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It All Begins And Ends With Self Love

Ryf Van RijLove is giving someone the power to destroy you, and trusting them not to.

What resonates even more is my own journey towards Self Love. Can I give myself the ultimate gift of limitless Self Love and trust myself with that. Because there is still a part of me that struggles with my worthiness to receive that much Self Love.

Self Love is a huge one for me. The story I looped continually in my psyche, because of who I was and what had happened to me and what I had done, left me believing I was Unworthy of the Love of Source/Universe/Higher Power/God and therefore unworthy of Self Love.

But without Self Love, it’s impossible to be in alignment with your life and your purpose. Nothing flows effortlessly until we have come home to Self Love because without Self Love, our connection to Source is out of sync.

Love is the energy that syncs with the Universe and all the matter that exists in it. And that’s why if you are not in a state of Self Love then you’re swimming against the flow of the Universe and Source. You essentially become your own miracle assassinator!  Ouch!

We are all spiritual beings and our lives are designed to be lived from “within out.” And the fuel that drives that “within out” is Self Love. Self Love is a way of acknowledging and honoring our Inner Divinity. And when we know our Inner Divinity we realize it’s not just for today but for always.

The big thing that holds me back from Self Love is shame and the weight of karmic debt I feel I need to settle to be worthy of Self Love.

But Source as loves knows no retribution.

We may have truckloads of karmic debt that we feel must be paid before we can practice Self Love and we certainly have the choice of paying of this karmic debt by retribution and suffering, choice “A.”

But we also have the choice of opting out of this more traditional and painful form of soul “debt cleansing” and we can opt for what Source is really calling us to. And that is to elevate our consciousness above the conscious state we were in when we committed the act or “sin” that triggered the karmic debt in the first place, choice “B.”

It’s then that we slip into the place of spiritual understanding; a place where we would with conscious awareness, not repeat the same acts or “sins,” that triggered our debt in the first place.

And this is the great gift of connection to Inner Divinity and Self Love that essentially wipes out our karmic debt and the need to pay it off by retribution and suffering.

That’s really exciting to me because if I attempt to pay off karmic debt in the “traditional way,” option “A,” there may not be enough days left in the years of my life to settle the debt.

So I am going to go for option “B” thank you very much!

The power of Love is greater than the power of Fear so it stands that Self Love will drown out residual feelings of unworthiness. And by elevating our consciousness and connecting to our Inner Divinity we bypass the need for karmic retribution.

The moment we decide to opt out of the consciousness of limitation and start the move towards Source and Inner Divinity a “strange” thing happens.

Source and Inner Divinity starts moving towards us.

And it all begins and ends with Self Love. (Tweet-worthy!)

So could you accept that without Self Love it may be impossible to align with your life and your purpose?

Are you willing to embrace that Self Love is a way of acknowledging and honoring our Inner Divinity?

Could you be open to the realization that by moving into Self Love you essentially wipe out the need to pay karmic debt.

Much Love & Welcome Home.



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