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Let Go? Why?

Robin Lee burgandy102411“Let Go” seems to be the new buzz phrase in book stores and healing these days. I see it all over Twitter, Facebook — and I even saw it on a bumper sticker the other day. I am often asked what letting go really means.

Letting go doesn’t mean that the negative experiences never happened to you or that they never affected your life. Letting go doesn’t mean you are saying that whatever negative things happened are now okay all of a sudden.

Letting go means that you are choosing to empower yourself despite what has happened to you in your life. (Tweet-worthy!) Letting go means that you no longer choose to allow the negative experiences that have happened to you control the quality of your life any longer. Letting go means that you are relaxing and allowing yourself to be present instead of wishing and wanting things to be different. When we make the choice to let go, we can receive clarity and guidance in a way that we can’t if we are holding on. If we are holding on, it is like trying to put something in a closed fist. It is impossible to do.

All kinds of things happen in life. I am sure that each of you reading this have had a lot of things happen to you that have created the chapters of your life. Situations can only continue to affect and impact us as long as we choose to hold on. It takes A LOT of our energy to hold on to things. Whatever we choose to hold on to, we give our power, our healing energy, and the quality of our moments to. Wouldn’t it make sense that if we are going to hold onto something, that it give us vitality, hope, joy, and strength?

I have a feeling many of you are saying, “This all sound great.” — but you might be curious how, exactly, you “let go”. You may be thinking it couldn’t possibly be as easy as this.

Becoming familiar with the feeling of holding on is essential — if you want to let go. What are some things you do that may signal you are holding on to something that you no longer need to hold on to?
1. Rethinking things over and over again
2. Feeling resentment
3. Inflammatory conditions in the physical body (TMJ, Reflux, muscle issues)
4. Depression
5. Changes in breathing pattern
6. Insomnia
7. Arguing with children and spouse
8. Pain in the body
9. Feeling stuck emotionally and in life
10. Constipation

Letting go, like so much of the rest of life, is a choice. Choosing to let go is a very empowering choice. As easily as you choose to hold on, you can choose to let go. When you choose to let go, you are creating a boundary saying that what you are holding onto is no longer serving you.

By choosing to let go, you are saying that you are not a victim to life and the circumstances of life — and that you are going to choose to focus your energy and attention in places that feel supportive and loving. Holding on and letting go are habits — and, as you know, habits can take a bit of time to re-create. Please be gentle with yourself. Be very gentle and patient with yourself.

So how do you let go? When you notice you are holding on, get excited! Becoming aware is the hardest part of the process! Next, take a deep breath and affirm, “I allow myself to let go of anything that no longer serves me”. Take another slow, deep breath and tell you body that it is safe to relax. Feel your body soften with each breath. As you feel your body softening and relaxing, it is beginning to let go. Inhaling through the nose and out through the mouth saying the syllable AHHHHH is very supportive in helping the process of letting go.

Why would you want to let go? When you let go, your body is able to use all of the clenched up energy and focus to heal the body. When you let go you are able to make room for things, people and situations that truly feel good to you — and support you where you currently are in your life. Being able to let go is such a gift that you give to your body, mind, and spirit. Letting go says to the Life/Universe, “I can trust you”.

Take a deep breath in and see how that feels. Let your body relax so that you can enjoy your life and allow the body to balance itself out. You can do this!

From my Heart to Yours,


Robin Lee is a medical intuitive and healer. Check out Robin’s site here and follow her on twitter here.