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It’s impossible to become more spiritual!

mk_treesThink about your Soul as this big beautiful beach ball. It floats, naturally.

Imagine now submerging that beach ball into the deep end of a swimming pool. What does it want to do? What DOES it do, naturally?

That’s right, it floats to the top effortlessly.

Our Souls do the same thing. They shine effortlessly. They Love effortlessly. They are always connected to abundance and joy.

It’s the human part of us that needs the work, not the Spiritual. At our core we are perfect, it’s what is wrapped around the core that needs to be cleared.

So what happens is that over time, we go through life and unconsciously acquire limiting beliefs, meanings and stories about life that shrink us. The Soul is still in there dying to express, but we’ve covered it up. You can think about all these limiting beliefs and stories as big rusty chains that are holding the beach ball down at the bottom of the pool. With so many chains, it’s stuck down there.

Even though the natural tendency of the beach ball is to effortlessly rise to the top, it can’t because there is too much stuff in the way.

The same is true of us. Our Soul wants to express but there are a lot of chains of limiting beliefs, thoughts and the like that keep us repressed and unfulfilled. And without investigating these limiting beliefs and stories, feeling the feelings that come along with them and then understanding their origin, it doesn’t matter how much yoga, meditation or practice we do. We are still chained at the bottom of the pool and trying our hardest to get to the top. But no amount of effort can get us there if the chains of our hearts and minds go uninvestigated.

This is why you can’t become more spiritual! You already ARE 10000% spiritual – there are just major blocks that cover it up.

So once we start to dive deep into the limiting beliefs and the blocks, then all of a sudden a new world emerges and slowly one by one, the chains are taken off and then eventually one day what happens… boom – the ball will float and rise to the top, naturally. It doesn’t have to prove its worth, it doesn’t have to be stern and strict or righteous, it just has to be itself unchained and it rises.

The same is true for you.

To discover a limiting belief, start to think about your dreams. And then think of all the reasons why they haven’t come true. Think about all the reasons why you are scared to do it. Think about all the reasons why your parents, or friends or people you know say it can’t be done. This is the beginning of understanding what holds you back.

If you weigh all those thoughts and opinions against the still calm voice within that is connected to The Divine, you will begin to see it’s all fear manifesting itself as impressive creativity, but not Truth.

And that Truth is this: your fears & insecurities are only as real as you believe them to be. The Truth is that you’re unlimited & free.

Step into that. Are you willing?

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