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It’s time to trade superstition for personal responsibility!

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Well – here we are – December 22nd, 2012. Yesterday was “the end of the world”. And yet, we are still here.

Being that I live in the “transformational” community here in L.A. – I am surrounded by all kinds of folks who buy into numerology and the Mayan calendar and all that jazz. And while all that is well and good – it’s not for me. I don’t believe that astrology, numerology or an ancient calendar bears any power in my life.

Sure, we are affected by the planets’ energy and the Mayans may have been able to track cycles. But no matter what calendar you use – the Mayan calendar or the modern day Gregorian calendar, they are ALL man made. In fact, a pope – Pope Gregory, created the calendar we use today, and it was made official in the 1500s. So it’s not even 500 years old. And yet we place so much emphasis into a cycle and number system that we created, and it isn’t even that old. Yet we buy into this superstition.

And in doing do, we forget the real work.

Which is always in the present moment. We dress up our spirituality like it’s some kind of entertainment or superstitious thing and give all the emphasis to a date or an “era” that we live in instead of doing the work and BEING the example of Love. I don’t care if it’s the beginning, middle or end of a calendar. I don’t care what’s in retrograde or what your sign “tends” to be like. I don’t really care what your birthday numbers “say” about you, or if you think today is the day after the end of the world or the first day of a new world.

ALL of it is a human projection. And none of it means anything if we are not being Loving. It’s just entertainment at best and an excuse for you not to grow and play the victim at worst.

The only thing we are meant to do is Be our example of Love – NOW. This present moment is all we ever have and it doesn’t matter what cycle we are in or not in – what matters is that we keep connecting to our Source – that we keep practicing the principles of the spiritual path and that we do not use the excuse of a superstitious belief system to justify what we need to take responsibility for.

There is a kind of spiritual escapism or justification that really bothers me. I once had a friend be a total jerk and do some very nasty things to me. This was a dear friend and they justified it by saying, “I’m a Scorpio, it’s in my nature,” thus taking zero responsibility for the part they played it in. It’s not that they are or are not a Scorpio – they acted and it’s important to be able to be responsible for the action we take – no matter our sign, what a calendar says or what is in retrograde.

Whenever I hear people talk about Mercury being in retrograde as a reason to justify their problems, I always say – “Mercury may be in retrograde, but I am not.”

Nothing is more powerful than GRACE – no planet, no karma, no calendar, no cycle. And GRACE is here and now. Don’t let superstition block taking responsibility for your life and don’t think for one second that some man made system is more powerful than GRACE. It’s not and never will be.

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