It's All In The Reflection!

I was once told that the ultimate goal in life is to be the best mirror you can be. To become a pure refection of love and beauty that shines bliss on all who see you. We are all constantly reflecting each other. Through connecting with Spirit you shine the light of the creator. Your smile brings more joy into the world. Your love inspires others to open their hearts. When you are being a bright mirror, everyone who sees you sees purity and beauty within themselves.  You are what you see looking back. You are the light of The Uni-verse temporarily experiencing being human. Honor this and the sky is the limit. When your highest desire is to embody love and peace you create room for The Uni-verse to work though you in profoundly meaningful ways. It is my prayer that The Uni-verse uses my body as a vessel to spread light and goodness, so that every person who looks into your eyes is reminded of the connection that is in each and every one of us.

We all get lost along the way at one point or another, temporarily forgetting our true nature. The true nature of humanity is kindness. When you are aware, you can be the light that guides others to find their way. It is no longer about separation – now is the time to blissfully unite – just as every cell in the human body works in coordination for the highest good. This is the path of joy. It is a journey of discovering all the love and beauty that is within you. When you see someone who is having a bad moment, smile at them and show them the way. Mirror back to them love and faith. When you bless someone else, blessings come back to you a thousand fold. Know that your light and presence makes a huge difference in this world. Start with yourself: look in the mirror and see all the love and beauty in your eyes. When you are kind to yourself you feel the love within, allowing you to reflect that love to others. Know that one life has been better because you are living. Being of service brings divine purpose into your life. Every day is an opportunity for joy!

See past all the illusions of separation and feel the love within all. To everyone I see, I reflect the pure light and beauty within me, which inspires them to see it within themselves. Be the light that you came to be.

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Hillary Pike is certified in Kundalini Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and a meditation Instructor.

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  • What a great world we would have if we all reflected love and hope to each other. That is my mission, but great reminders like this one keeps me focused. Thank you.

    • Thank you! It is the highest calling to stay focused on being love. Your light is honored and appreciated! 

  • Melbe

    Thank you, I enjoyed the reminder to look at myself and be loving………always seem to forget to include myself but reading you words added a softer desire to be loving to myself first to share with all others through my own love.

  • Msims24

    Beautifully written and very inspiring! I am working on being the brightest, shiniest mirror so I can share the positive reflection with others and myself <3

  • Adinajo28

    Loving ourselves helps us to love others many different ways. Showing others how to love themselves is a beautiful gift.

  • Justin

    Thank you! I will shine the light on all I see today. I love this reminder!

  • Jandismukes

    Hillary, thank you for your beautiful perspective.  I always look forward to your posts because they always help me to reflect on who I am being.  Inspiring as always…<3

  • “I only attract loving people into my world for they are a mirror of what I am.” -Louise Hay

    “Bless the heart that never decides which is more worthy the love of the next, but instead, dares to love it all the same.”- Matt Kahn

    We all reflect one another and we all truly desires love. Love all the same and become a beacon that shines goodness into this world. When you become the love, you attract only that which you are. Blessings to all you beautiful lights of love. 

  • Bugniknikboo

    I love this so much.. And you. I always learn so much and have a smile on my
    face after talking to you , texting you , or even reading your blogs. They are so amazing! I think you should write a book ! <3

  • Theresa Bierek

    Yes yes yes!!! You are what you see looking back-love this post. So true, and so inspiring, we all have so much to offer, and it starts within, thank you Hillary!!!

  • Pineapple_0437

    It’s so beautiful how you can guide all of us to not only love ourselves but to love other people and show kindness towards others. Your words are so lifting and so inspirational to all. “Mirror, Mirror on the wall Hillary you are the fairest of them all.” Your words are a guide to a fairy tale for everyone to have a happy an majical outcome, one just needs to stop where there doing and read your guide. Thank you for being you and thank you for shining so bright so that others can see and feel your light!

  • ShowMeLove

    Love it. Light creates life, so allowing our inner light to shine through betters life within us and those around us.

  • Kari

    Beautiful and inspiring. Thank you!

  • Rich

    All that needs to be understood about love is it’s selflessness.

  • Dwteats

    Be the light love peace joy to self & others! Thanks & Love to you, Hillary

  • I like this message very much.

  • Dwteats

    I believe the love light has shone onto me tonight! While reading about rotator cuff therapy on my iPad it suddenly flipped to Hillary’s mirroring love out into the world! What a great reminder by eminnating love, truly that which we all desire, only love comes back to you and spreads the cycle of love all over again!