It’s impossible to become more spiritual!

mk_treesThink about your Soul as this big beautiful beach ball. It floats, naturally.

Imagine now submerging that beach ball into the deep end of a swimming pool. What does it want to do? What DOES it do, naturally?

That’s right, it floats to the top effortlessly.

Our Souls do the same thing. They shine effortlessly. They Love effortlessly. They are always connected to abundance and joy.

It’s the human part of us that needs the work, not the Spiritual. At our core we are perfect, it’s what is wrapped around the core that needs to be cleared.

So what happens is that over time, we go through life and unconsciously acquire limiting beliefs, meanings and stories about life that shrink us. The Soul is still in there dying to express, but we’ve covered it up. You can think about all these limiting beliefs and stories as big rusty chains that are holding the beach ball down at the bottom of the pool. With so many chains, it’s stuck down there.

Even though the natural tendency of the beach ball is to effortlessly rise to the top, it can’t because there is too much stuff in the way.

The same is true of us. Our Soul wants to express but there are a lot of chains of limiting beliefs, thoughts and the like that keep us repressed and unfulfilled. And without investigating these limiting beliefs and stories, feeling the feelings that come along with them and then understanding their origin, it doesn’t matter how much yoga, meditation or practice we do. We are still chained at the bottom of the pool and trying our hardest to get to the top. But no amount of effort can get us there if the chains of our hearts and minds go uninvestigated.

This is why you can’t become more spiritual! You already ARE 10000% spiritual – there are just major blocks that cover it up.

So once we start to dive deep into the limiting beliefs and the blocks, then all of a sudden a new world emerges and slowly one by one, the chains are taken off and then eventually one day what happens… boom – the ball will float and rise to the top, naturally. It doesn’t have to prove its worth, it doesn’t have to be stern and strict or righteous, it just has to be itself unchained and it rises.

The same is true for you.

To discover a limiting belief, start to think about your dreams. And then think of all the reasons why they haven’t come true. Think about all the reasons why you are scared to do it. Think about all the reasons why your parents, or friends or people you know say it can’t be done. This is the beginning of understanding what holds you back.

If you weigh all those thoughts and opinions against the still calm voice within that is connected to The Divine, you will begin to see it’s all fear manifesting itself as impressive creativity, but not Truth.

And that Truth is this: your fears & insecurities are only as real as you believe them to be. The Truth is that you’re unlimited & free.

Step into that. Are you willing?

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  • MeredithShay

    That was a beautiful metaphor Mastin. Thanks for that thought that will stew within me today!

  • Angi

    Thank you! :*

  • breezyb

    Yes I’m willing! I feel like saying Hallelujah! 🙂

  • I love this message! And I totally agree. We already ARE all that we need, we’re just in our own ways. We hold ourselves down, or back… either in our own actions or what we allow from others. (But mostly from ourselves, in my experience.) As I read Mastin’s words, I thought of “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer, and how that’s probably why he chose the title he did. It’s perfect. As Mastin said, we all have “tethers” or chains holding us down, blocking us from being free and unlimited. It’s up to us to cut those chains and ties. I finally cut mine (Singer’s book really opened my eyes and had a life-changing impact on me). The thing is, some of our stronger ties will grow back VERY quickly. So we have to KEEP cutting them. Stay vigilant. When we see a tie start to “grow back,” cut it immediately. Stay open. Focus on Love. Even once we experience true spiritual freedom, that doesn’t mean we’ll always be free. We have to continually work on it. Continually keep it a priority. Continually be aware and notice things that pop up that attempt to hold us down or bring stress and fear (back) into our lives. But it IS easier once you’ve cut all your chains once. You know how it feels to be free. And you can recognize when you’re starting to slide back into the black hole of fear, and not feeling free. Then you can act quickly before you fall too far.

    In peace and love,

    • Kathleen Chelquist

      Yes, cut the chain in EVERY moment….it is possible.

  • Emsie

    Be gentle with yourself and tackle one thing at a time- all that searching for your soul can leave you left feeling like you are covered in your own mess- how can we find a way to discard each lump of dirt (limiting beliefs) as we chip away at them?

  • Kathleen Chelquist

    I often like to speak about claiming our birthright to freedom. That we are ENOUGH…just by being born. The more I relax into that truth, the lighter I become (like the ball). Every time I create fear, the heavier I feel, and life becomes hard. One of the main things I like to teach my child is that life is…UNFAIR… and it is what we do with it, that matters. My intention is to be IN this world, but not OF it. Playing spiritual aikido (bending and flowing with spirit). It is uncommon to NOT stomp our feet when a storm rains on our party, but when we CLAIM who we really are (LOVE)…our perspective changes. As we change, we see the beauty…in the lightening.

    The Daily Commenter,

  • Anon

    Was just reflecting on this coming home today! Thank you Mastin. Am turning away from ‘trying’ to be more spiritual. I realised it was a role. Just do the ‘work’ of releasing my stuff. Felt so much lighter when I realised this. And then I saw this blog. Joy!

  • Rodolfo Leon

    Mastin’s daily download message today reminds me of something I wrote in a relatively simple and sensible 33 page explanation of God and how and why we exist (it’s all about love) that I titled “Unity in Diversity – a new perspective”.
    Here is what I wrote:

    It is time for more and more of us to wake up and listen to what God put us here to do. Here is a poem to inspire you to do just that:

    Just This

    We’re not from another star
    But we have come from very far
    To trace an image in this place
    With sweat and blood and tears God’s grace.
    The powers that have made us so
    Beyond our needs drive us to grow
    And teach us what we must unchoose
    To strip away what we must lose
    To realize where we are from
    And then undo what we have done
    To cloud the waters of this place
    That have obscured from us God’s face.

    Please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address ( [email protected] ) if you would like to read more (if you would like to read “Unity in Diversity – a new perspective”). My name is Rodolfo but I go by David.

  • Amy Nigen

    I love reading the Daily Love but today’s blog has become my favorite– the affirmations too!! I want to read this- word for word- to everyone I know. Thank you for sharing this— and in such a beautiful, clear way. I’ll be re-reading this one for a long time. <3

  • People who seek to be spiritually connected often make the mistake of thinking that if they read just one more book, take one more course, then that will make them spiritual. We don’t need any of this, all we have to do is remind ourselves of our true nature. First and foremost, were spiritual beings before we are ever human beings, so we must remember this at all times.

  • Sheila

    Today I had one of those moments when I finally asked for a sign as to
    what was causing illness, unhappiness, and many other things holding me
    back from a truly soulful life. I finally surrendered and asked for
    help and a sign. Everywhere I turned in subtle but clear messages I
    heard, “Your beliefs are what is holding you down”. How shocked I was
    to open this up at the end of my day. I got my sign.

  • Susanna

    A beach ball is light, that is how I shall be …….drop the burdens, and see how fast
    This can go…. I think it will happen very fast

  • Julia Matheson

    What a great analogy. Thank you for this post, it really resonated with me