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It’s time to rise above your circumstances!

mk_treesIt’s not a good idea to make pain, setbacks or mistakes wrong. Why? Because we learn through opposites.

That is to say, we learn about what we really want by getting what we really don’t want.

What if setbacks were lessons?

What is pain was a lesson?

What if failure was just a lesson?

What if falling off the bandwagon was a lesson?

What happens is that we tend to do these things (‘cuz we are human) and we make them mean something about our identity. For example: I “failed” at something, therefore I am a failure. Or, I am in pain, therefore all of life is painful. Or, I fell off the bandwagon, therefore I don’t have what it takes.

What if none of that was the case? Can we really make our circumstance our identity? Don’t we know that we are far more than our circumstance? Don’t we know that we can change our circumstance over time? To identify with our circumstance as who we are is to give the world far too much power.

Yes, reality is here and now; it is not who we are. Who you are is much deeper, far more vast and connected than this simple physical reality.

You are the spark of The Divine in human form and when you remember who you are and Whose you are, life starts to change. Instead of focusing on how big the obstacle is, or how impossible something may seem, lay down your will and surrender to the Will of Something greater. That may be God, or The Divine, or Source, or Spirit or Allah, it doesn’t matter the name – all that matters is that you connect back.

Lessons in life come bearing the gift of wisdom. We miss this gift when we begin to identify with the challenge or set back as “who we are”. You are more than that – as is everyone else on this planet. We are far greater than we can imagine, but we doubt and we allow our current circumstances to dictate our possibilities.

This is perhaps one of the greatest mistakes we can make. Our circumstances are here, but they are not who we are.

When we reconnect back to our Source, we can literally change our reality by bringing more of the peace, abundance and joy that emanates from The Divine, onto the earth. In fact, this is our only job – to bring this so called Heaven to earth, every day.

The problems of the world exist so that YOU can solve them. This will be impossible if you think you are your circumstances. You must rise above them and get about the business of adding value to the world. This is how you will set yourself free. And you need not wait another moment to begin.

What lessons are you learning today?

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