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It’s time to start trusting yourself!

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If you’re going to be successful and have personal integrity in life – it’s time to start learning how to say NO.

I get approached all the time these days from people who want to do “joint ventures” with me, or “affiliate programs,” or put an ad network on The Daily Love or “team up” with me in some way. It’s awesome, because there are a few times when someone has pitched me something and I dig it, but it’s SUPER rare. Lately the only things I’ve promoted that aren’t TDL are Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday (because I LOVE it!) and Marie Forleo’s B-School – because it’s amazing.

One of the most important things to understand about building a business, a brand or even a relationship is that TRUST is key! Why? Because the common thread in those three things is that you are building RELATIONSHIPS with PEOPLE. People trust people who trust themselves!

The question then remains, HOW to I build trust with my customers, my fans or the people that I love? We can reference Shakespeare for that -“To thine own self be true!” Or as I like to say, be 100% Self- Approved! This is what integrity is all about. See, what happens when we aren’t Self-Approved is that we don’t trust our own intuition and as a result, things get whacky. When we don’t trust ourselves and take action from a place of insecurity or desperation, inevitably what will happen is that SOMETHING will go wrong in your life and you will kick yourself and say “I KNEW that was going to happen!”

Why? Because every time we don’t trust our own intuition – things don’t work out for the best. Learning the difference between your intuition and your fear and insecurities is a lifelong process. But generally speaking your intuition just “feels right” and it’s something you KNOW you SHOULD do. But things tempt us away – money, sex, food, success, etc., etc., etc. We abandon ourselves, our integrity and our intuition for a greater payoff. And in doing so put our life on a collision course for a MAJOR lesson.

In my own life I’ve turned down large sums of money because it wasn’t in alignment with me. And it was in a time in my life where I had MASSIVE uncertainty about where I was going to eat next week. And in the long run I’m SO happy that things turned out the way that they did, because they’ve turned out better than I can ever imagine.

So consider that if things aren’t going quite right – there’s a lesson you are learning about trusting and relying on your intuition. AND if your life is going SUPER CRAY CRAY right now, consider that it might be a Divine storm, getting you back on the right track!

So – where in your life have you not been trusting yourself? Where do you need to say NO? Where can you make a decision that is in alignment with your integrity instead of your fear? TDL comes ALIVE in the comment section, so leave a comment and let’s discuss!