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It’s Luck And What You Do With It!

Rahim Kanji_portrait 112112When I hear stories of the journey of success from my patients, colleagues and friends, there’s a common lesson that appears within all of them. It’s tough to hear, but it’s true: just because someone’s talented does NOT mean they’re going to be successful. Success is guaranteed to those who receive “lucky” opportunities and effectively seize those opportunities.

This is why often in the field of entrepreneurship, people who are the most talented in their professions can fail, while people who are mediocre go on to have thriving businesses. It is usually that the people who were mediocre got lucky early in their business career. More importantly, though, they effectively seized that luck. They acted on it, and used their talents/networks to take that seed of luck and grow it into success.

Take Oprah for instance, early on in her career she got fired from her job as a news reporter for being too emotional on camera. At one point, however, she got lucky. She was asked to host a talk show. This was her big break, or in other words, her luck. Boy did she ever seize it with her on-screen personality, the same one that worked against her in news reporting! If Oprah didn’t get a chance to host a talk show and show her on-screen empathy on a platform where it was embraced, would she be where she is today? We grow up learning that if we work hard, and have enough tenacity, our dreams will come true. But clearly there are more factors at play than just these two.

As Larry King says, “Those who have succeeded at anything and don’t mention luck are kidding themselves.” So what if you’re not a lucky person? Does that mean you’re going to fail? Of course not. It just means that you have to get a little creative in how to catapult yourself into success. Luck is like the pipes in Super Mario Brothers…you’re going to get to the end of the level eventually; the pipes just get you there faster. The beauty about life is that it’s a constantly changing Super Mario level. You can create your own “pipes” by doing things like attending networking groups, brainstorm new marketing/job ideas, and figuring out which friends could know someone who could bring opportunities to you when life hasn’t given you any. Sure, some of your friends and colleagues may have gotten a pipe before you, and you may ask “Why me?” but that question is neither here, nor there, when you end up with Princess Toadstool!


Dr. Rahim Kanji


Dr. Rahim Kanji is a Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Toronto, Canada. He has a passion for evidence-based natural medicine, specifically empowering his patients to make nutritional changes which create dramatic impacts to their health. For more information, visit his website at