It’s TRUE! The patient path IS the fastest way!

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In a world where social media, Internet memes and viral content rule – we’ve forgotten about patience. Patience has been one of the most important tools in my growth tool kit.

Patience has allowed me to take one step at a time, never stretching beyond the next logical step and trusting in Divine timing that EVERYTHING is going to work out for the best.

With patience I have been able to conserve my finances and let things grow naturally. I’ve been able to live within my means and get creative. I’ve been able to let go of outcomes that I desperately wanted – yet didn’t happen. I’ve been able to just put one foot in front of the other and let the journey unfold one day at a time.

At this point in my life I have PLANS for about a year in the future. They are subject to change, but it doesn’t mean I still don’t take life ONE DAY at a time. With patience, I have been able to lower my stress level and not react so negatively to situations and circumstances that used to trigger me completely.

Patience allows me to put my trust in the Divine and never make desperate short term choices; be it for money or success or fame. Those things are not my concern. My concern is staying in an obedient state of active surrender to Divine will – showing up, but letting go. My concern is being of service to the world, to adding value, to setting up events and outcomes that make my heart sing and let go of the outcome.

My job is to show up and trust that the outcome of my actions is perfect, even if I can’t quite see it yet. My job is to take my life one day at a time, and make choices from a place of personal integrity rather than what everyone else thinks I should do. Patience allows me to place principles before personalities and egos – and allows me to trust that as I make choices from my intuitive self, everything will work out just fine.

Life happens at the speed of trust and patience. Just because we live in the modern world doesn’t mean our dreams still don’t take time.

Patience is a key to bringing forth your dreams; if the patient path IS the fastest way – what would you do differently today?

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  • Wow, so if I were to actually be patient I would not give a darn… that I just got a CRAPPY haircut and will need to put off that professional photo shoot until spring…that I don’t need to get 10,000 Twitter followers this instant…that I don’t need to get published tomorrow…that I don’t own my beautiful dream home as of yesterday…the list goes on and on!

    Basically, if I have some patience, I can relax and enjoy the journey!  THANK YOU, Mastin for this glorious reminder!  Hope you are having fun in L.A. with Gabby!
    Love and light,


  • Bygrace62

    Great blog today! Just what I needed, a reminder of taking one day at a time and trusting God to the rest!!!

  • Thanks Mastin – it was the perfect moment for me to read and take this in. My gratitude to you

  • Nicole Melton

    This message was right on time.  As I sat here today, I was getting down on myself for where I am in life right now and you are right Mastin, the patient path is the fastest way.  I have forgotten somewhere in this hand of cards that life has dealt me that I need to be patient.  I’ve been frustrated with not being able to quickly get the “simple” things because of financial difficulties but when it’s all said and done, if I just be patient, I will be able to obtain those simple things along with all the other great things that God has in store for me.  My plan is to go back to school to get my nursing degree and I get depressed just thinking about the length of time it’s going to take me before I accomplish that goal.  I just need to get started and be patient that it will happen.  And when it happens, it will be such a great reward!  I am learning in this process and I thank you Mastin for your inspirational talks! 

  • GaBsBunny

    I feel the same way 🙂

  • Eilish Bouchier

    Mastin Love this post and it is such perfect timing for me. I get impatient at times with doing the work rather than seeing how far I have come, I get caught up in how far there is to go. Thank you for the reminder that all is perfect in each moment and trust trust trust xe

  • I was especially affected by these words : “My job is to take my life one day at a time, and make choices from a place of personal integrity rather than what everyone else thinks I should do. Patience allows me to place principles before personalities and egos – and allows me to trust that as I make choices from my intuitive self, everything will work out just fine.”
    This is where I am, also. Making choices from the place of integrity….even when it is really uncomfortable because of my conditioning to make people happy and comfortable above all else. The threat of upsetting someone or appearing insensitive or rude has kept me silent and impotent much of my life. Instead of buying the instant gratification of keeping people happy in the moment, I am trying to live with integrity and patience hoping that following my intuition will lead to growth for me and the people I love-even if it isn’t comfortable in this moment.

    Thank you Mastin, for always being on the same page.

    Deep love and infinite patience to you,

  • Tom Mesquit

    This was very inspiring and so needed today! Often when we have these “breakthroughs” whether they be reaching a certain level of clarity or a certain health goal, we forget that once we are there we must keep working just as hard to maintain it as we did to get there!

    Thank you Mastin and all TDL readers for the inspiring work each day!

  • Tara

    Infinite patience brings immediate rewards…

  • You know, I always considered myself to be quite a patient person but this past year I’ve been much more stressed and I think I can but it down  (in part) to all the personal development advice that I’ve been reading/listening too. As I’ve come across so many ‘how to’ strategies, to figure out my beliefs, values, how I see the world, what is stopping me to achieve what I want, what does what I want look like, make a decision and take action etc.  Don’t get me wrong I think there is value in all of this advice but I’ve found it a bit overwhelming and stressful because I’ve got to a place where I think I know the strategies but I’m still not in the place I want to be. And I start thinking why is this? What am I doing wrong? Why do I not know what I want etc. Your post today took me back to basics with a little sigh of relief –  thank you 🙂

  • Leahmc13

    Thanks its a beautiful reminder to just breathe!