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It’s TRUE! The patient path IS the fastest way!

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In a world where social media, Internet memes and viral content rule – we’ve forgotten about patience. Patience has been one of the most important tools in my growth tool kit.

Patience has allowed me to take one step at a time, never stretching beyond the next logical step and trusting in Divine timing that EVERYTHING is going to work out for the best.

With patience I have been able to conserve my finances and let things grow naturally. I’ve been able to live within my means and get creative. I’ve been able to let go of outcomes that I desperately wanted – yet didn’t happen. I’ve been able to just put one foot in front of the other and let the journey unfold one day at a time.

At this point in my life I have PLANS for about a year in the future. They are subject to change, but it doesn’t mean I still don’t take life ONE DAY at a time. With patience, I have been able to lower my stress level and not react so negatively to situations and circumstances that used to trigger me completely.

Patience allows me to put my trust in the Divine and never make desperate short term choices; be it for money or success or fame. Those things are not my concern. My concern is staying in an obedient state of active surrender to Divine will – showing up, but letting go. My concern is being of service to the world, to adding value, to setting up events and outcomes that make my heart sing and let go of the outcome.

My job is to show up and trust that the outcome of my actions is perfect, even if I can’t quite see it yet. My job is to take my life one day at a time, and make choices from a place of personal integrity rather than what everyone else thinks I should do. Patience allows me to place principles before personalities and egos – and allows me to trust that as I make choices from my intuitive self, everything will work out just fine.

Life happens at the speed of trust and patience. Just because we live in the modern world doesn’t mean our dreams still don’t take time.

Patience is a key to bringing forth your dreams; if the patient path IS the fastest way – what would you do differently today?

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