It’s time to rise above your circumstances!

mk_treesIt’s not a good idea to make pain, setbacks or mistakes wrong. Why? Because we learn through opposites.

That is to say, we learn about what we really want by getting what we really don’t want.

What if setbacks were lessons?

What is pain was a lesson?

What if failure was just a lesson?

What if falling off the bandwagon was a lesson?

What happens is that we tend to do these things (‘cuz we are human) and we make them mean something about our identity. For example: I “failed” at something, therefore I am a failure. Or, I am in pain, therefore all of life is painful. Or, I fell off the bandwagon, therefore I don’t have what it takes.

What if none of that was the case? Can we really make our circumstance our identity? Don’t we know that we are far more than our circumstance? Don’t we know that we can change our circumstance over time? To identify with our circumstance as who we are is to give the world far too much power.

Yes, reality is here and now; it is not who we are. Who you are is much deeper, far more vast and connected than this simple physical reality.

You are the spark of The Divine in human form and when you remember who you are and Whose you are, life starts to change. Instead of focusing on how big the obstacle is, or how impossible something may seem, lay down your will and surrender to the Will of Something greater. That may be God, or The Divine, or Source, or Spirit or Allah, it doesn’t matter the name – all that matters is that you connect back.

Lessons in life come bearing the gift of wisdom. We miss this gift when we begin to identify with the challenge or set back as “who we are”. You are more than that – as is everyone else on this planet. We are far greater than we can imagine, but we doubt and we allow our current circumstances to dictate our possibilities.

This is perhaps one of the greatest mistakes we can make. Our circumstances are here, but they are not who we are.

When we reconnect back to our Source, we can literally change our reality by bringing more of the peace, abundance and joy that emanates from The Divine, onto the earth. In fact, this is our only job – to bring this so called Heaven to earth, every day.

The problems of the world exist so that YOU can solve them. This will be impossible if you think you are your circumstances. You must rise above them and get about the business of adding value to the world. This is how you will set yourself free. And you need not wait another moment to begin.

What lessons are you learning today?

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  • dee

    I don’t really know what I’m learning right now, I’d say I’m still in the process of something brewing. I’m definitely dealing with uncertainty, and taking many great steps to find meaning.

  • Altersewn

    Awake at 6 a.m. -ish when normally I would be still sleeping on this day. 
    I had a HUGE ‘growth’ moment last night and I am still reeling from the residual energy. Part of me, the old part, wants to cling to that familiar identity- my self(?) as this event. 
    Thought  self is having a very difficult time staying mired in that behavior

    So, I see my email icon pop up and lo and behold, “It’s time to rise above my circumstances” is the subject line. Sometimes what you write chaps my hide…of course it does…because there is a lesson or six in what I read on your blog. Yeah, the sloughing off of my old behaviors and thoughts patterns kinda makes my soul itchy. Here’s to scratching on through and rising above and becoming EXACTLY who I was all along and am beginning to remember. Here’s to living in a world where people say,’ my, what a lovely soul, nice to see you’!Cheers Mate, Lance

  • no longer bound

    fear of losing it all 
    slowly racking my brain 
    holding tight to the pain 
    not preparing for change 

    worked hard for this moment 
    but this moment has passed 
    always first in my class 
    now I am coming up last 

    romanticizing the situation 
    like the past was all that 
    although toxic and destructive 
    still I want that life back? 

    a life of just paying bills 
    a life enslaved to my will 
    flashing debt with false pride 
    while slowly dying inside 

    love for life had been lost 
    part of paying the cost 
    constant chase for that paper 
    blind to God’s blessed favor 

    before change there is death 
    my ego’s final last breath 
    a time to mourn and to grieve 
    good and bad time to leave 

    as the fog dissipates 
    spirit freely creates 
    my mind no longer bound 
    no bondage holding me down 

    jewell ’10

  • Kathywalshstyle

    Just what I needed to be reminded of today. Thanks Mastin

  • An amazing insight has just come into my experience… that when i follow my enthusiasm or my inspiration… the outcome is not defined by the monetary result.. I AM successful when I lead with love…. and I AM successful when I give and allow myself to recieve the loving energy and I do allow for divine compensation… but LOVE is the main ingredient!

  • Amanda Albert

    Wow, Mastin. Thank you so much for that incredible post today. Exactly what I needed. 

  • Bethlamb

    I’m sure this may not be popular, but it is through pain and suffering that we can learn, become spiritual, or feel closer to God.  In my case, I have gained all three and more.  Often, I say it is because I was a Pediatrics nurse, children LIVED their life to the end.  I am at Mayo Clinic in Florida, because in Nashville, where I live since I became disabled, and have been through a hell that makes “hell” look good.  Nashville docs gave me 6-12 months to be sustained without any other “discoveries.”  One day at Mayo, I knew that they will not give up and that is what is what matters.  Every BAD thing I have been through either brought on by me or by uncontrollable circumstances, have been lessons.  The more I go through, the faster I get over it, and the more LOVE, I believe, God GIVES me to give others.  I am a Christian and believe in WITNESSING Christianity and absolutely no judgment.  I believe God is omniscient;  therefore, not one religion is right, nor may Christianity, but it works for me.  After so may close calls with death and once with death,  I feel God has given me the gift of knowing that if I pursue my path in spreading love to all, that I will go to Heaven.  He has also blessed me with the ability to recognize it in other people as they have me.  It’s weird, but cool. (You don’t have to believe me, but my story will be out there one day with all the proof necessary.  I know God has kept me alive for a bigger purpose….to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY.)  I love you all!

  • Dominique_brdfrd

    Fear is one of the main feelings that stops individuals from wanting to follow their dreams, scared to fail? Still pondering how to.
    get past this so I can write my own book and start my own business. Fear is trusting in my own power.

  • Kim

    Was just watching Super Soul Sunday and figured I would check out the website….I love the opening page….caught my attention and it makes sense…very uplifting and soul touching…ty

    • Is this Super Bowl sunday?>??? didnt see it on tv here in so fla

    • Shelley 1965

      I was just watching Super Soul Sunday and also learned about this site. Very inspiring thank you very much:)

  • Lbongi1

    This is the first time I’ve checked out your site and this post was literally exactly what I needed to hear at this moment, today, this upcoming week. I’m so glad I was guided to this, thank you.

  • Jsylvester7791


  • Dawn

    The problems of this world exist so that I can solve them! Wow this confirms the work I do..which is all about helping communities build capacity teaching them that the power exist
    Within them! ! I am excited about this!

  • Csimpson3

    can I help someone who is not helping themselves? Being it’s my son it’s hard to watch, any sugestions and he does live with me.

    • This is Me…I too am tryin hard to let go…my son is such a dear sweet person when sober…I pray each day for him to find his way. It was God who let me find this site today…I know and believe in Miracles. I know I will someday hug my son and he will wrap his arms around me. I miss my son dearly thou he lives just minutes from me. It is so hard to watch things that we know they dont deserve to be happening to them In Gods time he will be healed This I believe…Keep the Faith…God Bless you and your son

  • I know for me patience has been something I’ve had to learn through life.  Reading this article has been great for me because I often find myself expressing that “I’m impatient.” and thereby identifying my circumstance as identity.  This has been a lovely reminder to use the “I am” energy more effectively rather than to limit myself!

  • I used to be surprised when “coincidence” happened, now I recognize it as synchronicity in action. When synchronicity happens, like in the form of this post today, I give a knowing smile, a wink and a humble nod to the universe for inviting me to choose a different thought, to remember who I really am.

    I have been stuck in a thinking pattern about a current situation that has done nothing but bring me down and indeed, think of myself as my circumstance rather than me  simply experiencing a situation. I am reminded that each hardship carries a not so obvious gift and if you look long enough(or change your perspective, like in those pictures where there is a hidden picture) you will find it. 

    Thank you universe for this reminder today and thank you Mastin for being the vehicle for which it has come through. 

  • Amazing show today on OWN channel So happy that I found it by accident this am…thank you all

  • Profschroeder

    I just watched you on Super Soul Sunday.  Good for you!    Love is, indeed the answer, but to know that mistakes made in the path are truly the tools for learning can extend from generation to generation.  We ALMOST got it right in the 60’s, please continue.

  • Kerri

    I started out this morning feeling depressed, tired and wanting to just go back to bed, but then I watched and carefully listened to the episode on super soul sunday on spirituality and I do feel like it was meant for me to see. I then came to this site and felt inspired to join in and already I feel my depression has lifted and I now have an overwhelming burst of energy upon me! I have been in this position before where I felt an overwhelming rush of “there’s more to me than this”  but for some reason, didn’t hold on to it like I should’ve and it faded away eventually. For some reason it is back! Well, I think I do know the reason it is back. It’s back because I am at a crossroads, so to speak, in my life where I truly feel some things in my life need to change. I feel really excited right now about what’s ahead for me and my new found awareness! thankyou     

  • Kris

    Thank you so much, Mastin, for what you (and many others) are doing to help us better understand the world we live in. I’ve been bound to my bed, for the most part, suffering from a crippling depression after losing my job, my marriage and ultimately, my sobriety. Today has been a huge wakeup call.

  • Jamie

    Wow. “You are the spark of The Divine in human form.” That’s incredible stuff. No wonder why they say the happiness you feel is in direct proportion to the love you give. Thank you Mastin. You are an example of this love and so many readers who you may never know of are being given that extra little spiritual push by your words.

  • Malakigirl

    Hello Mastin, I saw you on Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday ” show. I had been feeling so depressed and beaten down, but watching you on the show just lifted my spirits and I thank you for your words of wisdom and inspiration. God bless you!

  • Well said.  This is fantastic truth that is ridiculously on time!  It’s  important to take the pain, the setbacks, and the failures as the lessons they are and to use them to fuel the ultimate purpose within so that you can produce action without.  Thank you for this, Mastin!

  • Hi Mastin!  It was so nice to see you and the girls again on OWN!  I am a mother of 2 young adults! I have problem with their unappreciative behaviors and disrespectful way of talking and responding to any obsectles that come their way.  Especially when it comes to their relationships with us (my husband and I).  I don’t know how to make them to appreciate what they have and respect the scarifices that their father and I have made for them to be where they are today.  Please help me to redirect my way of thinking or doing things or should I completly let go of them?  Thank you for what you do!!!

    • Jazifish

       Hi Najla,

      I was really touched by your post and your painful situation and felt I needed to lend you some support. I have also raised a daughter, she just turned 27. We had our difficult times in her teens and early 20’s, with some of the same issues that you write about. I think that the younger generation, (is this what all of the old fogies always say?), thinks that they are entitled to all of the things they see on TV or internet and are angry when they aren’t given to them. It is a hard realization that some things can only be earned by hard work, sweat and yes, some heartbreak. Maybe we of the “older generation” have added to this by doing our best to make their way easy. We don’t want them to see our sacrifices or share in our difficulties.

      My best advice is to hang in there with them, and most of all communicate with them. Don’t spare them the difficult truth, they are old enough to handle it and NEED to hear it. We don’t serve our children by sparing them the facts of life as they are. And if you get emotional talking about it, don’t spare them that either. If you have already spoken about these things with them, just make sure you stay on message, in a compassionate and supportive way. Life will teach them no matter what anyway and you will want to be there to help them if you can.

    • Sandee Thomas

      Hi Najla –
      Don’t dispair, I have, and am still going through, the same things with my son.  He was a young parent at 18, and struggles financially.  I have helped him financially, though this help has probably not helped him get on his feet and be independent.  He is 28 now, and beginning to mature some, though I fear he has a long way to go.  I think his dad and I have not helped by trying to make his life easy and spare him life’s difficulties.  He is of the entitlement generation, though his younger sister if very different.  She’s self sufficient, driven, mature, independent, etc.  I worry about my son every day.  Now I am unemployed and can’t help him like before, so we are now both struggling.  He’s now living with his dad, and hopefully will mature.   Fortunately, he is has realized that he needs to learn more from his dad, and that maybe, just maybe his dad has some wisdom to add to his life.  In my son’s case, he learned the disrespect from his father early in his life.  While we were still together, he witnessed his father’s disrespect of me, and therefore modeled the behavior.  My son and I are very close, and I know he loves me deeply, but the level of disrespect sometimes is disheartening.  I call him on it every time, but he just doesn’t get it yet.  I recently saw this same level of disrespect from my daughter, who is usually very respectful and loving.  It is heart breaking because it is not what their father or I wanted to model for them, I’m sure.  So, I would say to you, hang in there, let the kid mature, and through their own hardships they will learn the lessons we learned the hard way.  There’s no saving them from it.  It is necessary.  Just be there to pick them up and guide them through it.  They will one day realize their own strength and courage.  Best regards.

  • Antonieresq

    Great article!

  • MoonlightWindsong

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing this! I just came to realize this recently and am grateful to you for sharing it openly with others! <3

  • Denise

    I’m reading Wayne Dyer’s book Wishes Fulfilled ….He says the same thing!  Thanks for the gentle reminder

  • Well, it’s late in the day to be writing my comment, and as they say, “Better late than never.” I just got back from a Birthday celebration in SB with a few friends and directly darted to my Living Love Class where I discussed a huge lesson! I AM NOT MY HUSBAND’S MOTHER. Yep, sounds obvious…and I have been in DENIAL. We have a 5-year- old son with difficult challenges, and I am addictively demanding that my husband learn (From me, of course) on how to play Spiritual Aikido with our son. After all, I am the one in a Spiritual Bootcamp of sorts. My husband often says to me, “I don’t want you to be my teacher. Cinnamon is my spiritual teacher. I want you to be my wife, friend, and lover.” I heard him. And, I did not listen. Until…NOW! I realized I think of him often as another 5 year old that I have to help. He is the leader in many other facets, just not the spiritual one. I have had an OVER SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY! I want to do anything and everything I can to avoid a tantrum from our son. And, I know that in order for Kirk to really understand love….I need to be it! Often, I think…can I really be that BIG??? Today, I not only think I can…I know I can! Why? Because I am WILLING!
    The Daily Commenter,

    PS Thank you all for your amazing comments yesterday on my first blog on TDL!!! YIPEEEE!!!!

  • Candycefarley

    Mastin – you rocked it on this one…wise old soul you.

  • Another inspiring post for me! Just what I needed to hear, at just the right time. Thanks Mastin!

  • ree

    nothing is permanent on earth, it will all come to pass. whether good or bad. so what memories would you choose to hang onto..

  • Diane Waltman

    I was sexually, mentally, emotionally and verbally abused by my grandfather as far back as I can remember. He did many terrible things, some of which are too distasteful for me to talk about publicly…I want to share my testimony, because so many people have been hurt, and they need to realize that someone has made it through their struggles so they can have hope. More than anything, I want you… to know and really understand that anyone who has been abused can fully recover if they will give their life completely to the Lord…It may seem impossible, but God’s truth has set me free from a life of pretense and lies and has restored my soul. I am living proof that nothing is too hard for God. No matter what you’ve been through or how bad you hurt, there is hope!

  • Adam Kincaid

    What support will you offer me. Convicted sex offenders get no effen support. We are the scum and outcasts of society. A true modern day lepor. In my reality I have rejected myself, this environment, this community, your churches, you christians and your effen God. I accuse the church of high treason for its false teachings and doctrines preached through the years. I call your God a coward for his refusal to answer my prayers and visably appear before me to set the record straight. Your coward god sent demons to torment my mind and body. Not only has he allowed me to be inflicted with schizophrenia and let bed bugs bite me and keep me sleepless. He cursed me to suffer and rot. My life has no meaning and purpose. One day I will kill your leaders who stole my liberties and the dum ignorant voting christians who put them in power. Be warned if my life doesn’t improve soon you will all die, that’s a promise.