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I must be the last person on earth to be reading Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour Work Week.

But after only reading 1/5 of the book I bought a copy for my team + my parents + Jenna’s parents. It’s a game changer. There’s so much wisdom in this book that I could write blogs for months just about this book.

But what I wanted to talk about today was something that Tim talks about in this book that I also believe spurred me to want to write you.

The basic idea is that most people spend most of their time trying to be “realistic”. Ferriss talks about how when we are kids our parents tell us, “We can be anything we want.” And yet when we are 25+ they tell us to “be realistic” and get a real job.

So which one is it?

Well, I’d like to quote Mr. Wayne Dyer, “I am realistic, I expect miracles!”


Because Wayne knows what’s up. And so does Ferriss.

Ferriss goes on to point out that since SO many people are brainwashed into “being realistic” that the majority of people are all fighting over the same “realistic” jobs. And therefore there is actually LESS competition for those who dream bigger than for those who think smaller!

Think about this… there is LESS competition for BIGGER dreams because most people are their own worst enemy and write off that achieving something that big is even possible!

Whenever someone tells me to “be realistic” I now understand that they are not defining what is possible for me. No! They are admitting what is possible for THEM!

So, if we are to “be realistic” from the point of view of Ferriss or Dyer – we get to dream BIG! And then let go and let The Uni-verse guide us one step at a time.

So, is there anyone in your life who is telling you to “be realistic”? Can you see that they are not defining you, but rather admitting what is possible for them? What would you do if you took Dyer and Ferriss’s advice? How BIG would you dream?  The action happens in the comments below, so let me know what you think down there! The WHOLE TDL Community comes alive in the comments, so join us!



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  • Nora

    Great post, thank you! I totally get this point. Most people think being realistic means being pessimistic but it is so far from the truth, yet they make it their reality and call people like us on the Path crazy for having faith and giving life a chance to be amazing.

    Much love!

  • Wouldn’t THIS be a wonderful class to be taught in grammar or high school? I remember turning 16 and teachers and guidance counselors, even my parents asking me that magic question… what do you want to be?? always followed by the “be realistic” thanks for the reminder that “be realistic” is their limits not mine..

    Big dreamer…

  • oh. just what i needed to read just at the right time. being challenged by a dear friend who feels i have strayed from the path of being ‘realistic’ by being a reiki master and well versed in herbalism, flower essences, aromatherapy, nutritional supplementation and energy work as an integrative approach to allopathic medicine. 
    my story is vast … but to make the point … i have been seeing how my understanding of reiki can and does assist schizophrenic, autistic and other people with the full spectrum of ‘dis-ability’. 
    coming out of my own personal mental breakdown hell, i am uniquely equipped to assist people with mental health diagnoses and am wondering [while i am still working to get back up to my game and on my feet] how this will unfold. 

    something i have already been told is ‘unrealistic’ and that i need to think about the ‘real world’ 

    it doesn’t get much realer than what i have been through the past year. and i see how just my presence calms others and in turn, pleases me 🙂 

    thank you for being who you are and what you are. you are a good person mastin 🙂 

    namaste, gayle

  • Phil Garcia

    A+ Blog. After defying all “be realistic Felipe” comments. I not only completed medical school. I opened up a Integrative medicine center. I continue at all risk to be unrealistic and add services that serve many. Amen for Gayle. Energy work is vital to any medical or non medical practice. Thank you Mastin.

  •  Mastin, thanks for showing me what can be accomplished in only 5 days, I am in a quantum leap, no limits, using fear as fuel and the universal expansion to infinity is the goal

  • Caitlin

    this. is. AWESOME.

  • I wrote a blog about my dream and sometimes I feel like I am crazy AND at the same time, I know I will create it; these are the two worlds between my mind and heart.  “My mind thinks, but my heart knows” is a quote that came to me yesterday. My parents look at me with a look of pity as I tell them that I will write a series of books and there will be a movie, “The Spiritual Breakfast Club” based on these books.  Kate Hudson will play my part.  The seed is planted and it is up to the Universe how long it will take. I am aligned with my soul’s purpose and it is to be in service for all of humanity. My Guest Writers are just coming to fruition.  I trust God will give me just the right peeps. Please take the time and follow my blog.  Your loving energy will help me fulfill my dream, and I know by helping me-you will help yourself.  “It Is In Giving That I Receive.” I am in utter gratitude for you my fellow brothers and sisters.  Please let me know what I can do for you.

  • Order the book! Mastin says to jump. I ask how high!

  • Sade

    Firstly whenever i get the random urge to visit the site which is usually around once a week Mastin’s blog always seems to relate directly to me.  Secondly, I literally began reading the book this week which again is just amazing to me how the blog is relating to what I’m experiencing right now.

    If there is one thing I’ve learnt in my experiences is that going with that core feeling inside usually brings the best results no matter how “unrealistic” it may seem to others, and even to our sometimes doubtful self.

    Forget the rules!

  • Sade

    And thank you for your continued great words and inspiration Mastin, and to everyone in the TDL community. Love and happiness.

  • kristenmichellebrown

    Just what I needed to hear at just the right time. Thanks again, Mastin.

  • Kat Kennedy

    Oh yes, and so true! Also, loving the Mom advice..:)

  • OMG! The perfect read to start my day. Throughout this whole article I just kept shaking my head, yes, yes and smiling because all these words are so very true. I hear people including family say “he or she doesn’t have a real job, be realistic,” etc.  I can’t stand this but I always say to each is own.  I truly believe, just because you don’t have a 9-5 that doesn’t mean you don’t have a real job. I believe in following your dreams and doing what makes you happy and believing in yourself.  Just because something is not “real” to one person, it doesn’t mean it’s not real to the next. Stay blessed as this article was awesome and I am so notating this book so I can pick it up after my current read. Thanks much!