy your heart-to-heart
    emails in the form of these beautiful little nuggets. Part of the beauty and
    joy (and challenge) of life is moving from the duality of ‘the hard way’ into ‘the
    easy way’, one that is gradually filled with more abundance and even material
    growth that rises alongside spititual growth. We as a society are addicted to
    the struggle, the difficulties and the pain (been there), and there is a time
    when as one of your commenters below said, you have to let go of ‘the story of
    struggle’ to make room for the good stuff.

    There’s also a conception
    out there that spiritual advice should be free for the teacher to be considered
    worthy or moral somehow. Why should it be free? Your emails are already free
    and what’s the issue if you’re marketing a few spiritual services or courses
    here or there? Why should we pay CEO’s of cereal, sports and electronic
    companies billions of dollars yet gasp if we’re asked to pay for a spiritual
    conference etc? We can always say no. Why is it ok to read about luxury
    lifestyles of celebrities and yet not allow spiritual teachers a little luxury?
    Is it because (as someone once told me) we let spiritual teachers closer to our
    hearts and once they cross this invisible line, we think their services should be

    I feel a difference when I
    share good news with certain friends and extended family – there’s an almost
    instant withdrawal as though I’m bragging and it’s disconnecting to them. I believe
    that people on a similar wavelength will continue to connect with you and you’ll
    repel the ones that are not on the same vibe – nothing wrong with any of that. You’re
    not an automated message service – you’re a living, breathing, growing soul who
    is moving forward like all of us – and sharing insights and advice that seem
    (to me) to come at the perfect times – I’m thrilled that you’re living well and
    reaping the fruits of your dreams and actions, we need to hear more stories
    like these – let’s celebrate our
    successes together. Love from Toronto.

  • Beaut

    Hey Mastin, thanks for sharing! I agree that writing about yourself and your life includes everything, as I say ‘farts and all’, the challenges and the success. The first lets us learn with you, the second lets us cheer for you, and be inspired to also dream and make them real. Yes, I also feel a change in the Daily Love, and that is good to me. We’re all changing… into our very best versions of ourselves. You go, guy! <3

  • Rebecca

    I’ve been following since early days as well and while I don’t read every single day, as I once did, I find life is just like that: it ebbs and flows. I’m in a good place lately as well; following my path, finding fulfillment, surrounded by amazing people. It’s wonderful to share in success with others and build off of each other’s momentum. It’s also so important to support one another through the good, not just the bad. Perhaps it’s more difficult for others to fully comprehend that when others succeed it is a shared achievement. None of us gets anywhere alone, no matter how much we may try. So I revel in your success, your excitement for what you’re doing and for life – it reminds me to keep following my path. Those who are struggling to get to that place just have more work to do yet. And of course, even when I find it difficult not to get annoyed or upset with someone who doesn’t find themselves in a place to be supportive of the good stuff (not just the dark stuff), I remind myself I’ve also been in that place and I need to be compassionate as they grow, so they too will one day see that we share collective accomplishments. One day they will get it.

  • Lise

    Hey Mastin, I’ve been a TDL reader for just over a year now. I thought I found the greatest thing when I found you! I have recently taken a 5 week, online class that you offered, and was able to witness a profound change, in a class members shift of perspective, from being a victim, stuck in the yucky feelings from her traumatic past, to someone who can face those feelings, and view the hurt, from a new angle, so she could slowly rise above it, to be empowered, to change her thought process, and stop playing the story that had her stuck for so many years. I also had a similar experience, as I hope most class members did. What a gift to be given the tools on how to help change our life and ease our suffering, and for that I truly grateful to you. I’ve learned, and still learn so much from your honest, heartfelt, passionate, e-mails, that I sincerely look forward to everyday.
    That being said, I feel bad to have to agree with some of the other TDL readers. I’m not as excited to open the e-mails. I’m still learning everyday, about myself, and how to make my way through life. I look forward to getting as many tools as I can, to help in my endeavours. I am very happy for you, I get that you’re excited to share, but I guess it’s not exactly what I’m needing, to help empower me. Maybe it is your audience, that isn’t changing and growing with you, as someone previously mentioned, or maybe the balance of the e-mail is off. It ultimately comes down to what you want, and the direction you need to go in. You are a smart guy, you got this! Love ya!

    • Mastin

      thanks for that Lisa – what do you need?

    • Lise

      Hmm…what do I need. I need to be seen, and heard, to find like minded individuals, that show me love, and support me, and who will celebrate with me……OOOOO, that’s probably all you want too… Sorry buddy! Scratch what I said in my previous post…keep doing what you’re doing! If you were in my circle of friends, I would not expect you to alter or omit your conversations to please me or to not express your JOY! I’m soo proud of me for getting it!! Light bulb. Hehe

  • kaysee

    There is always going to be challenges, regardless of where you are, how successful you are and you ran into one!

    I think you are awesome, keep it up! It is human nature to feel uncomfortable at people’s successes. Sometimes people connect differently under different circumstances.

    I have been telling you for years that you helped me through a dark time and a hard break up, in a way you saved my life, because , honestly, it was really dark. You were the only thing in the morning I looked forward to. Now, I am better and you are successful and inspiring, showing me that I too can rise up and be my best! I am not there yet… lol…but I am still going to always try. Always love to you.

  • Denise

    You know……. I know criticism is good and we all can learn from criticism but come on!!!! Sometimes things last for just a season. What works for us today, may not work for us tomorrow. Take it with a grain of salt. One monkey does not stop the show!
    I do have to agree with some of the readers about the layout. perhaps there is a better layout. Sometimes I want to read the blog and then look to see where you are speaking or what other speakers I can learn from. Other than that…. I think you are Fantastic! I have learned so much from your blogs; especially the topic about finding your tribe. That really hit home for me. Keep up the good work!
    Peace and Blessings

  • Sandra Bowie

    Shine On!

  • Ruth

    Hello Mastin I have been an avid reader of your blog less than a year. It inspires me whenever you write about your current growth aha moments. I believe and know it is very okay to write of your good and bad moments of growth in your life. Because we are human beings we will have both good and bad stuff happen. And it is wonderful to express both. because both are inspiring I look forward to hear about whatever will flow from that sincere place in your heart. love, Ruth

  • Susan


    • Mastin

      hey Susan!

  • Cynthia rodriguez

    My Dearest Mastin! I too rushed to your blogs every morning and found exactly what I needed every morning. I shared an amazing weekend back in September with you and your fabulous team. I shared another night on your enter your heart tour. I signed up for your personal mentoring, happily got accepted, only to turn it down the very next day. I shared a few weeks following my Bliss with you. Then Life happened and I drifted towards books and other means of inspirations, while checking in periodically with your blog. I obviously noticed the changes. I too said,”Hhmmm”. Around that time I have looked deep inside and I have come to the conclusion that I am in living in silent fear of the “good life”. That fear is being reckoned with day by day. I am very thankful for what I have, and I know that if I want more that it is strictly up to my beliefs and actions to make it happen. Yes, the blog is changing, the format is changing, the offers are changing, ALMOST everything is changing. I think that’s what we call GROWTH, ISNT IT? You keep us with you every step of the way, and I am so happy to be a part of this experience. I firmly believe that you are succeeding in such a way that eventually your personal attention will be needed elsewhere. AND THAT IS A-OK! I know you will still keep us with you. It reminds me of when Oprah left her talk show..only to go on to create her own Divine network! I was quite upset that this wise women was leaving my life, so to speak and then she created Super Soul Sunday! Talk about JOY OVERLOAD! Oh, and wasn’t that what lead me to you? I say dear friend, SHINE ON!

  • Jessica

    Hi Mastin,
    Thank you for sharing this and making yourself so vulnerable in so many ways. And while I say that, let me thank you for the Blog that you do daily. When I first was introduced to your blog, it was a game-changer for me. I loved the quotes you selected and the information you shared. But in response to what you shared above, I don’t think that his letter was in response to you sharing your success or that particular blog. I say this because I’ve lost interest in your blog too. And I’m not trying to say that to be hurtful but as a self-reflection I thought maybe I had outgrown it or that the time in my life that I needed it most had past and I more/less kept your blogs emails coming for the first couple of quotes you would share. I rarely read the content any more. I attended an Enter the Heart workshop at Smashbox studios in February 2013 and was so excited to go but I left because it wasn’t quite what I needed or wanted at the time and I didn’t want to affect the energy you were working so hard on creating. Since then, it just felt like a gaggle of my favorite bloggers all started to do the same things and stopped each being their own unique selves. For me, vlogs are not accessible, I’m typically only somewhere in which I can read content and I’d prefer the preparation of words versus just talking to a camera. But that is me. I don’t want to know about B-school. I don’t want others products and books heavily promoted on your site. That is YOUR site. Yes, you can be you and you can encourage those products, but then it’s products and services that it feels like your blog submits to and I just want love. Maybe those things promote love but I can ask questions and find them myself with some online clues. I know how hard you work to get your blog to us daily, but I’d be ok with only getting it Monday-Friday. It feels like sometimes you are just writing to fill content and I feel I can sense that. I wish you only wrote when you were inspired. And maybe you hear that and you think, “Then you wouldn’t get a blog for months at a time.” But I’d be ok with that because I know whatever you wrote was super you and super authentic and that you, like me were just going through life. And on the days when you were not inspired maybe we just got some quotes that were prepped for days like that day and we all knew that you needed to disconnect that day. And we would all send you love and support because we are a community. Yes, I don’t really relate to the community right now. Yet, I do not think the reader’s letter was anything to do with your success but rather your shift. The blog isn’t the same. You are not the same. We are grateful for the shift but we have shifted along with you. And it no longer serves me that much.

  • Lucinda

    Mastin, I know I already responded, but sometimes I have to think about things before I can give the best answer.

    For most of my life, I’ve struggled to love myself and allow myself to fulfill my purpose. I don’t know why we torture ourselves so much. Six years ago I quit teaching high school, because I knew my purpose was to be a writer. It’s been a struggle financially, but I finally had the confidence to go for my dreams. I’m now finishing revisions on my first novel. The thing is that when I gave up the struggles and self-hatred, there was a transition period when I was lost. I didn’t know how to feel. I was unsure of myself, and I was bothered by people who had already become successful writers, because I wanted to be where they were without doing the work it takes to become a success. Then I got wise to myself and committed myself to just doing the work of writing every day, and not focusing on anything else until I’d finished that day’s work. Now, I know that this attitude will contribute to becoming successful myself, and I’m not bothered by the success of other writers, or anyone for that matter.

    Keep writing about everything that happens to you, especially about your travels, because there are great lessons to be learned from going to places that are vastly different than home. I know, because my husband and I took an around the world trip in 1996 and I’m still learning things from that trip. Thanks so much for being vulnerable and sharing all your “stuff” with us.

  • Kim Stein

    Mastin. I’ve been with you for the past 4 years. Your blog is a source of great encouragement. What we know by trusting the Universe (and God) is that there is great strength, lessons and triumph on the other side of our trials. This has always been the message. We stay in our power and in our self-love when we remain mindful of this core message. With that said, it is your duty to speak to the triumph as much as the trials. I appreciate you for that.

  • zeeza

    I agree with many people who have posted their opinions here – The Daily Love used to be a place I would go to gain inspiration and insight that I could apply to the more trying moments of my life. I find that I am not able to do so anymore. You are in a better place – which is wonderful! Yet I think many of us come to TDL because we’re not quite there. Perhaps one way to talk about success is to approach us for our stories of success. We have much to contribute – I am sure of it! I feel as though we are not longer able to see ourselves in your writings as we could before. Inviting us into reflections not only of navigating difficulty but also of how we find success and happiness, even in small things as we move forward, would go a long way.

    • Ife

      Then you may need to find a blog that better reflects where you are at, if you want to stay “there.” Why not and use his examples as inspiration and as guidelines of what YOU can do to grow in your own life?

  • GoofyBrit

    This is arguable the most important blog on the TDL. It’s crucial to the success and integrity of a TDL resource that has served so much good for so many.

    Simply, Mastin has carved a role and status that makes him a figurehead for EVERYTHING we CAN ALL BE. Thus, we require authenticity & avoid any censoring or martyrdom. Whilst living in abundance is not a sin, it is as emotive, subjective & divisive as whether you are pro capitalism or socialism.

    The risk for the Mastin and the TDL is that much of the teachings are around the simplicity of life (think Lao Tzu) & that “wealth” is not material things/experiences. When your figurehead is revelling in his riches then it will be contentious. Personally, I don’t need to hear about Mastin living in abundance, as I assumed he would, but I certainly don’t begrudge him it as the TDL helps my life. His remaining authentic is the crucial piece. You cannot keep everyone happy, but the TDL may need to go one way or the other; advocate abundance or humble simple living.

    That said, the changes of the past few weeks has made the TDL a less overwhelming read than it was, but it’s understandable as it’s merely the chasm of transitioning from start up to mature/sustaining business.
    We have to change with it. Support it. Hence my post.

    • Ife

      Exactly. He has to remain authentic! If he didn’t the blog wouldn’t work.

      • Mastin


    • Mastin

      wow, this is so well said and I really feel like you get me here. thanks for saying this GoofyBrit – I feel so seen by your comments. It means a lot. Especially about the email change, we did it so that they experience of the person reading the email was the best it could be.

      • GoofyBrit

        my pleasure squire. Glad you enjoyed Bath 🙂

      • Angelina Wicker

        Jeepers, everything seems to be getting in my way -in simply expressing myself- on this beautiful day! Grrr… There have been several computer glitches & I’ve restarted this post three times now!

        Bottom Line:
        Mastin, You Rock, dude.
        To create a community that’s willing to share so much passion, wow! I love this site. I don’t subscribe, since I don’t check my emails often enough to value that kind of thing, but I hop on here as I feel moved to & read whatever draws me AND I LOVE IT!!
        So. I read your article, then ALL the comments down ’til now, & this is when I feel to voice a piece of me:

        ABUNDANCE & humble, SIMPLE LIVING go hand in hand.

        There is no need to separate them, m’dear, & the fabulous comments from GoofyBrit & Katie -though perfectly understandable & highly appreciated- lend one to continue in old, unnecessary patterns of thought.
        Here’s the thing:

        ABUNDANCE is best achieved THROUGH SIMPLE LIVING!!

        They are a matching set of universal principles, well misunderstood, & IT IS TIME for people to be taught how they truly work TOGETHER… Are you going to stand up & be that person, Mastin? Maybe, maybe not, & that’s okay, either way, but the challenge has been opened.
        PLEASE, you darling man you, do Not cater to people’s misunderstandings… Abundance & humility are not conflicting ideas. Share both. Share your journey. Share everything!!

        You are a very REAL, authentic soul… And there will be moments of misunderstanding. Both theirs of you, & yours of them. And it’s all okay. More than okay. =) It’s part & parcel of the package you’ve chosen to play out, here on earth. And it’s marvelous!!

        I cannot remember all I wanted to share, though it was deliciously wise & wonderful, of course! 😉 So I’ll just leave you with the above & let you do with it what you will… Oh, along with a quote I found for you -from The Word Watcher- which expresses my belief in the true version of humility:

        *Very appropriately the holy woman Therese of Lisieux used to ask: “Why do people so mix up the meaning of humility? Humility isn’t at all about denying one’s abilities and accomplishments. Humility is simply knowing the truth about yourself, and about where you come from, and about Who gets the ultimate credit.”*

        True Bottom Line:
        Humble, Simple Living PAVES the Way for Abundance.
        And Advocating Abundance is an ESSENTIAL step For Humanity.
        We NEED to recognize the beauty & necessity of BOTH, if we are truly desirous for more love, peace, & unity upon this planet.

        And isn’t that what we’re here for? Really, truly, actually HERE for?

    • katie

      Take note of this Mastin, because it’s critical advice. As you are transitioning you cannot do both anymore. You need to scale (if that is your intention) and you MUST make a choice between ‘advocate abundance or humble simple living’ as he has said. Or a definition of the brand – you cannot change that on a whim. It’s bigger than you now and you have to shape it in the way you envision (but you can’t do both – conflicting ideas).

  • BSM

    Haters will hate but YOU Mastin, are about LOVE. I am happy for your joy. It lifts us all up. Do your thing dude.

  • Ife

    The bottom line is that this blog is about ALL of what you experience on your journey as a blogger and a business man and a human being. You have been very candid and vulnerable about your own shortcomings and challenges and have consistently shared the highs and lows. Yes, there are times when you may have been late and some days the content may not interest me, but that doesn’t mean your blog is less inspiring or that you should not talk about your life in an honest way. If people have issues with the format then so be it. Just keep the meat of the content at the top-an easy fix. But don’t feel like you can’t share your successes! That’s the point of all of this! To inspire and show your own growth as a member of the community you have created! You are just talking about your daily life and you’re doing the best you can with where you are at. If people are uncomfortable then they need to honest look at themselves. Who wants to read a daily blog about struggle ALL the time?? You are doing a great job and I commend you for being brave.You have come a long way and you have been very open about your trajectory of growth. I have learned a lot here and have shared this blog with others. I love this blog and consider it a part of my daily life. Keep growing Mastin! I’m proud if you fellow Capricorn!

  • anon

    After reading your blog for a while now, I take control of my relationships with other people in a much more conscientious and loving way. First of all, thank you for that!! Second of all, I recently read this article about relationships (since I read relationship articles now):
    The article applies to relationships in general and not just about married people (except number 6). I would like to direct you to the very first item on the list! I think that it makes us closer to celebrate our successes. Way to go, Mastin. The success that you are experiencing is giving us hope that if we follow out intuition, we will be rewarded!

  • Gitika

    Hi Mastin, I’ve been following your blog for almost a year and you are truly inspiring. It’s great to read about your experiences…pains and pleasure, success and growth… God Bless!

  • Candy Irven

    Mastin, I’m a long time reader and like many others found guidance during times of transition. HOWEVER, I LOVE THE FACT THAT YOU ARE CELEBRATING YOUR SUCCESSES NOW!! As you said, The Daily Love is about YOUR life – the good and the bad. If readers can’t support you in the good and see that there’s a way out of their despair, with you serving as an example, then that’s on them and not on you. I thought the Hamburg experience was fantastic. You talked about your fears….real shit we all face. And most importantly, you talked of how you overcame that fear. That the worry in your head was so much bigger than what you actually faced. Keep doing what you are doing. If you lose the readers that can’t handle your success, then so be it. Just keep being you and inspiring those of us that what the best for you, ourselves, and those around us.

    • Mastin

      thank you Candy! means the world to me!

  • Tricia

    Amen!!! Well said, Mastin!! I struggle to share my good because of the same reactions. Thank you for sharing.

  • Kate

    Hi Mastin,
    I just joined the TDL community last year and I enjoy your blog. Some days it’s more relevant then others but that is to be expected. I am happy for your successes and it gives me hope for my future. I think sometimes misery loves company and when you write about ur happiness or success it brings out the green monster and makes some people feel less then because they haven’t achieved “success” yet. I would stay true to you since that is what made u a success in the first place and if people don’t like it oh well. Maybe it’s time for them to move on to a new teacher. Maybe they learned what they needed from u and now it’s time for them to move on to another teacher. We can’t be everything to everyone. It’s incredibly brave of you to create this blog and share yourself with us everyday. I can’t even open my mouth without being criticized at my inlaws and have contemplated becoming a mute when in their presence cause I don’t like the critizisim. Stay brave. Thanks for the info.

    • Ife


  • Chachii26

    Absolutely love this post!! you write about life and that is what life is; the good with the bad. Sometimes we only want to hear the bad stuff so we can feel better about ourselves; It shouldnt be like that. You’re doing a great job!

  • Karen

    Hi Mastin,
    Sometimes I think when we look to someone for help who has been very good at helping us, we tend to get greedy and want more lessons. I do like hearing about your success because it excites me in a way that I think I can do it to. I think the lessons are within the success stories as long as you are writing about what struggles you had to get there. You talk about overcoming fear and the feeling that you’re still not someone who can help. As for those who think that you are bragging, I think those are the ones who want to stay stuck. They want the excuse to never become more. And when they feel there is no lesson in what you write about, then they are not ready to hear it. I’ve been there! They may also be getting some of the same comments from people around them; “getting too big for your britches” or “oh you think you’re somebody now.” There was a lesson on this too, people who support your dreams. If they don’t and they don’t help you rise up, then you must remove yourself from them. I have found that my whole life has been full of people who keep me down, including my own family. This is definitely a hard pill to swallow but I’m glad that I finally saw it because now I can do something about it.

    • Mastin

      you are amazing Karen! :o) so self aware it’s inspiring to me.

  • JustMe

    Hi, Mastin,
    Your blog was recommended to me by a friend over a year ago….we were both going through a tough time….and, for me, it was like manna from heaven. And then the blog changed….I still read it every day but as someone said here in the comments I sometimes find myself digging to find the ‘gems’ and that the affirmations are what inspire me most.
    However, having said that, I believe it would be disingenuous of you to leave out ‘the good parts’ of your life because you have obviously benefited hugely in deciding to stop ‘living small’., which is something we can ALL do if we want to. Unfortunately some of that threatens people….just think of the charismatic evangelists who have been exposed and fallen after scads of people gave their hearts, souls AND life savings, in some cases, to them (my Mum being one). Perhaps it is that part of ‘sharing your success’ that frightens people…it is the terror that their ‘hero’ will crash and burn and sadly, yes, some people still believe their HERO is outside of themselves, that someone else has to lead their way, despite all of the times you have encouraged people to be their OWN cheerleaders.

    And the friend who recommended Daily Love to me? When she is doing well and things are ticking along with her and her love, I rarely hear from her…..when things turn sour, I hear from her several times a day despite the fact that when she writes things are going well, I applaud her and encourage her to tell me about the happy times….who knows…..perhaps it as a writer I once read said ‘good people are boring to read about…..happy times aren’t as interesting as conflict and drama….Guess Hollywood has proved that one over and over. However, Mastin, I’d rather be ‘boring and happy’ than living in constant turmoil…..Your job now perhaps it to champion not the addicted and angst-ridden and depressed and downtrodden, but the ‘boring, happy people’. (and unless you are one, you’ll never realize how peaceful and wonderful being boring and happy is. Remember that old Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times”.

    I have noticed not as may people seem to be writing in to the Daily Share….perhaps they feel with you being so successful, having ‘pulled yourself up by your own bootstraps’ silly ….sadly although they looked up to you as their “hero’ in your struggles, they somehow feel your success diminishes them or their problems….which I guess only serves even more to bring home what you have always said ……don’t look outside for your hero, look inside. Marianne Williamson is right….what we REALLY fear is OUR OWN greatness.

    Don’t fear your own, Mastin.

  • Sandy

    You have greatly inspired me…with all aspects of your life. When you hear about someone’s struggles and then about their successes, it makes you feel you can succeed as well. Thank you for all the work you do!! You’re the best! Thanks, Sandy

  • Julie

    Hello Mastin, Thank you once again for sharing from the heart. It is bound to happen, you cannot please all the people but then you are not meant to. Your job is to live your life to its fullest and be who you really are. You don’t have the daily answer for every person reading your words. They are your words and your experience. I don’t read every blog every day because some days it just does not mean that much to me. It has NOTHING to do with you. On this end it is my journey through life. As we grow we need new teachers some times. When I quit going to therapy after 2 years of intensive work I just knew I was done there. I did not stop growing, it was simply time to move on. I trusted myself in this process and never looked back. Some books sit on my shelf for a time before I am ready to read them. Once I grow to that level I pick it up and it feeds my soul. This is my journey. I wonder if the person who says you are not the same is just ready to expand his awareness with some new knowledge and teachers. When the student is ready the teacher appears. It is not necessary to make you wrong for your success and judge what you share it is just time to add to his awareness in other venues. There is no way you can stay the same. You are young and growing like crazy and that is awesome. I can imagine it must be hard to hear the negative blogs but it is also a time to honor and acknowledge your own growth. Be the success that you are experiencing and always stay humble and keep ego in check. The writer wants you to be there for him as he sees it but you are not here to live your life for others, you are here to life it for you. Stay connected to your true source not the ego of man. Not always easy to do but worth it. I have done everything with your blog from not caring what it says that day to copy and pasting parts in my letters to a friend who is in jail for a time. It is my choice what I read, what book I buy, what I allow into my mind. So the writer has a choice as well without making you wrong for having great success and you don’t need to feed it negative energy. Just keep moving forward and sharing from the heart. And run your business and live in huge success because I know the bottom line is that you want that for everyone. You know if you can do it we can all do it. That is what you are sharing. Love, excitement and freedom to be.

  • Debbie

    In my humble opinion your successes and challenges are equally
    welcome. Whatever arises is welcome. The whole ocean of life.
    Thank you for all you do. For The Daily Love and beyond.

    • Mastin

      thank you Debbie!

  • Katrina

    TO MASTIN: Thank you for sharing about your travels. I love hearing about your experiences abroad. I do a lot of traveling too, and I’m always fascinated by the change in perspective after taking a trip. I think it’s great, and I’m glad you had a great time. You’ve worked hard and you deserve it.

    TO EVERYONE ELSE: Mastin has given us love everyday by taking the time to send us ‘Daily Love’. DL is not just about receiving love and advice from Mastin, it’s also about giving love. Let us be happy for someone else when something good happens to them. It’s not bragging if someone tells you about their travels, their recent engagement, etc. They are sharing their happiness. Furthermore, just because something good has happened to someone, it doesn’t mean you don’t have great things going on in your own life. Happiness and success comes in all forms. Life is abundant.

    • Mastin

      aren’t you just a georgia peace Katrina!

  • Vicki

    Hi Mastin
    I believe it is definitely ok for you to share your successes! I believe part of being an inspiration is the not just the struggle but showing that you are living a happy, successful life. I am not interested in learning from someone who only knows struggles. I am interested in learning from someone who has the struggles, is real about them and can teach how to successfully get past struggles and live a great life.
    Your successes are just as important an inspiring as the journey to get there.

  • mary


    ABSOLUTELY SHARING YOUR LIFE IS what makes it real, ups and downs…I love to hear your failures, successes, happinesses and sadness…Isn’t that what life is about?? to share,..YOUr real..tHANK YOU for sharing your REAL life…..Keep it coming…I love to hear GREAT, LOVELY, HAPPY stories…

  • Laura DiMinno

    Your stories inspire! When you’re struggling, when you have breakthroughs, when you succeed – all of it inspires. We are One. Thank you for your open heart. Vulnerability is the new power base, and that your biz is successful makes me that much more happy. Here’s to a great example of the new paradigm of business. Shine on!

  • Katrina

    Hello Mastin,

    I have been a reader on and off for a while. I haven’t read for a while for which sharing the story is not relevant. However, I did feel drawn to read today’s post and also felt guided to respond.

    As someone who writes currently for my just my own exploration and growth, but also reads plenty for my own exploration and growth, I attempted to think of this from the perspective of both the writer and the reader and the questions are the same and only each individual reader can answer these for themselves and only the writer, in this case you, can answer these for yourself. The degree to how helpful the inquiry is depends on the level of honesty we have with our self and the level of how well we know our true self.

    For me the initial questions lead to deeper questions but the two main questions that came to me are:

    1. What are my intentions?

    As the reader, what are my intentions in reading this blog? How am I feeling as I read it? Are my intentions based on fear or love?

    As the writer, what are my intentions in writing this blog? Are my intentions based on fear or love?

    2. What is my definition of success?

    As the reader, what is my definition of success? If my definition of success does not resonate with the writer’s definition of success then it is important to be aware of this. Is my definition of success, truly my definition of success or is it a definition that I have been programmed with? The more I know my true self the more I can create my definition of success.

    As the writer, what is my definition of success? Is my definition of success, truly my definition of success or is it a definition that I have been programmed with? The more I know my true self the more I can create my definition of success. As the writer I must be aware that each person’s definition of success is different and therefore what I perceive as success may not be considered success by some of my readers.
    More simply put, as a reader am I reading from a place of love and as a writer am I writing from a place of love.

  • grace

    Don’t be affected by the haters! When you decided to make a shift, you took a leap of fairh & went for it! Be proud, stay strong…you continue to inspire me. There will always be people that are envious & jealous os success – I hope they will see you for the genuine person that you are…

  • Jasmine


    I totally understand both sides of this, where you and some of the DL community are coming from. However, at this point, I believe that this is the shift that TDL needs, just as we as a world community are taking a shift as well. Being an awakened individual (and based on some of your rad quotes), I know you’ve had the opportunity to read some of Colin Tipping’s books of Radical Forgiveness and Radical Living. In my opinion, you (Mastin) are shifting into the new paradigm. You are leaving your victim stories behind and shifting into one of pure Love and Oneness. That makes a lot of people uncomfortable. As Tipping says, not everyone will shift with you. Some will raise their vibration to meet you and some won’t because of where they are in their personal process. But this does not mean that you should go back to the old paradigm. In fact, it will be detrimental to the awakening process and your goal to spread Love. So please, continue to share your success. You may lose some along the way, but they will meet you again when they’re ready. Thank you for recognizing your Divine Purpose and sharing the Love!

    • Mastin

      that’s an interesting perspective Jasmine, I’ll have to check out the book, means a lot that you wrote in!!!

      • Jasmine

        You’re very welcome Mastin! The one I’m currently reading is “Expanding into Love” by Colin Tipping. Really great author. And thank you for your response! It says a lot that you really do read these comments 😀

  • OCjannet


    This is such a great topic and I’m so grateful you started a conversation about this. “This” meaning sharing stories of current successes and with that, a whole new story to be told, one that many people cannot and may not choose to relate to it. I’ve encountered the same conversations in my life.

    In being open about my life experiences, struggles, and successes; one of the BIGGEST revelations is how many people will IDENTIFY with your struggle more so than your successes. For example, Ive noticed that anytime I have a bad day or simply don’t feel like my uber positive self at times, people will immediately give me agreement and have empathy. Or I’ll get comments such as “I’m having a bad day too” instead of hearing something positive, such as “give thanks for all of it!”. In comparison, on days when I have Successes and GREAT news to share, somehow people aren’t as interested in hearing more of it. What they hear is only the result, not all of the struggles I went to GET THERE. People call it “overnight success”, rather than something that’s been a long time coming; Something that I’ve worked on daily, prayed for and visualized countless times when I was alone, with nothing but hope and prayer. All of a sudden, I’ve found that when it all starts happening, when the dreams become REAL, we encounter NEW struggles. In some cases struggles of disbelief, feelings of guilt about how “being the lucky one who made it”, while we watch others still in their struggle. Many times I hold back on telling about all of the wonderful things happening, because of fear of criticism,and judgement. Why should I hold back because you are uncomfortable? If hearing about my successes makes your uncomfortable instead of inspiring you, then there’s something that you personally must look at which triggers this response. If more people understood that we are ALL meant for something great and believed that our time will come, we WOULD have a whole different experience.

    So, in response to your title and question, Mastin, “Is it okay to share your successes?”, not only is it Okay, we MUST. Because someone out there whose dreams have come true is dealing with a whole new set of problems and inner struggles, or even cast out by friends because of their successes! So we NEED to hear what comes after the “Success” because its all part of the journey!

    • Mastin

      you seriously rock Jannet – that means the world to me, thank you!

  • mary

    I really love and appreciate your blog. It always feel authentic and I love how you question things and offer so much wisdom. I for one look forward to reading it every day. Keep up the excellent work! You are brilliant.

    • Mastin

      thank you mary – that means a lot!

  • KaranT

    I would recommend your reader to pick up GIfts of Imperfection and Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. She talks about people afraid to soften into joy and gratitude. The whole book with resonate with every reader and how we “forbode joy”. Your reader appears to have the struggles we all struggle with but are afraid to admit that they take more time than others to overcome. And that’s okay! If it takes more time then you are learning patience and perserverance and that experience is priceless!! Mastin, don’t ever apologize for success and happiness. Keep inspiring us with every experience! Blessings to you and all your readers.

    • Mastin

      love me some Brene!!!

  • Madaline Tindall

    Thank you so much for all you do. When I first saw you on Oprah, what you said changed my life. I love what you write every day, I especially love your success. You deserve it. What you’re doing is ground breaking. Deepak talks about never having to defend yourself, you truly don’t need to. Keep shining, thank you for letting me shine.
    Love, Madi

  • Leonie

    Dear Mastin,

    Your blogs have inspired me and I am super happy for your success. However, in recent the energy of your blogs have changed and it does sound more like you are promoting a business rather than the usual inspirational articles you once wrote. I totally understand the business aspect of it. But, the community and newcomers rely on inspirational articles to keep us growing. I felt the defensiveness in your response, but as you taught me, be open to the feedback, step back and remember never stray from your passion. I know the growth of TDL is challenging and you will find your balance once you stay committed to your truth.

    Be Blessed my friend

  • KimInPasadena

    Thank you Mastin for sharing the ups and downs. Life is not all bad. Thank goodness!! You wouldn’t be very motivating if you only talked about the struggles. We would ask, “what’s it all for, if nothing good ever comes?” You are so inspirational. Your messages are spot on with my life and I have grown so much since being a part of The Daily Love! Thank you Mastin and your entire family of Daily Lovers.

  • Jessi

    Thanks for addressing this as I’ve felt the same way for the past 6 months or so. I too have loved TDL for years now. I enjoy hearing about your successes, but would also like to hear a bit more depth about those successes rather than just how many European cities you’ll be in. I mean no ill will here. I loved your idea of having others write daily blogs if you aren’t able to, as I also looked forward to receiving words of wisdom everyday.
    About the retreats. Last year I sent an inquiry about cost for the Hawaii retreat which I was so excited for! I got a response saying that TDL has found that people who really want to take part in this retreat will find a way to pay for it, no matter what the cost is. Only when I asked another time did I find out the price was far out of my budget. Me not partaking in that event doesn’t mean I didn’t really want to go, it simply means I couldn’t afford the $6000+ price tag. Perhaps to make these retreats more accessible to the majority of people, you find ways to lessen your cost, therefore passing that savings along to us as I would still love to attend one.
    I’m very happy TDL is getting the recognition is deserves and that you’re reaching out to us to explain and ask how you can improve it!
    Peace and Love!

  • Pauline

    thanks for “Daring Greatly” and sharing ALL of your journey with US. WE can choose to have eyes that see Truth and ears that hear a heart song being sung, whether discordant or pristine.
    Keep “traveling” in the Light of Awareness and sharing the truth as you know it in the NOW of your travels. Light always casts a shadow. Thank you for its visibility in the collective from which we can learn and grow into our own brilliance, unafraid.
    Again, thank you for your courage, your heart filled with love … your purpose … your service.

  • Gennatay

    This email sounds like a friend who is upset that Mastjn isn’t in the same place he was when they first started out together. Honestly, would we all trust this site and look forward to the messages if the blog talked about the same struggles for 6 years without showing any growth?

    • Mastin

      a VERY interesting question, Gennatay! :o)

  • Michelle

    Preach, Mastin! It is not only just okay to shine, it is encouraged and a part of living the total human experience. I am so proud of you and happy to be on this journey with you – SHINE ON!

  • Marsha

    I understand both sides. We love your success and you should acknowledge it! However, I have found myself deleting your emails in the last few weeks 🙁 or just reading the quotes instead of your message. I love how open you are about your life, but at times I feel you are writing a love story for Jenna.

  • Teresa

    Mastin, I don’t believe anyone is trying to take any of your success away from you at all… Congratulations! With that being said, the articles over the past few months aren’t consistently inspiring like they were over the past years… It has nothing to do with your success or failures… You have changed how you write from helpful lessons to a story about your day without an inspirational growth lesson involved in the context… The construction of your website has changed as well. The three or four from three or four different writers on a daily basis has been a huge help to many people and now they are gone… You include one… If it isn’t broken why fix it??? It didn’t need to be changed … I used to forward articles everyday to friends that are going through difficult times in different ways and I never had difficulty finding one that fit and helped … Now, I am forwarding maybe twice a week… The person you responded to in this article is correct in saying that lately The Daily Love has been a disappointment … I used to be super excited when I opened my email… It isn’t like that anymore… It isn’t because you are sharing your success and/or failures either… I thought The Daily Love was developed to help inspire people, to help people heal and grow spiritually and to spread a loving positive energy around the world… It is exciting you are successful and fullfilling your dreams. I’m proud of the personal growth and success that you have accomplished!!! It has taken on a different tone in how you share your daily events and although great, not helping in the inspirational healing way you had first intended The Daily Love to be… It has been all you talk about lately, without the lesson that could uplift and inspire… The writings are coming across as if you are writing something quick to just get it finished and be done with it… Do you still have the passion for your writing or are you overwhelmed with the growth of your business? Have you lost sight of the original intention and goal you had for this website? Is it getting too big and the content and depth is suffering for it? I don’t know, I am just wondering these thoughts. I want to say thank you for being here for me personally over the past year especially. I went through a very difficult time and came out the other side happy and successful myself. There were days that opening up my email and reading The Daily Love and your other writers articles are what got me through the day… Those articles are what people on here are saying they want back I believe… I don’t want to speak for anyone else but I have read the comments below and it seems to be the just of what people are saying… I hope you will listen and make the changes back to the way it used to be and still have forward moving growth…

    • Tara

      I agree completely Teresa, you spoke my exact thoughts. I have been a subscriber to TDL for a few years now. It once was my favorite email to open, but lately that isn’t so. There is nothing wrong with success and sharing it and I don’t feel that’s what people are trying to get at. And change is good too, but it feels like the heart(something deep) of it has changed. You are going to get opinions and comments going both ways, but really look at the comments that you seem to be taking so against your success. Are they really against your success or are they giving you that chance to give back some of what you took away. There is nothing wrong with moving forward at all and change is great, but sometimes the things that change aren’t always for the best. We all learn when making changes, yet not all go the way we hope or plan. I feel that the negative responses as it seems you may be taking them, are more of constructive critism. I think the readers of TDL are giving you a chance to bring back the heart, so maybe look at some ways that you are able to do that. You are an inspiration, a great mentor, and an amazing success in which we do all look to…so let us watch what you do in regards to this. Much love

      • Mastin

        what is the heart of TDL Tara?

        • Tara

          As I stated heart/something deep has changed, and we are feeling it. It doesn’t seem we can pinpoint it exactly, although many ideas and examples have been given, but it’s been noticed and it’s missed. Hehe but to turn it around I think that question needs to really be answered by you….What is the heart of TDL Mastin? It’s your baby after all, and maybe that answer has changed from the beginning and it would be great to let your readers know. We are all on this journey together as “one” so let’s succeed together! Once again, much love ❤️

    • Mastin

      its interesting Teresa, many, many people said in our surveys the email was too clogged with too many “other writers”. hard to make everyone happy.

      • debs

        To me, the ‘heart’…is the heart. The non-judgmental, all encompassing, we’re in this together, growth is beautiful, you are love and I’m here to help part….that went away when it became about you. I think if you re-read emails from 18 months ago, and all the ones from the last month, you’ll see the heart of the message is gone, that the masses can relate to…but we know a lot more about your life…than is really necessary to help us. The other writers tell beautiful stories with great nuggets of wisdom. They weren’t “clogging the email” to me! The link was at the bottom, not sure how that was clogging them. But I loved reading them and miss the easy link to get to all three. Thank you Mastin, we’re all just trying to help with constructive feedback, like you asked for. Wishing you well! ;0)

  • Dede

    Hi Mastin,

    Love is Love! The Daily Love is about Loving daily and you sharing your journey of Love, sometimes up, sometimes down.

    The truth of the matter is; haters are gonna hate! People are fickle, if they are down they want a teacher who is struggling and if they are up they want to ride the wave with a teacher who is also living the abundant life. I think the questions become, who are you (Mastin) doing this for and what line of integrity are you following? do you feel the need to defend or explain yourself? are you willing to let your readers determine the direction of your posts? why did you bring money into the equation at all in this article? It’s an inside job, I feel you should be asking yourself these questions instead of asking your readers to explain themselves. Once you know where your truth is carry on, those of us that understand Love will be right there with you! Peace!!

  • Kimberly

    Hey Mastin,

    I find it a little funny that you called this the “crazy” blog when in fact, it is not crazy at all.

    I feel like we live in w world of either constant gratification or constant struggle, there never is an in between. And when there IS an in between, the people who are not in that level of gratification and comfort do not understand and then chastise others for living authentically. You are an artist, a creative…that doesn’t mean you work for free! And the ones that DO work for free are still in the process of finding themselves and there self worth. Don’t let anyone try to diminish your self worth and success. You have made The Daily Love from the ground up and you DESERVE to celebrate everything that you have worked for, everything that you have. Because we all know that you got here not buy cheating people or by being sleazy. You are in the place that you are now because you were being who you are, both good and the bad, and managed to make a name for yourself.

    Mastin can’t always be sad people – that’s not living. And Mastin can’t always be in a happy mood as well! He is a human being, things will happen. ACCEPT him for who he is. And if you think that his blogs are straying away from what you want, then look deep inside yourselves and ask why you feel this way because one thing that is for and that has been taught by the greats: What you don’t like about other people is a projection of what you do not like about yourself. Just saying.

    Mastin – I’m proud of you, keep it up!

  • Christina

    Mastin, shine on! Hearing about your success and dreams only makes me realize that I can and will reach mine.

    I cannot express enough how much your words have changed me, my life and the way I look at things. I’ve hit some bumps in the last couple of years, and definitely had those moments of “that’s not fair!” = ) Finding you has been a blessing. You inspire me, and keep hope, love and faith in my life.

    So thank you. I’m so glad to hear your life is expanding. Life is achievements and struggles–getting only one side of you would be unfair. I find inspiration in most everything you write. I celebrate your success and I am rooting for you. Thanks for everything, and congrats.

  • katie

    Mastin, I know what it’s like to be hated and have people be jealous of success when you’re killing it. That happens to me and I need my friends support me and I have to to ‘pay it no mind’. That being said, YOU KNOW people support you and you should try harder to pay it ‘no mind’.

    The feedback you have solicited should be used as data and not a time for you to be defensive. I know this is your baby, but when people are reacting this way, you need to see the real point which says: “I’m not engaging with you as much as before.” Stop making it all about you. Make it about the brand. People are telling you what helps them to engage — those all should be highly noted. You need to focus on the actual BRAND of Daily Love, because it should be very clearly defined and not change depending on the day or the mood. This is all the ‘free’ advice I’m going to offer – because you so generously give me free content, and I’m a giver. If I give you anything else for free you won’t listen or value it as much.

    Anyone who has achieved a lot in life (and consistently), knows that at their peak, they will be attacked. Toughen up. 😉

  • Pastor Tami

    Periodically, I start getting so many emails that I do a spring cleaning and unsubscribe from from everyone…except TDL. For some time, your blogs were a daily discussion amongst friends. I often awoke to a text saying “OMG! Did you read Mastin’s blog yet?”

    Something happened in the last few months…and it quit speaking to me like it had been. I found myself reading it less and less…until now I read only when I get one of those texts, like today, “what do you think about Mastins blog?”

    As a spiritual coach and writer, I used to wonder how you did it every day…twisting my gut, challenging my beliefs, convicting my heart, sending me to my altar of meditation and conversation with God. I knew wihout a doubt that you were anointed for such a time as this. And something has changed. TDL has become like all the other blogs out there. I say this without criticism or judgement….and only because you asked.

    Your deep once called to my deep. I hunger for that again…

  • Parker Johnson

    Keep doing what you’re doing! You are such an inspiration 🙂

  • Hi Mastin and the Daily Love Team! Thank you for being awesome! Thank you for being honest! Thank you for sharing your successes and non-successes! I love hearing about everything and want to hear everything, please keep up the great work. Reading about your rise in popularity and success in ife is inspiring and motivating because it shows all of us what is possible coming from a low point. It is possible to turn out lives around.

  • Lea Pecora

    Mastin – What I appreciate is authenticity, and you share that. I understand exactly what you mean about sharing successes. I also feel that “struggles” are better received by most than “successes”. In life, we all have both, and I believe most people are not used to embracing both, so it feels unnatural to embrace success. I also feel it’s important for people to shine. That’s when we give others permission to also shine. I, personally, have enjoyed hearing “it all” from you. I personally am happy for you with your success – it encourages me on my journey. I actually started a Mastermind Group a year ago. We support each other in living the life we say we want, and in that group, more so than with anyone else in my life, we get to share our successes and be enthusiastic with each other. We are truly happy for each other and it feels awesome to have that type of support. We also are there for each other when we fail. Life is full of ups and downs. I, for one, love hearing about the “fruits of labor”. I’ve never flown business class and I smiled really big when I heard you did!

  • khothatso

    Mastin your journey has inspired me beyond belief. Everytime i read about your success it not only reminds me that NOTHING is impossible, but i am also glad you have had the COURAGE to share your journey with ME. I want to say thank you and i need you to stay true to your initial intention for TDL.

  • Amy

    Dear Martin,

    From my perspective, it is not only “ok” that you share your success with
    us, it is wonderful that you share your success with us. For
    me you could compare it to receiving a breath of fresh air or a bouquet of
    flowers, or the sun shining down on a cold winter’s day. I feel as though I am
    receiving a gift… I could also
    compare you sharing your successes with us as a bright light at the end of what
    can sometimes feel is an endless dark tunnel.

    Thank you Martin
    Peace be with you,

  • NEHL

    My favorite part of your blog today is when you wrote “Celebrate the successes of our friends and be there when they stumble and when they fall.”

    I feel like I am very lucky for the most part because I truly get excited and happy
    for my friends and family when they achieve success or happiness in their lives. I don’t generally feel this to be true with most people though. I’ve recently entered into a new relationship with a wonderful man and am very excited and happy about it. I’ve noticed that some of my best friends don’t seem that stoked if I am talking about my happiness. These are friendships where we share everything, and know everything about one another. I feel like I need to keep my happiness to myself so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings or something. I don’t know why it is. Maybe people are just so focused on their own lives that when they hear something good in another person’s life they immediately begin to compare. Wouldn’t it be nice to
    be able to feel true happiness for our friends when they are feeling good?

    There is always so much more support given when a tragedy or rough time is being had then when things are wonderful. When I went through a divorce three years ago everyone was there for me, and I could talk about how I felt and how difficult it was to no end, and I felt supported completely. While that is wonderful and I wouldn’t want it any other way, it’s strange that you can’t do the same when
    something good is happening.

    I love the Daily Love. It helps me to see things in different perspectives. It gives me a moment each day to focus your topic and step away briefly from my
    busy life. I appreciate what you are doing Mastin with TDL. I also believe that following TDL and Gabby Bernstein have helped be to get to the place where I could finally be open and accepting of a positive, healthy new relationship in my life.


  • Hi Mastin and the Daily Love Team! Thank you for being awesome! Thank you for being honest! Thank you for sharing your successes and non-successes! I love hearing about everything and want to hear everything, please keep up the great work. Reading about your rise in popularity and success in ife is inspiring and motivating because it shows all of us what is possible coming from a low point. It is possible to turn out lives around.

    • Mastin

      it’s ALWAYS possible Tricia!!!!!

  • Miranda

    Dear Mastin,

    Dear Mastin,

    This morning after reading your message, my heart was heavy.
    Not peaceful and calm like it usually is after reading your message. I have
    been wanting to reach out to you for some time and now seems like a time when I
    can reciprocate some of the light you have given me.

    I will start by saying that, without a doubt, you should
    share your successes. Life is a mix of good things and bad things. And as you
    have said many times, sometimes the things we interpret as good are actually
    not good for us, and the things we perceive as bad and painful can actually
    bring us much joy and peace.

    have benefitted from hearing about your struggles and your triumphs. When you are walking the path, they are not mutually exclusive. Our experiences weave
    the tapestry of our lives. To un-eloquently quote Steve Jobs: it is only
    looking back that we can connect the dots.

    Mastin, you have been a beacon of light for me on so many
    days in the last several years…though you didn’t know it. As I have struggled
    through graduate school (I graduate in 6 weeks!) and “consciously uncoupled”
    from a 19 year marriage and began the process of really, really becoming me,
    your messages were there for me when others in my life looked the other way.
    You taught me that the Universe has my back and that I needed to start showing
    up for myself.

    Please don’t stop shining your light. Or sharing your story.
    You are doing important work.

    Sending you lots of love,

    Miranda Brown
    A Daily Lover from Tulsa, OK

    • Mastin

      thank you so much for sharing Miranda! it means the world to me!

  • Maureen Miller

    Keep being you…at the end of the day that’s what attracts people – when they feel you are being authentic…. so your ‘audience’ may change from time to time – if what you have to say no longer serves them, they have the choice to not be on your page/blog, but it all begins with you begin exactly who you are. Great you put this out there, says you are exploring what your readers have to say and that is important.

  • Christy



    TDL is truly amazing. TDL inspires the masses. TDL commiserates with the suffering. TDL moves through emotions of fear and love. There are polarities in life and you cannot experience love, joy, and peace without the dark emotions that stem from fear. This is the duality of life and there is room for both on TDL just as each and every one of us experinces in life.

    I sense some defensiveness in the post above as well as in your responses below. I also sense that you have awareness of this as it seems you chose your words wisely and gave much thought to this post…even admitting your resistance around bringing up the subject. Your authenticity shines through my friend. Don’t become discouraged!

    Perhaps there is a lesson in this as well? The Universe would not be presenting it to you otherwise, would it?

    What if. What if there were away to tie into your “wins” a lesson learned from a hardship and that without that lesson you may not be “Freaking out in Hamburg?”

    You’re probably thinking, but I did do that by tying in my fear and showing how I pushed through the fear and success was waiting on the other side. I even tied in some thoughts about the power of energy.

    You did! And somehow along the way you’ve lost some of your readers. Maybe you’re not drilling down on the lesson deep enough to where readers can relate…perhaps they’re just reading words.

    When a blog really resonates with me it is because I feel like I’m reading my own story/journal on the page. Something lifts knowing that we all go through the same challenges and successes. It’s deeper than words or a high-level metaphor.

    I don’t have the answers. I’m scared sh!tless to even start blogging for fear of the critical responses I’ll receive; no matter about those who sang praises.

    Keep the faith. Keep blogging your wins. BE humble. Stay in your heart and out of your head. You cannot please everyone. Your ego is a trickster and it’s trying to trip you up.

    With Gratitude!!!


  • Diva4Christ

    Mastin, please do not stop sharing your successess, because knowing that you can get up from a fall is important in my growth process. I love you for being open and honest! Have a blessed and prosperous day!

  • Shelita

    I thought your response was very well said and I totally agree with you. I don’t read TDL daily but at least three times a week and I don’t only want to hear of your struggles but your successes….though some people won’t be as happy for you when you’re up as they will comfort/support you when you’re down. I love what you’re doing so please carry on! 🙂

  • Lin

    Hi Mastin,

    I think you should continue to follow your heart with your blog but maintain consistency with what used to be 2 or 3 daily guest bloggers. That covers all the bases.


  • Ayana Wright

    Wow. It’s so interesting to see what different people take from different situations, ideas, etc. I have to commend you, Mastin, for writing this blog. I’m imagining being you, and I have to say, I don’t envy you-especially with my nerves. Lol. Anyhow, I’m grateful for this blog and was even more grateful for the Hamburg one. I didn’t even know “horizontal flying” was a freaking option! It’s so awesome that you got to experience that and I just see it as something to put on my vision board! I feel like as a leader (don’t shudder reading that), it’s your responsibility to practice what you preach (Take action and make it real), and you’re doing it! THANK YOU! What better way to inspire?

  • Andrea

    Hi Mastin.
    First of all, I’m not an english native speaker but I hope this message makes sense 🙂
    I’ve been reading your blogs for about one year more or less and I’ve found them soooo inspiring and helpful. Of course that I love learning about how to deal with failures and everything, but I also love reading about your success, your travels… and I understand this is a bussiness, but I don’t think that you are focusing on that in your emails instead of continuing inspiring the community.
    Let me share with you what I’m going through in this moment because I think that there are similarities. At first the relationships I had with others and with myself weren’t so positives, but now that I’ve been learning about all of these and about myself I’ve been starting to love myself and sharing that with others. Just yesterday I was talking with some members of my family; relatives I think is in english, and I was really happy trying to share with them my happiness and my achievments in this matter… but all I got from these two persons were criticisms. At first I felt really bad about that but after I thought about this, I realized something: they don’t want to see my success because they are not prepared to their own. They prefer me to stay in the same point that in the past just as them, when I was having a difficult time, so they can continue just as always instead of risking themselves in order to get what they really want…. what I’m trying to say with this story is that we will receive a lot of criticisms in the way up to success from those who are not prepared to it yet. A lot of people will be with us in the “dark moments” because they find themselves in the same point, but when things change onto success… well, won’t be so easy for them to accept that it is possible.
    I’m talking about my own life and what I realized, but I hope it will be helpful for you and for others. I love reading about your travels because I find inspiration on them and also teachings. And as you said in other comment, there had been only two or three emails about that!!… let me thank you for what you share with us, struggles and achievments, because life is composed by both of them and we should learn to embace them all if we want to live the life of our dreams.
    Regards since my heart.

  • Lindsey

    Mastin – 5 years ago I was going through a divorce and I just couldn’t get my crap together. A friend told me about TDL. You were quite “young” then – still couch surfing I think. Going to work was torture b/c I felt so, so sad. But I got to read your blog every morning as I started my day. I created a TDL folder in my inbox for all the good ones – I still have that folder today. The authors you quoted inspired me to read their books. I began to journal and really pull myself out of my hell. I joined a few of your free telesummits. I hired a coach that was on one of your calls. Just last year I hired another coach (Terri) who was your guest blogger. She is my favorite bad ass and I even met her in NY. Because of you and the team around you, I have launched a divorce coaching practice. I created a website, I’m in b-school, I have met the love of my life, and just an hour ago I coached a woman who is someone who I used to be. Maybe in 5 years she will be writing me like I am writing you. Just know, that all of my work and how I inspire others has a lot to do with YOU and the community you created.

    Now, I unsubscribed from you (just b/c I outgrew the content) and recently subscribed again just to see what you are up to. My, how things have changed for you – and that makes me so happy for you! You have turned into quite the celebrity A-lister when it comes to the empowerment community – and I can see how people may no longer relate to you because of that. It’s like getting advice from Jennifer Aniston instead of a regular chick who wants to become an actor. Personally, I like to see that growth – that inspires ME – maybe one day I’ll meet Oprah too. So perhaps you need to start funneling your content based on your reader. With 500K+ email list, you’re not gonna please everyone. If you want to keep those folks, maybe have content for those who need more real-life scenarios and not what happens when you go to Bali. Does that make sense?

    Regardless, you have made real impact in this world – you have for me. I pay your work forward daily. Rock on, you successful bad ass… you are loved!

    • Mastin

      thank you Lindsey, this means a lot!

  • Greatfull!

    “We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are”
    With that said, just a note to tell you how much I appreciate your blog. ONe has a multitude of inspirational dailies to choose from. As a life coach I consider yours one of the best and use it when I facilitate. Keep up the courageous work. You know you are making a difference when you are making waves.

  • marianne

    Mastin keep on being real. It sounds to me that your critic was uplifted by you in his time of need, but now he doesn’t need to be uplifted so much. So, of course he is not going to get the same feelings. MAYBE he was addicted to having someone else lift his feelings instead of doing it.for himself. Love you.

  • Shannon Bindler

    Mastin, I think this is an issue for many people as they become successful. You absolutely should share your wins as well as your losses. That’s life! “Success” brings new challenges that are worthy to explore and share about. I love hearing about your travels and your wins– you are an example of possibility! Keep rocking. I’ve loved TDL from the early days and love the growth and changes it’s gone through.

    • Mastin

      you were there from day 1 shannon!

      • Shannon Bindler

        Love you Mastin. Keep moving forward fearlessly. You deserve success and all of the happiness in the world. I’ll always be rooting for you!

  • Angie B

    Hi Mastin, I am sad to say i agree with the blogger that you responded to. You were a man on a walk, with an open heart and a message of hope. Human. Now, its Business. Yes I still read to “take what I can and leave the rest” but the heart is gone. Its more about selling and pushing other people/friends with messages to sell. Its a family business too….with Jenna and Elizabeth Kipp on board? expensive retreats.. Interesting. It used to feel real, authentic and oh so inspiring. Now its buiness, selling, and a bit of wisdom thrown in as a “by the way”.

    • Mastin

      I’m sorry you feel that way. We send 365 free emails a day jam packed with free training and also release jam packed free training on video each week. Not sure how much more we can give away for free. The retreats and everything else are a part of the business. It is still real and authentic and inspiring. In fact, you should see some of the testimonials from people who have been on the retreat and the results. One woman lost 60 lbs in 9 months, another man reconnected with his father after almost a lifetime a part. it’s all still there. and i’m bummed it’s not there for you, but i also understand. :o)

  • Pablo Gabriel

    I never come here to the blog but wanted to after reading today’s post. Keep moving forward! I think you are doing a great job!! You will never please all.

    • Mastin

      thank you Pablo! welcome!

  • debs

    I was also one who commented about the change in your emails/message. Mastin, it’s not that we don’t recognize that your INTENTION is to help people, but you’ve changed the way you’ve gone about it this past year. The tone of the emails has entirely changed. You removed the link for the THREE contributors’ stories which were very loving and enlightening to me. And you left me with just your email which is coming from your ego now. It used to have a tone of being loving, from the heart, to help others. Now it’s all about you. Somehow you were able to get the message out before in a different way of writing than you are now, so I don’t believe you have to share every little success or thing going on in YOUR life in order to inspire others.

    Getting the email then reading the three contributors stories and the daily share was the highlight of my morning…that half hour every morning really opened my heart and was a great way to start the day. I no longer get that effect and let the emails sit in my box for days and then end up deleting them a lot of the time. Something really shifted on how your readers received the message…because it wasn’t the same message anymore. I also think something got lost somewhere when the “healing old wounds” was removed and replaced with “Take Action!” Some patterns/emotions/wounds need silence and space to heal….not an action step, that doesn’t solve everything. You became more of a career coach with that statement than a loving healer…to me. I hope you can figure out how to get the original intention back and write from your heart, not your ego. I would love to add this back into my morning. I really wish you well and am grateful for all the past blogs and emails that brightened my day. Thank you for letting me share.

  • Briona

    I’ve followed you and your Loving message for about 5 years now, so I know your story of struggle and of success, and you’ve been a huge insipration to me. BIG FAN! Along time ago I actually wrote to you asking you for guidance about something I was in the midst of battling, and you said your Mom had some experience dealing with the same thing. Well I couldn’t believe when I literally received a response from your Mom on the topic, I thought how genuinely kind of both of you to take time to answer some random strangers question. I wrote (more like GUSHED about it on my blog at the time). So I know that the content you share with your readers is from your heart, and with the best intentions. I can definitely feel the change in what the Daily Love was and what it is now, or what it is growing to be. At first I didn’t like it, I missed the old Daily Love, but I know that’s life, things change and people change. I welcome your success, and I welcome the idea of sharing your success because it’s all inspiration to me. I personally liked your travel stories, maybe it’s because I’m an aspiring world traveler. 😉
    Much Love!

  • Andrea

    I love reading your blogs, I’ve been reading them for over a year now. I always will. Of course when people start to recognize the value you give to the world, you are going to start earning money from it. Money is a stand in for what we value. You give value —-> you make money. That’s OK. I love your success stories, and I hope to be able to give value in the same way that you do someday (actually, I’m working on it all the time). Not everyone is going to be OK with it, and that’s alright. I still see a ton of value + inspiration in your emails, and they are one of the only emails I open just about every time. THANK YOU for who you are, carry on 🙂


  • rebecca

    Clearly all of the haters have not learned from your blogs if they are viewing your success in this negative manner. It’s inspiring to know you, during your stuggles AND during your triumphs. It’s great to see the end results of your hard work and your honestly about your insecure feelings even during your incredible successes. Part of the inspiration from your writing comes from seeing your growth and knowing that I can also overcome my fears and insecurities like you have. I have always liked your blog because it’s REAL, if you omit your happiness it will not be genuine anymore. Don’t change a thing!!! Just be yourself:)

    • Mastin

      thank you for saying this Rebecca!

  • Melissa

    Mastin…I have also been following you for years and honestly can say it doesn’t bother me in the least when you share you ups, downs, and sideways with us. It’s what makes you human. Trying to start an online coaching business/blog myself, I understand the fine line you walk in putting yourself out there. Its called being vulnerable and that means sometimes you will have people who don’t understand it. I am very graetful for your successes as they give me the hope that what I’m passionate about (similar to what TDL is doing) will pan out and also shows me there are people (alot of people) out there who need me and my gifts. Just as they need yours. Thank you for sharing your heart and to the guy who feels you may be to braggy…..I get your point but its a business too and we should respect that. Much Love!

  • Chrissie Bee

    Hi Mastin, When I read about your background and the giant strides you made in such a short time, my heart is not only joyful for you but I forward it to my friends to inspire them. It certainly gives me hope that, yes, situations that are not ideal can change on a dime. I experienced that myself. I’m a 12 year stage 4 cancer survivor. When I began my climb up out of the hole, believe it or not I felt the same type of reaction from some small minded people. I have fewer friends now but at least I know they are true friends. I love your sharing, both high and low points of your life. I feel truly happy for your success. Please do not stop sharing it with us. It would not be true and honest. Many blessings to you.Chri

    • Mastin

      it is YOU, Chrissie Bee that has inspired me!

  • Laura C.

    Hi Mastin,
    I’m here for you Mastin! Please know this…you give your followers the absolute essential service. You followed what your purpose and destiny was and gave all of us abundance of love FREE everyday! As a Daily Lover, you’ve made a huge impact in my life and helped me with my spiritual growth. I am happy for you in all of your achievements, personally and successfully.

    Much Love to you Mastin!

  • Rosemary

    Hi Mastin, I have been reading your blog for about a year and I’ve loved every post. What you have started and do every day is phenomenal in my opinion. I think it’s wonderful to hear about your travels (ok I was at one of the Enter the Heart sessions in Dublin, Ireland so was particularly interested to think what you thought of that!) because travelling inspires us, makes us grow and opens our eyes to give us new perspectives, so yeah I want to hear about how you felt going to all these different places.
    Do I care if some blogs go more indepthly into aspects of the subject matter issue than others? Not at all!! The ones that particularly resonate with me I store and can look back upon – there’s enough fuel in them to keep me growing a lifetime! Every single one of your blogs contains a message that at its root is deep and potentially transformational for the reader whether it dives straight into issues like fear, taking steps towards our goals one at a time, hanging around with the right people, or on the other hand talks about what a great time you had sampling French food, visiting sacred places or beholding gifts from those who came before us (Book of Kells) and feeling fear before you go onstage. In those I read – don’t forget to enjoy the pleasures of life, keep rooted and connected with the wonders that went before us and push through the fear barriers to expand and get to the next level. Now how important a message is that!
    We are put on this earth to grow, have fun, love, share our light, inspire others and that’s what you do. And the fact that your blog is successful is thrilling to me and no doubt to so many people who have ideas germinating or who simply welcome a shift in perspective in how we view the world.
    Not everyone is going to agree with what you do all the time. As Aristotle says, the only way to avoid criticism is to say nothing, do nothing, be nothing (I probably read that on your blog). All you need think about is being your true self, making sure you get enough down time and listening to your heart.

    • Mastin

      thank you Rosemary!~

  • Mastin!
    Thank you for sharing your love, wisdom AND your multitude of successes including your amazing journeys! They are completely inspiring for my wife & I because your actions have created profound and exciting results in your life and in the lives of countless others who have followed your journey. You are a living testimony to what is possible when Love & Contribution lead your life and power your actions. Rock On Brother!!! 🙂

  • pj

    your response to Linda..” in writing 365 blogs a year or so, I’ve written 2…” no need to do JADE….instead…maybe take a time out from counting…and journal to yourself…it takes time to look at ourselves ..I pray you find your own inspiration today for yourself regardless of all our feedback…I hope you have your own “aha”
    moment…and I believe it comes from the most wisest messenger of all your HP…
    What an opportunity lies ahead of you……time to inspire yourself! You will find your answer…it is waiting within your soul….namaste

  • Cat

    Your blogs have been a constant source of positive energy flowing to me daily when I’ve been down and when I’ve been up! That’s life, isn’t it? That’s what any relationship should be. I find the love that you provide to your readers a wonderful benefit for all of us who struggle everyday. It’s ok for you to shine, it’s an example for all of us. We should all support you and everyone in our achievements. You go!

  • Cathy

    I agree the tone has changed in your blogs. It has nothing to do with your successes, the blog isn’t what it used to be. No critisim – just is.
    I am not as fond as it as I was- but perhaps I’ve grown and my perspective has changed.
    Everyone evolves and not everyone will stay- so Mastin Kipp- be true to you! 🙂

  • Misty

    Hi Mastin- I appreciate your blog, I find them encouraging and inspirational….however, I can’t put my finger on it exactly but something has changed for me with them the past couple of weeks. I’ve noticed that they’ve not “caught” my heart as much as they’ve “caught” my intellect. Possibly, what comes from the heart touches the heart? I don’t know, but it doesn’t surprise me that you wrote the blog today because you’ve been getting emails. Today’s post also goes in line with what I’ve been feeling. I can so appreciate your humility on this topic so I’m trying to communicate what’s been going on for me lately with the blog because if you’re like me, you genuinely want to know. The change seemed to have taken place around the time of the new layout— although I prefer this layout…..just something seems to be “missing” from the content………. I have faith you’ll “figure it all out.” Just another layer of the internal journey….I believe. <3 Best

  • Michelle Moran

    Hello Mastin:)
    I’ve been following you for about a year and I think you are right on track! I mean it, you give me hope and inspiration. I may not be able to relate to all you write, but I don’t think that I should. We all have our own paths we are on, not one person is the same. If you can do “it” so can I.. meaning live your dreams and prosper from it. You are changing and evolving and so is your business and that’s what it should be. I am proud that you speak of your success. Sometimes for a lot of people it’s easier to side with the negative in someone’s life vs the positive. I guess it validates some people in a way, but it just keeps you stuck if you don’t learn lessons and move forward. So.. thanks and keep doing just what you are doing and thank you!!
    Michelle Moran:)

  • Deborah Tia Nelson

    Hi Mastin. One of the best classrooms you can ever have is the world. Travel is a wonderful teacher. I’ve learned patience, tolerance, and stress management! It’s been a great honor for me to meet other people from other countries and share the quirks of our different cultures. Thank you for sharing your experiences. We each have our own unique perspective and I enjoy seeing the world through your eyes. Thanks for sharing!

    • Mastin

      you are welcome Deborah! thanks for showing up today!

  • nikki

    every body is acting out of there own insecurity,get over it,mastin,don;t worry about a thing,you do more good then harm,we all just jealous,nikki bodine

  • Andrea de la Mora

    I love the way you put yourself out there. I admire you, Mastin… a lot! The best thing is that when you share your success, you make it possible for the rest of us to believe, and keep working to achieve and accomplish our dreams.
    And you know what? Every time I read about you succeeding I think to myself: “The success stories are coming closer and closer to me, I am attracting success into my life.”
    And I love it! The more success I read from you, the more success I experience in my own life. True story!!! Thanks for everything. Love, Andrea 😀

  • Anthony


    I am glad that you share the good as well as the struggles. By sharing the good I personally can see where I can go or aim for by being on a good path. Mastin, when are you coming to Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

    • Mastin

      Sydney and Melbourne in the fall!

  • Hydee

    Hi Mastin – I feel completely out of the loop. I’ve been following The Daily Love for a few years now and I didn’t notice a big change. I’m more on the spiritual entertainment end of the spectrum than I would like to admit, but some days the blog speaks to me and some days it doesn’t. I don’t think that says anything about you or the blog, but speaks more to the issues I’m ready and willing to listen to, open up about, and work on. Thank you for all you do!

    • Mastin

      it’s so cool that you can see that you are in spiritual entertainment. time to swtich it up! you rock Hydee!

  • Ruthie from Oz

    Love that you’re real, love that you’re you! Glad you are committed to staying true.
    Thanks for sharing life with us 🙂

    • Mastin

      hey Ruthie! hey from across the pond!

  • LynMcF

    Hi Mastin. I really appreciate all that you do and the risks you take putting yourself out there like this. You are going to get comments like this, you will trigger things in people, and as you move along in your journey you will leave a few behind who aren’t ready to follow. Yes you run a business but this is also your journey so you create the rules! You are writing a blog every single freak’n day so of course you can’t always write about what every single person needs to hear. Misery loves company and some people just want to hear the struggle but that’s not growth. I am totally inspired to hear about your business and your travels and how far you have come. I feel as though you do still share your struggles and your heart. You are also offering so many resources for people who are in a struggle so I am not sure what more people want from you!

    What I can feel from you is that you are still a little unsure of your direction and whether you should be blogging daily. This may be what people are picking up in your emails. Go back to your heart and let it guide you to what you really should be sharing. Have you listened to Sera Beak’s key note speech called Uncovering truth bombs from the soul? I only discovered this girl last week and it really challenged me with my writing and intentions!
    Stay true to what makes your soul sing!
    Lyn x

    • LynMcF

      Sorry I didn’t mean for the clip to show up on your website, you can take that down if you don’t want it showing. I don’t know how!

    • Mastin

      this is good, love this advice and you are 100% right!

  • Allison

    Love you Mastin.

    • Mastin

      back at you Allison!

  • Jillian

    Dear Mastin,
    I feel so blessed a friend mentioned your awesome blog. Thank you Taraleigh Weathers! Your blogs have been an amazing source of inspiration and very therapeutic. In fact, I am going to therapy less (instead of once every week; now once a month..woohoo!). Thank you so much for your wonderful service and sharing your light! Your honesty is very much appreciated and I am so happy to see you grow. You have been working so hard and you give so much. You deserve this great success! I feel very inspired hearing about it. Your messages are brilliant and clearly tie the theme/topic together with quotes, stories and affirmations. I look forward to reading the DL everyday. I admire your humbleness and staying true to yourself and DL. Goodness knows we can’t please everyone.Thank you so much for all that you do! Keep up the great work and rock on!



    • Mastin

      thank u Jillian! welcome to team TDL and thank you Taraleigh! (high five)

  • Christy

    Mastin-I am here for you!! You have inspired me to make some huge changes over the last 2 years and when I attended Enter the Heart last August, everyone could feel your love, especially when you stayed very, very late to meet all of us. Because I’ve been making good changes, there have been many, many more opportunities for hard work and embracing uncertainty. Yay, progress! The last two months (including this time period now being called into question) have been the most challenging AND I have loved your blogs more. You’ve always been real, and so it’s a comfort to read about your success and how things have improved (hope! Proof that we can all do it!) and that you’re still a normal person with human struggles, like freaking out in Hamburg (a reminder that it will not be smooth sailing 100% of the time! and that’s not really what we want anyway). And then, you show us how, we can remind ourselves how to reconnect with spirit when we need that inner strength to take us out ourselves to help others. We need the whole picture!! Please keep being you! Hugs, and I’ll see you next month when you come here to Charlotte 🙂

    • Mastin

      thank you Christy! see you in Charlotte!!

  • paigey

    I’ve read through so many of the comments and I think there’s an underlying misinterpretation. But I can only speak for myself. It’s not necessarily your SUCCESSES and blogging about them that are in question….so many of us are inspired by them. But it’s the way you throw comments and sentences about your success into some blogs when it’s NOT RELEVANT to the story or message.

    I know what’s lost me over the past few months is the tone…which starts with something like “I’m writing from Australia, this is so great!”…but the blog message has nothing to do with Australia. So it was unessesary and irrelevant to say that…and since it’s a lead-in, you’ve left people feeling that your bragging. Because there was no relevance to the message to say it.

    You responded to a post that you’ve only blogged about travel 2 times in the past year. Maybe directly….but if you would have asked me, I would have said Mastin hasn’t been home in 5 months and now he writes a travel blog. So you may have only talked in depth about travel twice, but you mentioned it in some form or another every day for months. I’m just trying to help you see it’s the tone of your writing now that’s different, not necessarily a success or failure…if those are relevant to the story, by all means, include it to paint the picture! But we honestly don’t need to know that your writing from Maui and that you had the greatest Christmas ever with your girlfriends family. There are people out there that spent Christmas alone and likely didn’t want to read that when they were hoping for a compassionate read. I hope this helps, I can tell you’re trying to understand the comments and make sense of them.

    • Mastin

      interesting, we find that people, in general, like the feel of me sharing the journey with them. it’s what we are all about. I hear you, just disagree Paigey.

    • Leona

      I love hearing from Mastin on the road. It makes me feel extra special that he has taken time during his travels to write love letters to us. I appreciate him so much for that. xoxo

  • Hey Mastin! I think it’s human to be jealous and it’s really human to not be able to recognize certain negative criticsm we can have towards others as jealousy, especially among people who are on a spiritual path/self empowerment/etc… with that said, I think the best thing is to accept this feeling, avoid self-judgement and then try to remember that the universe is with us and that feelings of jealousy often comes when there is fear of lack. You are a blessing, your journey is a blessing. I love Daily Love and I love you. Keep living your life!

  • Marie

    I so enjoy your blogs and believe you should post what you feel you want to post. I love the fact that you post about the struggles and the accomplishments. You are showing how you’ve grown and I find that inspiring on it’s own. I have only been reading about a year and I can’t tell you how much it has meant. You have created a wonderful supportive community and I am glad to be a part of it. Thank you!

    • Mastin

      you rock Marie!!

  • I always love to hear about your successes and latest ventures and adventures! I’ve also seen you speak in person and could feel from your energy and message that you are authentic and sincere in your desire to help and inspire others to live their own version of the best possible life. And you certainly do that for me, thank you! I’m excited for you and wish you even more, as-yet-unimaginable success and joy!

    • Mastin

      thank you Leslie!! means the world to me!

  • Diane

    Hi Mastin! I love that you expose your feelings and your personal insights into them. You are so real. Just opening yourself up for criticism has shown what personal growth you’ve undergone. I’ve only found you in the last few months so I cannot compare your Daily Love letters (it is a love letter!) from long ago to what it is now. You have to be true to yourself and be yourself or else you are not Mastin! Be authentic … write from your heart …. that’s what has made the Daily Love letters so successful!

    • Mastin

      thank you Diane! welcome to the tribe!

  • Sage Draggon Elfe

    Hey Mastin! I agree that you need the good to balance the bad… With that being said, I’m not so sure about the new format that my Daily Love emails come in as. I miss the formatting where the contributors appeared just as important as your blogs. I find they have a lot to offer too, and now they’re blog posts are buried. I also miss the thumb nail that showed me who was contributing what…so that I could identify my favorites with no effort at all. Perhaps I’m resisting change, but it almost feels that TDL is no longer about the community -but about Mastin’s life only. And I know that’s not the intent at all – so maybe it’s worth redesigning the emails a bit?

    • Mastin

      thank you, this is so clear. I understand and we’ll make a change.

  • Darren Scherbain

    Hi Mastin . I have been a loyal reader for the last three years -and don’t know if I have ever stopped to say Thank You .Thank You for the fishing rod 🙂

    • Mastin

      thank you for stopping by Darren, means a lot my friend!

  • Guest

    I have been following TDL since 2010. Back in those days – Yes – Mastin did write a lot about his struggles, and working on himself, how he would try to get ‘out of his head’ and into his heart. And yes, I really identified with his struggles. I felt like he understood me and my struggles. Heck, I had many of my “share what you are going through” posts published to the website – maybe 1 a month. It was never that I wanted Mastin to fail…but at that time I identified with his difficulties and it was comforting to know that I was not alone.
    That being said….The fact that my progress was slower than Mastin’s doesn’t mean that I couldn’t or wouldn’t be elated in his accomplishments.
    To put it simply…Today was his day. Thats it. Mastin did the work, he believed in himself, he did what he had to do and his payment is this. This HUGE network of success, meeting Oprah, moving out of that little apartment that he used to post from in LA, finding love with Jenna, becoming a fantastic public speaker, flying across the globe spreading the message of TDL. Today was his day.
    So go on Mastin. Today is your day. Your hard work, your struggles…all had purpose. Their purpose was to bring you to this VERY moment in time. Those obstacles were there to open this big wide door to the universe. As for me, today is not my day….but I have hope. I have hope that by living my best life, and doing the work that soon it will also be ‘my day’. So I say, Congratulations Mastin. Keep up the fantastic work. Enjoy what the universe has to offer to you. The universe wants us to be abundant. Living abundantly will help us rid this world of its scarcity mentality. The universe wants to give, so open your arms wide! Much love and light!

    • Mastin


  • Laura

    Dear Mastin,

    I hope that you hear these comments from your loyal fans as a sign of your real success; that your work has made a huge difference to so many people. If your work hadn’t been so important to so many of us for so long, we certainly wouldn’t feel the shift so profoundly. I think Linda’s comments below reflect my feelings exactly. I think it is brave and good of you to address these concerns and to open up a dialogue. Opening yourself to criticism is hard and brave.

    Keep the sense of selfless service in your work that you have always had, and your fans- those whom you serve- will keep building and your success will increase. It is through your own core value of service with the continuing success of your path lies.

    Thank you very much for openly listening and for all of the hard work that you have always done to help so many people to see the light.


    • Mastin

      I’m trying my best, Laura! :O) thank you so much!

  • Michelle Jack

    OMG Mastin I think you are an incredible example of life lived in full truth. And you sharing your success tells me that I can do that too!!! You need to be the example, the light house. So THANK YOU!! Grow and we will grow with you. Rise and we will rise with you.
    Also, you would know that musicians change their art over their lifetime as they grow and expand. This process earns them more fans and also turns off old fans. And that is totally cool. It’s life.
    So rock on with your stuff, I’ll rock on with mine and continue to love what you do.
    Thanks dude!

  • Rita

    Hi Mastin
    You blog today is timely for me, as most of your blogs are. I have,like you, become very successful in the last few years, I spread my wings a few years ago and soared to wonderful success and happiness in almost all aspects of my life. I have accelerated along my spiritual path and feel as most of my success has been ‘given’ to me for the most part by my higher consciousness . That said, I have worked extremely hard in all areas of my life. I have also tried to give back in as many ways as I can. Recently, a very good friends partner who doesn’t know what ‘ my path’ has been found it necessary to criticize my current life, making assumptions about me that weren’t true. I decided not to defend myself to him but hoped that my long standing friend that has been close to me all along would somehow correct his thinking. It didn’t happen. I was soooo disappointed !! I decided to let it go, but for now I don’t feel quite the same about my long standing friend… I believe that the truth will always win.
    Your road is inspirational, yes, you are successful and you too will find your balance. There are many people that gain help and guidance from you, you are able to put into words the deep feelings in all of us. Your blogs are bold and bright and you lay yourself open to every reaction felt by everyone. You cannot take on that responsibility … Your heart is open…. Please don’t let anyone close it even a little.
    Keep doing what you are doing… I for one think you are a messenger ..
    Very proud of you!!

  • Rusti Quarles

    Thanks Mastin for voicing what’s been on your mind. It reminds me of one of your blogs before where you talked about relationships and how some aren’t meant for a lifetime, rather serve their purpose and then fade away or disappear, thus making room for new relationships…something like that. It sounds like you/your company are definitely in a “growth phase” and maybe these are just the pains that go with it when things change. Change is hard – I get it, but isn’t that at the core of your teachings – that we’re all seekers, on a path or journey in life; there will be ups, downs, twists and turns. I wonder if those clinging to the sameness of your earlier blogs have other areas of their life where they struggle with change? I’m no expert and I don’t have the 6 year history since you started TDL (just been following you for about 8 months or so), but I applaud you for following your heart in your blogs, your business, your relationships, etc. Authenticity and vulnerability are two key characteristic I’ve devoted much of the last year to and have gotten a lot of inspiration from you and your messages – so keep it coming please. The good, the bad, the magnificent and the strange. Much love – Rusti Q

  • LadyinLA

    Hi Mastin,
    I think you’ve brought up an awesome issue, being okay talking about success. I’ve discovered something in my own life over the years. Some people in my life liked me more when I was really struggling … other friends liked me best when I was not too up and not too down … and some friends who I thought were really there for me, flipped out when I had my first real taste of success in my profession.
    None of those people are my friends today.
    I had to make the painful decision to let them go because their insistence on loving only a piece of me was holding me back. There wasn’t enough room in their hearts for all of me. And I’m not talking about acquaintances. I’m talking about the nearest and dearest in my life.
    I’m not suggesting anybody should break up with you! or you with them :o)
    … I think it’s important to recognize when we’re in pain and we’re making it not okay for someone else not to be in pain. Love means giving the people in your life room To Be, wherever that happens to be, and wherever you happen to be, and to keep loving them.
    I hope we all have room in our hearts to learn from Mastin’s leaps and the new challenges that brings, because there’s a lesson there for us too, and know there’s still goodness there to inspire us when we’re down and we need a word of LoveWisdom that will help shed some light and get us through it.
    Food for thought …

  • Daryl Snow

    I think you are doing a great job here. The benefit to your story is not only your struggle, but how far you have risen above it. If you don’t share that part too, then you stop sharing the hope the rest of us who are also struggling cling to when we think about coming out the other side. You know all too well that it is easier for people to criticize someone else than it is to pick one’s self up instead. Keep doing what you do and may you rise to heights well beyond your wildest dreams!

  • grateful reader

    Hello Mastin, You are an inspiration to so many and I am personally grateful that you share your successes as well as trials because this is life, a complete life, and whole life. We experience all of it. And I am someone who looks to someone like you and thinks – that is what I want to do someday! I want to speak and inspire and teach and share what I have learned through my trials and yes my successes and it is all good. And it is all a gift from God – all of it. So thank you, thank you. And I admire your courage for speaking your truth. Love, One grateful reader. PS – every morning, yours is the email I look forward to the most. And – I truly believe – what someone says reflects THEM and not YOU! They have a hang up with success and abundance and honestly that is sad, I feel for them. But dont let that limit you and your dreams. Shine on Mastin! Shine on!!

  • David Whitesell

    Hi Mastin,

    “No T. No shade.” I’m just not in a place right now where I’m trying to “commiserate” (a word someone I do call a friend used) over NO sad-a** human experiences. I (obviously) didn’t read read this when you got started because it wasn’t the right time FOR ME. I was coming out of a funk. Please keep sharing your stories of growth and positive change. I value the inspiration. It gives me hope for a brighter TODAY. And to the writer of the email to which you are responding, Beloved, I get it. My mind has been stuck, AND I am continuing to “un-stuck” my mind from mindsets which I am only recently coming to realize no longer serve me well. Thanks for opening the discussion. Be blessed,


  • Lori

    I believe some times the lesson is for only a handful of people. I was the one who needed to hear freaking out in hamburg. I was fortunate to get a great music showcase this past weekend. But right before the show I set off smoke detectors with our smoke machine. Not only did I clear out my entire audience but the entire 500 room hotel. ..just before midnight. I was freaking out. And yet I still had to perform and win the audience over. It could’ve been an epic fail. But it wasn’t. It was a great show. And later I had a friend who was in the audience say they couldn’t believe I could even go on. But I did. They will never forget me I’m sure. And…they asked us back! I think people need to hear there is fear before success. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

  • Smarel Nicole Brown

    Wow, that was pretty honest and vulnerable of you to put yourself out there to us like that. I appreciate it. I appreciate all of it. The fact that your beginning was so humble and now you are traveling around the world is INSPIRING..the Daily love is about love and be loved. With real love you are inspired not stuck and content in your self pity. Mastin I remember your beginning and I appreciate you even more now, because me my self is also expanding..the thing is that a lot of people “say” they want you to succeed but get annoyed when you do. It makes them a bit uncomfortable and a bit distant from you. Others that seek to be inspired or motivated are ignited by you. Yes, I’m sure with your success you’ll lose some followers, as I’m sure all great leaders have. Your journey is not about them, forget em’..those who appreciate you will stick with you to the end along with the millions of others who will join. Always remember why you started. Much love to you.
    Smarel Nicole

  • TL33

    Please let your light shine! You are a beacon in the storm we call life!
    I read the Daily Love everyday and love it. I personally enjoyed reading about your travels, it brought me comfort reading about your fears on traveling outside your comfort zone, both in actual travel and standing on stage in a foreign country not knowing what you were going to experience and then learning what you did experience was something wonderful. If you would of let fear take over you would not had the chance to experience these things, you may not even be in the spot you are right now. Fear is a very powerful crippling emotion and the only emotion that can rule over and cure fear is love. We all have them and rarely share with each other our true fears, because we are afraid others will find us weak but you did share and I am thankful for that. It takes a very strong person to face our own fears.
    Shine on
    Shine on

  • Tracy

    I will always be grateful for the work you brought me to. But it’s just that, my work. Some of these people are still looking outside of themselves, and it’s at you, for reasons for their uncomfortable existance. You and the story you tell are testimony. You allow us to see, through your vulnerable journey and teachings, how beneficial loving oneself and others is to peaceful living. I get to witness showing up to life through this blog. It’s not a map with specific instructions on how I should show up to my life. Just that I show up for it with an open, loving heart. Thank you for your testimony. Thank you for showing what focusing on personal work looks like.

  • hayesstaci

    I’ve loved and appreciated all you’ve shared in your journey. Thank you for always inspiring me!

  • Mastin- I appreciate that you are being REAL. You are exposing yourself and that requires honesty, which includes all that you are going though. Exposing yourself takes guts and can make people feel uncomfortable. If anything, I was upset with you for worrying about upgrading to business class, when you have clearly earned it. You have worked hard and now you get to enjoy the fruits of your work. Good job and keep going. You are an inspiration. Writing a daily blog, along with everything else you do, is almost insanity. Thanks for your hard work. Love University rocks. Your team rocks. I look forward to the next venture.

  • Aarti

    Dear Mastin,

    I have followed Daily Love for several years now. I’ve anxiously awaited every Daily Love email in my inbox, and have loved your stories, inspiration, and insight. Your writing has helped me overcome many low moments, and has helped me recognize grace in my life during the high moments. The personal stories you have shared make me feel like you truly understand many of the challenges we all face at some point in our lives. I wanted to say that I’m very happy for your success and for building this wonderful medium through which to reach people like myself who appreciate your unique brand of daily love. Keep it up! You have been there though my hardships AND triumphs, and I will be there for yours!


  • Hi Mastin. As a relatively new follower, I say keep being true to yourself and your story. Like friendships, I suspect some ‘followers’ just aren’t meant to be in your life forever. As you evolve, your followers will evolve. This doesn’t mean that parting
    ways isn’t painful for both sides though – after all, you’ve invested a lot in each other. All the best, Naomi.

  • Aliaa

    Dear Mastin!

    Greetings from Penang 😀

    I think it’s absolutely fine to share with us your success. It’s part of your life so if you’re sharing your life story then that has to also be a part of what you blog about. Plus who wants to just read about the struggles and hardship of life. Your success story is what I find inspiring. We have to believe that through the struggles and challenges, we will reap some success. So if you’re sharing about the challenges, then share about the success too!

    You’re doing a great job. Haters will hate but for those whose life you have positively impacted, we will happily celebrate your challenges and success together.

    Thank you for the daily emails I start my day with,

  • biancala

    Hi Mastin-I dont agree with any of these negative comments that people are posting! First of all what is the point of telling people about your struggles without showing that you can overcome them? Do people really want to sit around day after day just talking about all the bad stuff without some happy joyful places in life? Whats the point? Keep writing about what you are comfortable writing about-show us what you want to show us-make as much money as you can make-enjoy all that you have worked for! If there are some that dont like it they should move along and keep dwelling in the negative-let the rest of us enjoy the messages that you have to give-the messages that you were meant to give!!

  • Janet

    Hi Mastin.I am fairly new to The Daily Love.I totally appreciate all of the beautiful material you post and am very inspired by the way you share all of your life.I really like genuine feelings I get when you share your success.We all have good and bad in our lives.We can learn something from both.I personally applaud you for your uphill climb and I feel I get an added bonus when you tell me of others that I can experience as well.You and only you can know how hard you have struggled to get where you are today.Stay positive no matter what.

  • Jolie Blond

    Hi Mastin – I am SO appreciative of your ongoing honesty, sincerity, authenticity in the things and ways that you share. That person seems to have been, perhaps, hurting at someone else’s successes because his life hasn’t been going so well. It is unfortunate that his negative reaction to your well-earned well-being has caused you to question yourself. Knowing you somewhat from your daily gifts to us, I’d say that you will most likely turn this into something positive for yourself. us and maybe even that complainer guy. Thanks for everything you’ve already done for so many for no charge!

  • Jen

    Forgive me, Mastin, but this post irritated me so much I just had to comment. Not because you’ve done anything wrong but because I find it utterly ridiculous that anyone would complain about you sharing your success. I have been a follower of TDL for a few years now and have saved more newsletters for future reference than I can count. They inspire me and remind me what is important in life. You are amazing!!! I’ll admit that there have been a couple of times when I’ve yearned for the journeys you are taking but then I remember where you’ve been – addicted and pretty much homeless – and I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. You DESERVE the success you’ve created for yourself. You’ve worked hard and earned it. And if fans who loved you before when you were down and out, can’t be happy for you and celebrate that success with you, I say they might want to unsubscribe. Not that I wish a smaller fan base for you, but just ick! You provide a free service that helps people to grow and learn. If they don’t like it, rather than rain on your parade, maybe they should go look for their inspiration elsewhere.

    Sorry to rant, but sometimes I just fine humanity so disappointing… 🙁

  • Just dropping by to give you a hug brother. You’re in a very challenging place. You have a massive following, you’re building a business, you’re doing your best to change peoples lives for the better, you’re in your own relationship with your girlfriend, and everything else going on in your life. I don’t know if it’s because of what I’ve read about you, the fact that you’ve given me an opportunity to be a Contributor for your site, or the fact that I’m friends with your Mom on Facebook – but there’s a place in my heart for you my friend and I want you to know you’re doing a great job – EVEN when you mess up – you’re doing a great job. Be gentle with yourself tonight Mastin. This is a lot to take in.

  • Carro

    Hi Mastin,
    I haven’t been a part of this community for more than a month or so which means I can’t have an opinion on what your blogs used to be like. What I do know is
    that I like the down to earth kind of way you share lessons and insights. It makes
    it very easy for me to relate to them and apply them to my own life. Every blog
    I’ve read have resonated in me and either shown me a lesson to be learned or
    reminded me of something I have allowed myself to forget.
    In regards to “showing of” your success I must say that I disagree. As I see it your way of sharing your life makes you a role model that shows me that you can live a wholehearted life where you share your story from your heart with the world and still flourish or more to the point flourish because of it.
    I also think that it takes a lot of courage to say I want to understand this
    shift in comments and ask questions about them instead of making assumptions
    that might lead you down the wrong path.

  • Christina

    Dear Mastin,
    I agree we have to share all parts of life
    The light and dark, good and bad etc otherwise
    There is no learning, no contrast.
    I love your honesty, showing us your fears
    And vulnerability in Hamburg was typically
    you, inspirational.
    Your success will make others (egos ) uncomfortable,
    Jealous, envious. Some will move away from TDL but others
    Will work with these negative feelings and realise there potential
    for learning.
    Christina x

  • Nicky

    Gosh Mastin, some of these comments are pretty harsh, aren’t they? Would the people who left them like it if their bosses or colleagues or clients at work described their work in the same way? To the whole world? It must be pretty hurtful, and I’m sure they’d be hurt if someone denigrated their work in a similar way, and those comments were left about them. You put a lot of though and effort into your blogs, and people get all of this stuff for free, and instead of appreciating the good in it, they complain. Why don’t they unsubscribe if TDL isn’t what they need? There’s tons of other stuff out there. You’re a normal bloke living a normal life and trying to figure it out as you go along, not some kind of demi-God. Maybe they need to re-set their expectations. Would they be able to produce TDL every day, and do it for free? And I disagree that your blogs are simply reporting on your life. I mean, you’ve just had a huge adventure of a trip around Europe and of course you’d want to share that with your community – why wouldn’t you? If these guys went off on a big trip around Africa or India, they’d be emailing all at home to tell them about their big adventures, and their experiences and what they learnt along the way. Each of these blogs shows us something that you learnt, such as overcoming your fears and achieving things you didn’t think possible. So you can’t please all of the people all of the time, and I think you should continue doing what you do, and project some love onto those who would knock you down. Your success is best measured by your number of followers – if it’s good, people will sign up and read it. If it’s rubbish, people will move away. Keep up TDL and your good work. Love to you and all at TDL. And great to see you in Dublin!

  • Jozsef

    Hi Mastin,
    I’m a Daily Love follower since the end of 2010. You gave me so much during my divorce, getting myself out of a toxic relationship. Tony Robbins and you helped me to grow, find support from the Uni-verse and create the happy new life I live now with my new wife, expecting our first child and started my own business. 🙂
    To be honest, first I thought critical about your blog posts in the last few weeks too.
    THEN, I realised why many of us feel this way.
    You are at a place now where most of use would never ever dare to go.
    It’s one thing to safely grow ourselves in the shadow, but to go and shine, have this level of success is something that many of us are afraid.
    So please, put yourself out and share your life with the same courage as you always had. Actually there are not a lot of places where we can learn THAT part of the story, so let everyone find the lesson in these blog posts too.

  • Spiritualbee

    Hi Mastin, firstly I just wanted to say I saw you in London recently and you were fantastic. You lifted the energy and we laughed, it was fab. Secondly I would like to respond to your blog today. I would say it is not your job to stay small so a small minority of people feel better about themselves, your job is to help people to rise up and shine. At the end of the day we are all responsible for our own lives and successes and need to get better about sharing our success stories and not always our struggles. Yay for you for working bloody hard and becoming successful as a result of the value you are putting out in this world. Go shine your beautiful light and allow those who want to be inspired to grow and shine their own light brighter too. Big loe to you and the Daily Love. When I eventually get to fly business class I will be her to share! 😉 p.s when are you coming to London again? and p.p.s love to all Daily lovers wherever you are on your journey. Xxx

  • Tiana


    I have followed your blog for years and have loved seeing it change and grow. I started reading your blog when I was still living in my hometown in California and have continued all the way to London, England. I recently saw you at the Ignite Hay House event and you were a million times more inspiring than I even expected. You are a gem and thank you for everything you’ve given to your audience.

    I’ve loved TDL from the beginning and love it just as much now as I did when I first discovered it. Change and growth always makes people uncomfortable – as long as you are true to yourself and trust and follow your own intuition as to what you’re supposed to be putting out into the universe you will attract readers that resonate with what you’re putting out there.

    Thank you for everything. Trust yourself – you’re amazing!

    love Tiana

  • Madeline

    Mastin- You freaking rock! Keep it coming Baby! Love, Madeline

  • mb

    this was AMAAAAAZING!!!! #brava #welldone #love&light

  • mb

    Mastin, i know it took a lot of courage. this is a real issue among our communities that needed to be discussed. joy, success, financial abundance is for us! and when one of us wins, all of us win, because we all have access to the same infinite possibilities. if there’s a struggle with celebrating someone’s actualization of those possibilities, the opportunity is to look within ourselves for what part of us believes we’re either not worthy of it, it’s not for us, or both. all we desire is inhabitable. the Universe want’s us to be well-rounded and whole in our spirituality.

    continued success, blessings, joy, financial abundance and love to you, Mastin!
    thanks for being a demonstration of what’s possible for us all! – rev. baptiste

  • Jeanne

    I am a fairly new reader of The Daily Love and really enjoy your posts and quotes. They are a wonderful start to my day! I completely agree with what you have said in this post and 100% support your decisions to share all aspects of your life. This keeps you authentic. You have worked hard to make your destiny and you should be proud of that. Hopefully we all (readers) can use your hard work and actions as a role model and guide for our own lives.

    I hope you continue to share the good and the ‘not-so-good’! Much luck, love and blessings to you and your team.

    Love, Jeanne

  • Janice

    Share your life Mastin, you are breaking ground. You need material for 365 days a year and your inspiration is the life you live. I get something out of every days blog. I recently lost my job and am starting my own company and I have seen what you have accomplished and it has taken my fear to empowerment. I am living knowing that if I am going to move forward I must take a risk, I must learn how to set boundaries. If people are complaining maybe they fear your
    success, maybe they are jealous because they can not take their own risk. Set your boundaries Mastin live your life and blog about it, ups, downs and all things love. Be yourself that alone is a lesson to all. Love, Janice

    • Alma

      Well put.

  • Alma

    Success and joy are as much a part of life as despair and loss, so carry on. I’ve read only a few comments here, but it sounds like you are meeting a lot of resistance that others’ have around claiming their success. I think if the Universe is our mirror showing us ourselves, it might be showing you your own resistance around claiming your light. Just a thought, and something you may want to explore. Outside of that, like I said in the first line, carry on-it’s all we can do in times of change sometimes. XO, Alma

  • Wendy

    Mastin ~ I must say that it is great to hear of your successes. When coming from a loving space, hearing success and love stories allows us to open our hearts and see what we can let it, instead of everything we’ve kept or still keep out!
    This is a loving shift for YOU because you are seeing yourself as you really are, not how others see you…what I mean is, success in life means we are on the right path and how your happiness is perceived is up to an individual. Stay being happy, SUCCESSFUL, loving, and whatever you choose to do w/ DL, it’s all good and there’s so much love from it still, it will never “go away”. Do good things!

  • Nic W

    Mastin, you are brilliant! I love hearing your successes. It’s not bragging, it’s a simple fact that life has ups as well as downs! Some people may not be ready to hear about them yet. Don’t take it personally, my friend. Keep going forward. There is no reason why you shouldn’t make money from what you love, and reap the rewards of your success. It says more about them than about you, if they don’t like it. You were there once too, remember. Big love to you and yours. Hearing from you has made a fabulous difference to my life.
    Nic x

  • Rahel

    Hey Mastin,
    Thank you for sharing so honestly. I think you wouldn’t be an authentic rolemodel if you would not share both sides. Live has always nice and other things/adventures in store for us. So, please continue to walk your path, like you are doing it at the Moment. Thank you!

  • subhasish

    hi Mastin. i just wanted to say your success inspire us.pls keep posting ur success blogs whenever u want to, it’s like our fuel,we love to read those, and i just LIKED ur “Freaking out in Hamburg” blog. with love & blessings- from India .

  • lisaann

    You and the Daily Love have made me the person I am today. You helped me find strength I never knew I had. And I want the world to know about you and learn what I’ve learned. Because of your love, I have broken with my past. ~ Rumi .

  • Today’s Guest

    Hi Mastin,

    OK here goes – I’m kind of a new fan but I think I understand the issue. I think that you absolutely should share your success, and it’s inspiring, but the feeling I’m getting is that maybe people are starting to be concerned that you are more about the success rather than the spirituality and giving to others, and it is a change – it makes people question your authenticity as a helper of others. I don’t mean that to sound harsh – I know Tony Robbins is your friend but his general rep is that of a narcissist and shameless self promoter. Don’t turn into him. He may be terrific in person but this is his persona. Contrast that with Oprah, one of the most successful people in the world and nobody begrudges her that, but she doesn’t make it all about her. I think part of the problem is that these retreats you have are incredibly expensive and you have said yourself that retreats in Bali are geared toward those who would be able to afford it. It is just coming off lately like the whole thing is very LA, if that makes sense. Not entirely altruistic. We get that it’s a business but it’s a business that carries a very heavy responsibility. Stay humble. Watch Oprah.

  • Yolanda

    I think it is absolutely OK for you to share your success!!! To me that IS the ultimate evidence that you are walking your “talk” because your results are a reflection of your teachings, beliefs, etc. We are ALL one, so no matter what or where I may be in life…I revel in your wins. Rock on, dude!! Love you, take care and be well. Yolanda

  • kellyscandy

    My only comment would be to write, then read each blog entry as if you were a new reader to TDL. Does that new reader take something valuable away today? Does that writing capture them and make them want more? Every day you have the opportunity to reach new people, just make sure there’s something in it for them first. In advertising, “What’s in it for the audience?” should be your primary focus first and in your copy first or they may lose interest because they have not had the time to develop rapport with you yet. Also as in advertising, you have to get to them (their heart) before you talk about you. This will ensure growth. Maybe footnote your travels & successes with a reminder of where you were 6 years ago for new readers. I do have to say that I used to read your blogs every single day but then I stopped around the time you started on Oprah, so perhaps the content was not speaking to my heart. Speak into my heart and you will have me forever! And I do wish you much success!

  • Claudette

    Dear Mastin,

    It IS okay to share your successes. It’s life. And it’s just as valid as talking about the “downs”.

    Your blog has been an inspiration and has given me the much needed push during a very difficult time.

    I saw today’s post and I’m so very sad to hear that I will no longer be receiving emails from you. I feel like I’m losing a friend. I will save your emails in a folder and read them like old love letters : )

    I wish you a continued path to love and enlightenment.

    Thank you!


  • lellie

    I agree with Mastin’s point of view… it is as important to share our achievements as to share our challenges.
    Reading all the responses has been very interesting. As a Canadian, I know that in our not-that-long-ago-influenced-by-British-attitudes heritage, there was something “not quite nice” about tooting one’s own horn … and that a famous (late) Canadian broadcaster once said that we support our own until “they get too big for their britches” (his words). My question, of course, was …just who makes that decision? As the Canadian comedian/director/producer David Steinberg once said as he was moving to the States, “Canadians eat their young”.
    My point in all this is that we are influenced by our cultures (an obvious point), have to overcome negative attitudes and constantly look for the truth in everything.
    Congratulations in all your successes… thank you for listening, for teaching and for sharing!!!

  • Jacob Grenz

    Mastin! I’ve enjoyed hearing the incredible transformation that has occurred in your life by putting to practice the principles you teach. You’re an inspiration for what I hope to accomplish one day, and I enjoyed hearing about your growth and travels because that’s what I aspire to be and do. You’ve impacted my life more than you’ll ever know! I wish you all the best. Much love!

  • Sheri Lynn

    Hearing about your success is inspiring. My purpose is similar to yours, and I’m in the same position you were in when you started. So seeing your success is comforting, because having the heart that ‘we’ have is not always easily understood by other people. Most don’t believe that you can actually make a living being a positive influence on the world. It comes with a lot of sacrifice and selflessness. So I thank you for all that you do. You have given me hope that I too can build a brand out of my heart’s desire to inspire. -Sheri Lynn
    Twitter: @Sherixoxo IG: @_sheri_

  • Maggie K

    Mastin, I do love your blog and have taken great inspiration from the site and the emails! I am disappointed to hear your defensiveness radiating from every response to any comment on this post that could be perceived as negative. As people offer up their experiences of your blog that are anything other than “You’re great,” you invalidate their comments by challenging them or just saying “You can’t please everyone.” Lots of these comments are filled with support and appreciation for what you do, and also are letting you know how people are experiencing your blog differently than they used to. It’s all feedback that could be taken in and sincerely considered rather than dismissed or defended against.

  • Kirstin Jacques

    Hey. I just read yesterday’s entry today. By divinity, I was listening to John Legend’s “All of Me” while reading. Perfect soundtrack for your message. You are a balanced human being. Please keep on keeping on. Your beacon shines brightly. kirstin

  • Mastin, I bloody love you and I’m ALWAYS happy to hear about your successes.

    TDL has done SO MUCH for me – introduced me to spirituality and this whole world, introduced me to amazing, life-changing people like Marie Forleo and Chela Davison – and I wouldn’t change a thing. Your authenticity always comes RIGHT through – whether you’re talking about highs or lows.


  • Pat Tallman

    Hi Mastin,
    I like many of your people here really love you and what you have created. Life is change. Change at it’s best is evolution. You are evolving, so of course is TDL since it is organically you. I am learning so much about growing and evolving by doing so along with you. I don’t want to lose that. Change is scary and mine has been incredibly painful. I went through a Divine Storm too. I met you in Hollywood in Sept for your Finding Your Purpose course and you chose to work with me as an example. You have helped me so much by being there and being real. Being real can be messy, and imperfect. Thank GOD! I would love to see where you and TDL goes. I would be so disappointed if you left. I am investing in going to Bali with you! That’s how much I believe in you!

    Hang in there my friend. You know when you shine your light, you attract the dark. Other people’s fears come up.
    I love knowing we can succeed. I love watching your journey. Thank you for sharing so authentically.
    Love ya!

  • I think there could be truth in every comment, and I believe the truth in every comment here is also about the writer and their perspective–and that is okay. I want to be the last one to judge anybody and their intentions. I’m too busy refining my own intentions. I’ve had a lot of goodness in my life and a lot of serious challenges. Last year I decided to take a risk, spend a huge chunk of change on finding my purpose for living the next 50 years of my life. One of the risks was that I didn’t carry medical insurance. Out of pocket at $600+/month or keep believing and following my heart, mind, and soul. It lead me (back) to Maui. Some thought I was crazy, but I was there for me and my soul. Mastin, you helped me with your brilliant process of defining my purpose (as I sit here with tears in my eyes). I also did a 90-day’s of Hope as part of the prep process. It all worked, and I was invited to a second dream job that I didn’t even know existed. I am living in my purpose and passion every day, while keeping my freedom that I so highly value. And, effective today, I have health insurance! So, everything we do and say is always about us. I use to put people on pedestals. I don’t do that anymore. You are Mastin Kipp, right there by my side, choosing what moves you. Will you mistakes? Yes. Are you perfect? No. With every step of success, will you need to define and refine. Yes. Are you doing that? I think so! God bless you, Brother, and every other soul on this blog and around the world. Go and be wonderful. Live the life you want. I’ll keep reading until I don’t feel like reading. My reading the blog is about me! I matter and so do you. Amen

    • KJ

      Glad you’re doing well, your “risk” deciding to forgo carrying health insurance paid off for you. If you had gotten into an accident or had a serious health event though it’s the rest of us who would have paid for your care. The “risk” was really on the rest of us who responsibly carry insurance. Pushing your responsibility onto the rest of us was selfish no matter the outcome.

      • I’m very responsible. I carried an indemnity policy, as well as, an accident policy. It just wasn’t medical insurance. I paid for medical expenses out of my pocket because I couldn’t find a job. The risk I was taking was that I could have lost my home if something serious happened. I’m fairly certain that the bill would have come to my address! I never dreamed of anybody paying my bills, but I do understand another perspective now. I use to be in the 35% tax bracket. Last year I made $6,000 part-time and could not find a job. You sound very fortunate. I hope it stays that way for you. You matter, just like everybody else.

  • Ali

    Hmm. I’m almost afraid to post this for fear of being called negative or a hater but his post kind of niggled me. Firstly let me start by saying that I think what you do is incredible Mastin. Truly, I have no idea how you have the energy and inspiration to write every. single. day. Your commitment to your work and this community is pretty damn special and I’m in absolute awe of what you’ve built.

    But when I read the comments in the original email, all I saw was somebody who had admired and supported you for some time, taking the time to let you know that they were no longer engaging with the content in quite the same way anymore. A lot of comments here have also reflected that sentiment, and as far as I can see, almost every comment in that vein has been made with love and respect.

    Of course you can’t make everybody happy all of the time, and of course your content and accordingly your audience will grow as you do…but interpreting the original email as a a sign of somebody’s jealousy or unwillingness to revel in your success with you? Really? Oof. I find that kind of offensive.

    If I’m no longer being moved in the same way by what you write, do you really think it means I wants you to be poor and single and couch-surfing? Of course not! Does it mean I think you should always be struggling because I might be? Does it mean that I think you shouldn’t earn great money or be blissfully happy? Are you kidding me? In no way.

    None of those things could be further from the truth. Maybe it just means what it means. Some of the content maybe isn’t hitting home in the same way anymore.

    Why? I don’t even know. Personally I get as much, if not more from the joyful posts so it sure as hell isn’t about that. Maybe it’s the change in format – a little more valuable scrolling time to get to the good stuff, and a bit more of a newslettery rather than personal email kind of feel. Or maybe your tone changed a little – I honestly don’t know. I do know I make less of an effort to open the more recent emails for some reason. Whilst still wishing many wonderful things for you – see how I do both!

    I can’t imagine how hard it is when somebody seems to be criticizing something you put your absolute heart and soul into, I’m sure I’d be defensive as heck but it seems a little like you’re confusing two issues here. The issue of continuing to please an evolving audience as your life (and therefore tone and content) changes is a very valid one. It’s hard. Something has to give and that’s really ok. People begrudging your successes? I’m sure you deal with that all the time too, but I’m not sure that’s what was happening here.

    I imagine that the original commenter took the time to write to you because they cared and were getting kind of bummed that something they loved was changing. As are most of the folk taking the time to say the same kind of thing here.

    I think it’s amazing that you have a community who take the time to do that (336 comments and counting?!) rather than simply hitting delete and unsubscribe. You can’t please everybody and things are going to change but please don’t confuse not connecting with certain kinds of content with not wanting the very best for you.

    With lots of love and absolutely no hate or jealousy or any other negative sentiment.


  • Sanderellavt

    As a senior citizen I can say what you are experiencing is L I F E – which changes. Your intentions remain honest and uplifting – you are in a major shift. Blessings to you for all the love. No matter our age or life circumstances, this s a natural process. Mastin, you are undergoing each moment in the public eye. Never easy, but life never promised to be easy or the same. Critics, cynics exist. Stay true to you and your journey. Thank you for sharing. May continued growth and learning present problems you solve and happiness you cherish. Hugs! Mimi

  • Ludwina

    From a Dutch point of view………what are we doing as a community and as an individual? I do not understand the discussions, the comments……..plain simple……Who are we to criticize someone’s words, thinking, blogging, way of sharing his or her life and so on?
    Be positive and always keep your heart open!

  • eternalbloom

    Hi Mastin, first and foremost I want to thank you for continuing to add value to my life as well as the lives of others. Personally, the stories of Europe were a refreshing change, I found them intriguing and even cried in one of them. You show us how much we are capable of. I hope the negative comments don’t get you down. You are coming at us with an intention of truth and love. We are so PROUD of you!!!

  • JJ

    Rock on!! 🙂

  • Diane

    Dear dear Mastin,
    I am at the totally opposite side of this opinion that you lack compassion, boosting of success etc. I’ve read some of these responses to your blog of sharing success. I’m really taken back, and my heart just sunk into my stomach. Turthfully, I panicked thinking Mastin might abandon his daily love blogs. I literally don’t know where I’d be today if it wasn’t for your daily love blog. You have kept me going through a very difficult period. Literally, one day at a time, one blog at a time. I have been inspired by your success, where you’ve come from and how far you have come in such a short time in your young years. You have worked hard HELPING people. You deserve everything you have worked so extremely hard for. There is no way you could be where you are today without working your ass off every single hour of your waking moments and I applaud that. You are an inspiration that I (we) can also pull myself up from my bootstraps and be successful in every sense of the word, if we want to move from fearful stagnation to being totally vulnerable, and put in the work. Scary! I’ve learned so much from you. I’m very grateful for all you have done. Do you think some of these negative comments are coming from a bit of jealousy? Wouldn’t we too love to be flying all over the world in business class or better yet first class! Talking with Oprah, etc.and be able to share our excitement. I’d be shouting from the roof tops!
    I have a life long best friend who I have been really struggling to understand her & my recent negative feelings toward her. I was on the verge of severing our relationship. I could hardly stand to be around her. What the heck happened? I’ve come to realize I’ve changed and I will no longer tolerate her pessimistic and abrasive personality. I played small. Intimidated by her. Afraid to even be happy around her. Then the light bulb came on! I realized I felt I had to wallow in my woes along with her. BS! I can be happy and proud of my accomplishments. I’ve worked hard for everything I have, how far I’ve come and how I’ve grown. My success.
    Pretty pitiful that I could not show it. It’s OK to be happy. It’s OK to share your success. This realization has changed my perspective and saved my friendship of 32 years. I am happy and that’s OK!
    It was with Mastin’s guidance and daily blogs and lots of reflection that helped me see. Not, the thousands of dollars spent on therapy!
    Its with a grateful & open heart that I thank you Mastin for sharing your journey including your success.
    Love & peace,

  • Ellie

    Being that it’s a SELF-HELP community, I think the gem of the blog is the struggles. That’s why people come here. They need to work things out. It’s a very spiritually challenging time and they NEED to hear about the challenges. Many of your readers are in the same boat and need to know how your overcame those very same hardships because they need guidence. THAT relates to the readers, you flying on a plane business class doesn’t apply to everyone and people feel alienated. Having said this, if you DID want your success to relate to others, maybe it’s time to introduce “Mastin 2.0. : How I created a successful blog that allows me to have the life I’ve always dreamed of”, put an entrepreneurial online coach hat on, and teach people how to do the same. If they start learning how you created this amazing reality for yourself of being able to travel and spread love, with REAL honest transparency and tools that others could use to do the same, you will be greatly rewarded for your successes because you will be sharing this knowledge with your readers who are rooting both for themselves and thanking you as their mentor! Then your success will truly be a beacon of light and not just a diary of your daily awesome life that most people don’t have.
    Just my two cents. 🙂

  • Joanna

    I forwarded your daily email to my work yesterday and couldn’t around to replying then. I’m a 31 yr old single female trying to get ahead in the world in all aspects of my life, and a good friend of mine recommended your site a little over a year ago. Up until a few months ago I was devouring the information you presented and it gave me a wonderful little burst of positive energy in the morning, however I’ve gotten the feeling that lately the posts are a bit, for lack of a better term, lacking. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what’s missing…maybe more “meat?” They seem a bit more superficial in nature and I yearn for the days when I would read your messages, nod in agreement and want to yell out “preach!” I am happy for you and your success, commend you on battling and overcoming your demons, and have absolutely no negative feelings toward you, but I have noticed that the lessons have become somewhat glib in nature. I find myself skimming them searching for the message instead of the entire content resonating with me. Maybe it is time to re-strategize? If you have too much on your plate, maybe not post as often (without giving the option of how many emails we want to get) but post more meaningful pieces? For the people who do come from a good place and applauding your success, I believe the writing hits closer to home when it’s moreso about the lesson than anything else.

  • Laura

    Hi Mastin. I think this is like the 2nd time I have gone to the TDL blog since you started TDL. I first heard about you when you appeared on the Oprah show. I could see your nervousness and genuiness (sp?) in your demeanor. You have always come off as genuine and sincere to me in TDL emails as well. I have enjoyed them; some have touched me greatly, while others did not touch me as much. I am currently working on my dissertation for my PhD in general Psychology, so perhaps I have learned a thing or two about people along my studies. My thought on this topic is that, of course your ‘voice’ of TDL has changed over the past few years, as YOU have changed. Who wouldn’t have changed?! You have had many successes, and I wish you many more. You seem to deserve them. While I don’t get much inspiration from reading about where you travel to, because frankly I’d love to see Bali or Europe, but can’t presently afford either type of trip, I just skim over those parts of the TDL and look for tidbits of inspiration or words that speak to my heart and soul. I usually always find something in a TDL email that reminds me to be grateful for all the things I have in my life, as well as give me inspiration to get back up on my feet and try again at whatever is currently challenging me.
    All of the above being said, I don’t usually read blogs or comments online because I don’t put much stock into what others think about me or others’ comments on current events – I rely on what my soul tells me about how I’m doing and what I need to focus on. I usually know when I’m coming from a place of love and honesty, and I know when I’ve come from a place of ego. I think TDL has both mixed in at times, but I still enjoy reading it, reading about your journey. I will continue to look for it in my inbox. I wish you all the best and am grateful that you have been willing to be honest and open with a world of strangers about your journeys. Many have been inspired by it – obviously. Those who enjoy, or are “comfortable” being in the role of victim will continue to do so, and perhaps since you are not a victim of your circumstances, you do not ‘speak’ to them or their circumstances. Tough love and ‘taking action’ is not for everyone. As a therapist, I will probably have clients who do not like me or prefer to return to my office, because I will not sugar-coat my advice to them. So be it. Thanks for TDL, I really enjoy it, and good luck in all your future journeys, wherever they lead you.

  • hello-now

    I also find myself reading this less and less because it is just too much information now and not as simple. I could be inspired with just one quote and one short blog or photo from either you or a guest author, etc. I feel all of the metaphysical/inspirational authors I follow are just sharing too much now (every single day) and all the mediums get piled on top of each other – like sifting through a junk drawer. It’s not junk, but you know what I mean…

    Also, just a reference, I liked when the blog you wrote was in audio form because I could hear it in the morning while I was getting dressed and be inspired for my day.

  • eileen

    I wrote you a comment to you last night and it is somewhere in cyberspace, because I obviously don’t know how to successfully comment yet…I was telling you to “Shine On” and let no one steal your joy! Sharing your joy as well as your struggles has been a real benefit to us all…when I saw your announcement this morning I thought OH No- he needs to hear how many positive comments counter any negatives and how much we admire you for having the courage to be vulnerable and open to all that can come from the Internet! Glad to hear that this an April Fool prank and that you will continue to shine with us! (I hope this gets to you!)

  • Porky

    I had no time to read yesterday, and look what I missed! What a weird bunch of comments. I’m new to TDL, within the past month, but I find the blogs quite inspiring and thought-provoking. Perhaps the trouble is that as Mastin has changed some of you who have followed for so long have not. It has become very popular in our American culture today to end every hopeful, successful thought with “but it was hell getting here.” I get tired of hearing about how hard it was/is for people to achieve and sustain happiness. Just say you are happy, feel the happiness and share.

    Mastin, I’m glad you are not stuck in the past “story” but are comfortable sharing your more current joy. LOVED the one about the sunrise! Putting oneself online every day and being open to whatever comments are made must be difficult, at best. I’ve often felt that when my detractors were at their worst–surprisingly so and for no reason I could ascertain–it meant I was probably doing something right. Rock on!

  • Colleen

    Dear Mastin,
    I have enjoyed all your blogs whether it be trials and tribulations or joys and success. You have inspired me through it all. I love to hear your success stories. Is it what we all want to achieve? I have to admit that I limit my face to face AA meetings because ALL I hear is gloom and doom. It is quite refreshing to hear that you can be a successful spiritual sober being. I am setting my sites on being successful and serving also. Thank you for your honesty.

  • Sonya

    Yes, unfortunate but true. Why are we so uncomfortable with it comes to putting a price on the business of doing good. I believe sometimes it’s the misunderstanding of language and what meanings we attribute to certain words. When what we have to offer from out hearts and souls becomes so boosted, so popular, that it’s scaled up to impact more lives in order to transform more hearts and minds. Words like CEO, brand and yes, even success. No disrespect meant but frankly I think its all just a misunderstanding associated with ones own lack of self love and worth. It’s not intentional so you’re correct Mastin not to take it personal. Much success and happiness to you. Keep doing what you do. Shine on!

  • Today’s Guest

    I just want to clarify my earlier comment after reading some of the others – it really irks me that a therapist posted here that critical people are jealous. Maybe some are but that’s not the case for me. I really like what you’re doing and thing it’s important that you talk to people about your success. I just think (like someone else said, I think that same therapist) that the nature of your business is changing into maybe more entrepreneurial and business coaching…which is completely fine, you’re allowed to choose what you want to do. It’s different than the initial purpose though and it’s throwing people off. For all who think the negative comments are out of line – Mastin asked for our opinions, and sycophants are the LAST thing he needs.

  • Suzi

    Hi Mastin. I totally agree with you. You should share the good and the bad times with us. Personally it makes me happy to see others happy. I dont want to only hear about your struggles but also when you overcome them and good and positive things that come into you life. You were in Hamburg. Any chance that you will come visit The Netherlands any time soon? I would love to see you!


  • ShugD

    Dear Mastin,
    First of all, you have been and will continue to be a huge inspiration to so many people. Sharing your journey, failures & successes has inspired, challenged and motivated so many of us – and we are proud of your growth!

    I think it is important to remember that although TDL has obviously been a hugely personal experience/expression for you, the criticism and support being offered should not be considered a personal attack on you. Just like an artistic endeavor or any creative expression, people will always have (and not be shy about expressing) their personal opinions about what you are doing – I think people have developed a sense of entitlement to your life and decisions because your readers have gotten to know you over these years.
    I was talking to a few friends the other day about a recent breakup and how it was so difficult for me to let that person and the relationship go. I came to the eventual realization that I hung on so tightly to the way things ended, instead of focusing on the fact that the outcome was what was best for me anyway. The relationship wasn’t fulfilling me in the way I needed and it was beginning to diminish my self-value. Once it was over, I felt… sad, but…relieved! And in one of my conversations with a great friend about this, she shed some light that freed me from the mental space I trapped myself in. In response to me asking “why did it have to end so unpleasantly?” “why couldn’t this person find an amicable way to leave things?” – she suggested… that person did what was best for them… and I shouldn’t blame them for that because… well, because it wasn’t about me. What was hurting me the most was that I was taking personally the reaction that this person had when really, a reaction speaks way more to the reactor than to the situation.
    The reason I’ve brought this up is because I want you to remember that the reactions people are having may not be what you wanted or expected… but please remember, they are not about you. When people care about others and get emotionally attached to others (which countless of your readers have done with you), they react in a more intense way to a situation that may read way more personally than what is intended or is true.
    We will miss you… but we are happy for you. And if this is the right time for you, then it’s the right time for us to let you go. Go live your dreams and thank you for helping so many of us at least begin to think about ours.
    What a great thing to say about your life – that you have made a difference to so many by just being who you are and inspiring others to do the same!
    THANK YOU!!!

  • Diane Russell Schallert

    Hi Mastin,
    I read through most of the comments in this blog and the interesting thing is that everyone here truly Loves you and your mission. That’s Awesome.. I think that is really the bottom line. It’s the human condition for some folks to try and find a negative in something that seems or appears to be perfect. It’s really not about You at all.. It’s about them and how they feel about themselves. My mom used to quote to me “Have more than you show, and speak less than you know. I’m not saying you should speak less than you know but for some strange reason, we humans like to find the similarity in things rather then the differences. This is also said in the 12 step program. “Find the similarities not the differences in the room”. It makes one feel like part of the group. I think you have every right to enjoy the gifts God has given you. You certainly have earned them.. Maybe this might be a great time for you to look at “Mastin” Why is this bothering you? is there something true about these statements? It is often said, that when something is bothering us or upsets us we believe it to have some truth to it? We all have our character flaws that need to be worked on. So, if that is the case for you ,it could be a great opportunity for growth. It is all happening for a reason right? What’s the lesson here? With that being said, I truly love the blog and enjoy reading the Daily Love. You have been a huge comfort to me through some pretty scary times. Thank you!! I think it’s great that you are actually getting some feed back here so you can grow. We all need to Never outgrow our britches!! I always try to stay humble and Grateful because I had some pretty Amazing “Gifts” in my life and just like that, I Lost them all. Nothing is ever guarnteed to us.. Much love to you Mastin <3

  • Lisa

    Why is it that some people seem to want TDL to be nothing but a big bitch session?? It is nice to hear of someone going through some of the same struggles as yourself but its also nice to hear of the good things too, it gives us hope that this can happen for all of us..

  • Ava

    Hi Mastin,

    Wow some of these comments are pretty intense!! I am a day behind on my TDL but I wanted to contribute to this in hopes that you’ll still see it!

    I have been reading your blog for longer than I can remember…I think it was 2008 but I’m not sure. I remember being inspired and sharing it with my friends. About a year into TDL, my whole life flipped upside down and it’s been a whole lot of turbulent change ever since, setting foot on a path of spiritual awakening and living my life on purpose. During that time when everything fell to pieces and I was lost as to how anything would turn out, TDL was sometimes the one thing I felt I could cling to, the one thing that made sense, and you were the one person who I felt understood me and what I was going through. You put words to my confusion and gave me clarity and hope. As you became successful, I was thrilled! I thought, hey if Mastin can do it, I can too (even though my life was more like your couch-surfing days at that point)! The joy of being one of your somewhat earlier followers and seeing you go from I-don’t-know-how-I-am-going-to-pay-my-bills to being on Oprah (!!) and leading international retreats, basically watching your dreams come true, has been invigorating. And now, you are traveling the world, doing what you love, sharing your gifts and I feel like this whole time I have been trailing a couple years behind you – almost like TDL laid out a staircase for me to climb up as I step into my authentic self and begin to live the life that I dream of. Yes, I have noticed the blogs feeling “lighter” – my guess is this is a direct reflection of where you are at in your own life. I have a couple of businesses myself and I certainly know you CANNOT please everyone and you have to devote your energy accordingly. Sure, you might lose some followers because you are not putting out what they need but that’s alright – you just aren’t their teacher. For every follower that turns away, 10 more will come who are seeking what you are offering NOW and they won’t be trying to hold you in a place where you were 5 years ago, angry that your blog doesn’t feel the same to them. It can’t really be the same because YOU are not the same. As long as you are always true to who you are at the very moment of your offering, the right people will be there to receive it. So please please continue to share your success and your stories of transformative travel, promote your events and do whatever you feel you have to do to be you. Your work and your life will always be inspiring to me.

    Thanks a million and more for all you do!

    Ava Rose Stone

  • grace

    Keep on keepin’ on Mastin! I am in a very difficult place in my life right now, confused about a path to follow, but your dedication to your success is inspiring! I know we can all do whatever we set out to do and you help to remind me of that, so please, keep sharing!!

  • Hi Mastin,

    I wanted to comment yesterday but didn’t have a chance not sure if you will see it but it’s somethng I want to share so will do.

    I met you last year at experts academy and at the time I was just starting my own blog, partially inspired by you. It’s been about a year and a half of sharing my message and building my business’s so I’m in the thick of it and have much compassion for your journey. It’s not easy to put yourself it there for something toy really believe in and such uncertainty but you did, consistently and did not give up.

    You very much deserve the fruits of your labor but more do the reward that comes with the courage to put yourself put there, I I appluad you!

    Exposing yourself to so much feedback (good and bad) is not easy especially if one of your life lessons is not seeking approval (which interestingly enough most teachers and public figures actually have that lesson)

    Interesting enough, shortly after this blogs friend shared all her recent wins on Facebook and I found myself a little envious. Why? Not sure maybe it’s cause I know some of your struggles and not hers? Either way, I’m not going to judge myself but instead out myself to her so that I can authentically celebrate with her.

    It’s so important to celebrate the wins in this not enough society you have served as a role model and I’m glad to learn in all ways…

    Just remember none of this is really about you – the good or the bad, your just the awesome vehicle but your human too and you shouldn’t beat on the pedestal of perfection but when your a spiritual teacher it goes with the territory.

    Thank you,

  • I think it would be difficult for your blogs to not reflect the amount of success you’re having or the amount of travel you’re doing. Your blog on giving yourself permission to suck was the tipping point in agreeing to start a travel/movie website with my girlfriend and I’m no longer afraid to write. Your experience in Hamburg was absolutely worth sharing. Having made travel a priority, I have found that it has been an essential part of my growth. We are indeed more the same than we are different (other than the way they drive in the Balkans). So I say keep doing what you’re doing. If you are inclined to share a success story, do so. If you’re trying to plug live dates, keep doing that too. Besides supporting your business, the events contribute to people’s growth (and sore arms).

  • a4u

    Mastin, you are an amazing person with a beautiful and sincere soul. Your success is brilliant and inspiring! Yes, your heartfelt spiritual and philosophical life guidance has inspired me daily and I have been moved and spent a great deal of time considering your thoughtful posts. In fact, I could not be more grateful. But I am also just as thrilled to hear of your successes both personal and professional.

    I know you must realize that many people here reading your blog are in great need of love. Both self love and the love and connection to others. But many of these same readers seem to be looking for a “quick fix” a hit of the Daily Love “drug” to feel not so alone in their own struggles. They may feel a separation from the connection to you due to your success. Unfortunately, they may not share in your joy and amazement at realizing your dreams. But that does not mean you should not share them. Your success actually is a living, breathing, real-life example of everything you espouse. Your success validates and offers verifiable credibility that you can follow your heart and dreams, you can face and move past your fears and obstacles and in so doing–you can succeed! There is no greater story!

    Continue to share all of your thoughts and feelings. Anything less would be inauthentic and we would miss an opportunity to share in the joy. Stay grounded and know that those who have a hard time hearing about your success are simply struggling to face or grapple with their own issues. Anyone who knows your story could only be very happy for you and inspired to realize that the same joys, challenges, fears, and rewards both spiritual and monetary can be theirs too if they follow the same faithful, inspired path you have.

    Stay true to you. We have all loved sharing the journey with you.

  • Katie Grace Anderson

    I run a business too and have to turn my ears off sometimes to the
    overcritical voices out there coming at me. Seriously… you’ve built a
    beautiful tower, and you started out with “rubble”. Not many people can
    say that they have totally transformed themselves into a happy and
    balanced person. YOU have done it, and from my perspective, anything
    written on your blog is inspirational because you are aligned with your
    higher purpose. The negativity coming at you is from people that don’t
    know anything about TRUST. Your true followers trust you and your brand,
    and always will :0) Thanks Mastin!!!

  • Mastin, keep sharing your success. The more you shine the easier it is for us to do the same. Thank you from my whole heart for your brave journey and honest + heart filled work. <3

  • Nicolle

    Love this blog Mastin. Really needed to hear it and I think you approached it perfectly. Thank you. Keep shining bright!! Stay large! Keep sharing your successes!!

  • Jeff Stroud


    I am a few days late in reading Daily Love. I am always glad to see the blog and read your thoughts about your life, the lessons that make life more successful. There has always been a sense of Joy and humor to Daily Love it is your process, it’s life. Sharing the good and bad. Each moment is one of discovery of who we are, who we are in that moment. Your blog this morning captures how success can shift peoples view, it also allows you to find your place within it. This brave and honest, loving and spiritual. Good for you! Thank you!

  • Gratefulone

    Dearest Mastin, I discovered you almost 3 years ago after your appearance on Life Class. At the time I was in a deep pit, having been left by my spouse, and having my whole life turned upside down. You were a light and an inspiration when I desperately needed a lifeline. I loved that you openly shared your story, every day the first thing I did was run to my computer to read your emails. Your blog gave me a reason to continue and hope. Slowly I began to love life again and then I noticed that I began to get irritated at your blog. I was tired of what seemed like your constant self promotion and you telling the same story of your suffering and struggling over and over and over…I contemplated quitting you! But then I did took some time to look inside and ask myself why this story that had so inspired me was now irritating me so much. And I realized it wasn’t you…it was me…ha..ha..I am now in a different place. I am still single…but I now LOVE me. And my world is not so dark. In fact the sun is shining all the time now, even during cloudy times! I have learned to look for and see the lesson in it all. I am in a constant state of gratitude. I don’t NEED you in the way I did before. I no longer read your blog through teary eyes and my heart is open and lifted. And you were part of that happening! Through you and your contributors, I begin to see that life does go on and it does get much better. I am no longer irritated when I read you…in fact I am so grateful to you for sharing it all…your downs and your ups!! Please keep sharing and let’s keep dancing in celebration of our successes!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Me

    I appreciate your blogs and insight. I do feel your tone has changed. I see the same thing with Gabby. It’s a constant sell. I do get that it is a business and you do have overhead. However, if there has been an uptick in criticism perhaps your goal is coming up with a solution to change peoples perception while still running your business. It is hard to do that when you react to the feedback.

    If you are honest and objective about it you can see below that you become very defensive when you don’t like what you see by questioning peoples rationale. Don’t ask for feedback if you are going to question the feedback you don’t like and praise the ones that are positive. Peoples perceptions are reality – you may not like it but put on your big boy pants and come up with solutions by asking how can we change that perception?

    In my experience you can become over influenced by attending too many different “expert” conferences. It can cloud your better judgment. Remember they are selling a product, hay house is selling a product, and they know how to “influence” your actions and get you to buy into the hype. Thats when the tone changes and you don’t even realize it. My only advice is to take in all feedback – don’t question it. Then ask yourself how you can change perception.

  • Jenna P.

    Just keep it real. the good, the bad, the sweet, the rough…..just share it with authenticity and it is the best thing you can do for yourself and for all who read this.
    Im new to TDL and am enjoying it very much, even more so since it got more real. Keep up the good work. Keep it real! thanks.

  • Lainy

    Everyone can relate to your struggles, failures, and insecurities. But not everyone will allow themselves to relate to your successes. You’re seeing some separation from some of your readers because they’re afraid of identifying with success, and they’ll sometimes be reading with a sense of separation rather than a sense of connection. There may be a way of wording things that would help some of these people relate better and let go of fear, but you’ll probably always get some back-lash from people who are uncomfortable with the idea that they’re powerful, and with that, the idea that they’re solely responsible for their circumstances.

    You’ll also always have some people who like to engage with and relate to certain sides of you more than others, and they’ll get attached and upset when you’re not showing up as their favorite Mastin.

    Personally, I want to see the whole you. I want to take in what it feels like to see your dreams come true as well as find comfort and wisdom in relating to your struggles.

    Thank you for having the courage to put yourself out there and be subjected to criticism, and know that any criticism is just fear of an idea. It has nothing to do with who you are; it is a product of being a public figure and putting yourself out there, and you have much more support out there than judgement.

  • libragirl

    Mastin, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you. I am so happy that you share your success stories with us. Who would Oprah be right now if she continued to talk about her childhood ‘story’; who are any of us if we cannot be proud of who we are becoming each day, despite the journey. I can now admit I am proud of who I am, right now, today. If I couldn’t share that who would I be able to empower? We all have our story, but when I look at the people I admire (you included) all of them have one thing in common-they refuse to BE their story. Over the years, you’ve grown. You’ve become elevated. Isn’t that what we all want for our lives? How would you be a mentor to us all if we could not see how far you’ve come-and will come!There will be days of backsliding, that’s true for us all, but those days should not be the focus for any of us. I am so happy for you, Mastin! Keep inspiring us each day! Thank you-Julie p.s. do you think the people you admire should not share their successes? Do you think they should just keep it to themselves and not share that joy with the world? Right. ; )

  • Lauren

    One last comment mastin I did your follow your bliss course- it helped me tremendously on my journey. Thank you again. It was clear that you put your heart and soul into it and that you truly want to help people. It was also a very affordable price for me. I really wish you the very best. You truly deserve your success. Just keep us small guys in mind 🙂

  • Lyne

    Hello all,

    I wanted to share my point of view on this topic. I have been going through tough time and I hit a wall a year ago. I am getting back on my feet and learn the following from my reading and different mentors:

    * I was not prepared to face critics; founded or unfounded it was not the point. I took it personally because I gave so much that I could not believe that everybody could not see it. I could not believe that there were people attacking me since it was how I felt when I giving 150% of me. It hurt deep inside. I am working now in order not to never ever feel this pain again to understand that everyone carry their own luggage and unfounded critic you just have to let them go, founded critics you grow from them.

    * I also take the time to think before reacting to any comment or critic in order not to feel the pain ; is the critic comes from someone who wants to humiliate or hurt me? If the critic is not to harm me there is not one reason why I should react or defend myself. If it is to harm me well I know now that I will have to be much wiser and not react, save my own energy is now my priority. I will now ignore it with no hard feelings (not easy but it is this or feel the pain). I know now that I can change what is under my control and cannot do anything about what is out of my control. I wasted way to much energy in the past in trying to change situations or individuals in order to help; but help I know now is not always welcome and this is out of my control.

    *We live in such a competitive world that many people feel the need to critic or judge anyone who is not on the same level as they are. It does not always mean that that the people are bad or wrong but that they choose to live on their own protective mode. If I critize them or defend myself it means that I also have the feeling that I have to be right.

    I think that perception and expectations generally are the source of any comment or critics. I also now make a difference between a critic and a
    comment. It is possible that the person who sent you the email was making a
    comment based on her personal perception and expectations. Looking at the
    definition of critic and comments which I share with you; it appears that the
    difference is that a comment does not involve a judgment. I do not think that
    the reader was judging you but that she expressed how she felt. You may have
    felt she was judging you and it is not easy to not react when we feel someone is
    judging us. Everybody knows that feeling.


    one who expresses a reasoned opinion on any matter especially involving a judgment of its value, truth, righteousness, beauty, or technique

    one given to harsh or captious judgment


    a spoken or written statement that expresses an opinion about someone or something

    a written note that explains or discusses the
    meaning of something (such as a piece of writing)

    spoken or written discussion about something
    (such as an event in the news)

    Anyhow for me judgments after what I went through are not part of my life anymore. I learned that what is important is to know who
    I am, live my passion and I will forever change my approach on how to take critics
    and comments. It is not important to be right or wrong but to live under my own standards. I know for sure as well that experience of life is require to get
    there including a lot of pain and sadness. I also know that all I can do is to use my energy to be happy with my life and waist 0 energy on how people live their life under their standards. My passion is to serve others and I need to understand that doing so I have no other choice than not expect anything from anyone if I want to be happy and stay away from conflicts. Conflicts are very toxic. Mastin your passion is your Daily Love and that does not mean that it will be the one for everyone else but all that matters is that you know you make a difference in some people life and that you can sleep with a clear conscious. You surely have the right to say what you want as long as you know you do not hurt anybody and maybe all this discussion is related to your and others expectations / perceptations from the Daily Love. All that matters is how you feel I think.

  • MovingForward

    Mastin, the way I see it is you are outgrowing some of your readers. Let those who need to fall away. Keep on growing and doing what your’re doing. Those meant to continue along with you will. And new readers will find you as well. Keep it up, keep evolving and don’t spend too much time worrying about those you are simply outgrowing.

  • Wendi

    @disqus_VWV2KDHmzQ:disqus Your successes are not only an inspiration but one of the driving forces in my life. Its the realization that there is indeed a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Not the biz class seats as such necessarily, but the victory over struggle. Keep doing what you’re doing, and do it YOUR way. Your blogs are honest, real, grounded, uplifting, conscious, awakening, evocative, and have certainly been a TRUE BLESSING in my life. From my heart to yours, THANK YOU!

  • Tia Wahl

    I have been a reader of The Daily Love since I saw you on Oprah. I look forward to reading it everyday and I am always inspired. It’s also helped me to bring awareness to where I’m at because if I tend to go a few days without reading it then I know I am avoiding myself and feeling disconnected. I love that you share it all, successes and challenges. I am in recovery myself and wanting to help people heal and I find it inspiring that you rose from the grip of addiction and are helping people heal and building the life of your dreams in the process. I think it helps to show people that you don’t have to be held hostage by your past and that you can use that past to helps others and grow from it all in the process. People reading The Daily Love can choose to be inspired by your success or jealous of it because they want what you have and don’t know how to get it for themselves. I’m grateful for all that you share.

  • Lalani

    I appreciate that you share both the challenging experiences and the delightful experiences. You are, afterall, only human and we experience a range of emotions. Knowing how to deal with all these various emotions is what I get from Daily Love. Also, please do not stop putting out these emails – your April Fools announcement solidified even more to me how much I value these daily insights into how to be a more enlightened and fulfilled human being.

  • I feel a little behind, but I like the fact that you have a different tone in all your blog articles. One, there is only so much self help and spirituality one needs or can handle. two, it says to me you are dynamic, and human. Be free Mastin, always give us a lesson, but be free.

  • robin

    What a gift you offer, thank you: ) You are a leader (love- eternally- aware -daring -external -reality) in the true sense of the word. Please keep sharing everything…

  • Carina

    Just want to say that I´m grateful. Thank you!

  • Denver

    This is truly the pure expression of growth in every way your human experience you truly own your journey people want you to remain a infant and you can walk thanks for your true expression of growth you have added to why I pick and choose my battles everyday ,

  • Caroline

    Right on, Mastin. and SHINE ON. I want to hear of your (and everyone else’s) triumphs, as well 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Chrissy Scott

    Mastin I was at Ignite in the UK and you made my day , honestly the joy and happiness medicine that you poured out of your heart that day has still filled me up and I will never forget how you made us all feel ,invigorated and full of hope,energy and love , honestly when ever I feel a little shitty or need to raise my vibe I put on Daft Punk “Doing it right” super loud , dance around like a teenager( not a teenager , 43 two kids , work hard bla bla ) and think of your message and love that you gave us , THANK YOU from the furthest reaches of my heart for being such a dear human on this earth , you rock , I don’t mind anyone earning a living especially if their work is full of goodness and meaning , not alway’s easy to find in the world , anyway’s later’s and love to you and you all ,at the daily love , C :)x

  • Chrissy Scott

    PS , I was watching out for your block on your UK trip , not sure if you did one , anyhow whatever! have a great day x

  • A fan

    While I appreciate and applaud you for your succeses, I agree with others that it has become “too much” in the daily features. There’s a balance, and I believe you have an opportunity to strike a better balance. Always link them to a struggle which connects the dots for us and moves away from sounding like bragging. Ask yourself…..”when I write about my successes, who am I serving?” Lots of intricate details about your successes should be reserved for a book you write some day (which you should do!), but in the daily feature, simply mention it briefly. It’s been over the top in the last year and, because of it, I even considered unsubscribing. Hope this helps.

  • MRod

    Love LOVE love… TGIF … This was THE blog of all blogs this week… We should all be able to share our success as well as our struggles. They go hand in hand. Both part of our journey and growth. Today I am grateful for your Daily Love Mastin. Thank you for being one of the many enjoyable, eye-opening, thought – provoking, soul searching, light-a-firecracker-in-my-a** constants in my life! Have a great day and weekend!

  • kim Frost Bernat

    Hi Mastin:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Sometimes it’s hard to hear of someone’s success or good fortune if we ourselves are finding it hard to get to that place of prosperity as well. I know for myself if I’m not in a space of gratitude or self confidence or what ever, I will catch myself feeling jealous or resentful of someone else’s good fortune. I guess what’s different for me now is that I can recognize it or at least stop and ask myself if what I’m feeling is from a place of real concern or from a place of fear about my own life and goals. TDL has been a tremendous gift and hearing about your success and how you achieve it is what motivates me to keep on keepin on with my own journey (still completely stuck with the weight thing though, that runs deep and it’s really frustrating….but that’s for another day;) ). You rock, my brother. Thank you.

  • Laura Keciri

    Hey Mastin,
    I have never posted on your site today but today I would like to say something about your email today about your suffering in response to the people complaining about your success: First, congratulations & keep up the great work!
    Having said that, your work is now hitting the next level, and so it will be helpful for you to continue to look within and ask yourself, “what part of me is not accepting and ok with my own success?” In other words, if you were able to see the bigger picture and not take it personally when another misinterprets your intention and enthusiasm for bragging– and see that it is “their stuff” and “their own personal limitations,” if you were able to see that, then it wouldn’t bother you so much and you could even find compassion for them.
    As for them, they will grow immensely when they have their own personal break-through and can see that your success is their success, and then they will succeed more in their own life too! We are all connected and the more people that succeed in my community, the more I will succeed, or be happy, or find love, etc.
    Hope this helps you, friend.

  • MichaelD

    Short and sweet…THANK YOU Mastin for what you shared here about success. To write a blog 365 days a year takes a tremendous amount and if you did not include successes and it was only about struggles, something would not be right. We ALL need to focus on our successes and bring that energy into the world! You and TDL are amazing.

  • Sharing the wins and the successes is important … it shows people it can be done no matter where you are at in life, no matter the circumstances or conditions, no matter the age or fears! We want to be cheerleaders for each other. If you find your Self criticizing someone else’s journey and the way you share it, then it’s time to look at one’s Self. Sometimes we do it because we have yet to reach are own goals and dreams and may feel inadequate. But I guarantee you if you feel gratitude and a spirit of “right on!” for another, the Universe will uplift you to do what inspires you. Keep on sharing Mastin and thank you for also looking at “is there any truth to this?” It’s how we all learn and grow by doing so. Sharing our own journeys is important … the good, the bad and the ugly but if we only wallow in the pain and the negative, the light cannot shine through. And it’s Universal Law … we can’t just give and not receive. If we don’t allow the ‘good’ and receive it, we’re out of balance and out of integrity in living a full life. To your continued prosperity!

  • Paullywooten

    Spot on blog! Keep moving! Keep sharing! Sending love and good vibes your way.

  • Leona

    hi mastin. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO. Thank you for greeting me so lovingly each day, even when I dont show my own self light and love. Thank you for your kindness and taking the time to share with us. Thank you for TDL each and every freakin’ day. I would hope you’ve grown and ‘changed’ in the last six years and are the recipient of your own wonderful love and giving. If not, then what the hell are we in this for???! LOVE YOU!!! Keep doing what you’re doing. I pray for you and your family, your courage and strength! God bless you!!!

  • Gina

    This is so interesting. People feel inspired by your struggles and not your success? I have a few people in my life that LOVE Me when I’m down and out! But when I have good news to share things get immediately uncomfortable and I get shut down. Mastin you have blogged about those people. The issue is within themselves and has nothing to do with you or me. The people who send you the negative feedback need the most help and I’m wondering how you (we…because we all have those people in our life) can inspire them to open their hearts a little more so they can see for themselves that it’s THEIR issue. Keep up the amazing work Mastin. The worst thing to hear would be that you were going nowhere in life and just blogging everyday.

  • Lena

    For a few months I`m a `silent` reader, and this is the first time that I comment on. When I pressed subscribe to this page my plan was to learn English by reading this blog, which is very interesting design. After a few hard reading for me, I realized that I actually attracted Mastin`s blog in my life for a reason. I do not want to bring a bunch of my problems and horror that I survived, but I would like to thank you Mastin. You know how to express your positive energy and modesty through writing. Your success really inspires and motivates me and makes my confrontation with problem easier. I enjoy watching people when they go to their upward path.
    P.S. I apologize for the mistakes, I learned English through movies, songs and communication, and NOW using these great blogs that occupy my attention. 🙂

  • Guest

    I enjoy hearing people talk about their successes, but not when they seem like they’re so full of themself. That may be the reason some readers fell like they don’t relate to you anymore. I’ve been considering unsubscribing because the content of your emails seems too shallow for my liking, and I now think it’s time to let go. I’ll check back sometime in the future to see if it’s something that seems worthwhile to me again.

    • Ife

      God bless and good luck!

      • Guest

        Thanks, I appreciate the kind words, Ife!

  • Lynn

    Mastin you are contributing so much to the world by opening your heart and speaking the truth about your life experiences and realizations! Of course we need to hear of the successes along with the hard work and struggles which have triggered your awakening to a conscious life. Please continue to be truthful about your experiences, the heady exciting parts in addition to the contemplative parts and even the difficult times. This is the story of life on Earth and you tell it so well. Thank you.

  • Sometimes some people get irritated by seeing somebody’s success, those
    are emotional blocks which need attention and awareness. The others
    become intimidated by hearing about failure because it triggers their
    deep fears. Since there are always will exist critic and envy. But hate
    is better then indifference because these people still react to your
    posts Mastin, they are craving for attention, they feel lonely inside,
    they are not yet ready to receive abundance and wealth, but they still
    communicate with you, even they are comments felt not pleasant.

  • Ife

    The bottom line here, after reading nearly all of these comments over the last couple days, it that this of is from Mastin’s point of view and his authentic life experiences. I’ve been reading this blog for a few years now and he has always talked candidly and courageously about his experiences. It seems that there was not any problems from readers when he talked about his addictions, vices, stubbornness, music industry failings and other challenges that he has shared that many wouldn’t have the guts to share. His trajectory from couch-surfing, to the being on Oprah’s couch (I cheered for him when he talked about finally getting to meet her), has been amazing to follow. Now that he is actually LIVING the advice he have to readers for so long and things are in reading, expanding, he’s getting busier, etc., it’s an issue for many of you. I liken this to reading my favorite magazine: I may not be interested in every article, but I read and enjoy the ones that may subjectively appeal to me in that issue and keep it moving. I don’t stop reading the magazine. I do agree that if you want him to make some layout changes or put the blogs from others back at the top, etc., ok fine. But, for him to not talk about himself traveling or enjoying life and having more rich experiences because it sounds like bragging or being self-absorbed means you need to check yourself. Was him talking about how he was fired from the record label he worked at for being a drug addict bragging? Or his weight struggles? It seems to me when someone comes from a place of struggle it’s ok. But when he comes from a place of improvement then it’s an issue. I commend the comments that were honest enough to point out and admit that Mastin’s success made them uncomfortable because they were not there yet themselves. Really use this space to look at yourself. Mastin, don’t stop sharing your authentic life! Stay consistent and open to criticism as well. I see you and continue to look forward to your blogs. Thank you for all that you’ve done xoxo

  • Kelly

    I feel our planet is going through an epidemic where people feel more comfortable being in pain and suffering and struggle and working too hard to achieve than ease grace joy harmony peace love. Your success Mastin triggers the collective consciousness resistance to rising up and choosing to live in the light and let go of our old ways. If that comment triggered you Mastin, you might embrace the part of you still in separation that wants to return to LOVE. Thank you for being a way shower and lovingly letting all parts of you join in the love party. Then it really will not matter when people write negative comments. You will have compassion and love for them and your light will shine away anything that no longer serves yourself and everyone around you. Your are a Master Superstar!!!!!

  • TR

    Mastin! It frustrates me that people are so upset by your success…I have enjoyed the way the blog has evolved over the last few years and LOVE when you share your travels with us.

    The “old me” would have sided with the people criticizing you. That was before I got my life together and finally found a career I am happy with and that I am able to support myself with. The “new me” is now happy with myself and can now be happy for others. I used to hate when people would talk about their successes. I considered it bragging too! Now I can see that happy people want to share their life, good and bad.

    One thing I have heard from people who have become famous is that they all say that they never thought the could be so widely loved and hated at the same time. I guess it’s part of the deal, but it’s sad that you have to go through that in order to be successful. Thank you for staying true to you and sharing your successes as well as your struggles. Keep doing what makes you feel fulfilled and the negatives will hopefully turn around one day!

  • Lucas Fehr

    Yeah man, bring it! I love to rub shoulders with people who are thriving. It’s fun and it puts me in the mindset of what is possible and how awesome things are instead of what’s wrong with things. Shine man, shine your light on us all!

  • anonymous

    ‘Your authenticity shines through’ I like that comment, and that is the heart of it. Keeping it honest. We all need a reality check, and the fact that you are doing one and reflecting on it is huge. I also believe that taking negative feedback personally is not going to be constructive. There are ups and downs in everyone’s lives. The way you share yours Mastin, is the key to the heart of Daily Love. There is always a nugget of gold to be found. Change is good.The old stories come and go and get revised and updated from new information and experience, creating what’s called hindsight(s). Stories loop in and out of the present, adding insight and richness. Keep going. Look back, but don’t stare, as the saying goes. Writing something every day is HARD!!

  • Susan

    ugh…seriously Mastin, it feels like you are all over the place– like you’re spiraling and doing a lot of knee jerk reactions (as well as knee jerk responses).
    It all seems very “needy”.
    I think you understand Law of Attraction principles enough to know that you attract what you send energy to….so where are you putting your energy? Care less about what everybody else is thinking and more about what you think. I appreciate that you are wanting to “serve” the DL community, but you can’t do that if you are trying to serve everyone. Focus on being true to yourself and what makes you happy and you will attract/keep the community that is right for you! Be the lighthouse for your ships!

  • Lydia Pellow

    Hi Mastin! I am so grateful for your blogs! I love hearing about your growth, success and your travels! You are where I am heading. I have so much to give also. With the success there will be those that are jealous and critical always. I am reveling in your success. I see you as a guide to what my life is going to look like. I see your beautiful heart really hearing what people say to you. I feel after checking in to your own moral compass, if YOU feel you are going in the right direction- just keep on going. Mastin, you cannot please everyone. Some people do get jealous. Let it go and sometimes let them go. You are teaching so many of us what success looks and feels like. I love your big gentle heart and that you would open yourself to go here, to this place of listening to this criticism. Sadly, there are people on this path that still have a hard time celebrating someone else good times. I personally, LOVE it!

  • kelly g.

    Mastin, you are doing such great work here. Hopefully, the negative feedback isn’t too discouraging for you and your team. I think it’s so important for you to continue to share your successes as they come–it shows true growth and what discipline, hard work and commitment can do (as well as an open heart, a willingness to be vulnerable, courage and love for others). To be honest, I haven’t noticed any significant changes–your message is to show love and help us to do better in our own lives. Whether you impart that message via your own personal struggles, personal successes or a combination doesn’t alter the intention. Nor does it diminish the effectiveness–I walk away feeling better and seeking ways to do better. So, no worries here–I have been on your page for years and have zero desire to flip to a different one 🙂 . Also, I am so very sorry for the loss of your cousin. Blessings. Kelly

  • zanabites

    Do not ever stop sharing your failures AND successes, please Mastin. I’m not always with you on some things and skim through the blog, and other stories take ahold of me. In talking about your successes you are also describing the fears and challenges that come with that. The shadow within the light of it all and for those of us who have been through the dark and insist on pulling ourselves to the top, need the tips on what to watch out for as well as the inspiration to keep striving. Most people say that if you truly desire success then you should watch and learn from people who have achieved it. What better way to show people how it’s done than by DOING it and share everything you’ve learned along the way? Keep going Mastin. I’m right behind you 😉

  • Jessica Stone

    Mastin, apparently I missed this article the first go ’round on Monday, but am thrilled that you repurposed it at the end of the week. Honestly, it’s your successes after your trials that I have admired since beginning to follow TDL. Your post reminded me of a line in Marie Forleo’s book about connecting with people through where you are now, not your past struggles. Sure we all have them, but my gosh, let’s please get over them. It’s all about perspective. I appreciate you sharing both what you’ve learned in the struggles and what you’ve been blessed with by choosing to walk to the other side of the struggle, ditching your comfort zone, and being vulnerable for the sake of the growth of others. You are also an inspiration in how you are able to make a business by living out your purpose in service to others… to continue to spread the message – the ultimate, obvious goal of your business. All this to say – thanks for posting, thanks for sharing from your heart every. single, day, and thank you for stepping into your God-given calling and leading through love. You are MUCH appreciated!

  • Jillian

    I am right there with you Mastin and agree I 100%! Enjoy this beautiful life and keep on rocking on! Thank you so much for all that you have done and continue to do!

  • Vanessa Waters

    Oh Mastin you are so right but the more successful you are the more people will have these visceral reactions to you. Oprah is my hero and I am often gobsmacked at how much people think they dislike her! Success irritates people just look at Mumford and Sons suddenly when they are loved in the mainstream they are sell outs. It’s a part of it. I’ve been guilty of it as well but now I use a DrPhilism for that uncomfortable feeling: ” Now what is it about me that I don’t like about this person” it can be used for brands, movies anything. It could be that you just don’t like it for whatever reason but most of the time it can be a clue to your most secret desires. Anyhow I love you all at TDL and I’d like to offer my condolences since I didn’t earlier this week 🙂

  • JenB

    I have been following you for a couple of years and the beautiful shift I felt .. is the natural flow of moving forward. I am so happy for you and so proud of you.. I have also felt like this place is still a source of inspiration for me as life has changed for me as well. I’ve come in to a total change of life from city to country.. from a guaranteed salary to no salary and I am freaking out. I just wanted to say.. I still come here and when needed .. the message is here.. So, thank you Mastin.. Thank you always..

  • Ginny

    Well said, Mastin. I am 78 and am thrilled that you are reaching the people with your openness and that it is rewarding you both spiritually and financially. I saw you and Marie Forleo on Oprah and have followed both of you ever since. Congratulations!

  • HP

    Mastin, long time fan. After reading “Secrets of the milllionare mind” my concept of money changed forever. Do what you do my friend, for as they say, “haters gonna hate”. That is their journey and growth, and you are not responsible for that.

  • MissAdventure56

    I like Mastin’s Daily emails. I skip through to the quotes. They energize and remind me of my Daily Spiritual Walk. I peruse the blog and often feel good about it. I can see how some people would perceive the Daily Blog as a lot about Mastin with a short inspiriational message and how some people still feel very inspired and feel they are getting alot of spiritual messages with a little about Mastin’s life. In the end I’m grateful for Mastin’s blog

  • Wolfie

    If your at ALL like me you have enough internal criticisms you really dont need to listen to those from afar. If your balanced and in a good place as you seem to be you will be capable to see that the critisism probably tells you more about the deliverer than the the object of the critisism. I think the error/sin/character defect would be Envy. So my suggestion would be to follow the still small voice within.

  • Liza Lake

    It is absolutely okay for you to shine Mastin and I completely get where you are coming from. Lot of love to you.

  • Sharron Saundry

    Mastin, I love your honesty within your posts your not afraid to show your vulnerability when you have to step up to the mark as in your talk in Germany and your joy in traveling and achieving your dreams. For me you are a refreshing example of someone living on-purpose, proving dreams can be achieved and that you still feel the same fears we all fear. After reading about your Germany talk I just held a workshop and I have often worried about hecklers, and decided why worry, every workshop has been fine and filled with like minded people, so I let go and that was the day I got my big heckler! he was just there as a support to a friend and wanted to pick holes in the content and railroad the direction on to his stuff, it was fine, I was ok, all was well and I knew he came so I could learn my next lesson. Please keep doing what your doing Mastin, I love the daily love! Oh and i love the videos best so come on get filming!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. xxx

  • Pamela

    My husband has been following you longer then I but we talk a lot more thanks to you :). I now read your posts every time I check my email and look forward to what you have to share each and every time. Thank you for your love and for helping us open our eyes as we journey through this life. In response to your current post I personally am proud of you and enjoy hearing about your journeys as they broaden your heart and mind I know in return we all benefit. Thank you for just being you! Our love to you,
    The Andersen family

  • Onelove15

    Dear Mastin & TDL Community,

    As I’ve scrolled through, reading almost 100 responses to your question “Is it ok to share your success too?”, there appears to be either ‘for’ or ‘against’ the recent changes in style of Daily Blogs. Of course there are those whom claim to support your growing success, yet lack support ‘for what comes along with that.’ This is NOT necessarily a negative reaction to have considering most of those readers are disappointed, not by success, but, perhaps, by some breakdown in communication. Which then may have led to an ‘open door’ of misconception, impossible to relate and apply to one’s own life in a tangible, visceral way.

    So, as many comments have expressed their ‘concern’ NOT about success, rather more of content and interpretation of success. This is where, I believe, the false dichotomy may exist. It does NOT have to be ‘either/or’, rather how does one grow and evolve (Mastin) while still remaining true to your TDL Core Values? As you stated above in your blog:

    “The first thing I’d like to say in response is that I’m so grateful and humbled that Daily Love was there for you in your time of need. That is why we do what we do. It’s the core reason why Daily Love exists.
    Our core belief is that if we can all share about the struggles and inner truths that we all think and feel – but rarely talk about – then that helps us all grow and evolve.The other thing I’ve done from the beginning is that I’ve shared about what I’ve been going through.”

    So, I asked myself, When Mastin shared his wonderful, honest, fearful, vulnerable story about speaking in another country…How did that meet TDL’s Core Belief’s? He shared his ‘inner truth he was thinking and feeling, and probably felt rarely talks about, and by sharing it, it is helping him grow and evolve.’ Also, he did share some information about how energy matters, fears, and how he overcame this struggle and it became a success. So, yes, I can apply that to my life. BUT…WHAT IS the underlying message? HOW IS IT applied to the CORE BELIEF of ‘being there for you in your time of need” or I interpret that as ‘how can DL relay my message to be of PURPOSE to the TDL Community in THEIR time of need, or what message to I WANT THEM TO GET FROM THIS EXPERIENCE?

    Now, with all of this analysis, which is only just my opinion and I hope I can be of some service to you Mastin. That, perhaps, you look back at your Core Belief’s and reapply them to your ever evolving life.

    I find it AMAZING your message is being heard around the WORLD. That you are able to speak to other countries, and if there was ever a time when we (humanity) NEEDS the message of LOVE to spread, it is NOW!!! Maybe, it is a time as you begin traveling around the world, your personal message to TDL Community can evolve as well. (I am NOT giving advice nor saying what I think you ‘should do’) This is what I FEEL is IMPORTANT now in this world…Love begins within. Begins within the individual, yet there comes a time when LOVE must spread beyond ones self and understand in order for us to survive, looking outside ourselves and seeing each other as One, as all of Humanity, and the willingness to help our neighbors, our communities and beyond is critical.

    With all of this said, I know nothing more then the next, and am only giving my opinion. I like the idea of some other Wonderful Voices stepping up and providing some of the Daily Blogs, variety is good. One last thing…Opening up this HUGE SHARING OPPORTUNITY..was BRILLIANT!!! Sure, Mastin can provide the ‘ADVICE’, but the TRUE CONVERSATION AND RELATIONSHIPS ARE IN THE COMMENT SECTION!!! I was always SCARED to write things in the beginning, over a year ago, until recently. I began to comment on topics, sharing my experiences, receiving feedback and advice from fellow TDL readers, and it felt good, like I wasn’t alone. NO OFFENSE MASTIN, but he is still NOT on this side of the ‘community’ if you know what I mean.

    So perhaps the purpose of the TDL COMMUNITY IS TO BE A SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR EACH OTHER….NOT ONLY RELY ON WHAT MASTIN HAS TO SAY. But don’t get me wrong, I DO LOVE his insight.

    I can’t wait to see what’s coming next….believe me…TDL Comm..It’s ONLY a transition period…NO WORRIES!!!

    Colleen 🙂

  • Nicole

    Mastin. You are wonderful and i am so happy things are going well for you. You add value to my life every day. You deserve to prosper, and that is also an inspiration to your followers. Keep up the good work. We support you 100%! I started to cry when I thought your were leaving the daily love! Thank you for everything you do!

  • Shelly

    I am only commenting now because I left this particular blog sitting in my inbox for awhile; the topic didn’t resonate for me since I love sharing success (my own and others)….so I wasn’t expecting to get as much from this blog as others. But now that I’ve read it, I’m glad I did! I thought it was really well-written and the topic an excellent one. I have loved almost every blog. I am most awed by how they offer what I’ve come to think of as “practical spirituality.” The blogs help me to feel supported in my life and I am often inspired. One trend I noticed in the critical responses below was how the blogs had once deeply supported a reader but now don’t. And this change seems to make the reader think that therefore something is wrong, particularly that Mastin has done something wrong, failed them on some level by changing in a way they don’t like. This is an interesting assumption and I don’t feel that way. Things are always changing. Feeling less resonance with a message or messenger doesn’t mean anything is wrong or the messenger has failed. I continue to love the blogs and the messages of applying spiritual principles to our everyday personal and business lives. I wholeheartedly support writing from the heart about what you are experiencing and learning.

  • Antonio

    Hi Mastin.

    Thanks for your site. I have to confess that I have to know you through the book Hero, which I just finished reading last week.

    I think that if you were able to make it and turn your life in a positive way, then i can too.

    currently, I am working on these couple of sites


    I was so happy because I started both projects six months ago.

    I was super happy to see that last month the first one of the two made 4 $ in adsense.
    Not much but it is a starting point.

    I have a dream, to be able to work from anywhere and to travel with my soon to be wife and to be able to substain my family with that.
    Of course with 4 $, we are not there yet, but we have you to inspire us, and let us know that it’s possible.
    Thanks again,
    Antonio from Italy.


  • beautifulone08

    I’m just now reading this blog (I’m a little behind in my TDL reading, and am working hard to catch up). I wanted to comment because I thoroughly enjoy reading about your entire journey, both positive and negative. Reading about all of your success opens my world to the possibility of what is in store for myself if I continue to put one foot in front of the other and follow the path that has been laid in front of me.

    Thank you, Mastin, for every single word, sentence and paragraph you share with the world. It has truly inspired me to reach higher and further than what I’ve limited myself to in the past.

  • possibility

    i am brand new to TDL, and have felt so inspired by both the content and the involvement of the community. something special is happening here. i am reading these comments as an absolute newbie, with no inclination to take sides…just watching how the communication is unfolding. these are the things i see: 1) people care…a lot. i sense tremendous love and passion from mastin and everyone else whether they feel friendly to one another right now or not. 2) mastin…you have a lot on your plate my friend. i sincerely feel for you. it seems only natural that you may be feeling vulnerable right now, and defensiveness is such a human response. you dont have to be super-human, and it is ok to honor that we all get defensive and shut down to fully hearing what others are trying to communicate to us out of love and concern. it is ok to acknowledge our limitations, take a step back to calm down, and return with an apology and a sincere desire for open communication. the people who tell you positive and uplifting things you enjoy hearing are making valid points. and so are the people who say things you might not like to hear. every voice has something to learn from…this is the understanding you say inspired you to start TDL, that sharing your life and perspective is a gift to others. well, the people who are offering you constructive feedback are also giving you a gift in the exact same way. try to calm down, not take it personally, and meet people with empathy and listening. you do not need to defend yourself. you are ok, my friend. these people care about you and are here to help. i know we have never met, but if you ever feel like you need a friend to talk to about this, someone without any investment in the personalities of anyone here (as i am a complete newbie to the blog) please feel welcome to contact me directly through email. i would be happy to skype or have email correspondence. i will do my best to offer listening and empathy…as it seems like what you might need most right now is to feel that you are being deeply heard and understood, so that you can return to this discussion with the feeling of safety that allows you to be vulnerable enough to deeply hear others who are offering constructive criticism. 3) with a blog community that is this active and participatory, it seems important to honor the needs and desires of the community if it is to survive. i wonder if there are ways for community members to get more involved…such as requesting articles on certain topics or presenting specific situations they would appreciate some perspective on. engaging in this way, masting, would allow you to both be present with the living pulse of your readers, and also allow you to contribute from your life experience as well. i hear people saying that they feel disconnected from you in recent months, which to me says that they love you very much and are sad that they do not feel so close to you, and the fact that they are having the courage to tell you means they want to be close with you again…please let this in. i wonder if you put them first, before you share everything about yourself and your own life, you would have a more intimate dialogue with them. there would still be lots of space and opportunity to share from your own life experience, but it would be in a way that also allows space for others to be seen and heard as well. you could be relating with others rather than imparting wisdom in what may seem at times a one-sided communication…this comes back to the idea that you dont need to be super-human (though bless you for all your passion and desire to truly contribute and help others). we are in this crazy life together, we wake up together, we need each other, and open undefended communication is key. it isnt easy. i deeply and sincerely honor the courage and energy it takes to be in your shoes.

    i also honor the commitment and love and dedication and vision of all the community members i see stepping up in this discussion. all of the things i have addressed to mastin, i also kindly address to you. please consider each other with patience and compassion. this is a high-energy conversation with a lot of hopes and fears involved. love one another. put kindness first. i am so inspired by all of you, and i believe in your ability as a loving community to blossom TDL into something even more beautiful than any of you alone could have imagined.

  • Carmen


  • susan mccann

    Hi Mastin,
    It’s often much easier for people to read posts or listen to people when they share their sorrows and heartbreaks. It is cathartic for most of us to read or listen to. But if we’re willing to share our disappointments and bear our souls about our trouble, we should also share our happiness and what led us to success. It’s only in doing this that others may also learn to move on. You give them hope that thet too can share in their own happiness. We should all learn to be happy for other people when they are doing well, especially if they have worked for it. So keep up your excellent work. I for one am delighted to share in your success, as well as your pain.

  • Cherry Blossoms Doonan

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  • Courtney High-Butler

    I am new to this blog, however I am not new to struggling and building a thriving business. I also blogged about it since the beginning, through a divorce, through the pain of having to fire employees who I felt were family (though I didn’t share those details I shared emotions). Things have gone up and down over the years and after two hard years emotionally though financially successful I am feeling the best feeling which is emotional health and financial health. I agree it’s important to share both in a humble way. It says to others “I was struggling and I found my way, here is what helped me, maybe it will help you too”. We should be happy for each other, truly happy, that is true release of ego. That is true oneness.

  • Lisa Alan

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    Glorious be unto Dr. Ukaka the great man and ever, my name is Sarah from Taxes city usa. since 1 and a half year I have witness what is called heart broken. my boyfriend that promised me marriage failed me and impregnate me and leave,he dump me,he stop calling” he stop picking my calls,and he no longer respond to me. I have be looking for solution,I fall into the hands of fake spell caster,they rough me off and took my money without help.I have cried,I have weep”and tears runs out of eyes. The silentness in my heart brought me to the deepest path of failure that I lost my job. Crying all day,because of my life was lonely. So thanks to Ukaka that came into my life and brought me the greatest joy that was lost. I saw his mail while browsing and I contact and tell him what I am passing through with no doubt because what saw about him,was enough to believe. And I was given words of solution on what to do. I can’t really help thinking about it I have tried to see what I can do, I manage to provide him some materials and he help me with the rest,after casting the spell, 12hrs later he came with rose on his hand and I was even about going out,i saw him in front of my door when he sees me he knee and said he is dying I should forgive him and accept him back he was crying,I can’t wait to let him finish I quickly crab him and kiss him, just then” he said he is restless without me, just as the prophet has said he will be. He brought out a ring and put it on my hand. Our wedding day was scheduled,1week after we got married. today makes it 2weeks and we are living happily I don’t know how to praise him enough, he has done me a thing I can never forget. And I can’t really share to myself alone, I want y’all to help me praise him because if it is wasn’t for him I already plan of committing suicide. But right now I am now so happy more than I was before. And you out there crying for help you’ve already got one,Ukaka is the man that you need in all rampart. contact his address if you need his service, [email protected] also contact him on his web site:

  • Elizabeth

    SO Excited to find your website Mastin!!! I just saw you on Super Soul Sunday last night, and I had to pause the recording, and immediately sign up for Daily Love! When I read the title of this blog, I had to chime in. I work in an industry where it’s a dog-eat-dog situation to stay working, and there is constantly competition from other people coming into this industry and trying to find an “area” in which they will continue to be deployed and be considered a “core” employee, so that they can stay out working longer. One thing that I see all the time in this line of work, is jealousy and resentment if you’re working, and someone else you know is not. People start questioning themselves and their abilities, and give up hope in the industry. That being said, I have always been a person that LOVES to hear about other peoples’ successes, as I truly believe with all my heart and spirit, that if you are genuinely happy and excited for another person’s successes, as if it were happening to you, that this positive energy will flow and create more abundance, not only for the person that is sharing their successes, but for you as well. I find that I am comfortably able to share my successes with my family, and my small group of close friends, but not with too many other people, as the conversation turns negative, real quick. So I have found myself not sharing my successes at times, because I find myself worrying that someone will think that I am bragging, or putting myself on a pedastal, after the jealousy and resentment I have experienced from other coworkers, who have also become some of my friends. It can be tough sometimes, because you are just bursting at the seams with excitement, and want to get out the great news and spread the happiness. In the case of your website Mastin, this is your livelihood…this is your baby…sharing success and love is what this is all about, and much much more. If people view what you share as bragging, or they are saying things in their minds such as, “Must be nice”, or “Ha! That doesn’t happen for everyone!”, or think it’s “All about you”, that is a negative force, and that’s just something that THEY have to deal with in an arena like this. It is not your problem, in my opinion. All in all, in my “arena”, (LOL), I just make sure to not share my successes with people that I know are going to despise me or feel resentful. I continue sharing with the people I love, and that I know love me. Anyway…you keep on keepin’ on Mastin! I for one, and MANY other people, want to hear your successes because it encourages positive thinking and inspiration! So Blessed to have found this site! YAHOO!!!

  • Katie

    Here is the rub: (and what he is saying): when you talk about what you’ve been doing in a blog, traveling, etc….it adds no value to your readership. They don’t get anything out of your daily schedule updates. That’s what he means.