Just Because You Cannot See It, Does Not Mean It Is Not There!

hillarypikephotoHave you ever gotten stuck in the illusion of the physical reality around you and felt that you are not being truly loved and supported?

What helps you see the love through the illusion?

I have been traveling the world for the past six months and have been blessed with the opportunity to see places that before this trip I only dreamed of. I have swam in the most glorious waterfalls, hiked the Atlas Mountain in Morocco, took a camel ride through the Sahara Desert and the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt and prayed at the Wailing Wall and The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. I have seen so much and have had so many expansive experiences that I can’t even process how much I have changed on this trip. I have pushed so far past my comfort zone that I don’t even know where it is anymore.

Going on a pilgrimage of this nature is by no means a vacation. I can no longer even keep track of all the times that I have cried, thought that what I needed would not show up and even thought I was going to die. I have had to jump and trust that the net would be there so many more times than I wanted to. I never really knew if I would be supported in each new place that I arrived in, or if the money I needed to keep going would actually come.

Even with all the ups and downs and perceived chaos that I have experienced, I remain SO incredibly thankful for every moment of this trip. I have been forced to face all of my greatest fears – from bugs, to heights, to being rushed to a small hospital clinic in India and have to receive five Iv’s – but I have not shied away for a second; I faced them head on. When I was in the hospital in India, I was so hysterical and scared that all I could do was cry and pray. Even though I could not see the angels all around me, I knew that they were there. In my mind I thought I am going to die, but in my heart I knew that I would be okay. It was by far one of the biggest emotional releases I have had in my life, but it allowed me to integrate a very powerful lesson.

No matter what I experienced on this trip, in my heart I always knew that the divine was with me, but it was my mind that had trouble believing what it could not see. So many times I felt like turning back, but I had come too far for that and even though it was scary to keep going, I knew that I had to. When I was first trying to figure out whether to continue my trip from India to Spain, I met a beautiful and graceful woman who told me to just jump and that the net will always be there. While in Spain I met another American girl who was doing the same thing I was – jumping and trusting. I told her about my travel situation and it turned out she was finishing a similar experience and she again mirrored the advice of the woman in India: just jump – the net is already there. This really resonated. I did some inner reflection and came to the realization that if everything is made of pure consciousness, which is the energy of the divine, and the divine is made of love, then the ultimate nature of this reality is pure love. It was like a light bulb went off in my head, of course the net is already there and even it is made of love!

When life feels challenging remember this: just because you cannot see something does not mean it is not there. Even though you cannot see Spirit does not mean that Spirit is not with you. Even if you cannot see all the money you want to see in your bank account does not mean that you are not supported.

You can choose to believe in the physical reality (the third dimensional world that you see with your eyes around you) or the metaphysical reality (nonphysical energy made of Spirit/the Uni-verse). As human beings we are experiencing both realities simultaneously.

I feel that putting your faith in the illusion of the physical reality only creates separation and the idea that there is not enough. When you put your faith in spirit and the metaphysical reality instead, you are putting your faith in love. And this is where all the miracles happen.

So many times over the past six months I have had to pray and just trust. Every time a fear thought came up, I put my faith in love instead. Even if I could not see love in that moment I could always feel it in my heart. By being present with my fears and sending them love, I finally feel like I have released the idea that I am not supported by life on the deepest level possible. Instead, I have fully stepped into believing that life ALWAYS brings me everything I need exactly when I need it. All you need is faith in what you cannot see.



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Hillary Pike is a 500-hour certified Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Instructor and Meditation Guide. Her mission is to provide you with techniques that will help you expand your awareness and remember your Grace. Hillary is hosting Awaken Love Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica this November. For information on her events or for Inner Bliss Guidance visit: www.priya-events.com

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  • tedge

    BEAUTIFUL article!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    • Hillary Pike Yoga

      Thank you for your light! I feel it!!!

  • I love this, thank you!!!! Wonderful reminders!!!


    • Hillary Pike Yoga

      Thank you Carol!!! Namaste.

  • Dee

    I really enjoyed reading this and it’s just what I needed right now. Thank you!

    • Hillary Pike Yoga

      I am so glad! The universe always provides just what we need. Love to you Dee!

  • Diane W Teats


    • Hillary Pike Yoga

      Thank you Diane! You are beautiful!!!

  • Love this, Hillary! A wonderful reminder that the net of Love IS ALWAYS there. And all we need is the courage to jump. I’ve jumped plenty in my life – walked away from jobs with no back-up plan, or from relationships when I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing — and it ALWAYS worked out. Always. Still, it doesn’t always make it less scary the next time. Right now I’m mid-jump into a new career as a copywriter. I’ve read countless success stories, and they inspire me. I’ve also read some negative comments, which I admit have brought me down… then I reminded myself THEY are not ME. So now I’m choosing to return my focus to the positive, and to success and abundance.

    I love what you say about not necessarily seeing all the money you want in your bank account, but that doesn’t mean you’re not being supported. That’s how I’ve always felt. When I’ve quit jobs (like presently…with no “real” job right now), people worry about me. My grandma asks all the time how I’m doing and just a few days ago asked if I’m able to pay for my house, and for my dog (who I just had to take to get her annual vaccines). I assure her I’m doing fine. But I know she doesn’t get it… as all SHE sees is I’m not going to a “regular job” and not bringing in a paycheck from someone else.
    As much as I DO trust the Universe… I still would LOVE to see loads of money in my bank account! So that’s something I’m working on. 🙂

    I’m curious, Hillary, about your experience. Are you traveling around the world just for the experience of it? Or are you writing travel articles that someone’s paying you for? Are you traveling largely alone? Or with a group? Do you have an end in sight? Or just “going where your heart leads?” I apologize if the questions are too personal, and certainly you don’t have to answer them. I’m just fascinated by you doing what you’re doing and can’t help but wonder the “why” and “how” of it. 🙂


    • Hillary Pike Yoga

      Namaste Sarah. Sometimes people, such as your grandma use worrying as a way to give love. Every time she says something that feels like she is concerned know that that concern is just pure love. What she really wants to say is I love you and I want you to be supported. Guess what??! You are supported and the more you love yourself and trust in the love all around you the more you will see that. I started my trip in S. India helping out in a yoga teacher training and ended taking an advanced 300 hour yoga teacher training in N. India. In the three months in between my two India trips I was with a friend and we traveled to see the places we always wanted to see together like Egypt and Israel. My trip ended 5 days ago and know I am back in N. America after 6 months of traveling. Sending you much love and thank you for your amazing comment!

      • Hillary,
        Thanks for responding and answering my questions! That’s so cool — your yoga training in India! And it’s awesome that you got to spend those 3 months in between the two courses visiting other places!! I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs on here these past few months where you’ve talked about stuff you’ve learned on your trip and experiences you’ve had. I just love traveling around the world too, I think there’s nothing like it. It’s always very transformational for me and I can tell it has been for you too. I’m sure your own yoga practice will soar from here (if that’s what you’re going to continue pursuing now that you’re home).
        Anyway, I look forward to your next posts. 🙂

        • Hillary Pike Yoga

          Thank you so much Sarah. I am glad you are enjoying the blogs. I new one was posted today on the power of now knowing. Traveling is so transformational and I feel even more beautiful transformation headed your way, you are blooming like the lotus flower. visit me at: http://www.beingrace.com

  • Carolina

    Simply amazing, exactly what I needed right now. Blessings for you

  • Tulsi

    Ohhh woman, you channeller of divine wisdom! Thank you for your sage words and your presence in this world as a light being (even when you are in an Indian hospital). I LOVE YOU.

    • Hillary Pike Yoga

      I love you Tulsi! THANK YOU for your divine presence on this planet. Sat Nam soul sister.

  • Becks

    I love this so much! I am going to be travelling overseas for the first time in less than 2 months, including a week alone in a country I don’t speak the language of. It TERRIFYS me, but I know I have to do it and it will be worth the experience. Great timing on your article, so thanks!!

    • Hillary Pike Yoga

      Hi Becks! It is so liberating to break past of our comfort zones… do not underestimate the power of hand gestures when you meet someone that you do not speak the same language as. Feel the fear and send love to it, often the fear is also just excitement! Sending you many blessings on your travels!!!

      • Becks

        Thanks so much!! X

  • Rachel Gonzales

    I have been going through the same thing. The first thing I had to do was slow down. I’ve always had a hard time doing that, so I was forced and only becouse I begged for that kinda help. I sliced the bottom of my foot in the riverin top of that I was homeless. 40 days I spent in a tent in the surrounding woods of where I’m from. I call it my 40 dsys in the wilderness. As soon as I sliced my foot I felt relief causr now I had an excuse to stay still. It was me the Lord and my bible. I was unable to do anything but go to the bathroom and back to the tent. I had to trust for all neefs to be met food, water, and necessities like toothpaste. All my neefs were met at exactly the time I needed it. I truely trust now. And for some reason the time limit is 6 months.

  • TheresaBierek

    This is so beautiful, and touching and true… Thank you for sharing your beautiful story, and your words of wisdom on love, and trust, and what a full life is possible when we let go and trust that love will guide us to our happiest places in life. I love you dearly my soul sister friend. <3