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It Is Only Hard If You Are Making It Hard

It is really easy for my mind to tell me “This is hard.”  I hear it in my head and then feel it in my body.  “This is hard.”  I get all tight and stiff, and then a little bit of overwhelm and anxiety come along with it. It’s a fun place to be, really… Not, so much.

You know what is just as easy for me to remind myself? It is only hard if I am making it hard.  If I were telling myself “This is hard” why would it not show up as hard?  If I am telling myself “This is overwhelming”, of course it is going to be overwhelming.  Do you see that?  Our minds try to convince of us things and we usually buy into it, as if it is our only choice; but it is not.

It is only hard if you are choosing to make it hard.  You are only overwhelmed if you are choosing to be overwhelmed.  You are only stressed out if you are choosing to be stressed out and on and on and on.

I know it sounds too simple right?  But, really, I invite you to wrap your head around it.  You are always in control.  Your mind is in action a LOT.  More than we even know, more than most are present too.  I am inviting you to bring more attention to what is going on up there.  See your thoughts.  Are they serving you? What are they trying to tell to you to do, to feel, to say, to be?  Just because they are feeding you these things, it does not mean that you have to follow them.

I am not saying that things in life don’t happen that can initiate these feeling of stress, overwhelm, of being hard, of course they do.  Ultimately though, you choose how you are going to take it on, or if you are going to take it on at all.

It is your life.  It is your adventure. (Click to tweet)  You get to live each day as your own.  You choose it all.  You choose which thoughts you keep.   You choose to make it hard or to make it an adventure.  It is only hard if you are making it hard.   What are you choosing?

Much Love & Gratitude

Your Joyologist,



Tricia, Your Joyologist,  is a student of life and a teacher of living.   She works with everyone from Grammy Award winning artists to stay at home moms to cultivate a greater self-love and to keep them in integrity with who they want to be in the world and for themselves.  She is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Allicance Certified yoga instructor. Connect with Tricia on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.