It’s time to trade superstition for personal responsibility!

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Well – here we are – December 22nd, 2012. Yesterday was “the end of the world”. And yet, we are still here.

Being that I live in the “transformational” community here in L.A. – I am surrounded by all kinds of folks who buy into numerology and the Mayan calendar and all that jazz. And while all that is well and good – it’s not for me. I don’t believe that astrology, numerology or an ancient calendar bears any power in my life.

Sure, we are affected by the planets’ energy and the Mayans may have been able to track cycles. But no matter what calendar you use – the Mayan calendar or the modern day Gregorian calendar, they are ALL man made. In fact, a pope – Pope Gregory, created the calendar we use today, and it was made official in the 1500s. So it’s not even 500 years old. And yet we place so much emphasis into a cycle and number system that we created, and it isn’t even that old. Yet we buy into this superstition.

And in doing do, we forget the real work.

Which is always in the present moment. We dress up our spirituality like it’s some kind of entertainment or superstitious thing and give all the emphasis to a date or an “era” that we live in instead of doing the work and BEING the example of Love. I don’t care if it’s the beginning, middle or end of a calendar. I don’t care what’s in retrograde or what your sign “tends” to be like. I don’t really care what your birthday numbers “say” about you, or if you think today is the day after the end of the world or the first day of a new world.

ALL of it is a human projection. And none of it means anything if we are not being Loving. It’s just entertainment at best and an excuse for you not to grow and play the victim at worst.

The only thing we are meant to do is Be our example of Love – NOW. This present moment is all we ever have and it doesn’t matter what cycle we are in or not in – what matters is that we keep connecting to our Source – that we keep practicing the principles of the spiritual path and that we do not use the excuse of a superstitious belief system to justify what we need to take responsibility for.

There is a kind of spiritual escapism or justification that really bothers me. I once had a friend be a total jerk and do some very nasty things to me. This was a dear friend and they justified it by saying, “I’m a Scorpio, it’s in my nature,” thus taking zero responsibility for the part they played it in. It’s not that they are or are not a Scorpio – they acted and it’s important to be able to be responsible for the action we take – no matter our sign, what a calendar says or what is in retrograde.

Whenever I hear people talk about Mercury being in retrograde as a reason to justify their problems, I always say – “Mercury may be in retrograde, but I am not.”

Nothing is more powerful than GRACE – no planet, no karma, no calendar, no cycle. And GRACE is here and now. Don’t let superstition block taking responsibility for your life and don’t think for one second that some man made system is more powerful than GRACE. It’s not and never will be.

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  • Zee

    Mastin, thank you for writing this. My boyfriend believes in astrology and horoscopes and will go as far as to adjust our plans accordingly. It is very hurtful and I have tried to come to terms with it. I am spiritual and he is not……and like you, I believe that we all need to take accountability for our own actions and in no way can our own actions be justified by horoscopes

  • TDL Reader

    EI couldn’t agree more…to a point as I do believe Astrology, on the surface is ‘cute’ & ‘fun’. I don’t do all the charting or take it literally but I do know my sun sign, moon sign & rising sun sign. I never read my horoscope but I do believe we are a bit like our signs but it is flexible bcos there are different sides to us. Also they all clash with one another, but yes I wanted to know and was curious.
    I also know my Chinese Zodiac sign, my Ayurvedic type, my Chinese medicine type & God knowswhat else – they all clash &

    I do not base my life decisions on it all, but I do find Theology & Religion fascinating. More in the librarian sense – I’d never call the personals about it, they r just waiting for the next person to slip up…like a fly caught in a spiders web.

    How it all came about, the art & history involved & behind it all, I love studying & learning about theology & I’m not going to turn my back on that aspect of it. It’s when it rules your life is when these things become a problem, or you give your power away to another source or worse still…another person taking advantage of your down and out! Yikes…that’s when u can hide your wallet & make a run for it.

    A lot of these things are meant to inspire you & help you along, but it can sometimes be taken out of perspective & proportion, but yes, I do like the ‘cute’ entertainment aspect of knowing where I fit in with it all, but at the end of the day its how we treat each other that really matters.

  • Olemon79

    Matsin you are so on point today!!! GOD’s grace is sufficient. You made my day with this artical. Im greatful!!!

  • Patricia

    Amen! Well said, Mastin!!

  • Christine Bove

    Thank you for writing this! You know I agree with you and up until now I always wonder why I never agreed with numerology and astrology until now.  Blessing to you for having the courage to share your feelings!

  • Hi Mastin!

    I love your blog and all of the inspirational quotes from The Daily Love. It has been so great and encouraging to watch the expansion and global embrace of your work.

    I completely agree with your take on personal responsibility and yet it seems that there may be an area of exploration for you in this.

    I’ve learned that the things that tick me off the most are the places in me that I must grow or evolve. Many times this shows up as my judgement of what someone else has done or said. Reading your words “I once had a friend be a total jerk and do some very nasty things to me.” raised a red flag for me. You are absolutely right that “love” and “grace” stand above any belief in a system or superstitious belief and at the same time my personal belief is that love and grace can be found when taking into account the stars, planets and cycles of the Universe (“As above, so below”). My question to you is where do Love and Grace come into play as you look at what your friend did or said?

    Spiritually speaking, I believe that this type of reflection is what personal responsibility is really all about. Where there is judgement, there is unforgiveness. Where there is unforgiveness there is fear. Where there is fear, there is a call for Love (and Grace).

    Much love to you my brother. Thank you for your Light, your Love and your work.

  • I am so in this space – love really is all that matters. Being it , sharing it and open to receiving it the best ways you know how and yes with grace. I spent a long time in my life seeking it in others, and defined human projections or superstitions (ego based control ) and have travelled and explored the world in many ways physically, spiritually and mentally and now realise that it is a journey back to the simplicity of where I started – my connection to my heart, the source in my heart and sharing openly what I have and already had when I started and I don’t need to be afraid of it…so I don’t need permission to share it, I just can ! Much love

  • I am a Counseling Numerologist for a living…. and, Mastin,  I TOTALLY agree with you. 

    How could I?

    Because these modalities (whether it is tarot, astrology, numerology OR psychology, science, religion) are just avenues that we can use to open the doorway to our own soul; to validate our meaning; to engage in a conversation about the nature of our self and our participation in this lovely universe.

    They are NOT the full truth, the final say, the ultimate excuse.

    And some people misinterpret it. They think that the portal, the doorway of modality, is ALL there is….

    It is not.

    At some point… you may realize that stepping through, behind the scenes, to source (to the creative source that produced these themes) is where the power lies.

    Do I believe that there are amazing and awe-inspiring patterns of existence, themes and archetypes that make their way into our experience of consciousness?


    Just like myths that transcend time and culture, our consciousness is ripe with pattern of preference.

    But we must remember that we have the ultimate gift of consciousness; of being able to play with the game of life… while also not identifying with it too much.

    ~Nat – Nat’s Numbers

    • Lupine

      I really like your explanation of the role of numerology, astrology, etc. I don’t have much affinity for these tools but I have found others (e.g. Writing back and forth using your dominant and non-dominant hand). The point is that the tools allow “the shifts” to occur that take us deeper into awareness and closer to Source. Thanks for sharing!

  • Andrea

    Thanks Mastin for this great blog this morning.  I couldn’t agree more.  It really is soooooo simple.  Love is the solution to all our woes.  The sooner we promote self-love in our societies the sooner we will see the problems melt away.  Self-love turns into love for others.  IF we do not love ourselves, we cannot love others.  It is as simple as that.  We cannot give what we do not have!   The Beatle’s had it right “All we need is love”!   When we choose to live love in this moment and every moment life becomes amazing.  Thanks again.  Keep up the good work. 

  • anon

    Thank you for a wonderful post. Love it!

  • Jules

    When I was a younger person I gave voice to the knowing that God is within.  I was about 22 and it came up in a conversation with some people who were a few years older.  I never to this day remembered how I knew that because I hadn’t started my spiritual journey.  But to say God was up there somewhere in the clouds judging us harshly didn’t make sense to me and I voiced it and never looked back.  Knowing God is within each one of us and so is the Devil in each one of us.  It is who we chose to feed.  God..Good  Devil..Evil.  look closely at the words  Good and Evil this is what we feed.  If we judge and tear others down that is Evil if we encourage and bring others up that is Good.  But the first person we have to encourage and bring up is ourselves.  To many people judge and tear themselves down never getting to feel their God within.  Many, many times on this journey I have encountered the Devil within and had to cut the supply off and feed the one that helps me feel Joy, Love, Grace and Peace.  It feels great to sit and be in this moment so close to Christmas and not feel overwhelmed, angry, fearful and guilty because I haven’t spend enough, cooked enough, raced around like a mad women enough buying, buying buying for someone to show them WHAT…it certainly isn’t Love…Those that I love I love 365 days of the year not Christmas Day.  I have the tree, the homemade cookies, thoughtful gifts that mean something and I know that Christmas time will be wonderful this year and it’s my wish for others to just be mindful of what Chrismas is.  A time to embrace Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All…

    • Well said Jules! I have found that when I replace the word, “GOOD,” with…”THIS WORKS FOR ME,” and, “BAD,” with….This doesn’t work for me-I even remove MORE judgement. After all, everyone has a different meaning to good and bad. I also have changed the word, “EVIL,” to LIVE (Evil spelled backwards). If I am serving the so-called “evil” or “bad” side…I am simply not LIVING.  For me, the word, “EVIL,” does not work. I prefer to call it, “MY EGO/ MIND.” That way, there is less religious connotation and judgement. Food for thought. Merry Christmas.

  • M_Juliana

    Ooooooh thanks so much for this post! While I like numerology + the like, I can so get down with your pov. It’s become the metaphysical world’s version of dogma + many people do use it as an excuse for their behavior. Kudos for calling them out + lifting them up to something much better + much more powerful.

  • LOL. Wow…love your opinionated bad ass self. I have definitely been one who is interested in signs (I am an aquarius) and just recently was told my life pathway (#5).  Although there is truth to some of this and fun (after all, Abe Lincoln and I have the same number), I agree that we don’t need to be anything we don’t want to be. Just because Scorpio’s are suppose to be jealous (And, I have known a lot of stingers who are), doesn’t mean they need to stay jealous just because their sign says so. What a cop-out. They have the inner power to change this trait if they have it. My mentor, Cinnamon Lofton, really helped me see this. This goes along with the theory that people are energy suckers. NO ONE can suck your energy. No one. Unless, you give them YOUR permission. We are…THAT POWERFUL! Period.

    The Daily Commenter, 
    Kathleen Chelquist 

  • Mauitutu

    Thx for the ‘rant’. Grace IS here and now!
    Aloha, kj
    PS: Mele Kalikimaka!!

  • lovely as an inspirational blogger i always push for people to free the soul of all clutter and just live from within and just let the good that we are shine through I  love your work thank you for being an inspiration.

  • Christian_aldama85

    Mastin, thank you for writing about this!!! The past 2 weeks I have felt  resentful of the “Conscious” community because of the lack of Self Responsibility I see in the trivial practical every day activities. I have gone through my own excuses and escapist theories of why I do things, so I also know that end of the stick. The more I know and accept myself, the more I realize it truly does come down to Love! There are so many beliefs, theories, philosophies out there, but ultimately that’s why we have FREE WILL!!! We can choose at any moment to snap out of it. The ego has many faces to hide behind, and in the end we know when we are not operating from Love. 

  • Traceyhasfun

    Thanks for your wonderful post.  Reminds me that Tuesday is just Tuesday… or, maybe not!  Heh, heh, heh.

    Love EVERY day.

    What a joy for me that I saw you on Oprah, and now every day I can read your great stuff and that of all the other folks here. 

    It’s like a “haters free”  zone.

  • xtyb

    Mastin, as usual you shine a great light on a Uni-versal truth! There are forces at work out there but you ( and I) are still the most powerful channels of source energy and I agree that ‘your sign’ is no excuse for being an asshat!

    You rock.

  • mary

    Hi Mastin,
    Amen…I lovedddd your article…Great job…I have to admit I feel into the trap of “feeling scared” because people were talking about it…and even reading that the Red Cross was prepared…Of course, I knew better..But, the fear did cross my mind…Thank YOU for your article…

  • Tedge

    Great article exactly how I feel  I couldn’t have said it better THANKS!!!!!!!!

  • Anna

    Beautifully said Mastin. Thanks so much for your year of daily love – I come and go, and always enJOY your words – thoughts and inspirations. Responsibility brings rights, you can’t have the later without the former. Merry Christmas. You rock love XOXO

  • Beautiful and powerful Mastin! I love the calling for grace and responsibility – instead of giving up our power to out of our control beliefs. And, as a Scorpio myself – I don’t want to be limited to what my personality is supposed to be.


  • anesa


  • Jill Chiapuzio

    I LOVE your take on all of this. Oftentimes I think, shit I’m a Cancer and I’m prone to being crabby, emotional and a home body. But really, we have opportunities to learn and grow in every moment. We create who we are by what we believe we are.

  • Michael Gannon Yoga Dealer

    Right on MK!! 
    “Trade Superstition for Personal Responsibility” is SO in sync with my own ideas and teachings! Very serendipitous the timing as well. I gave a talk at a live Master Yoga Class I taught yesterday  (12/22) in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. The message was much the same. 

    Thanks for sharing this one! So many peeps i feel can benefit from this idea.
    Power stuff! As I like to refer to them, “Higher Practices” 

    Shanti Out,